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Year x779, the guild was the same as ever. Almost... The difference was that they had grown in power the last two years, with their aspiring young wizards. That had changed many people's opinion of fairy tail, and both respect and fear had made their home in their minds.

"I'm telling you, it's not good for him!"

But fairy tail has gotten more enemies than friends because of their "rowdy" nature...

"Shut up mommy!"

But now let's return to the guild, where the majority of the wizards watch a battle between two of their guildmates.

"Stop it you fools!" The master shouted out over the guild. Not wasting a moment to punish his children he stretched out his arms and hit them on their heads. "The guild isn't a place for fighting! It's a place for forming bonds!"

Erza brushed the place her maser hit while Mirajane folded her arms and tried to appear unaffected by her master rage. "You usually don't stop us, what changed your mind?"

Makarov turned his arm back to normal and jumped down from his bar desk and made his way through the crowd. He stopped between Mirajane and Erza and coughed.

"Because of your fighting..." He begun and shot a look at Natsu, Gray, Kagura and Elfman. "And you too..." Makarov continued while the company snorted. "Because of you all fighting all the time the others in the guild have started too! If this doesn't stop then this guild will turn into a fight club!" Makarov angrily shouted.

The members who had started fighting looked to the ground in shame, while Natsu and Co excluding Erza proudly smiled at their success.

"Master is right! You all have to stop fighting!" Erza shouted to her guild members.

"You're part of the problem too!" Macao shouted, with his finger accusing her.

"Yeah! Don't act so cocky brat!" Wakaba shouted following his drinking friend's example.

The wizards sweat dropped. "She can beat you two easily can't she..."

"Everyone's at fault" Makarov argued.

"Hey! I joined the guild yesterday!"

"I've never partaken in a fight!"

"I hate violence!"

"Then why haven't you stopped them from fighting!?"

"Because shut up!"

"Don't accuse me!"

In the end, the fight turned into a brawl to Natsu and Co's happiness, and that was the first brawl that included all the members in fairy tail's history. Except for two members who didn't join, but that wasn't included in the history books. The two wizards who didn't join the brawl sneaked outside before it started, alarmed by the tension. It were two girls, one white haired and one blond.

"Jeez, I hope this doesn't happen everyday in the future" Lisanna said while sweat dropping at the commotion.

"Somehow I have a feeling it will" The other girl said sweat dropping with her.

Lisanna laughed. "Really Lucy?"

"Mira, for the last time! You aren't allowed to take him with you!" Erza punched Mira.

"Hah! Who gives you the right to decide that!" Mirajane kicked Erza.

"Are they still fighting?" Gray sweat dropped. "The brawl ended a while ago" He continued scanning the guild, or rather what was left of it.

"God what they are childish" Kagura face palmed, standing next to Natsu, eager to join the fight.

The master sat on one of his fallen comrades watching the scenery. Broken furniture, spilled drinks, wizards out for the count. And because of Erza and Mira's bloody battle, they had to say goodbye to some of the walls too. A tear ran down his cheek. After the shock and tears had made their mark, he walked to the problem children with a new found determination. He stopped before Erza and Mirajane, who was still caught up in their battle.

"Uhum" Makarov coughed.

No answer...

"Uhumhum" Makarov coughed again.

No answer...

"STOP IT YOU FOOLS" He shouted red in his face.

Erza and Mirajane stopped in their current positions, which was in the process of punching each other, and looked at their master.

"Oh, have long have you been there?" They said at the same time.

That was the last straw.

After a bit of fighting and talking, Makarov fully understood what was going on. Mirajane wanted to take Gray, Natsu, Kagura, Elfman and maybe even Lucy and Lisanna on a mission. However, Erza was prohibited from going (decided by Mirajane) and also feared how the mission would end. Makarov would be lying if he said he didn't share Erza's concern. Sending Mirajane and Natsu on a mission alone wasn't the best idea the guild had realized the past years. The missions ended in success except for some few times, when something that wasn't supposed to interfere interfered or something alike. Though most of the times, or rather all the times, Natsu and sometimes Mirajane ended up hurt. Sure, people usually got hurt on missions, but half of the times Natsu was on a mission with Mirajane, they had to call Porlysucia. The healer wasn't happy with it, and she hadn't attempted to hide it. However Mira and Natsu didn't seem to be so scared of her, which he really hoped they would be. He was at the end of the healer's wrath when Mira and Natsu refused to take her "advice", and it was one of the many things Makarov wanted to avoid. But he knew that Mira wouldn't budge, if he forbid them she would probably do it anyway, and protest and even start another fight, which the guild couldn't afford right now. Oh...They also destroy a lot of property on their missions too...The thought filled his eyes with tears, which he brushed off immediately. Why do kids have so much problems admitting defeat these days?

"Mira, go on the mission. And take Lucy and Lisanna with you too. It's a hard one after all" Makarov said with hope.

"Hah!" Mirajane said and started taunting Erza, happy with her defeat.

"What! But me then!" Erza protested, ignoring Mirajane's taunting.

"I need you to do something else. So now, get going before I kick you out" Erza and Mirajane had started glaring at each other, and he didn't want another fight to break out.

Mirajane gave Erza one last glare before she dragged the others with her to find Lisanna and Lucy. Makarov breathed out in relief. Now they had time to rebuild the furniture before it got destroyed again...

"Was that really a wise decision master?" Erza asked not attempting to hide her dislike.

Makarov sighed. "You know how Mira is, it's better if she has some sane persons with her"

Erza looks at the direction her friends left. "I guess you're right, hopefully Kagura will question her decisions. She will at least be able to stop her if anything crazy happens..."

Makarov looked at Erza's proud figure as she watched Mira sticking out her tongue at her before disappearing out of sight. Her eyes were filled with trust, irritation and a hint of amusement. Makarov chuckled. The girl redirected her attention to her master with a slightly confused face.

"It's nothing." Makarov answered and gave her a skeptisk look. "But you really trust Kagura don't you?" That was more of a statement than a question.

Erza turned her head away with a faint blush on her cheeks murmuring something about a promise. Makarov frowned. He knew bits and pieces of Kagura's and Erza's history, but only from Kagura's side. Hopefully they will come to an agreement one day.

"Don't forget the others. I'm sure the mission will turn out good, with less injuries and destruction than normal." Erza said trying to cover up her blush.

Makarov faintly smiled. "Yeah, hopefully..."

Mirajane was happy. VERY happy. She hadn't been that happy since Erza had failed a mission. She wasn't as happy as that time though, but it's close. Winning over Erza in an argument is a first. Sure, her master helped her, but it still counts. It does.

"What kind of mission is it?" Gray asked her. Mirajane got a bit annoyed at Gray's interruption of her self praising, but answered anyway. It has never been rare for her to be annoyed.

"You'll know soon" She smiled evilly.

Gray laughed weakly. "I don't think I like the sound of that..." He sweat dropped.

"Deal with it" She snickered. It's always so fun to tease them. Maybe the mission is a bit hard, but it mostly included beating the shit out of thieves or something. Which was something she knew they liked. Well, exclude Lisanna and Lucy, but the others did like it. Even Erza, but she would NEVER bring her on a mission. Besides, she would just spoil the fun with her do this do that personality. Mirajane's thoughts were suddenly interrupted again, but this time by Natsu. Her irritation raised but lowered when she realized his intention. He had spotted the girls sitting on a bench talking to each others. Mirajane smiled, time to roll.

"Hi girls! Skipped the party?" Mirajane mocked them, or rather Lucy.

Both girls sweat dropped. "We have no intention of getting hurt in a silly brawl" Lucy answered. They knew she joked. Mirajane wouldn't mock them and especially not Lisanna.

"No man runs away from a brawl!" Elfman shouted.

He got the prideful useful response.

They sat down on the ground and talked about the brawl and the master's decision. Their bonds had grown greatly in these two years, and they had gotten to know each other a lot with exceptions of their pasts. Natsu doesn't have anything to say in the first place, as they literally see him grow and develop a personality, which he smiles sadly at. Erza barely never talks about her past, even less than Kagura. She has only mentioned her parents once, which the others understood were deceased. Kagura has only mumbled something about a long lost older brother, and the only ones who know more about that is Erza, Natsu and their master. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Erza and Kagura have some unfinished business, but no one had dared to say it out loud. Gray was more open, telling them where he grew up, his family etc. But they all knew that he left out a part of it. And the Strauss siblings were just as open as Gray. Lucy only told them that she had problems with her family, and no one pressed her for the details. They all accepted each others secrecy, even Natsu.

"Then it's decided. We meet up tomorrow at eleven by the train station" Mirajane announced. "Sorry Natsu, you just have to deal with it" She added at the sight of Natsu's paled face.

They all knew how little Natsu appreciated his motion sickness, especially the fact that he didn't know where he got it from.

"The mission?" Lucy raised an eyebrow.

"Secret" Mirajane smiled evilly at her. Lucy shuddered. It's so fun to tease them.

"I gotta go" Natsu stood up. "Happy's sick, I gotta get back to him"

"He is?!" Lisanna spluttered out. "Why didn't you say anything!"

"Forgot" Natsu said with a bit of guilt.

Lisanna sighed. "We take care of him together you know"

"Of course" Natsu smiled. "Drop by later when you're done packing 'kay?"

Lisanna nodded. "Of course"

Natsu didn't wait another moment and hurried home.

Lisanna looked down to Kagura and Mirajane's grouchy faces, if Kagura's face could look grouchy that is. (Her face never did show much emotion in the first place) Whatever emotion that could be seen in their faces disappeared a moment later and Gray spoke up.

"I guess that's my cue to leave, see you tomorrow" He left followed by Kagura a moment later.

The only ones left were Lucy and the Strauss siblings. "Should we go home? I want to visit Happy as soon as possible" Lisanna said, earning nods from the people around her.

"Go home you" Mirajane said to her siblings. At their confused responses she added. "I'll catch up later" She turned to Lucy. "I need to speak to you. In private"

Lucy nodded fast in response.

Natsu ran for his life. In the haste of the brawls and the mission, he had completely forgotten about Happy's feverish state. The thought had struck him when Elfman started to talk about manly cats, which was completely unrelated to the topic and ignored by everyone except for Lisanna's kindness and Lucy's straight man act. He felt guilty. He promised to return to him a few times during the day, and the cat was definitively angry now. He should repay him with a fish or two later.

Natsu breathed out in relief when he arrived at his house. Natsu had fought against Erza, Gildarts and the master to get his own house. The whole guild were a bit unsure at his decision, and some talked to him if he really wanted that and so on, but didn't actually put up a fight and accepted his decision fast. Kagura just questioned his decision once, and seems to be happy with his decision. Makarov were mostly threatened by Erza to do something, and partially Gildarts. But Erza and Gildarts were fully against his decision. They thought he couldn't handle living by himself but in the end he finally got through to them if he lived in a house he/they built, so he didn't have to worry about rent. But after that he had to get through to them that he wanted to build it by himself without any help, and that he didn't want Erza as a maid. He appreciated their concern, it made him happy to know he was surrounded by people who cared for him and vice versa. But he wanted to live by himself. Memory or not, he couldn't always rely on others all the time. Well, the final product wasn't what he had in mind, but it was enough for him and Happy, who he found one year ago.

He opened the door to his cabin, and was met by a surprising sight. Happy, laying in his bed, got fed by a cloaked boy, who sat on a chair next to the bed. The boy's name was Mystogan, and Natsu didn't know much about him. He had joined the guild like...two to one months after him, and was almost never there. He had seen him a few times and tried to talk to him, but his only answer was silence. He was the most mysterious person in fairy tail, surprising by the fact that the majority in the guild was mysterious or weird in one way or another. So this was a sight to behold, and Natsu made sure to hammer it down in his memory. Happy slet blicken from his fish and utbrast when he saw his friend.

"You forgot me Natsu!"

Natsu walked to the bed and brushed the back of his head apologetically.

"Sorry. There was a brawl, a mission and other things so I kinda forgot. I'll make it up to you"

Happy snorted. "You better"

Natsu moved his eyes to his visitor, who sat and stared at him expressionless. He always had a mask on, so the deduction was based on his eyes and body language.

"Sorry for intruding. I came from the forest and couldn't help but notice the house so I-"

"It's fine" Natsu cut him off. "Thanks for taking care of Happy" He smiled.

Even if it was hidden by his mask, he could see that he smiled back.

"I'm going on a mission tomorrow Happy" Natsu turned to Happy, happily munching on his fish.

"What!" Happy stopped eating. "With who?"
"Mira, Kagura, Elfman, Lisanna, Gray and Lucy. Jii-chan's order. You gotta skip this one Happy"

Happy stared at his fish in sadness. "But I wanna come!"

"You can't. You're sick. And I don't want to be killed by Erza and the others" Natsu sat down on the bed.

Happy sighed then said "Oh right. No Erza on the mission?" Natsu nodded. "So Mira got her will through for once without any dirty tricks?" Happy raised an eyebrow.

"Jii-chan's will" Natsu shrugged. It sure is surprising... "Oh right!" Natsu brast ut. He turned to Mystogan, who was surprised by his sudden outburst.

"I'm probably going to be gone for a few days, so Mystogan, can you take care of Happy for me?"

Mystogan pointed at himself in surprise. "Me?" Natsu nodded. "B..ut we barely know each other!"

"You're a fairy tail wizard! We're comrades" Natsu laughed. Mystogan looked stunned at him for a few seconds before breaking out in a smile. Comrades huh...

"Oh, Lisanna's coming soon. I guess you would like to be gone before then?" Natsu said, knowing of his friend's priorites.

Mystogan nodded and stood up. He walked to the door and stopped before opening. He looked at his new friends and smiled. "See you"

Later, a knock was heard and Natsu turned around smiling. "Come in!"

The door opened and showed a white haired girl. "Hi Natsu. Happy"

The next day, the wizards gathered at the train station. Makarov was there to say goodbye.

"Good luck on your mission, and try not to destroy anything or get hurt please?" Makarov almost pleaded. The bills didn't sit well with their funds.

Gray laughed. "Direct that to Mira and Natsu please"

"Aren't you almost as destructive as Natsu? And your clothes please" Lucy said, sweat dropping.

"Where's Erza? Aren't she here to see us off?" Natsu asked, not noticing Mira's hissing.

"She's busy with her mission" Makarov said, thinking back on her reaction.

"What! Helping an old man in the woods!" Erza shouted.

Makarov looked up from his paperwork (he has a lot of paperwork) and looked at the proud girl standing in the office. She was only fourteen, and already an A-class. But she lacked something significant before she could become S-class.

"Not only" The master answered. "You're going to help Porlysucia too"

The girl snorted. "Such a simple mission can someone else take care of!"

"That's not the only thing in the mission, that's just the first part. Now do it, and come back after it"

The girl sighed and walked to the door. Before she walked out she said. "Don't overwork yourself"

Makarov watched the door close.

"Master! Master"

Makarov snapped out of his thoughts and noticed that the train was leaving. The young wizards excluding Natsu (poor boy) waved at him and he waved back.

"Hopefully Erza won't realize the fake mission under the time they're gone" Makarov thought, sure that she would race after them if the truth came out.

Then, he watched silently as the train departed.

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