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The Reunion

"Hikari!" Kei shouted desperately and she stopped as she was turning the knob. "Don't leave me again! I love you from all my life! don't leave me!" he didn't cared about what will the employees would think about him… not until his love comes back to him.

"Don't make this difficult Takishima…" she looked back at him. "I will be still there for you…" With those words Kei felt delighted but not until she continued, "… as your FRIEND." She then opened the door and closed it, leaving Kei dumbfounded.

His Hikari was gone again. For the second time… he had a chance but he lost it and he doesn't know what to do anymore.

Hikari opened the door from Akira's limousine.

"Are you sure you are okay, Hikari? I could help you." Akira asked concerned.

"Thanks Akira, I'm okay. Don't worry about me. I'm alright." She then went out from the door carrying Sean and bid Akira goodbye. She watched as the car left her place.

'I'm so sorry Akira but I can't afford to drag you for some of my mistakes again. I hope you understand.'

She went upstairs the building and opened their apartment. This sure is one long evening, she thought.

Kei on the other hand went into a high-class restaurant. He reserved a table for himself only located on the very end of the room, leaving only himself alone. He was looking at the glass windows while drinking his vodka, thinking only of Hikari.

'Why did it become to be this way? Why can't you come back to me even though you know that I'm head over heels for you. Only you.'

Kei drank and drank until he finished five bottles already.

"S-sir. I think you should s-stop a-already." The waiter told him but he insisted.

"I'm not drunk. I can manage to have more."

"B-but sir—"

"Why do you care? It's none of your stupid business! Why did you think they hired you for?"

"S-sir. I understand what are you saying about but it's going to be a m-mess if ever you couldn't control yourself anymore." He told him with concern.

Kei bowed his head and gripped the glass he is holding much tighter. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say those words. I apologize for my foolish actions but… please bring me one more bottle… I need it now."

Without much further ado, he just did what Kei asked him to do. Even though he already know that he is already at his limit. The waiter came back with a bottle of vodka again and because they are out of stock of their regular vodkas, he brought him a straight vodka citrus flavored which is twice as strong as the regular one.

Kei poured himself a drink making the glass overflow with vodka and all of the employees there are alarmed. It was almost midnight though so there weren't much costumers inside the restaurant hence making himself the only customer inside. He gulped the glass-filled vodka in just one shot and he could now feel the effects of those what he drank. He felt dizzy and his eyes were starting to give up already, he leaned on the chair and held his head because it was already throbbing.

"S-sir… excuse me but I really think that you should better s-stop." An employee said.

Kei just looked at him in return.

"S-sir, it's a-already past midnight and we have to close the restaurant already. I apologize sir if we couldn't accompany you for the rest of the night but if you would please tell us someone who can take you from here, we would glad to help."

Kei stood up from he was sitting and went outside the restaurant. He lost balance occasionally but would soon cope up to a balanced figure. He was now walking on the lonely streets with only street lamps accompanying him. He felt dizzy and he felt that he was going to throw up at any minute. Soon, he reached the park. Where he and Hikari met, where it all started.

'I wish you never left me Hikari… you're killing me.'

He went to one of the swings and sat there, reminiscing the past, just him and Hikari, alone together playing. He smiled a bit but then faded as soon as he realized that he was near her apartment.

He battled with his thoughts, if he was going to her or just stay away from her and his son forever. He then stood up and took his phone out of his pocket.

"Aoi, please come to the park immediately."

"Kei-sama, are you drunk?" Aoi could tell because the way he talked to him looks like an old man.

"Please come as fast as you can." Then he hung up.

' I bet I must patch all my mistakes by being a good friend to her and a good father to my son. I hope that'll make them more happy.' He mentally said. He looked up the sky and he admired what he saw. Hikari was like a star to him, very hard to get, she comes out then hides herself, he caught her… before and wondered if he can catch her again someday. He closed his eyes as he let the cold wind caressed him. He missed her much.

Hikari woke up as the morning sun touched her face. She laid on her bed still and remembered what happened last night.

"That was tough.." she whispered to herself. She then decided to stand up already and went out from her room. She peeked at Sean's room first, from which she learned that he is still sleeping, then went to the kitchen quietly. She was preparing their breakfast when she heard a knock on the door. She was quite curious on who it was, coming in this kind of time.

"I wonder who it is." She asked herself as she walked to the door. As soon as she opened it, her eyes went wide.

"Hi! It's been a while!" Tadashi spoke out loud.

"Shh.. not too loud. Sean will going to wake." Hikari said in return.

"Sorry." He said back apologetically.

"Okay, so what are you doing here in a very intriguing time?" She asked, one brow up.

"Ummm.. it's just that we heard what happened last night and-" she was cut off by Hikari.

"If that's your purpose Tadashi then I have no interest in it."

"No- it's not that. I wasn't going to ask that but I'm a little bit curious about it, please forgive me. That question is out of the topic I am going to say."

"It's okay. So what was it?"

"Well, SA is having a reunion!" he said with both hands help up. He was grinning widely. Hikari thought that if they are having a reunion, then she would see all of the SA again. Isn't that nice?

Hikari smiled back, "Sure, I will be there. When and where?"

"Today, 5pm at the greenhouse. See ya!"

"Wait! What about Sean and Mimi?"

"Oh, that. About that. They will come to us too. It would be a mess if we leave them by themselves, right?"

"Yeah, of course. Okay then, I will see you all on 5!" she smiled as she watched him walk away. She thought that it would be great but… then she realized… if the SA is going to have a reunion. Then, it means that he would be there too and she thought that it would be that awkward if he came.

'What will I have to do when he came? What if I'm not going? No- I must go, this is for the SA and no one can stop me. not even him.'

She closed the door then continued the work she started in the kitchen. "I hope it would go well."

"Hikari!" Akira shouted to Hikari as she approached the greenhouse at exactly five. She was wearing a blue sleeveless dress that stopped above her knees. She looked gorgeous in that dress matched with a blue flat sandals.

"My Hikari is so cuute~" Akira's eyes sparkled as she hugged her best friend. She was wearing a flawless pink dress with floral designs matched with a pink high heels. Hikari hugged her back too.

They all went inside together and now gathered around the table.

"Hi Hikari! It's been a while!" Finn Tsuji shouted. She was married to Ryuu and has their only daughter, Rika Tsuji. Her hair grew longer to waist level which she tied up. She was wearing a white dress with blue outline with matching white sandals.

"Yeah.." Sakura Yamamoto said too. She was married to Jun and has two children which are twins, Mia and Yui Yamamoto.

"Hi! Hikari!" Megumi Saiga wrote in her notepad. She still writes in her notepad after so many years. She was with her husband, Yahiro along with their only son Mikan Saiga. Yahiro just smiled at her the moment she came in.

"Hey guys… it's been a while. I am so happy to see all your faces once again!" Hikari chirped as she saw the former S.A. along with some friends.

They were all busily chatting with each other when Tadashi interrupted them. "I guess we have to start the reunion now, although there's still someone missing…" and shortly after he said that the door of the greenhouse opened revealing a man still wearing business attire came in. Hikari's eyes widen a bit because of the view then looked still on her tea, not keeping her eyes away from it.

"I'm sorry. I'm a bit late… there are still some works that were still left for me to do a while ago and clients started to call me and set up meetings. I apologize again." He came in and went to his former seat when they were still in high school. He looked around, he was happy inside since the scene that were happening were like the old times. Everybody is currently seating on their former seats but one seat attracted his eyes and that is the seat of the so-called Ms. Rank Number Two from which Hikari is currently seated. He knew she was a little bit troubled about the incident last night and he wouldn't blame it on her. He knew that she was just protecting their son for that matter.

"O-okay.. since everyone is complete already… we are now officially starting our reunion. Everybody, hold ou glasses up and… CHEERS!" Tadashi happily said. The gang did what Tadashi said and said, "cheers!"

They happily chatted with each other while their children were playing at one side.

"Ne, Akira. Mimi is really a beautiful girl. I wonder how her characteristics became like that when she have parents like you two." Sakura told Akira.

"Well…" Akira started but was cut off by Tadashi.

"Akira was a shy girl before and she often was being bullied by others… that's what I've heard from Hikari then she changed into a demon girl." Tadashi spoke out loud enough for the others to hear.

"What did you say?!" Akira asked evilly as dark aura spread across the room.

"Umm… did i-I said s-something wr-wrong?" Tadashi asked and curled on his chair once as Akira stood up from seat.

"And don't make Hikari the villain!" she shouted as she punched Tadashi on the face making him fly upwards.

"I'M SOOOOORRRRRRYYYYYY!" he yelled as he went farther and farther from the rest of them. Everyone sweat-dropped at the scene.

"They were just like before…" Ryuu muttered.

"Yeah… they didn't change much." Jun agreed.

"Well, well, well… who owns this little kid?" Yahiro suddenly asks as Sean went near him to pick up the ball that was thrown to his front.

"Me." Kei and Hikari said at the same time. They looked at each other then Hikari turned away quickly.

"Oh.." Yahiro chuckled at the reaction of the two, "No wonder he looks like Kei and has the eyes of Hikari…" he smirked and he was nudged by his wife telling him to stop.

"Okay.. okay. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." he said back.

They continued to look at the happily playing children as they exchange their thoughts to others but silence were still kept between Hikari and Kei until Kei started to break that silence between them.


"Y-yes?" Hikari asked not looking at him.

"Did you and Sean went home safe last night?"

"You couldn't have see us here if something wrong happened, right?" she said while looking at him.

"Well, just making sure because there are times that you will lost your mind and doesn't know what to do." Kei said back, smiling.

"Takishima.." Hikari mentally said, "You were saying that because you want me to be the same after that. It was true that I was hurt but there is really no reason to take that as a reason to let our 'friendship' apart."

She smiled back at him as they all continued to talk about random topics.

"I hope I could do much more of this act. If I do this, then she's happy but if I don't I'm letting a barrier getting thicker between us. I'm hurt indeed and my pride is now long gone because of her. I must take my chances to win her back" Kei mentally thought.

It was already 7 in the evening when Hikari mentioned that they should already leave.

"Hahaha… I think you're getting overprotective to your son Hikari. If you do that too much he might become a rebel someday." Yahiro jokingly said.

"Eh? Is it?" Hikari asked confusingly.

"Well, I guess Hikari still doesn't know what to do even if she is already a mother. No doubt how the little boy grew up into becoming like Kei." He said chuckling.

"H-hey. Drop it, Yahiro!" Akira screamed.

"Well, I guess she's just doing that to make sure her son's safety." Tadashi spoke as he munched a macaroon.

"Of course. Who wanted their children to get sick nor hurt?" Sakura said hugging Jun.

"Yeah. I don't want that kind of thing either to Mikan." Megumi wrote in her notepad.

"Okay… okay. I give up already." Yahiro threw his hands up as a sign of defeat.

"Oh yeah. That reminds me of someone." Tadashi spoke as he get another macaroon from the table.

"Who is it?" Ryuu asked.

"I thought we're already complete but there's still someone who isn't here." He said back.

"Children. Stop playing for a while and come eat my delicious pastries." Akira said while putting another tray of different types of biscuits in it.

The children stopped and went to them. They sat near their own parents then started to eat. Hikari put out a handkerchief and wiped Sean's face.

"What do you like to eat?" she asked while wiping his face.

"I don't know. Anything can do." He muttered while looked at his mom's face. She smiled and he smiled back.

Kei went near them and sat beside Sean, that means that Sean is between his parents.

"Here Sean. I thought you'd like some of these." He held the spoon filled with a chocolate cake on it right in front of his mouth.

Sean looked delighted at what he saw. He did got angry last night but it soon fade slowly for their family's sake. The other couples looked at the family then smiled.

Sean opened his mouth and ate the cake. "It's delicious!" he said.

"Of course dear, my pastries are the best right?" Akira asked Sean and she received a nod from him.

The picture was perfect for them. They were a great model of a perfect family. His father was feeding him and his mother was looking at them with a happy face. If ever this thing would truly happen then he could've been so happy and he couldn't have felt loneliness before. He wished his family would brought back together once again.

"Dad…" Sean suddenly said.

"Yeah?" Kei asked in return.

"I think mom is hungry. Why not feed her too?" he smiled.

Hikari heard it looked at Sean who is grinning widely. She blushed at the thought that she was once again being fed up by his beloved – ex boyfriend.

"N-no. I'm fine Sean. I could eat whatever I like on my own so don't worry dear." She said back while swinging her hands from left to right as a symbol that she declines the offer.

Kei smirked as he saw his reaction. 'Little by little, I will take you back. My Hikari"

"But you looked tired. Here say 'aaah'" he said while serving the food infront of her mouth.

Hikari on the other hand, didn't like to do it of course because she knew that Takishima has planning something but when she looked at her son's eyes she knew that she couldn't refuse his son. Especially when he is the one asking to her so she doesn't have any choice left but to act this out.

'Just for today, Hikari. You can do this." She mentally said to herself. She then opened her mouth and ate what Kei was serving her. Sean was happy at what he is seeing , "Yay! Mom and dad is working out!" he mentally said but little did he know that Kei was 100% more delighted at what he is seeing.

Hikari looked away after Kei served her food only being smirked by the other people inside the room.

"That's cheesy~~" Yahiro started.

The others looked at each other and started to give the family a little privacy on their own. The greenhouse doors opened revealing a man wearing a white lab coat and everybody stared at the new comer.

"I'm sorry… I'm super late.. haha. I am quite busy these days and I kind of can't get out from the hospital." He said as he sat on one chair opposite from where Hikari, Kei and Sean sitting.

"Aha! I told you someone is missing! I thought you'd never come dude. You're freaking late." Tadashi said as he went near the man giving him a small pat on the shoulder. The man smiled in return. He looked around the room and a small boy caught his attention, he smiled at him and then…

"Papa!" Sean screamed out as he went near Tokiwa Iori. Everyone was startled at the young boy's sudden movement especially Kei. He hadn't expected that from his own son, calling 'papa' to another man.

"Hey there little man." Tokiwa said as he accepted Sean in his arms. He tightened his arms around him which made Sean giggle a bit.

Hikari saw the expression of Tokiwa and she is afraid that maybe he is thinking that Tokiwa and her has been making out that's why she avoids him.

"Takishima…" she muttered and Kei looked at her, his bangs were covering his face.

Ryuu on the other hand saw his expression. His bangs were just like transparent to him because he could see him clearly as day. Pain, jealousy. He could see those from him and he wondered if Kei ever thought that Sean prefers Tokiwa as his father than him. He placed a hand on Kei's left shoulder and whispered in his ear.

"He longed for a father. That's when Tokiwa has been helping Hikari how to take care a business. We couldn't blame Sean for feeling those emotions Kei… he wanted you so much."

Kei looked at his best friend and smiled, "Thanks Ryuu." With a small pat on the shoulder Ryuu left him.

Kei felt uneasy looking at his own son clinging to another man. It hurts. Just by looking at them. He couldn't give that kind of joy to him because of his work and he is afraid that one day he would drive him away and completely recognize Tokiwa as his father. He bowed his head and his bangs covered his emotion completely. Hikari noticed it.

She wanted to comfort him yet she couldn't. She's aware of what's happening now and she wanted to stop it but she can't.

"Papa! I thought you're not coming. I remembered that you told me that you are part of the SA several years ago." Sean said as he sat beside Tokiwa.

"I'm sorry little buddy," he patted his head lightly, "I was supposed to give it as a surprise to you but felt like I lost it. I never thought that you would be coming." He smiled at him.

Sean smiled too and suddenly remembered something. "Oh yeah! Papa I have a big surprise to you!" he said merrily.

The other members curious to what the little boy was asking perked their ears up and started to listed to their conversation.

"So what is it?" Tokiwa finally snapped.

"I found my daddy!" he smiled happily.

Tokiwa was a bit surprised and looked around. He saw Kei, he mentally smack himself for not noticing him. He shouldn't have behaved like that if he knew he was there and now he know that he is so damned! Kei suddenly felt a tug on his lips as he listened to his son mention him. he felt happy because even though there's Tokiwa with him, he still couldn't forget about his REAL father. Tokiwa looked at him again.

"Ne, so who was it?" even though he already knows it, he just asked because he felt sorry for the little boy; he just tried to give him an info and it is too rude if he threw that away.

"It was daddy Kei!" he joyfully said as he pointed his index finger at Kei. Kei was of course smiling at their direction and Hikari felt relieved. She thought that something might happen again between them, she sighed.

"Well, that's great!" Tokiwa said back to him, "Now, you now know who's your real daddy is!"

Kei was a bit surprised at Tokiwa's sudden reaction. He thought that Tokiwa was trying to snatch his own son away from him but it turned out that he was wrong. Actually he was also trying to help to search for him, that's what he thought.

"Daddy this is Papa and Papa this is Daddy!" he smiled happily to both of them.

To be continued…

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