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Tony wasn't really one to ever regret anything especially major decisions, he didn't regret his decision to stop his multi trillion dollar weapons company to stop producing the wholesale of his weapons that he had personally designed, some of which would never see the light of day, he didn't regret his decision to kill Obadiah, he probably should have done it sooner in fact, he didn't regret sleeping with girls, one every night, or to stop sleeping with random strangers and to shack up with his current girlfriend Pepper Potts and he does not regret his decision to go to Afghanistan which ended up with him holed up in a cave for months, because he came out of that a better person, he learnt the error of his ways and he sorted out his friends from his enemies.

But he was starting to regret his decision to shoot Loki, especially with the way Thor was currently glaring at him, he had to actually hide in his lab for a night with JARVIS on full alert just in case the thunder god snuck into his room while he was sleeping and smash his face in with the hammer. It was safe to say that currently he is the most disliked person in the tower at the moment and yes that does include the psychotic Norse God who is currently lying in a bed, unable to move his body.

But he didn't do that much damage, honest. It would have felt like someone throwing a bowling ball at him and from what he has seen Thor do and handle, he is pretty sure Loki could handle the exact same thing. He thinks the god is only still there due to his injured pride, after all it's what he would do, maybe not to the same degree as not talking to anyone and simply just staring at the wall for hours on end, but still its similar he is probably the only one who knows, truly knows Loki for who he is and sadly it is because they are so similar.

Not that there is really anything he can do about it, but still he can't deny it when the facts are sitting right in front of him with a Neon sign saying; 'Look here idiot, look at all the similarities.'

That is probably why half the team wasn't really surprised to find Loki lying in a smouldering wall while Tony simply waved them off. It was the same volatile reaction Loki wold have had, but Tony thinks if the tables were reversed with Tony hitting on an uninterested Loki, he would probably wake up tied to a chair and dangling from a building or with pig ears or some other trivial and yet terrifying problem.

Maybe Loki was becoming a part of the team to slowly turn everyone against him, like a snake in the grass the god was sly and slippery and Tony has no doubt that if he brought this to the rest of the teams attention they would all shoot him down with sceptical looks and comments on 'Needing more sleep.' Please he thinks he sleeps enough, sometimes they can't even wake him up.

Point is he sleeps a lot.

He could already see the tables slowly turning against him all from the angered and disapproval looks he had gotten, at least Clint high fived him before turning on the obviously fake disappointed look, but even the spy couldn't hide the joy that seeped out of his eyes like water overfilling from a basin.

It had been three days, three days and he had been given numerous amounts of 'disappointed speeches', death glares and 'Really Tony, you thought it would be a good idea to shoot the Extra-Terrestrial Alien Prince during a training exercise.'

And all he could reply with was a 'Shut up Spangles' and a bunch of 'Why Nots.'

He really started to feel bad when Bruce had ended up spending the night with Loki, both he and Thor sat at his bedside all night on the first night, after that Bruce decided to sleep in his own room, claiming it was because of 'stress' Tony called bullshit and said it was because Loki was being a drama queen, Clint laughed and Bruce merely rolled his eyes, that was proof enough that he was right in his assumption. But Thor continued to sit in his 'brother's' room like some kind of sad and depressed puppy dog. He didn't know whether to feel bad for the thunder god or to be happy for the simple fact that it meant his pretty little head was able to stay on his shoulders for another day.

"You really need to apologize." Steve says the morning of the third day, and it takes all his will not to roll his eyes. Steve carries with him a full plate packed with nothing for breakfast meats and waffles, no doubt breakfast for the fasting god. It makes Tony's piece of toast look meagre.

Steve refuses to cook for him until he apologises, he won't deny that Steve's threat is looming over him worse than anyone else's, and by that he means Thor threatening to pummel his head into the ground.

"Why what's he saying this time, Oh wait that's right nothing." He throws his piece of toast back onto the plate before picking up his coffee cup instead, it is way too early for this shit.

Steve stops where he is and scowls at Tony like a disapproving mother, everyone thinks he acts like one he just won't admit it… yet.

"Come on Steve, he deserved it." He pouts after a tense moment, Steve continues to stare and Tony realises he has a snag in his plan and he is just waiting for the next few words to come out of the Soldier's mouth, even though he doesn't know what he will say yet.

Quickly he tries to think of a reasonable excuse to stop the question he knows is burning in the back of the super soldiers brain, but he can't think of a god darn excuse, a good one anyway.

"What did he say to you anyway?"

And there it is, Steve unwittingly has just asked the one question Tony would rather die than answer truthfully, well one of the many questions he would rather die than answer, because let's be honest there are a lot.

Swallowing the last mouthful, Tony puts his cup down mournfully, for the fact that he has no answer and secondly because that was a good cup of coffee.

"He has just been a jerk the entire time he has been here."

Steve rolled his eyes and made a pointed stare at the other man who slumped in his seat. "Really Tony he is the one being a jerk?"

He knew how bad it sounded and it went unsaid that the so called 'jerk' was the one lying in a bed after being shoot at by the man who called him a jerk. It was a bad situation.

Tony didn't say anything and just stared back up towards the other man with a defeated look in his eyes, he was down and injured waiting for Steve to cut the cord and stab, just get it over and done with.

'Just finish up the disappointed speech cappy, just finish it up. Put me out of my misery.'

"Go and apologize." He repeated his voice steely and his eyes narrowing into slits. Tony would have taken great pleasure in getting the man all angry and annoyed but he was too busy wallowing in self-pity.

"Fine." He slams his hands on the table and looks at Steve one last time before marching into the hallway.

"You're being childish!" Steve calls out and Tony just raises a finger towards the super solider and continues on his way.

It's still silent in the room.

Like incredibly silent, Loki doesn't know to be thank full or annoyed.

Thor sits next to the massive bed his hands folded in his lap, and Loki knows he is staring at his back, and he can just picture his face like he is trying to decide if he wants to say something to the younger god, Loki hopes he will keep his trap shut.

He continues to stare at the wall ignoring everything and anything and that includes trying his hardest to ignore the behemoth's breathing. And that takes a lot of effort.

He focuses on the wall again, frowning.

'Why would he shoot me?'

'Is he not used to forwardness in these situations.'

'He is forward to everyone else.'

The door opens and closes in the room and the footfalls of what could only be the captain delivering the food and no doubt to try and bring about meaningless chatter.

"Loki," he calls softly and the god can hear a shifting on the seat beside the bed, Thor probably expects the young prince to talk, but he hasn't in three days. "I brought you some breakfast." The smell of pancakes and bacon waft into the air but Loki blinks it out refusing to eat anything they bring him; he will not show them how dependent he is on them. He is a rightful king and Kings are proud and strong and don't accept food from the allies of the man who shot him.

Yeah the shot hurt at first, but know it doesn't. He is more angry at the fact he had been shot in a moment of weakness when he was so close, he almost got just what he wanted, he could see it within the man, hidden under his pride was an emotion begging him to give in to the god and Loki could see it, he just can't tap into it.

"Brother, you must keep up you're energy." Thor says and Loki bites his tongue refusing to argue with the older god.

'We are not brothers, you fool.'

There is more shuffling and the bed dips slightly as the ghost of a hand hovers over Loki's shoulder he tenses slightly and bites the urge to punch the man, he refuses to even acknowledge them especially not right know.

There is the sound of a plate being put down and suddenly Thor's hand moves back.

"It's okay Thor, we can try again later." The kind captain says softly, Loki can imagine the man's hand resting on Thor's shoulder as if holding him back.

Loki frowns slightly; he wished his brother was more like the captain. Growing up with him wouldn't have been too hard; sure he would still be a shadow but at least there could have been a chance for Loki to move out from behind the shadows and formed his own shadow. To prove his worthiness for the crown show that he was strong and was capable of becoming a great king, greater than Odin himself.

But then again being a king has an awful lot of pressure. He just wants attention, wants to be known and if he had to be the villain to heroes to be known then so be it. He will be the greatest villain. But know everything has changed and he is no longer a villain and it feels weird and yet right at the same time.

While he sides with the heroes for now he can't see himself as a hero, no perhaps somewhere in the middle, where villainy meets heroism. He can see himself sitting there, fighting for no one but himself.

"Perhaps you are right." Thor sounds down trodden. Loki knows this is hurting his brother, he just can't find himself to care too much about that.

There is a sound of platers clinking together and footfalls grow softer before there is a soft thud and the click of the door knob.

The room is delved into silence as the sound of what could only be Thor once again sitting down in his seat.

If Loki did take over the world, this building would definetly be his headquarters, it would be his tower and this room would be his study well one of them, or perhaps it would be a cell. He would throw his prisoners in one of the rooms and treat them pleasantly until they would no longer quiver when he would step into a room or cry when he would talk and not until then would he show them his wrath, show them that they were foolish to never fear him.

Show them what he was truly capable of.

And he would not stop until they would be unable to sleep in fear of their own nightmares of him, until they would scream and hurl themselves into walls to try and escape his punishment, his torture.

But he doesn't know if he would do this to all his enemies.

There is no doubt in his mind that Stark had interested him from the moment the archer had mentioned him being considered, since then he had done his own research into the man and he found his brilliance invigorating and interesting, the same could be said for the beast who claims to be a man, but after the whole invasion and being brutally harmed by the beast he lost all interest in the scientist and focused on the inventor who took everything in his stride, who's wit was mesmerising as if he was the one they should call silver tongue instead of he.

He had investigated the man and found an abundance of information and images of him whether it be at a charity function, as Iron Man or with a blonde bimbo hooked to his waist, and he was fascinated. A man that had a brain like his and yet could fit in so well with his own society and no doubt that of Asgard.

Through this information he had learnt about his family, Afghanistan (What information was released to the media), his genius and naturally his playboy nature.

Which should have made Loki's goal that much easier.

But the man would not accept what Loki was offering.

And all Loki wanted was an honest good Fuck.

He clenches his teeth in annoyance; it had been years since he last allowed his carnal instincts to take over. He and his brother use to have a game of it, with who could lure the most women to bed, naturally Thor would often win with many maidens choosing the stronger of the two, but Loki would be able to charm and inject his way into a maidens heart every so often with promises of the best night of their life.

But in the end he had more luck with men than women due to his slim build.

Which really should have just made all this a lot easier, sure he could shift to a woman to lay with the man, but he didn't want to and it would defeat the purpose of this whole ordeal, it would wound his already destroyed pride.

Really his brother had more luck than him with mortals in the bed department, he had never told Loki personally if he had ever slept with his woman, but Loki knew from the dance in his step and the twinkle in his eye whenever he would re appear at the tower after a night away. And the vulgar comments that came out of the archers mouth was information in itself to his brothers doings.

Perhaps he should ask the older god, question him on how to bed a Midgardian, but then his brother would know his motivations for joining the bumbling squad of heroes. Unless he lied, he was awfully good at that. They didn't call him god of Lies for nothing.

He goes to roll on his side and face his companion but just as he works up the energy to move and face the man the door swings open with a thud. Loki knows that the other bang that accompanies the sound of the door can only be Thor shooting out of his seat to face the person at the door.

There is a tense silence for a few moments and Loki is tempted to turn and face the strange presence in the room.

"Why are you in my presence?" Thor hisses and Loki smiles at the sound of the man he once called brother finally appearing, the savage beast that would cause war with a flick of his mighty hammer.

Loki knows who is at the door; it is the only person that Thor has spoken harsh words of in the past few days.

There is a loud expulsion of air and footfalls loud and purposeful.

The man clearly knows no fear.

"Relax, I came to apologise big guy."


"I'm pretty sure he would want me to apologise." Loki is silent and he swears he can hear and smell Thor's anger radiating off him.

'Good, Thor. Hit him in the face.'

"You are a bit late son of Stark." Thor says and there is the sound of heavy feet, no doubt Thor moving to stand in front of the genius to scare him, Loki can imagine the man smiling that annoying smile of his that has Loki want to rip his clothes off and push him up against a wall.

"I can leave if that is what you want?" And he can hear it, that god forsaken smile, in his voice and it kills him slightly.


"It's okay Thor."

The two men freeze in their positions both turning to look at the god who is sitting on the bed in an upright position his hair as perfect as always, his eyes bright green as he stares down at both of the men with a blank expression.

"See buddy," Tony says patting the man on the arm as he steps around him looking back slightly at the god with a smile that seems brighter than before. "Told you he would want me to apologise."

Thor glares at the man before throwing Loki a glance that has his heart melt; well it would if Loki wasn't a cold arse prick and didn't hate said man. Loki shifted his glance to Stark and he had to stop the anger that threatened to fly from his throat and curse the man turning him into a giant banana.

The man looked at the god, all traces of a smile long gone instead there was a shell and empty and broken man looking straight back at him.

'Like a mirror.'

"Well spit it out Stark." Loki ordered his arms folding over his chest mechanically. So what he felt a little bad for the mortal, that didn't mean he was going to go easy on him. He had a reputation to protect.

It seemed Tony had the same idea, his mouth quirked upwards and his stance changed immediately, a fire lit in his eyes and he smirked.

The bastard smirked.

"I don't think you would like what I want to spit out." There was movement from the corner of Loki's eye Thor's hand raised as if he was about to strike the other man, Stark tensed knowing something would happen, but he was yet to move out of the way.

"Thor!" The god paused and looked over at the Trickster on the bed with a frown. "Leave." And when he showed no desire to move Loki gave the man a steely glare. "Now."

Stark continues to watch Loki, the smirk slowly sliding off his face. Thor frowns at the man's back before finally taking his leave and closes the door with a thud. The wall shakes behind him.

"If he breaks anything, it's coming out of his pocket." Tony says turning back to look at the door with a critical eye.

"Get on with it Stark." Loki growls shifting on the bed so that he is a comfortable position, he has a feeling this could go for a while.

He turns abruptly and faces the god the fire in his eyes intensifies tenfold.

"Why are you doing this to me?" he asks, his hands shoved into his pockets as he walks around the room, no doubt to the small bar in the corner. He swears there is a bar in every one of these rooms, and it really shouldn't surprise him if there was. He knows about Starks predilection for drinks.

It will end up killing him one day.

"Doing what?" He asks his hands folding in his lap as his fingers play with each other, testing his magic reserves. There isn't much left, it seems lying in bed for a couple of days has done him no good. Odin probably made it so that it would only replenish whenever he did a good deed or something, possibly in the hope that he would end up like Thor if he ever returned to Asgard.

And Stark is there by the wall in the far corner pulling out a bottle from the cupboard and a glass from another, he vaguely wonders if the man will offer him a drink, but from the lone glass he holds tells Loki something different.

"Making me look like the Jerk in front of everyone." He says the neck of the bottle clinks against the glass and Tony chuckles slightly and shakes his head. Before resting the bottle down.

There is no ice in the glass to water the amber liquid down and Loki wonders if that was intentional. Perhaps he is not sober enough for this conversation, or perhaps he wants to just get this over and done with.

"You are implying that you were never a jerk." Loki states and Tony whirls around and raises a brow with a slight smirk.

"I'm sorry I meant more of a jerk than you."

And Loki can't help but laugh, even if it does hurt slightly. He has used his vocal chords too much in the past ten minutes than in the past three days.

"Well are you going to answer my question?" Tony asks, and Loki can't help but smile as he watches the man walk away from the window casting a slight glance back at it.

"I'm sorry, when did this become about you?"

There is a pause in movement and Loki's eyes meet with Starks, who is looking at the seat next to the bed in deep thoughts.

"When isn't it about me?" he replies after a few moments finally sitting down in the chair.

Loki rolls his eyes, he thought the man would never sit down and his constant wanderings were getting annoying.

Loki smirks at the man and looks out at the window. "I'd say right now it is not." He turns back to Stark with a victorious smile that has Tony double take. When did this become an argument?

"Ah." He says loudly holding his glass up in the air with a bright smile. "But you see we are right now talking about me."

"Back to the point Stark, I am in no mood to argue with you." Loki says making his eye roll visible this time his arms across his chest as he stares at the man with a deep set frown.

"Ah, so it was an argument."

"I'm still waiting." Loki sings songs.

The engineer shuffles on his seat until he is at the very edge and looks Loki dead in the eye his drink dangling in his palm and suddenly the breath is let out of him and he really needs more air.

"Loki," he starts "I am deeply sorry for shooting you during training." He looks at the god who gives him a raised brow telling him to continue with his apology; Tony lets out a deep breath, bowing his head looking at the floor to work up his courage. He is no stranger to apologising, he had to do it all the time in the media, but that didn't mean he liked apologising. "It was stupid, reckless and irresponsible." Loki raises his brow again and Tony knows he needs to do better but he can't find the god damn words to apologise, he needs palm cards or something. Then again if he had palm cards he probably wouldn't ready them. "And I am sorry for eating the last yogurt? Listen I don't know what to say, I usually pay people to do this stuff for me."

Loki nods his head, biting back the smile and the laugh that is clawing its way up his throat threatening to escape his tight lips.

Tony holds his breath for what feels like an eternity, he really doesn't want to go out there without Loki accepting his apology, Thor would probably kill him right then and there.

"I accept," and there is the air in Tony's lungs. "Your apology." Tony can't help but smile and lean back in his seat and take a sip of his scotch, apologising isn't that bad. "On one condition." Bye, bye air. He looks up towards the god who has a vicious smile on his lips, his palms get sweaty and his heart is hammering in his chest.

"I'm not sleeping with you." He says in one breath and Loki has the graces to look taken a back and shocked, until a smile appears on his face.

"No Stark, I will not have a 'Pity Fuck' as you mortals call it. No. I will wait until you come crawling to me, begging me to take you, then I will take you, Hard and slow, savouring every cry and moan you make." His head is directly in front of Tony's who is suddenly frozen in shock, fear and… arousal.

"O-okay then." He says after a few tense moments and Loki smiles again before leaning back across the bed until he is resting in his original position his legs stretched out amongst the sheets and quilt.

"No, I would like some of those iced goods; I believe they were called 'Ice Creams.'"

Tony is still frozen in his seat, but slowly collects himself and takes another sip of his drink. "Yeah sure I will order a tub." He goes to get up out of the seat but Loki stops him with a laugh and he suddenly panics. Did he put paint on the seat or something, is there going to be a bright pink patch of paint on his arse or something?

"You imply that I only want one tub. No Stark, I will require multiple tubs."

Tony grinds his teeth and continues towards the door with a growl. His hand is on the handle of the door when Loki speaks next his voice a purr that sets more of Tony's nerves on edge.

"Until next time, Mr Stark."

He yanks the door open listening to Loki's howls of laughter.

"He is all yours big guy." He says when he meets Thor in the Hallway.

The floor is quiet and Clint would say it was too quiet but it should be this quiet when Tony was on a Starkpad, Romanov was reading a gossip magazine (That they were featured in and the theories of who they really were, who they were dating and what not), Bruce reading a newspaper, Thor in Loki's room (most likely pestering the god, who was now eating and talking thanks to Tony's apology), Steve in the kitchen cooking dinner and finally himself sitting in front of the television a controller in his hands.

Yep it was a normal Monday night.

A normal boring Monday night.

"Stark, any parties on tonight?" Clint asked his eyes still located on the screen.

"Who has a party on a Monday night?" Bruce asked peeking up from his newspaper with a frown.

Tony throws his hand up in the air continuing his play with his Starkpad. "I do." He said non-committedly.

Clint is not surprised, in fact no one is he is pretty sure he can hear Steve mutter something in the kitchen about not being surprised.

"But none tonight?" Clint asks again his eyes once again never leaving the television.

"None tonight." Tony replies with a sigh. Clint knows if there was one both of them would be there drinking and in Clint's position picking up chicks, he thinks Tony would as well, no matter how many times he would try and deny it. Once a playboy always a playboy.

"That sucks."


There is the sound of something being thrown and shouting and a thud as Thor comes walking out of the hallway his footsteps shaking the ground as he goes. Everyone looks up from what they are doing except for Tony who continues to play on the Starkpad.

"My pardon Rogers." Thor says in the kitchen and there is the sound of what Clint assumes is the freezer opening and closing before.

"Mr Odinson, Mr Lauferson is requiring your immediate return with his iced goods." There is a sound of what must be swears in a language Clint has only ever heard when Thor is angry or frustrated.

Then he is out of the kitchen Steve's head poking out from the doorway watching the man walk away, everyone's eyes on the fleeting figure of their favourite Norse god, except for Tony's. There is the creak of a door opening and more shouting before the door once again closes.

"What the hell was that?"


"I have never seen Thor move that fast."

"Was that ice cream?" Bruce asks and suddenly everyone is looking at Tony who doesn't bother looking up from the screen.


"Why was he carrying ice cream?" Clint asks suddenly with a frown.

"Don't ask." Is all Tony says, before everyone returns to their activities.

Steve continues to stand in the door way with a frown. "Does that mean Loki won't be eating dinner tonight?"