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XA/N: Where we last left off, Lizzie couldn't believe what she was seeing (I think...)

The weird figure unveiled itself to be...


Lizzie was staring right into her own face. Right in front of her stood a clone (or what she thought) of herself. Chris couldn't believe it either.

"What the hell are you?" Lizzie asked, rather irritated.

"The real Lizzie." It said.

Now everyone was confused. Who was the real Lizzie?

"OK, I know how to solve this very simply." JB said matter-of-factly. "I will ask the Lizzies a question that only the true Lizzie would know." Everyone nodded in agreement to this.

"Now, who was Shawn Michaels' daughter in Sweet Chin Music?" JB asked. The accused clone's eyes lit up immediately while the "real" Lizzie was still thinking.

"OK, Lizzie. What was her name?" JB said to the "real" one.

"Amy!" She yelled triumphantly. The "clone" laughed.

"Shows what you know. Her name was Amelia Melody Michaels." She said. JB clapped her hands.

"Right on!" (I know that this is gay, but, I'm trying to get back to the story!)

The accused clone then proceeded to beat the hell out of the other Lizzie. After that, she released the holding spell she had on everyone. She walked over to Chris while the others were talking.

"Hey, aren't heroes supposed to always get the girl?" Lizzie joked. Chris smiled.

"I think that you are right in that assumption." He said, then enveloped her mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. (AWWWWWWWWW)


"Hey, wassup wit dat?" Rockie said, obviously wanting the Rock to do likewise.

"Rockie, would you like some...(funky hip toss thingy).strudel?" Rockie smiled.

"Oh hell yeah!!"


Shawn walked over to JB.

"So, I guess this is good bye for now, huh?" He asked sadly.

"It only has to be good bye if you want it to be." JB said, bringing him in for a nice, long kiss.

Every girl who has her man, got a very awesome kiss. (Sorry that I didn't put everybody in here. I'm thinking about all of you always. Peace.)

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"You have no idea what my name is do you?" The man asked Jason.

"No, I don't. Do I have to guess it?"

"Can if you want to." He said. Amy smiled. The new guy and Amy shared a glance at each other.



"Jason!" Jason yelled.

"Nope, wrong again."

"Eric?" Jason asked and the man flinched. He looked at Amy. The look that he gave her wasn't exactly a kind one.


"Jeff, Matt or Lance?"

"No." Jason shook his head.

"Man, your name is hard to guess! But, I think I know it now. Adam?" The man laughed.

"If my name was Adam, I'd have to punch myself." Jason sighed.

"Fine, I give up. What IS your name?" The man had a smirk on his face now.

"I don't know if I want to tell you."

"Puh-lese?" Jason kept repeating until the man looked at Amy and she nodded.

"Oh, alright." The man said. "My name is Chris."

"Chris! The one name I didn't guess!" Jason said with obvious sarcasm. "Hey, that's my middle name too!" Chris smiled. The doctor walked in at that time. Molly Holly walked in behind him.

"Hey Molly." Chris and Amy said in unison.

"Hey Jason, will you go with Molly for a couple of minutes so that Chris, the doctor and I can talk?"

"Sure thing." Jason said. It was obvious with his tone that he liked this girl. They left the room and the doctor took up the conversation.

"Your son is getting big." He remarked.

"That he is." Amy said. Chris was silent.

"We'll need you to come in every 3 months for a check up and you'll be on medication for about a year." The doctor said. Chris shook his head. He hated hospitals. Amy put a hand on his back. He recoiled at her touch. He happened to glance at the little boy in the window waving and making funny faces at him.

"I'll do it." He said. The doctor nodded and left. Chris turned to face Amy.

"He's not mine is he?" Chris asked her. Her eyes started to tear up and she shook her head. "Whose is he then?" Amy stared sobbing.

"Eric's, but Jason thinks that you're his father." She managed to say. Chris couldn't believe it.

"Eric! Why Eric? You cheated on me...."

"I had to Chris!!! I had to, or he threatened to kill you!! I did it for you!"

"Well, he ended up almost succeeding didn't he?" Chris snapped. He'd been in a coma for 2 years from that stabbing.

"When I told him, he got ticked off and pulled a knife saying that it was coming your way if I told you." Chris didn't reply. He slid out of the bed and started to pull his clothes on under the hospital gown. He didn't speak another word to her.

**Back at the House**

"Dad, come check out my room!" Jason yelled.

"Be right there!" Chris shouted. Jason ran into his room and noises could be heard as he struggled to pick up all of the toys. Chris looked at Amy.

"Amy, why?" Chris asked lowly.

"We've been through this." Amy said.

"I know, but why would you do this to us?"

"I wasn't thinking.."

"Well, obviously not!" he yelled. "Look, I'm sorry ok? I'm sorry I slept with Eric Bischoff!!" She yelled at him then started to cry. Chris felt tears come to his eyes.

"I'm sorry too, hon. Let's just forget about all of this ok?"

"Only if you think that you can forgive me."

"Of course I can." Jason then walked out into the living room to see his parents hugging and crying. He smiled. His family was finally complete. For once and For all....


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