I can hear the sound of whispers, murmurs and the steady beeping of a machine.

I see nothing. I feel nothing.

I am in a daydream. I am floating. I am light as a feather. The beeping and whispers becomes my lullaby.

Then I suddenly feel something.

A hand grips mine. It was cold. A shiver ran through my spine at the touch. A scene of a blizzard comes to my mind. Strong winds and heavy snow. I feel scared. I wanted to break free but I can't move. I try to struggle. I can feel something now. I can feel pain. My head is throbbing, my limbs are numb, my throat is dry. I struggled more, trying to wake up. Then suddenly, I hear a little crack. I have moved my head.

I hear someone ushering everyone else quiet. There was silence for a little time. The hand on mine started shaking. I can hear murmuring again but I cannot make out what they were saying.

My chest suddenly feels heavy. I struggle.. and struggle.. and struggle. A sound escapes my mouth and I move my arm. There was an abrupt silence, only the sound of the beeping was left.

I hear a soft voice calling.

Was it calling for me?

I groan again. I turned my head slowly from side to side, I shifted uncomfortably and breathed heavily.

"Call the nurse," a deep voice says, the accent sounds foreign yet such familiar to my ears.

"Aye," says another one as I hear someone walking and closing a door shut.

The cold hand on mine starts to softly stroke my palm. Then a much more beautiful scene had come to me; winter. Beautiful winter. Snowflakes softly falling on two figures. I can imagine the sweet scent of cinnamon and vanilla together. Then a beautiful shade of icy blue. I gripped the hand tighter then suddenly, another cold hand encloses mine. I felt safe.

My head is throbbing. I try to open my eyes but it hurts even more.

"Tooth, take it slowly," a soft voice says. The cold hands are still enclosed against mine securely as if it was cheering for me to go on.

"Do not push it, Toothiana," the deep voice says.

Tooth? Toothiana? Was that my name?

Suddenly, I hear the door opening and the sound of footsteps doubled.

"Step aside for a bit, dearie," a voice of an older woman said and the hand around mine slowly slipped away, I tried to reach, I reached the cold fingertips but the woman's warm hands took mine abruptly.

"Now, you can do this. Wake up, dear," she says, "Open your eyes."

It was hard but I managed. Sun seeped from the blinds and hurt my eyes. My vision was blurry at first but when it all went clear, I see a room full of strangers. I don't know anybody. Who are they? What were they doing here? Where am I?

The comforting feeling before has turned into panic and fear. My stomach lurched. I don't understand.

I saw that the deep voice is from a big man with a white beard and long hair. Another was tall, slender but masculine person. The third one was a stout person with sandy hair and there was the nurse wearing her uniform and almost-graying hair.

But beside my bedside was another face. There was a sudden spark of recognition but it went away quickly. He had snow-white hair, icy blue eyes and a perfect smile.

"T-Tooth!" he grins, his hands scrambled to mine. His hands were cold.

I jerked back.

His face instantly fell, "Wh-What's wrong?"

Everything's wrong, I looked around the room, my lower lip trembling. Their faces starts to fill with concern.

"Excuse me, Mr. Frost. Please stand back from Ms. Toothiana for a moment," the nurse asked.


"Mr. Frost."

He gave me one hopeful look for the last time and took two spaces back.

"Tooth, tell me what's the matter," the snow-haired boy said in an almost pleading voice. I looked at him straight in the eye. There was something. Something I could not understand.

As for now, I feel lost. What should I say? What's the matter? What's happening to me?

I swallowed hard, "Who are you?"

[Author's note:] Ahh, the Guardian of Memories lost her memories. The irony XD Sorry this was too short! Take note, this s only the beginning and there will be more chapters to come! So, stay tuned!


((Disclaimer: I do not own Rise of the Guardians.))