as we headed to the water hole we ran into Dally and Johnny ditched to hang out with him

"then there were two" I stated Two-bit chuckled

"in deed there were" he said spinning me I couldn't help but giggle as we got to the watering hole Two-bit stripped off his jacket shirt and Jeans and jumped off the little cliff I looked down at him

"come on the water's perfect" he yelled I rolled my eye's getting into my bra and panties I took a few steps back plugging my nose and Jumped in the water was cold at first but then my body adjusted I came up for air and took a breath Two-bit wrapped his arms around me and we swam together for a while before I swam over to a shallow are I laid on my back the water just coming up over my waist I laid there with my eye's closed suddenly the light was blocked I looked up to see Two-bit smirking

"may I help you?" I asked him he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into the water he held me tightly to him he started to kiss my neck I bit my lip tilting it to the side he started kissing a trail lower unhooking my bra he threw it onto the rocks slowly moving his lips down to breasts...

we laid there panting Two-bit holding my wet naked body to his he kissed me passionately I kissed him back

"we should probably get going the guys are probably wondering what happened to us" he said chuckling

"something amazing..." I mumbled quietly but Two-bit smile

"yes it was" he kissed me again and we swam around gathering our garments and headed up rocks back to where out clothes wear

"alright im taking these off there soaked and I don't want to freeze my ass off" I said unhooking my bra and wiggling my panties off Two-bit slapped my ass gently I made a little yelp

"that would be shame for it to freeze off" he said winking shook my head quickly getting changed Two-bit gently draped his leather jacket over my shoulders and wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked to the Curtis house as we walked into the curtis house all eye's were on us Dall looked me up and down

"they banged" he said simply walking into the kitchen my eyes went wide as my face burned I looked down all the guy's laughed

"you go Two-bit" said Soda giving him a high five I stood there blushing Two-bit pulled me to him and he went to his usually spot on the floor pulling me onto his lap the boy's taunted and teased me for a while then I hid my face in the crook of Two-bit's neck

"alright guy's that's enough leave her alone" Two-bit said rubbing my back all the guy's sighed

"fine" they started to talk about a rumble and I felt my heart sink the pit of my stomach I didnt like the feeling I hate fights but all the boy's were excited about there I just sat there looking down but the more they talked about it the worse I felt I stood up an walked to the door

"were you going sugar rush?" asked Soda

"Just gonna step out side not feeling to good need some air" I said walking out side closing the door I went over to the fence and sat down leaning on it a little while later Johnny came out and sat with me

"you're worried aren't you" he said after a while I sighed

"how can I not be?"
I asked him

"everything well be fine the guy's are good fighters and it's skin vs skin" he said I leaned on him

"how do you know itll be fine" I said to him

"you just gotta have faith" he said I sighed he was right we sat there for a while longer then Two-bit came out

"that's were you two went!"
he announced jumping off the deck not bothering to use the stairs

"you weren't putting the moves on my girl were you Johnny Cakes?" asked Two-bit raising and eyebrow Johnny jumped up and kissed my cheek running off

"you'll never know"
he yelled closing the door I laughed Two-bit pulled me to him and kissed my cheek he opened the gate and we headed for his house as we got closer to his house he picked me up bridal style and walked inside he dropped my down on the bed gently I took my pants off and got under the blankets Two-bit's arm was soon wrapped around me

Later the next night before the rumble
I was pacing in my head while the boy's were all getting pumped up

"alright let's go or well be late" said Dar he ran out he door Two-bit kissed my cheek and fallowed the rest out Johnny stopped at the door

"remember have faith" he said I smiled slightly and he ran out the door it felt like only minutes had passed and my anxiety was higher then ever before I couldn't take it I had to get out and go for a walk I slipped on a jacket that was left hanging up and headed out side I knew the rumble was in the abandoned lot so I started to walk in the opposite direction I didn't know how long I was walking but it was getting chilly I was about to turn around and head home when something hard hit my head I fell to the ground my vision going blurry I looked up to see a football jersey but it was all I could make out before a shoe connected with my face and everything went black the only thing I could feel was pain flooding threw my body my Parent's voice Calling out to me the darkness suddenly turned into a bright light and I was at my old house from when I was kid my mother appeard infront of me she hugged me tightly

"" I said quietly not believing my eye's she smiled and nodded a light seemed to shine from her she walked over to me and hugged me

"am I dead?" I asked I heard my father laugh I turned around to see him he looked just like I remeberd hair combed back in his checkered bathrobe with matching slippers pipe in his mouth his new's paper in one hand

"this is what we call a near death experience lil darlin" he spoke I looked over at my mother and she walked me over to the old couch and sat me down

"what happened..." I asked them

"you're guess is as good as our's darlin were just a figment of your imagination to help you cope with everything" my mother said walking in with a cup of hot coca I took it and sipped it the chocolatey flavor rushed over my tongue

"but this feels so real"
I said

"you make it" my mother said we sat there talking my parents asking questions they already knew since they were imaginary but for some reason it made me feel comfortable but as they asked questions I found my self thinking about Two-bit and Johnny suddenly there was a knock on the front door my father stood up and opened it both Johnny and Two-bit walked in my eye's went wide I looked at my mother

"" I asked her

"you wanted them here to help you cope sweet heart there the man you love and the little brother you dreamed to have your entire life" I ran over and hugged them both they felt so real the kiss Two-bit planted on my cheek felt warm and soft

"mom this is" I began to speak

"I know who they are sweet heart no need for introduction's Im just glad you found you're beast for your beauty" she said smiling suddenly everything began to shake I screamed I was sucked out the door into a black void of nothingness