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Tony was fucked utterly and totally screwed and he knew it. He looked carefully at the god who simply smirked at him, his green eyes looking hungrily over the city.

"I'm sorry what did you say twinkle toes?" He asked carefully placing his drink back on the counter he didn't want to waste a drink and nothing said wasting a drink like dropping it on the floor in shock. The god turned and faced him his eyes darting around the room as if observing it for the first time.

"You heard me Stark." He said a cheerful gleam in his already bright eyes. Tony hated his eyes they made him feel nervous as if at any minute his head might explode or worse he would once again be thrown out the window. And honestly it wasn't that fun the first time.

"No." He started crossing one arm over his chest and resting his head on the other hand. "I don't think I did catch that, rather I don't think I understand-" oh god he was rambling and he knew he was. But he couldn't help it the wit and the nervousness combined equalled a mumbling iron man. He wanted to sneer when he saw the gods smirk widen and that glint in his eyes turn more menacing shade of green.

He almost wanted to shut his mouth by for some strange reason he couldn't. He blamed the nerves mostly.

Loki nodded his head slightly before relaxing on the couch and making himself a little too comfortable for Tony's liking, I mean the couch was brand new and he didn't want the god to sit down on the couch as if he hadn't almost destroyed the tower on his last visit.

Tony's eyes fell towards the slight dent on the cold marble floor where the hulk had taken the immense pleasure of beating the living day lights out of the god.

"Is this a yes?" The god drawled looking up towards the billionaire. Tony frowned and shook his head quickly his mouth tasted like rotten eggs at the thought.

"No. I'm pretty sure that 'this' is a no." He replied glaring at the floor with an almost faraway look in his eyes. Loki laughed darkly and took his head off his hand, his tongue darting out of his mouth quickly as he licked his lips. For a second he wondered if his tongue was silver.

"I could just take it by force." He whispers his voice hangs in the night as Tony contemplates what he is going to say next. His eyes focus on a picture hanging on the wall and he can't help but wonder why on earth he decided to hang that piece of artwork. He didn't even like it.

"But, here's the thing reindeer games, that would go against that little thing you have, or in your case not so little and just to be clear that if you are thinking of what I am certain you are thinking about then sorry pal but I was talking about your ego." Tony walked back behind the bar picking up his drink, his eyes located on the god who was taking over his lounge with a smug smile. That smile scared the holy hell out of Tony.

"That is true iron man, however I always get what I want." The smile never faltered off the gods lips rather it took more of a cruel almost hungry light to it.

Tony smiled a tight smile that had the god almost laughing.

"That is true but as you can tell, I don't go that way and then there is the whole issue of me having a girlfriend and being a part of the Avengers." He paused as he watched the smile fade from the god's lips and without thinking he moved closer towards the kill, almost sitting on the arm rest across from the god he smiled. "You know the team that locked you away." Loki looked up at the man with a blank face, it reminded Tony of one of those porcelain doll except that if this turned ugly which it probably would Tony would be the one smashed to tiny pieces.

Loki stood and with a snarl moved over towards the windows his back to the man. "Yes I am well aware of the Avengers." Tony smirked to himself tallying up his shots against the god.

But just as he hoped the man would up and vanish in a puff of green smoke the same way he appeared in the room not minutes ago, or was it hours.

The god just turned around with a wide smile that had Tony regret saying anything. "But Stark you seem to forget that I did escape from my prison on Asgard and you can bet that I will be able to do it again." The god walked closer to where Tony was sitting and Tony felt the adrenaline pump through his veins.

He had made a mistake.

He only hoped that the rest of the team would arrive any minute. He had hoped JARVIS had contacted them, but hey the god of mischief usually like to fuck up Tony's equipment when he payed visits, but still they would come back surly they would notice the lack of sarcasm and wit when they were out fighting Doom? Almost as if reading his mind Loki let out a laugher that seemed to echo through the halls. Then again the little bastard probably was reading Tony's mind.

Tony stood in a swift movement and slowly backed into a wall. He had sworn there was never a wall there before.

The god smirked and moved towards the billionaire now semi frozen in fear.

"I'm not interested." He said with a hard iron will that caused the god to chuckle.

"Oh but I am." He replied his feet moved closer and took longer strides.

His feet went to move slowly out of the way, he didn't want this he wanted someone to burst through those doors and arrest the evil and horny god. But no one came and Tony's feet had almost magically been glued to the ground.

His head lifted up so that the god was denied access to his face. His chin hitting the taller mans nose in an act of defiance.

Loki's jaw stiffened and his teeth ground together in anger. No one had dared turn away a god. Yet isn't that the reason he chose this man.

A cruel smirk gloated on his face as he places his cheek against the smaller mans cheek. Tony could feel the cool air restrict in his lungs and he wanted to be sick and throw up, everywhere, especially on the gods boots, because that would be a massive kick in the face and who would be able to say that had thrown up on the crazy Norse gods leather boots.

Then again who could say that had slept with the Norse god before.

Shut up brain.

The gods smirk deepened as he looked at the smaller man. The chase was the best part. His lips found the shell of the other mans ear and with a low and husky voice that had Tony's body involuntary shiver the god spoke.

"One day Stark you will be mine and your precious team will not stop me." He leaned back and looked at the man in full honour his hands found Tony's arms and he squeezed them. "Luckily for you help has arrived." He let go of the frozen man and smirked again this time with a more evil light than before. "In the mean time sweet dreams Mr Stark." With the loud and crisp ding of the elevator the god disappeared in a gust of smoke.

Tony coughed a little before waving the smoke out of his face.

"Tony when I said you can be late I assumed you would show up?" Tony spun around trying to clear his mind from all the fear and he made sure not to show any on his face. Steve looked at his with a slight frown and all though he was joking Tony could see the seriousness in his eyes.

"Sorry cap, had some work to do." He replied trying his best to smile. Steve folded his arms and shook his head slightly.

"Whatever Tony, Fury wants to debrief you." He nodded his head towards the elevator. Tony froze for a moment. Sitting alone in a room with Fury did not sound like his cup of tea.

"Uh sure spangles, just tell him I will be there in a little while." Tony replied walking towards the elevator.

Steve sighed and unfolded his arms. "Where are you going?" He asked almost regretting the words that came out of his mouth.

Tony smirked slightly and glared at the wall. "I have some remodelling to do."

With that the elevator doors closed separating the two and in a slight moment Tony regretted leaving himself as an open target being alone in a small cramped space but hey it's not like the god would come back. Or so he hoped.

Tony climbed into bed, the bright light of the arc reactor making it easy for the billionaire to crawl into bed without injuring his shins.

It was just one of the many perks of the arc reactor.

Lying down on his bed he let out a great sigh.

He had just convinced Pepper to sleep in his bed for the night, and it did take a lot of convincing that all he wanted to do was just sleep. Eventually she said she would as soon as she got back from DC.

Tony was tired of waiting for her in the lounge room he couldn't look at the couch without shivering with unease.

And of course of all nights each Avenger decided to go to bed early leaving tony alone in that damn room. He would have gone down and made adjustments to the suits but then he would be too far away from the other Avengers if Thor's psychopathic little brother returned.

He sighed again rubbing his hand over his face before looking at the clock. It was only 10:00 for crying out loud. He hasn't gone to bed before midnight since he was eight.

Rolling back over on his side he growled. Pepper wasn't going to be back for at least three more hours. Until then he was alone. Thought he didn't take anything seriously the gods threat was as serious as Cancer to Tony.

He didn't dare laugh only try to find ways to stay in a group with someone he knows so that if the Mage came Tony could be safe. He slammed the back of his head onto his pillow and forced his eyes closed. He would have a good sleep, a damn well awesome night sleep.

"JARVIS, honey, wake me up and alert the other Avengers if we get any unexpected visitors." Tony called out into the dark night.

"Right away sir, should I inform Director Fury as well?" The AI asked. Tony smiled to himself and nodded his head.

"What would I do without you JARVIS?"

"Crash and burn sir." The AI replied. Tony looked up at the ceiling and stilled his nerves. Everything will be alright.

The feeling or warmth cuddled up next to him woke Tony up. As a playboy you picked up on a few tricks.

He looked over at his clock and saw the time on the bright screen. 12:00. He smiled and rubbed Pepper's back he was glad she was home. He almost felt safer with her there. His hands trailed up her back as he continued to stare at the ceiling. But he felt it. Pepper was thin but not thin enough to feel bone.

His hand froze and the body beside him let out a throaty chuckle.

"And I was getting use to that." Tony jumped up from the bed turning his light on in the process. Lying on the bed in a half crawl was the god of mischief.

Tony's stomach dropped and for a moment he thought he had been thrown from the window again. He was frozen in fear.

"JARVIS?" He called his eyes still planted on the man in front of him. The god smirked and his eyes once again started to twinkle in a light that made Tony extremely nervous.

"I'm sorry Stark, but my magic can sometimes... Interfere with electronic devices." Tony snarled at the man, thy only 'interfered' when Loki wanted them to be interfered with.

"Where is Pepper?" He asked instead of voicing his thoughts.

Loki laughed again propping himself up from the bed.

"She is still in DC, they have been having a few mechanical problems." Tony wanted to growl but his mind wandered and he could see the door from the corner of his eyes.

"I told you I wasn't interested." Tony replied his hand drumming his arc reactor. Loki chuckled again his eyes never leaving the man in front of him.

"And I told you that I was." He replied moving closer. Tony knew it wasn't the smartest thing to do but he did it anyway.

His feet hit the ground with a solid force as he raced towards the door. He was close so close, but all of a sudden he was flash bang against a wall his head hitting the wall with a loud and heavy thud. His vision blurred for a moment before coming back slowly like emerging from a dark tunnel and into the sun light.

Loki stood off the bed with a smirk Tony could see how his eyes crinkled and the way he would almost dance towards his prey that he was excited.

"Ah Stark" he moved up towards the man and with a loud bang that shocked Tony, the gods hand was placed beside the playboys head. "You don't expect that you can actually run away from me do you?" Tony half smiled, but his insides were screaming at him to try and escape and to wipe that smirk off his face.

"See here's the thing, I actually came prepared for this so it would be wise if you let me go." Loki's neck moved back a little in shock as he processed the words.

"I don't understand?" He muttered looking at the man. Tony's smile grew as he clicked the remote in his pocket. The click was soft and Tony doubted Loki had heard it, his suspicion of that fact grew when Loki jumped back in shock as the suit formed around Tony from the wall he was standing in front of. Loki growled and took a few more steps back, his armour forming around him.

"I did not come here to fight you in this way Stark." Loki said with gritted teeth.

Tony smiled in the suit. He felt safe and protected.

"I am giving you two choices." Tony started in a strong voice. "You can either leave me the hell alone starting from now. OR. You we can fight this out, which would cause all of my friends to wake up, and pretty well you like last time will end up in handcuffs on your way to see daddy." Loki growled and Tony swore he saw the man stamp his foot.

Loki looked around the room almost desperately, they both knew that the god didn't have that much magic at the moment, causing the whole system to crash and making him go undetected around the tower had taken a lot out of the god.

And even if he did fight he knew he would be easily detected and no doubt JARVIS would alert the rest of the Avengers and he would once again end up in chains. But he was a god and no one, not even the great Tony Stark told him to leave someone alone for ever. Loki smiled back at Tony his armour still on.

He could easily just escape again.

"You know it isn't wise to make deals with the god of lies." Loki muttered his hands wound around his throwing knives and he smirked at the robotic man in front of him.

"I was really hoping you would pick this option." With that a full beam shot from his palm hitting the god on the shoulder. Loki flew backwards but Tony could see the fight was still in the god.

"Is that all you have got puny mortal?" Tony smirked internally and externally. Before lowering his palm. Loki smirked in victory is battle stance wearing off. Maybe he could fight his way out of this one.

"No I have a bit more up my proverbial sleeve." The missiles loaded up from his suit and he smiled at the gods face as he watched it drop. "So are we doing this the easy way or the hard way?" Tony questioned.

Loki frowned in defeat raising his hands as his armour disappeared. Tony nodded his head. "Once again good move."

The door burst open and Thor and Steve raced into the room the rest not far behind them.
Tony rolled his eyes. "And the Calvary arrives."

Steve rolled his eyes at the man.

Thor walked towards his brother desperation in his eyes.

"Brother, what are you doing?" Thor asked on his knees in front of the man. Loki rolled his eyes and glared at the other god.

"I am not your brother." He replied icily. Everyone in the room found interesting things to look at on the floor as the two gods talked.

Steve looked at Tony for a moment and frowned. "Once again don't you think this was-"

"Too easy?" To replied looking back at the captain. "Yes I do. I want to know what his plan is." Tony wondered. He knew the god didn't give up that easily.

Bruce walked closer towards the two a snarl on his lips. Tony was glad he listened to him about not hulking out in the tower. Door frames were particularly annoying to fix.

"What did he want?" Tony paled and looked over at the god who was staring blankly at a wall while his brother talked to him, but Tony could see that snide smile on his lips and the way his eyes sparkled.

The little bastard was listening in on their conversation.

"Uh I think it was something about my arc reactor." Tony mumbled drumming his fingers against the thing in question.

The room went silent for a few moments and the only this heard was Thor's loud and deep whispers and the occasional hiss of Loki's almost violent whispers that seemed to cut into the night. Tony was glad that the questions stopped because really this whole situation was incredible awkward.

"Sorry to ruin this little love in but perhaps we should lock reindeer games up." Tony's voice cut in through the twos hushed whispers. Loki glared at the man but that only caused Tony's tension to ease. 'That's what I am use to.' He thought smugly.

He watched Thor waiting to see of the god would start an argument. But the blond didn't respond he simply stood and walked back towards the group as Natasha and Clint moved forward almost symmetrically like a dance. The group watched as they led the prisoner away but Loki only watched one person. Green eyes met brown in a tense moment.

"I am concerned for my brother." Thor muttered his eyes watching the door as if it may turn into some kind of creature the Demi god had talked about when in a good mood.

"I am more concerned about why he wants the arc reactor." Steve replied looking at the small glow emitted from Tony's suit.

Tony covered his chest self consciously and paled again.

"Let's leave the official stuff until morning."Tony offered.

Thor shrugged his shoulders slightly before walking out of the room. Tony had no doubt he was going to check on his brother.

"I will call Fury, I expect he will want to debrief us on this." Steve said slowly before leaving the room in a style only Steve could manage.

"Then there were two." Tony muttered facing his friend. Bruce just watched him use to the way Tony tried to avoid topics.

"What did he really want, Tony?" Bruce deadpanned Tony let out an exasperated sigh before shaking his head slightly.

"Gee Banner don't you trust me?" He asked his suit was starting to feel annoyingly warm.

"You and the word 'Trust' don't exactly go together." Bruce replied taking a step forward his science face on.

"Ouch." Tony winced. "And here I thought we were friends." Bruce could practically see the smile that accompanied Tony's sarcasm.

"Cut the crap Tony. What did he want?"

"I told you."

"No." Bruce replied turning and facing the man. "You told me a lie or a half truth at best."

Tony froze the man knew way too much about him and it was scary.

"Can we at least talk about this in the morning?" Tony asked. "You know when I am not sweating it out in this suit for no reason, it's a real power wastage." Tony said his ears burning in embarrassment.

Bruce looked at him and smiled in a way that told Tony that this was not over. Not by a long shot.

Loki sat in the clear cell his eyes seemingly blank except for the silent slight glimmer of joy hidden beside the pupil. It was only a matter of time and he knew it.

Once again he would be out of here, with his prize of course.

The door on the far side of the room opened with a soft 'whoosh', the smile on the gods face grew into a gentle smirk as he looked at the other god.

Thor stood tall and watched his adversary his arms folded across his broad chest and Loki knew it was only a matter of time until Thor would put the puppy dog smile on and if Loki didn't say a word then he would never have been able to put a word in.

"Hello, brother." He spat with a cruel sneer on his face.

Slowly he stood and lifted his chin as he followed his brother's movements around the room.

"Why are you here, brother?"

Loki rolled his eyes, obviously the thunder god would not pick up the insult and anger. The door opened again and both gods paid no mind to it

"Recruitment drive." He said softly smirking widely at his brother's face.

The fool thought he was being serious, he could never look past the face of his brother, of the little boy that always told his big brother everything and that would never lie or harm anyone.

He was as much of a fool now as he was then.

"Why Stark?"

Loki cringed at the new voice and shifted his head towards the master spy, the only one that was able to tell when he was lying, the only one that could figure him out. He was careful to keep his smirk light and to not show any weakness, because while he was great at figuring people out, she was even better.

And he was a little envious of that fact.

And angry, definitely angry as well.

He tilted his head to the side and allowed his smile to widen.

"Well, Why not?"

But the damage was done as soon as Natasha frowned and walked slowly out of the room, his 'brother' not far behind her.

At that moment Loki sat back down on the floor determined to get a night's sleep.

Tony hated meetings, especially when they centred around him.

Okay so he loved meetings when they centred around him, just not on this topic or issue whatever they wanted to call it.

Tony called it his 'worst fucking nightmare.' But one look from Steve spoke volumes, especially when he gave him that look that said. 'Really, Tony, really.' Because that made him feel like an idiot and Tony was not an idiot, surely everyone should have known that because it is not like he would allow them to forget it.

"I don't trust him." Steve muttered his brows crunched in annoyance.

"Welcome to the club." Clint muttered his hands behind his head as he looked around the table. Everyone could see the tension in waves on the archer, he never got over the whole mind control thing and no one could blame him.

"My brother would not come here without a reason." Thor said in a soft tone, well soft in his standards, Tony could have sworn the table rumbled with his voice.

Tony seized his opportunity, this was the perfect opportunity to get the team off his back about the subject. And he hadn't said anything in three minutes so really he was overdue.

"Maybe he is here to just cause 'chaos.'"

But Natasha shook her head, her eyes plastered on Tony's, and yes he did panic for a slight moment.

"I am with Tasha, on this one." Clint said breaking the tension. He shifted in his seat bringing his hands and placing it on the table. "He wouldn't just cause Chaos for any reason, I mean he is the god of Chaos, but his form is more ordered." He looked around towards a bunch of vacant expressions and frowned. "Like he always has a plan with his Chaos."

"Well that is comforting." Tony muttered pulling out his STARK phone and pulling out some mathematical equations that needed to be done. Okay so he was playing angry birds, he couldn't help it. The game was fun.

"Are you seriously playing angry birds right now?" Bruce asked, and yeah Tony jumped a little forgetting about the scientist that was sitting next to him.

"No." He turned towards Bruce and may or may not have poked his tongue out.

"Can we get back to the problem here please?" Steve pleaded throwing a glare towards Tony.

"Ugh, fine. But can we hurry it up I have things I want to do, places I want to see." Steve glared at Tony slightly before turning back to the rest of the table.

"I think it's time we call Fury." Steve said, no one argued, not even Thor, but everyone could tell from the look on his face that he wanted to.

"Then we should send him back to Oz." Tony said as he flung a bird towards a pig, frowning when it missed.

"I do not understand." Thor grumbled.

"Didn't expect you to, buddy." Tony replied punching his arm as he got off the chair. "Is that all?" when he got no objections he pushed his chair in and left the room, heading for the lab.

But sadly Tony could never escape, especially when a scientist who had the ability to turn into a green rage monster in seconds wanted to talk to him.

"Tony." Bruce called walking towards his friend as he entered the elevator.

Tony turned leaning against the back wall with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. "Yes Brucey boy." he sing songed.

Bruce couldn't stop the smile as he moved towards his friend until he was standing beside him against the other wall as the door closed.

"We were going to talk, remember?"

Tony cringed.

"How could I forget?"

Bruce smiled repositioning himself as he crossed his legs and his arms, his feet barely centimetres from Tony's.

"So what did he want?"

Tony looked down at his feet and rubbed a hand down his face, he was really tired and his cup of coffee had yet to wake him up.

"Uh, Recruitment drive?"

Bruce snorted and raised his eyebrows at his friend, Tony continued to look at the floor fidgeting slightly.

"Funny, that is exactly what Loki, told Natasha last night." The doors opened and Tony was facing the hallway that brought him to his labs, his pride and joys.

"Wow, fascinating." Tony mumbled absentmindedly. He was already in the state of mind where he was willing to spend days alone in his lab locked up with nothing but Science and obnoxiously loud music.

Bruce smirked as his friend opened the doors and he was presented with the messy labs that he had become accustomed to. "Yeah, I can really tell your interested." Bruce muttered cleaning his glasses before moving to his own work station.

"Well you know me Pep." Tony muttered.

"It's Bruce actually." Bruce replied with a smirk. It wasn't unusual for Tony to call him another name while they slaved away in the labs, Tony's mind would go off on a tangent and he would forget about anything and everything, even food and drink, well any drink unless it had a form of caffeine or alcohol, then there was no way in hell Tony would forget about it.

"Yeah that's what I said." He pulled out a hologram of his suit and immediately began to disassemble it.

Bruce smiled softly returning to his work. "You know you two are a lot alike."

"Who me and Pep?" Tony replied adding a another thrusters to the side of the boot, never looking up towards his friend.

"No. You and Loki."


Yep that caught his attention.

"You and Loki, you are both similar, well from an outsiders perspective." Bruce amended, turning towards his science buddy, he was now looking at Bruce in confusion and horror.

The two were silent for a moment, Tony's mouth agape as he stared at his friend and Bruce who seemed to smiling widely at his friend's confused and shocked state.

"You are kidding right?" Tony asked returning to his work, and by that he means looking at his work and flicking his eyes back towards Bruce every half second.

"You tell me."

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