the coral garden

- 1 -

you floated on gossamer gravity insufficient to hold you to the floor, yet its veil overhead enough to save you from the ceiling

as you curved around the music and passed a stranger

who smiled

so you tarried for a while and a dance that became several and seamless

he tried to speak but it was very loud around and even taking your waist in his hands to steady you both, and putting his face to your ear, you didn't know what he was saying

you moved his hands away though and he smiled more and watched you smile more and watch him

and you both noticed the strap of your singlet top slipping precariously from your shoulder

but he was the one who saw nothing beneath but pearl and alabaster

he tried to help but the strap slid further, not returning to its intended dip alongside your neck

that pearl and alabaster was caught in the net of his gaze until he blinked eyes up to your face flushed warm

then you sang shiny bright things and he dipped his head closer, his hands light on your upper arms, eyes asking what was that you said?

you sang silver shimmering things and he searched to find the source of them

in your mouth

this didn't happen ordinarily, or ever


he wasn't your boyfriend, not your friend

you didn't even know him but his tongue was an explorer, getting to know you

as you were drifting backwards he was following, or is it even considered following when he is attached to you?

the wall found your back your back found the wall

and he stepped closer

waves of heat and sound light and color breath and motion perspiration

with kisses becoming deeper

he discovered sounds down there in the soft channel of your throat, liberated them, and muffled, they took flight

then the cup of his hand, hotter than the air and damper too, over fabric not thin enough or thick enough covering your chest

so he went inside and you didn't stop him

in fact you took his other hand to put it there too

a pair of hands, a pair of breasts, perfect

he whispered the word and others more as he took another step

not that there was anywhere to go but into your hips

and you were locked together tight

the music made what happened happen, issuing its directive, compelling your sway

and what girl has ever behaved like this before or since, allowing a boy-man she's barely met and never spoken to, to be the first to lift her skirt? to slide his fingers somewhere that belonged to her and her alone?

it's a harbor in there of sorts, though not somewhere that could be termed safe

and a wayfarer had better not arrive weary, for the wayfarer brings a storm to churn and roil, that could last less than a minute or more than an hour before its subsidence bestows his and yours

this boy had one hand in the coral garden and dropped the other from your breast to fumble with his belt and then his buttons

as you kissed him ardently

when you'd thought about this event taking place in some hazy future, entrance to you would not be granted without a passport of conversations over unspecified time, containing a full name at the very least, along with date of birth, probably occupation, and ideally a clean bill of health, amongst other information

yet you invited him in without any of that

he didn't leave his manners where you left your caution

he didn't let go of sweetness where you let go of inhibitions

he licked and loved you, painted your throat with his tongue, murmured what must have been endearments and gratitude as he negotiated the narrow inlet, as he stroked and caressed you inside and out

there was pain but it was dimly registered

you were both of you in your body and not, observing and experiencing

you marveled at the strength of his arms supporting you, the want in him as he moved, the effort on his face

and you were exhilarated when his mouth fell open and his body stopped

he only just made it out in time, gasping and splashing your lower belly with warm milky liquid, curling his tongue around your ear and laughing softly with apology and after-pleasure

he peeled his t-shirt off to wipe you, still smiling silly with being so pleased and it looked as if he liked you when he bit his lip and did his pants up and growled deep, pressing to you again and wanting your neck

but people started to shout, everything became suddenly chaotic

something to do with neighbors calling the police about noise, about alleged drunken behavior, about possible consumption of illegal substances

the protectors of the community were arriving to do their job

and a stampede ensued

he took your hand, the taker of your virginity, a twist of his head indicating the door

would you go with him?

you'd better

but in the melee he was torn away

you made it home without your panties and clutching a Nirvana shirt sticky with semen, nursing a soreness between your legs, and an inability to sleep

when you asked around over the next few days nobody knew who he was, since a lot of people had turned up from elsewhere and returned there

tall, dark hair, pale skin, intense eyes - there's not a lot you could say about what he looked like

although you could be very detailed as to what he felt like

the guy in the Nevermind t-shirt?

nobody knew

and you haven't seen him since