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The town where this story begins, were full of people. It was a small town. But because of their mayor, who's one of the richest persons in Fiore, was most known to love his town. So he held events like festivals from time to time, attracting visitors and making the town famous. Now, in one of the busy streets. Was a scarlet haired young girl walking. She had an armor of steel and a short blue skirt, making people around shot glances at her. However, this girl ignored them, as she was used to it. With her hair braided, she ignored the business men who tried their best to sell better then their rivals. The girl walked out of town and followed the small road to the woods. A couple of workers walked by her, but paid no attention to her her unusual outfit.

After some minutes, she arrived at a big house in front of the entrance to the woods. With no hesitation, she walked up the stairs and opened the door. The girl was welcomed by a strange scent, who escaped from the house in a hurry the moment she opened it. The scarlet haired girl walked in to a small hall. Who was quite empty except a hanger at a wall. At the hanger, one jacket and a hat made it's place.

"You could have at least knocked little fairy"

The girl, half surprised by the sudden voice, reacted fast and placed herself in a fighting position. As there were no one in the room, and thanks to her senses, she detected that the voice came from another room and calmed down. She slowly walked to one of the rooms and came into a little green room There were a couple of chairs around the room, with a big brown table in the middle. Next to that table, stood a 50 year old man who sternly looked at the newcomer. His brown, straight hair was partly covered by a blue hat. A big beard was growing proudly at his chin and his blue eyes were full of wisdom. He also had a blue shirt and a red overall with some dirt here and there.

But the scarlet haired woman didn't budge under his stern stare, as she has gotten worse glares in her life.

The man sat down on a chair and made a welcoming gesture at the direction on one of the other chairs. She slowly walked through the room and sat down in a hurry at the mentioned chair.

"How did you now that I had come?" The scarlet haired girl asked the man politely, but still returning his stare.

"I saw you coming and guessed that you were the wizard from fairy tail" He answered and pointed at the window.

"I see, but can you now please give me information about the job?" She asked even more politely.

The man looked at her, and suddenly burst out laughing.

"Don't be such a kill yoy kiddo!"

The wizard shifted uncomfortably in her seat, surprised by the man's sudden outburst.

"I like you" He said, when his laughter had died down.

The girl looked with distrust at the bearded man before her.

"Why did you look so sternly at me then?" The girl asked without wavering her stare.

"I just wanted to test you" He chuckled.

"Whatever, now tell me the details"

"Come on! Don't be so gloomy and let go!" He said and leaned forward so he could hit her shoulder over and over again.

However, the girl didn't budge, as she had something more important to think about. At the bakery in Magnolia, a strawberry cake with rare ingredients were to be sold today. Even though she's a regular costumer, the owner gave it to the highest bidder even if she liked them or not. What worsened the situation, was that she paid her rent the day before, and lost a bet with Mirajane at the same time. It resulted in this situation, as she took a short job to exterminate a monster in a forest. But the man only pissed her off, but if she attacked him to let out her stress, her pay might sink. So she just had to wait for the monster.

The man leaned back to his chair and managed to show a composed face to the child.

"My name is Erza Scarlet from fairy tail, can you please tell me the details for the job" She repeated to the man.

"Sorry, it was a long time since I saw a young wizard with an attitude like you" He chuckled.

The female wizard was quiet, observing him. The man noticed this, and understood that it's time to becomes serious. He lit a cigarette and put it into his mouth.

"Our company is our town delivers of wood. We go out in the big forest, and cut wood. But lately, a monster has haunted the woods, scaring the workers and have even wounded a few" The man said and breathed out.

"Any information about this monster?"

"No. It always appears behind them, so they haven't gotten a good look at it. Or they are too scared and only runs. But it's big, about 3-4 meters tall" The man said, breathing out again.

"I would've preferred more information than this but I can go with this" The scarlet haired girl said and stood up. "I'm in a hurry"

"Okay, okay. You should let go sometimes. You're too serious" The man said and laughed.

The girl just ignored him and walked to the exit. But before she walked out, the man shouted after her.

"Good luck. And don't get yourself killed!"

The girl turned around and looked at the man across the room.

"I'll be fine" She said with a faint confident smile on her face. "Don't underestimate me"

And now, there she was in the big forest looking for a monster. She had walked for half an hour and she still haven't managed to find any clue to the monster. Sometimes she had gotten false alarms, and just met rabbits and squirrels.

"How hard is it to find one big monster?" She thought.

And like a present from god, she heard someone shouting.

She rapidly started running to the direction of the voice, crushing branches on the way. Finally she jumped over a bush and looked at the scene before her. The monster stood far from her current position, and was about 3 meters tall. It had a brown musuclar body with big feet and hands who was big enough to grab a normal human's head. Small ears and no hair decorated it's big bald head except for one little straw. It had two big teeth who reached out from his mouth, almost giving it a ridiculous face if it weren't for his one black eye who glared at the boy laying in front of him.

Erza acted fast and summoned a sword and rushed at the monster. She jumped up and swung her sword at the beast's chest. The monster cried out in pain and backed one step. Erza summoned another sword and continuously attacked her enemy. Not given any time to fight back, it was soon on it's knees glaring at the girl. To hit it one last time, Erza raised her sword and stabbed him in the middle of it's stomach. She hadn't noticed it before, but it was some sort of blue gem there, growing with a shade of bright blue. Upon contact, the monster started to dissolve into dust and get carried away by the wind, after letting out one final scream.

"Weird" Erza thought, but discarded it and instead turned to the boy. The little boy seemed to be about 8-11 years old and had spiky pink hair who spread out in all directions. He had louse white pants and a scarf decorated with white scales. His black onyx eyes were full of confusion and surprise, staring at the powerful girl before him.

"Who are you and why are you here in this forest?" Erza strictly asked the boy. "Didn't you know that it's dangerous with a monster running around?"

The boy let out some strange sound, like he didn't know what to say, but had a very confused and worried look on his face. Erza raised an eyebrow but reached out her hand to him to help him up. He looked questioning at the hand before him, and didn't seem to understand.

"Take my hand and stand up" Erza said, surprised of the little common knowledge this boy possessed.

He took her hand with uncertainty, and Erza dragged him up. But the moment he was on his feet, he fell to the ground.

"Are you okay?" Erza asked, worried over the boy's behavior.

The boy fought with the words, like he didn't know how to say it.

"Who..." The boy began "am I?"

Erza froze at the words he uttered. He had amnesia? And somehow he forgot how to walk and talk at the same time? But he seemed to be able to learn it again rapidly. Poor boy. Wonder where his parents are? The wizard weighted her alternatives fast, and came to the conclusion to take him back to the town.

"I'm Erza. Come with me, I'll help you"

The boy looked uncertain at first, but then his face split into a wide grin.

The boy learned fast how to walk and talk, and could uphold a conversation with her. But he didn't remember anything, and was confused and scared all the time. Unfortunately, the happy go lucky bearded man couldn't help her, blaming that he was busy and that he had never seen that boy before in his life. She got her money from him at least, but he strawberry cake was waiting. So she took the boy to the mayor, but he said that a boy like that didn't live in the town. So how did she end up on a train with him on the way to Magnolia. Right now he was puking beside her, making her wrench her nose in disgust. How can someone get motion sickness so easily? She should have left him with the mayor. But when she told him about fairy tail, he wanted to go there. The scarlet haired wizard couldn't refuse. She could understand the pain he felt. She had a painful past too, that still haunted her to this day, and forever will. And there was many children without parents and sad pasts in their guild, and she was sure that they will do everything they can to help the boy. She glanced at the mess beside her, and the begging eyes of the boy. She felt pity for him, but there was nothing she could do. Her strawberry cake was waiting, and she didn't like making others wait.

About 30 minutes later, they were walking through the streets of Magnolia. She wanted to go to the cake shop first, but her gut was telling her to take him to fairy tail. He might do something wrong in the shop, and her strawberry cake would be at risk then. The boy didn't at least cling to her, and was quite brave including the confusion he felt.

Finally, they arrived at the guild and Erza was happy too see it. She pushed the doors and walked in without hesitation. In the guild, people were drinking, chatting and laughing just as any other day.

Erza took the boys hand and dragged him through the guild to their master. The old man sat at the bar and had a conversation with Macao. The were drinking and talking about girls sexual appeal, not knowing of the strawberry cake loving girl's presence.

"Master and Macao. Stop talking about such disgusting things" Erza said strictly and glared at the old men.

"Ah, Erza. You're back. How did the mission go?" Makarov said, ignoring her previous comment.

"Good, but I found this boy without memories" Erza said. "He wants to join fairy tail"

"Really? That's bad. Can you tell me how you found him?"

Macao, who heard their conversation, shouted out that someone were going to join the guild. It directed the whole guild's attention, as it was rare that someone joined the guild. The wizards came closer, curious about the one who wants to join their rowdy guild. Erza however ignored the attention they were given, and told them the story how he found him.

"That's weird. I have never heard of a monster like that" Makarov said after some thought.

A lot of murmurs were heard among the wizards, but was ignored by the main characters.

"But I can feel a strong flow of magic inside of him, and I welcome children in to the family with open arms" He continued and smiled. "So tonight, let's have a welcome party for him!"

The wizards shouted happily and some of them even started dancing until Erza shouted.

"Quiet! We should give him a name first"

The shouts died down and the wizards exchanged glances with each other. A name?

"Well, he has pink hair..." Macao began.

"He's brave..." Erza continued.

"He doesn't have any mem..." Makarov said, but was interrupted by the boy.

"Call me Natsu"

The wizards turned their attention to the pink haired boy, who had been quiet all the time.

"It popped up in my head so..." He began, but Makarov interrupted him.

"It's a nice name and it fits. It will be your name from now on" Makarov smiled.

Natsu looked speechless for a second, but then smiled back at him.

"But now, party!" Macao shouted and the wizards jumped and cheered.

The party started in a blast and Erza took Natsu to her friends. To party with the older men wasn't in her tastes, and she didn't want it to be in Natsu's tastes either.

Her friends consisted of Gray Fullbuster, Cana Alberona, Kagura Mikazuchi and Lisanna, Elfman and Mirajane Strauss that she managed to make under the year she had been with fairy tail. Well, Mirajane's her rival, but deep down they were friends, not that they said it out loud.

Gray had raven black hair, dark eyes and blue boxers. Cana pointed out immediately that he didn't have any clothes, making him run off in search. Cana had brown hair, brown eyes and a orange dress. She greeted Natsu politely, offering to predict his future for him, and Natsu happily thanked her.

Kagura had a pink shirt and white skirt, black long hair and brown eyes. When Erza presented her, her eyes full with distrust never left the scarlet haired. However, Erza ignored it, like she was used to it. Kagura knew she was hiding something from her, even from the first time they met. The first time they met was about a year ago when she was traveling to find her lost brother Simon. She met her before she joined fairy tail, when she had a dirty dress with holes and an injured eye. Her eyes had widened and she had started shaking the moment she told her about her brother. From that day on, Kagura was sure that she knew something about her brother, that's why she had joined fairy tail with her. The scarlet haired always said that she knew nothing about him, but the guilt and sadness in her eyes betrayed her. And she had always looked out for her, raising her suspicions. That lead to their current relationship, with a one sided friendship from Erza's side.

Then, Natsu was introduced to the Strauss siblings who all had white hair. Mirajane was dressed in a punk gothic style and had a rowdy personality. Her and Erza started to fight the moment they saw each others, and Natsu couldn't talk to her a while after that. The other Strauss siblings were much nicer. Lisanna had blue eyes and a pink dress while Elfman had a blue suit and a red bow. He got along with them all fine, though Kagura wasn't so social and Mirajane and Erza was too caught up in fighting.

The party went on to night, and Natsu was happy and all. He was a bit scared and confused without his memories, but he trusted Erza and the others in the guild, and felt safe there. When he heard about the guild from Erza, he wanted to go there. He doesn't regret it, but it felt like he should search for something or someone. It bugged him, but he can't actually know without his memories. The first thing he remember is that he saw that monster in front of him, then Erza came running.

So how did he lose his memories?

Somewhere, in an unknown location.

In a dark room who was only lit up by one candle, stood two people.

"How did the prototype work?" One of them asked in a dark creepy voice.

"The spell worked but too good and had some side-effects that have to be fixed. It also was weak and was defeated too easily, and by a young fairy tail wizard" The other man answered with calm.

"Ha! Those fairies can't interfere with us. It's only the master who knows something. And that information isn't enough" The man chuckled in a way who could send shiver down anyone's spine.

"We shouldn't underestimate them. And now the dragon slayer joined fairy tail" The other man said, unfazed by his companion.

"It's fine. First of all he need to fix the lopcys and make it stronger. I need to fix that spell too, maybe I will contact him again. And of course, we need "that" to full fill our plan"

The other man then smiled so his big white teeth shone in the darkness.

"I found it"

The man with the dark voice looked at him in surprise, who hadn't known of his partner's found.

"Where? I thought we had to make it ourselves"

The man snickered proudly.

"Jasmina found it. It's in another place, faraway from here. I will be gone for a couple of years"

"Jasmina? You named it?!" The man said surprised.

"Yes? What about it? And it's a she...I think"

"...Forget it. Go you, we'll be fine"

The man did a fast bow and started to walk away. But before he leaved, he turned around one last time.

"Find the other dragon slayers till then"

The man's face split into a grin.

"I will"

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