Why do I write so much smut omfg I think I have a problem.
I need to find more productive things to do. Like, write an actual story instead of so many one shots.

"So what is it that you don't get?" Yugi asked, peering over at my homework curiously.

"Looking at these questions is like trying to read Greek." I complained, biting the eraser of my pencil.

"Don't do that." He pulled the utensil away from my mouth, rolling his eyes a little, but smiling. "I'll help you with whatever you don't understand."

"I don't even know what I don't understand!"

"Then how do I help you if I don't know what you don't know?" He asked, exasperated. "Just ask me something and I'll do my best. It's actually really simple."

"You only say that because you know how to do it all already."

"Don't be so grumpy." He looked to the paper again. "So what is it? What part do you not know?"

"Um..." I looked up at him. He was standing next to me, hands braced on the coffee table as he leaned over my paper. My eyes went from his face, down his neck, and along the curve of his back. His rear was sticking out in such an alluring way that it made me forget all about education. "Are you trying to seduce me, Yugi?" His face flushed, and he stood straight, eyes narrowing in on me. I was confused for a moment, and then I realized: whoops. I hadn't meant to say that out loud. I quickly looked to the ceiling, feigning innocence, like I hadn't just admitted I was looking at his body instead of my work.

"Yami, you need to focus! Is your head only filled with that kind of stuff?" He demanded. I bit my lip, keeping my eyes off of him. How in the world was it my fault he was so tempting? After a brief minute of silence, he sighed, and I glanced back at him. "No, never mind." He waved his hand, looking as if he'd just realized something. "It's understandable. I didn't mean to flare up at you."

"You aren't wrong, though." I said. "It's just...whenever I'm near you, I can't control myself. My whole head is always filled with thoughts of you. All the damn time. Like how much I want to hold you and touch you...how much I love you...I can't help but admire your physique." I covered my face with my hands. "I'm kind of incorrigible, right? So easily ruled by my lower half. I'm sorry."

"No, actually...I'm the same way." He replied, and I peek over my fingers at him. He stepped around the coffee table so he was standing directly in front of me. "That's why I said it's understandable. Here, I'll prove it to you."

"Yugi..." I began, letting my hands fall away so I could look up at him.

"Don't move." He commanded. His hands moved down to his waist, and I heard the clicking of his belt being unlatched. I blinked, startled. He watched my face, gauging my reaction, as he unzipped his pants. I couldn't help it—my eyes immediately dropped down to his crotch. My face started to get hot as I saw the bulge in his boxers. He was completely erect. Good God almighty. Thank you for this gift you hath bestowed upon me. I reached hand out toward him, consumed by the overwhelming desire to taste his skin.

"No." He said sharply, and I jerked my hand back, surprised. I tore my eyes from his groin and looked to his face again. "No touching. Just watch." He tilted his head back a bit, his eyes burning me with his own desire. He lowered his boxers, and he was so close to me, and so hard, that his erection almost hit my chin. "See what it does to me whenever I think of you?" His hand trailed down his stomach, and his eyes never left mine. "What happens when I think about what I want to do... so badly it aches deep in my gut." His fingers were moving now. They brushed over the tip of his penis, then moved down to the base. He straddled my legs, sitting on my lap so I couldn't look anywhere but at him - as if I even could. With a low sound coming out of his erotic mouth, he stroked himself - gently at first, but gaining speed. I felt my heart beating in my throat as I watched him pleasure himself.

"Just look at me..." He moaned. And I was; oh, god, I was. I couldn't possibly take my eyes off of him for a second - I was completely entranced. He worked his hand furiously, hips bucking against my legs. The friction between our clothes only heightened my own arousal. It was consuming every cell in my body. I gripped the fabric of the couch under me, desperately trying to keep myself from touching him.

"Yami..." He breathed. He inserted his two middle fingers into his mouth, sucking on them. I watch as his tongue worked, soaking those fingers with spit. I wanted to lean over the distance and capture his tongue with mine. After a couple of sinuous minutes, he pulled those said fingers out, a string of saliva breaking and falling down his chin, and I had the urge to lick it off. He reached behind him, and I watch as he gave a sharp jerk against me. I knew that he was plunging those fingers into himself, seeking for that one spot that turned him into melted wax. A short, cut-off whine alerted me that he had found it.

I no longer knew if I was in heaven or hell. This glorious torture was more than I could take. To have something so desirable in front of me but not be able to touch it - it was like placing food in front of a dog but ordering it not to eat. I wanted to drag my tongue up his neck, grasp him in my hand and make him squirm, thrust my hips into him over and over again, make him into a hot, sticky mess. His tightly closed eyes, his head tilted back in ecstasy, his parted lips that only semi-coherent noises were coming out of...everything about his face was driving me to the edge. He hadn't even touched me where I was begging for it, but I could feel every breath, every clench, every stroke, and every shudder as if they were my own.

"Ah!" He bent forward as a wave of pleasure went through him, leaning over me. The tip of my nose rubbed against the front of his shirt, and I breathed in his scent deeply – hoping it was enough to sate my needs until I was allowed the privilege of touching him. His voice played at my ear; going right from my eardrum and down, down my body, stopping right at my groin. It was all I could do to not kiss his slender neck or wrap my hand around his straining hard-on that was so tantalizingly close to me.

"It's your fault." He panted, lips brushing against my ear, his breath tickling my neck. "You always make me like this, so..." He moved, and the friction of him against my own erection was enough to make me moan and see spots. I could barely breathe. "You have to take responsibility for it. You have to stay with me."

"I...I understand!" I managed, about to cream myself or pass out. Or both. "I'll do my very best not to let you down, so…so please…" I closed my eyes, hating that he was able to make me beg in such a broken voice.

Yugi's lips were suddenly on mine, swift and deep. Our tongues meet like old friends, embracing and twining. At once, I was intoxicated completely. It was enough to melt me right down to the very core. Enough to completely overwhelm and dominate me. I moved my hand to his erection, and he allowed me finish what he had started. He was jerking against me, moaning loudly, as he released on my hand. Breathing hard, he pulled down the zipper to my own pants, then releasing me from the confines of my pants. His hand touched my sensitive flesh, and I quivered.

And, for a hot-blooded youth like me, the temptation of forbidden fruit and the taste of pleasure were irresistible. All I could do was succumb to it.

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