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Summary: Hikari went away after knowing that she was pregnant and nobody knows that confidential secret of hers other than her family and the rest of the SA but not including Takishima. Hikari had a four-year old son and it was Kei's. What will happen if he knows about her secret?

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The Meeting

"Mom where's daddy?" the four year old boy, Sean Hanazono, suddenly asked her mom, Hikari Hanazono.

"You have to sleep already it's already late, Sean." Her mom answered back.

"But mom it is still 7 in the evening, why do I have to sleep that early?" the boy answered back.

"Because sleeping too late is going to be bad for your health especially in that age like yours." She said as she kissed his son's forehead, "Now sleep already." She said lovingly.

The boy looked at her mom's beautiful orbs and sighed, "Okay mom, I will sleep already but please stay by my side until I do so." He said while holding one of his mom's hands.

"Yes dear, I will stay here by your side until you fall asleep. Now close your eyes and sleep."

The boy did what her mom told her and instantly fell into his deep slumber. Hikari slightly tighten her grip on her son's hands, ' I'm so sorry Sean. I know I'm not fit to be your mother since I'm so lame of not telling you who your father is… it's better if you know nothing, dear. I'm afraid they would take you away from me if they knew.' She thought.

She checked her son's forehead in case he had a fever going on and his son's pulse. She must be one of those parents out there who are overprotective to their sons/daughters. She carefully settled her son's hand beside him and stood up. She kissed his forehead and whispered 'goodnight' to him then turned off his lampshade and went outside his room.

She went into her room and started to put her files on her desk. She was currently working on one of Akira's main branch being the manager of one of her tea shops. She wasn't given any special treatments since she doesn't want Akira nor her family give her any of it, she just wanted to be treated just like they treat their other regular employers. If you were asking how she got that job, well that was because Akira's tea shop was newly opened and the Todou's wanted a trustworthy person to manage it and Akira presented Hikari to them. Hikari in return did a very great job handling the business even though she is still a beginner in doing those things and because she had proved herself to them by showing them that she could handle managing the store and being a mom to Sean, they gave their trust and support for her.

"What will I'm going to do tomorrow?" she started looking at some documents and began reading it. "A meeting… it's already done…. Meet a client… done already.." and she continued to mumble some words while looking at the papers one after the other until she finished looking at the papers one by one. She put the files back at their resting place and went to bed.

"I hope Sean won't get too suspicious of my actions" she whispered to herself. She pulled her blanket towards her and curled herself before the cold captures her entire body. 'I wonder what Takishima is doing now' she thought before letting herself fall into a deep slumber.

Meanwhile at Takishima's Office

Kei Takishima is currently typing words on his laptop very vigorously while reading other files on the other hand and soon his office doors opened revealing a blonde haired girl. She has black eyes and got a body just like a model, just by merely looking at her, she might be considered as one of the goddesses in flesh here on earth. Her name is Aisha Tanazawa and she is Takishima's current fiancée. She's too lucky you might think.

" Kei? Aren't you going home already? I believe it is already midnight." She said with her angelic voice while making her way to Kei's side.

Kei in the other hand seemed like he didn't heard anything nor noticed someone came in just recently. He just continued what he was currently doing and this slightly shook the nerves of Aisha.

"Kei…" she said once more but Kei still didn't respond to her.

She then put her hands on his shoulders and massaged them then leaned forward to his ear and whispered,

"Don't overwork yourself… Kei."

With that statement of hers, Kei stopped what he is currently doing and remembered Hikari. He remembered how he would say that to her when she overworks herself in trying so hard to beat him. He remembered how the soft, angelic voice of Hikari would also say that to him in times he overworks himself also because of his work. She's just too perfect for him, he thought. But since she left without saying anything to him, his mind didn't came to the usual him anymore; he is just so depressed on how Hikari acted after they did THAT a year after their graduation, he wanted to know why she left and he is really longing for her.

He wanted to touch her smooth skin together with her dark silky hair. He wanted to touch her lips so carefully and tenderly once more and touch her body with his bare hands but it seems that he couldn't do that anymore because she left and he didn't have any clue from where she is now.

"Kei? Are you alright?" a voice suddenly grabbed him from remembering the past.

"I'm sorry Tanazawa-san. I have to finish all my works because they are all urgent," he said while typing on his laptop again.

With a sigh, Aisha said. "Kei… I'm your fiancée there's no need for honorifics. Call me by my first name."

"Tanazawa-san.. you do realize that we agreed in this marriage for our companies sake, right?" he asked.

Aisha nodded and Kei continued to talk.

"Then I hope you now realize what I was talking about. Now if you excuse me I still have lots of work to do."

"I understand" she said and smiled weakly at his back then went outside his office.

Kei stopped typing and leaned his back to his swiveling chair then looked at the ceiling. 'Hikari' he muttered until he fell into a deep slumber.

Hikari was awoken by the bright ray of sunlight that escaped the curtain from her window. She yawned a bit and stretched before getting up and fixed her bed then silently went downwards. On the way to the stairs, she opened Sean's room and took a peek.

'He's still asleep" she muttered to herself then went downwards to their kitchen. She decided that she would make breakfast for Sean and since Akira tutored her on how to cook she grew better in cooking and the foods that she makes is nearly on Akira's level.

Sean was suddenly awoken by the smell of Hikari's cooking. He leapt from his bed and ran downwards to the kitchen. And as soon as he reached there, he saw a plate of cookies on the table that made his mouth watery. Hikari on the other side was making his milk until she noticed that Sean was already awake.

"Oh, good morning dear. How was your sleep?" she asked.

"Good morning mom." He said back while sitting on the chair watching his mom's moves.

"Eat already and your milk will be ready in a second." She said.

Sean did what her mom instructed her. He tasted one and it was so good. The sweet and salty flavor it has were fighting for the throne on which is really tasted and Sean, being just a little kid, liked these kinds of food especially foods that were made by his mom exclusively for him.

"Mom…" he suddenly asked.

"Yes, dear?" she said back while putting the glass of milk in front of Sean. She grabbed a chair and sat beside Sean. "What is it?"

"Mom, are you going to work?"

"Ah, yes. Would you like to come with mommy?"

"uhmmm… No. I'll just go at Mimi's house and read books there."


"Yes mommy?"

"What books are you going to read?"

"It's just a world history book."

"Don't you think that you're too young in reading books like that?"

"But mom, I like reading those books." He grabbed another cookie and put it in his mouth.

"I know but one day you would be bored of it if you study them now on your age."

"So are you telling me now to stop reading those kinds of books?" he said and sadness is evident in his dark innocent eyes similar to Hikari's eyes.

"It's not that I forbid you in doing so but please don't overdo it yourself. It could give you bad benefits instead of good benefits." She said smiling.

"Okay." He smiled back to his mom and hugged her. "Just don't overwork yourself too , okay mom?"

"Of course." She said as she kissed his forehead.

"Hikair! You are here!" Akira said as she approached the two on her door.

"Yeah.." Hikari answered back, smiling.

"Hello Sean… Are you going to play with Mimi while we're not around with your mommy?" Akira asked Sean.

Sean nodded and Akira mentioned him to get inside to meet Mimi. Sean did what she told him but before he did that he hugged his mom and kissed her on the cheek while saying goodbye then went inside to meet his playmate. On the other hand, Akira and Hikari went into the store and started working.

"I guess Tadashi works a lot, eh?" Hikari asked.

"Uh, yeah. He works a lot but he doesn't forget his responsibility for Mimi and me. We would often go outside and take us to some places. Although it seemed unbelievable that he changed a lot after we got married." She laughed weakly as she remembered the past.

Hikari smiled when she saw Akira smiling. "Oh yeah, thanks for tutoring me on how to bake. I gave Sean a great breakfast today because of you. Thank you Akira."

"Everything for my angel." She said back. Then silence enveloped the two.

Akira and Tadashi got married three months after their graduation and both of them changed but not a lot. Tadashi became more responsible in everything and does his priorities first before the other and even though he didn't change about eating a lot of sweets that Akira makes, he turned into a gentleman. Akira's hair grew long into waist length from which added to her beauty more. And even though they were busy about their works, they have enough time to spent with their only daughter, Yuzumi Karino. She got a lot of her physical appearance from her mom as expected and got her eyes from his dad but her personality was from the little Akira; a shy girl but she knows when and not to be shy. They are a picture of a happy family and this is what Sean was dreaming of from his past few years of living.

Hikari suddenly felt a tug of guilt inside her for not telling her son his dad but she knew that she did the right thing, all for her son's sake. The shop opened and many customers started to come and go, it is a really great time to have tea since it is still morning the air around is somewhat cold.

Hikari was busy with the customers when Akira excused her from them.

"Yes, Akira? Is there something wrong?" she began.

"Hikari, the shop has been offered to be partnered by another company and I wanted this opportunity to expand this little shop."

Hikari nodded and started to look happy for Akira while clasping her hands together. "That's great!" she said.

"Well umm, there is going to be a presentation about the shop and I was just wondering if you could do that instead of my place. I am a bit busy today and there is a client from my parent's company and I have to discuss something with him. Well, I'm not going to force you to go but if you like to go…" she said and a tint of nervousness was evident in her face.

"Of course, Akira. Anything for you. I would go to the meeting and present the shop to them; I have experience in presenting though it isn't like any of those big presentations from big companies but for you, I would do my best to win it." Hikari said as she raised her fist up high.

"Oh thank you Hikair, you've been a great help. I really appreciate it." Akira said back with a smile. "But…" she suddenly said back.

Hikari's lips went into a straight line while waiting for Akira to continue what she was saying.

"The company's partner will be the… Takishima Corporation." She said worriedly and Hikari suddenly frowned a bit after hearing the word 'Takishima'. "It's okay if you won't go after knowing who the partner was." Akira immediately said.

"No, I'll go Akira. It's the least thing I could do for you." Hikari said and she was smiling again.

"You don't have to force yourself Hikari, it's fine if you don't like to go. I'm sure there are other clients out there." Akira said but Hikari insisted.

"But Akira, it's a perfect opportunity for this shop to grow." Akira's eyes became worried.

"It's just a meeting Akira, don't worry." Hikari said as hugged her best friend.

"Okay Hikari, but if something wrong was going on. Call me and I'll be there."

"Of course."

After that they parted and Hikari went back to their apartment and started to get ready for the meeting. She wore formal attire, black pencil skirt paired with long sleeves on her top; very similar to a corporate dress. Then she made her way to the Takishima Corporation.

'It's just a meeting. I could do this.' She chanted to herself while entering the building.

To be continued

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