Quinntana Week 2013 – Free Day – Bribery

A/N: I've mentioned on my tumblr about a fantasy of Quinn's that Santana would never be able to fulfill. This is the story of how Santana found out…

If you wish to remain in the dark about this, stop reading now.

Sunday, July 23rd 2017

Soft lips brushed at the corner of her mouth, as that tongue ran along the edge of her bottom lip. It teased her with every stroke, Quinn shivering at the cold touch. Her elbow was resting on the kitchen counter with her finished popsicle stick between her fingertips, whimpering at the delicious contact and the gentle sucking Santana was applying.

It was making Quinn's head swim. She stood motionless before her, letting Santana remove any trace of the melted red ice, her free hand bunching in the girl's loose singlet. She didn't dare turn into the kiss. She just tightened her hold; letting those heavenly lips continue their work, as long fingers gripped at the side of her neck.

The touch of Santana's lips and mouth was one of Quinn's favorite feelings. They were so soft and sent tingles all over her skin, and coupled with the current coldness of her tongue, Quinn's legs were seconds from bottoming out. She could feel Santana's thumb stroking at the side of her jaw, the girl's own popsicle melting in her other hand, dripping yellow syrup down her fingers. But Santana didn't seem to notice or mind as she continued her ministrations, making heat pool between Quinn's legs, the feeling intensifying with each soft touch.

Santana's teeth grazed at Quinn's bottom lip as she pulled back, letting out a satisfied groan. Those dark eyes were slightly hooded, Santana beginning to clean off her own fingers, her gaze still trained on Quinn.

"Thanks," Quinn mumbled, slightly breathless.

"My pleasure. Have to say, I think I like yours better," Santana teased, smiling at Quinn as she continued to eat the rest of her fruit bar. "Or maybe it was just the taste of your lips," she shrugged innocently, Quinn biting down on them to muffle any sounds that might escape at the girl's words.

She shook her head, brushing her fringe away as blonde hair stuck uncomfortably to her forehead. The temperature outside their apartment was well above the hundred mark, the girls venturing out just a few minutes earlier. But as soon as they'd hit the footpath below, Santana had whined irritably, grabbing Quinn by the hand and dragging her back upstairs, their previous plans forgotten. And as their front door closed behind them, Santana had stripped down, turned on their AC, and B lined for the freezer.

"Best. Idea. Ever," Santana chimed, as she ran her tongue up the length of the shrinking ice.

The girl had her elbows resting casually against the finished countertop, leaning over smooth granite, causing her white singlet to ride up her lower back. It exposed her perfect tanned skin and the start of her crest tattoo, the dark ink trailing down below the waist of her boy shorts. Quinn bit down on her bottom lip at the sight, playing absently with the stick in her hands, her short nails digging into the soft wood. She was almost fixated by her girlfriend's movements, watching as she took the ice into her mouth, sucking gently before sliding it back out.

It was nothing short of torturous.

Quinn knew she was well within her girlfriendly rights to return the favor, but she chose to let Santana finish eating, her gaze not leaving those lips. And after the countless hours Santana had spent doing the same thing to her, it was a nice change to not be on the receiving end of those eyes; the ones that never failed to have her losing her train of thought, and have heat spread all over her skin. Or the same ones that had the rest of the world fading out.

That familiar tightness only heighted as Quinn continued to watch Santana's lips pucker perfectly around the icy tip. Santana seemed to just be taking her time, her eyes shifting to Quinn every few moments with that hint of a smile. Quinn did her best to return it, her thoughts moving to the rest of their afternoon, trying to concentrate on the day ahead, or what was left of it anyway. But as she did, her mind began to wander to those lips again, imagining them doing other more tempting things with the rest of their time. Things that made her whole body ache at the mere thought, and had her closing her eyes against the sudden rush. Quinn tried her best to adjust her train of thought, think of anything else before she decided to just interrupt Santana's eating.

It doesn't help when your girlfriend has lips like that though.

Heat rose up Quinn's neck despite the cool drift that now hung over their apartment, the girl attempting to divert her gaze from Santana's teasing movements. She leant her chin on her open palm and turned her head away. But it didn't stop the thoughts that were already plaguing her mind, some of them much more impossible than others. Quinn mentally scolded herself for even thinking of Santana doing that to her, no matter how badly she wanted her to.

I was definitely a boy in a past life.

The ache between Quinn's legs intensified with her stray thoughts, it pulsing dully in a place where that something would never be. With a quick shake of her head, Quinn chanced a glance back at Santana, and tried to suppress her groan. The brunette had taken the rest her popsicle slowly into her mouth, sucking lightly before letting her teeth graze along the wooden stick, removing any remaining ice. Santana licked teasingly at her flushed lips, Quinn letting a strangled whimper escape at the sight.

"What was that?" Santana chuckled, quirking an eyebrow. The darker girl was looking curiously at her, those eyes holding a hint of amusement.



"Q?" Santana lingered, her gaze narrowing playfully.

Quinn's skin prickled uncomfortably, coughing nervously to try and cover herself. "It's stupid," she dismissed. "Just drop it, okay?"

Please, please, please just drop it.

I so don't want to tell you what I was just thinking.

That familiar tightness faded as nerves shot through her stomach. Quinn turned on her heel and wander over to the kitchen island in the middle of the open space, throwing her stick in the stainless steel bin. She could feel those eyes on her; sending heat over her already flushed skin.

"I'm not dropping anything," Santana smirked, taking a step closer to Quinn. "What was that back there?"

This is so not happening right now.

"I just swallowed a bit of ice the wrong way," Quinn blanched. "No big deal."

She turned to face Santana with a half-smile, walking backwards a few steps toward their living room. Santana had her gaze fixed on her, her brow hitting her hairline at Quinn's words. "Babe, you'd already finished." Santana giggled. "You've been staring at me for the past five minutes."

"Whatever," she mumbled, spinning around and heading for the short hallway that led to the master bedroom. Her slight embarrassment at her wayward thoughts was causing her cheeks to flush crimson, Quinn letting out a nervous breath around the lump rising in her throat. And it wasn't that something like this would come as a complete shock to Santana, but it still didn't stop her hesitancy at telling her, knowing what her reaction would be and how the girl would lord this particular piece of information over her.

She would never let me live it down.

Quinn didn't get too far when she felt strong arms wrap lovingly around her waist, pulling her up short. She sighed into the embrace, Santana leaning her chin on her shoulder, as that soft skin pressed gently against her cheek. "Please?" she edged, her nose nudging the underside of Quinn's jaw. "I promise I won't laugh."

"You, not laugh?" Quinn repeated, incredulous, knowing those were two things that would never be synonymous with each other. "Yeah, I don't think so."

"Is it bad?" Santana whispered teasingly, Quinn pulling out of the embrace and stalking off. "Dirty?"

"It's nothing," Quinn huffed, turning around as she neared their bedroom door.

"I'll be the judge of that."

"You're going to be judging nothing," Quinn stated, her tone tiring at Santana's persistence. "Because that's all it is."

I am not tell you that I wish you could give me a-


Quinn's heart picked up at her current train of thought, backing away into their bedroom, her bare feet hitting soft carpet. Santana was meeting her step for step, stopping when she reached the doorway, "You might as well tell me now, Q," Santana shrugged, leaning against the wooden frame. "Because the only way this conversation is ending without words is with you on your back and me on top."

Santana wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at her, Quinn letting another whimper slip past her lips. She opened her mouth to rebuff her, to say anything to get her out of this situation, but her words got stuck halfway. Santana cocked her head to the side as that smirk pulled at the corner of her mouth.

Quinn promptly swallowed her non-existent words and let out an aggravated, humorless laugh, before turning her back and wandering further into their bedroom. But she hadn't even reached the foot of their bed when she felt hands grab her waist, lifting her easily onto the soft mattress. Santana quickly crawled up her body, circling her wrists and pinning her to the comforter.

"What are you doing, San?" Quinn choked, shock coloring her cheeks. "Let me up."

She attempted to shake off Santana's grip, but the girl on top of her wouldn't budge, "Not until you tell me." She had an easy smile on her lips as Quinn bucked up into her, trying vainly to loosen her hold. "Q, we both know I'm stronger than you."

At that blatant home truth, Quinn sunk to the mattress in defeat. As much as she hated it, Santana was right. "It's embarrassing, okay?" Quinn huffed, her eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. "Can we just forget it?"

She looked back at Santana, the brunette's head turned to the side, appraising her quietly. And for just a moment Quinn thought that Santana was going to finally heed her words, until that telling glint hit her eyes. Quinn knew that look, it was the same one she always got before Santana did or said something that would have Quinn's skin and body aching. It made her swallow hard, heat shooting straight through her stomach. After a silent moment, those eyes lit up, Quinn whining as the grip on her wrists tightened.

"Please, babe?" Santana whispered, leaning down to press her lips to Quinn's neck.

Quinn shivered at the touch, that tongue drawing a line up to her ear. It was maddening; Santana rocking her hips forward. Lips latched onto her pulse point, it hammering heavily under Santana's mouth. Quinn's head turned unconsciously to the side, giving her girlfriend better access. With every swipe of that tongue and brush of those lips, the throbbing between her legs became worse and worse, until it was almost unbearable. Santana continued to move her hips achingly slow, Quinn's hands itching to find purchase on anything that would relieve the pain running over her skin.

This is beyond cruel.

Santana pulled back, only to run her tongue lightly over Quinn's parted lips, "Maybe I could help." Her words were breathed against sensitive skin, as that tongue dipped inside her mouth teasingly. "I thought we said we'd always be honest with each other."


That did it.

Quinn sighed heavily, before pushing hard against Santana, their lips crashing together. Santana yelped, pulling back from the sudden force of the kiss to be meant with Quinn's now fiery eyes, "You were sucking on a fruit bar, what do you think?"

The grip on Quinn's wrists loosened as Santana sat back, a shocked laugh slipping from her lips. Using her elbows, Quinn propped herself up, staring Santana down as those eyes didn't leave hers. "Oh. My. God," Santana managed, it finally clicking. "You serious?"

"Thought you said you wouldn't laugh."

"When I thought it was a food kink," Santana blurted. "Not this."

"It's a dominance thing, okay?" Quinn tried to explain with a sigh, Santana still straddling her and laughing quietly to herself. "We've had strap-on sex before, how is this any different?" she pointed out. "Now will you let me up, please?"

Quinn attempted to move off the bed, trying to displace the girl's weight. But Santana stayed unmoving, those eyes darkening and her laughter cutting short. Even though her hands were free, the girl still had Quinn's legs locked securely to the mattress. "Santana?"

Quinn's heart began to hammer at that look, slight nerves churning her stomach as that tightening returned in full force. Hands skirted underneath her loose singlet, Santana's gaze not leaving Quinn's now apprehensive hazel eyes. They brushed across her lower abdomen, setting her skin alight and aching for something more. Without stopping her absent wandering, Santana leant back down, pressing her lips to Quinn's neck. She nipped at the sensitive skin, placing open mouthed kisses and light grazes down to her collarbone. Quinn sighed at her teasing, her elbows still keeping her propped up off the queen size bed.

"What are you-"

Quinn's words were cut short when she felt Santana's lips leave her neck and the girl lace a hand around her wrist, before taking one of her fingers into her mouth just past the first knuckle. The brunette's dark eyes didn't leave hers as she sucked lightly on her fingertip. It was so warm, making Quinn choke on her breath as her head fell back at the maddening sensation.

She let her other arm drop as her back hit the comforter, her free hand finding Santana's hips. Quinn arched up into her, Santana grinding down in sync, dipping her head further and taking more of her finger into her mouth. Santana's own fingers encircled the blonde's wrist and brushed down her arm teasingly. That tongue massaged and flicked rhythmically, as short nails dug into the soft skin of Santana's thighs.

"Holy shit, San," Quinn ground out, Santana keeping her movements achingly slow. The constant throbbing between her legs wasn't becoming any easier, Quinn squeezing her eyes shut and picturing that mouth somewhere much lower.

But as soon as her eyes closed, the amazing warmth left her finger, and those hands dropped from her wrist. Quinn snapped her gaze back to find a smirking Santana, licking absently at her flushed lips. "You can get up now."

Santana swung her legs off of Quinn's hips once the blasé words left her mouth. Quinn watched in stunned silence as the girl began to saunter away, her eyes not believing what just happened. "Are you seriously going to do that, and then just walk away?" Quinn choked, Santana merely giggling in response with her back still to her. "You suck," Quinn whined through an aggravated sigh.

"You wish, baby," Santana purred, spinning on her heel to throw her playful wink, before turning into the bathroom down the hall. Quinn groaned at Santana's taunting words, rolling over to bury her face into the nearest pillow.

That did not just happen.