Aomine trudged out of his lover's apartment, his knuckles were white from his clenching and hos teeth gritted loudly. He stood outside his apartment for a moment, deciding if he should leave or not. If he left, would Kise really assume he doesn't care anymore? He couldn't let anymore stupid assumptions ruin their relationship: that is if Kise stopped assuming that his inability to play basketball anymore would stop Aomine from loving him more than he already do.

'Maybe I should head home first, get a change of clothes before visiting him again?' Aomine started walking away from Kise's house, keeping his hands warm inside the pockets of his coat. It was the time of winter when it's the coldest after all.

He turn the key slowly, the sound of the door unlocking was softer than it ever was. Carefully, he let himself in and closed the door behind him. He paused near the dining table where he had placed the bags full of groceries he bought on his way here to find Kise sleeping on the couch. "That's not comfortable at all." Aomine sighed, setting the bags down on the table properly. He walked towards the sleeping form of the other and slowly slipped his arm below the blond. He half anticipated the blond to wake up and then send a roundhouse kick flying his way, but then, Kise never did. Aomine chuckled softly as he princess carried the other to his bedroom. Now that he thought about it, Kise wasn't all that heavy, or maybe it's because he was already that strong. Allowing the blond to move in his sleep after he had set him on his bed, Aomine sat down on an empty space and gazed at the other thoughtfully.

'He's so beautiful.'

Aomine got up and headed off to the kitchen, thinking of his objective of today for Project 'Cheer Kise Up', or Project CKU for short. He wasn't one to think of names, he was anything, but creative. Basketball didn't need creativity. He fished out whatever was neccessary for his recipe, and placed the rest inside the refrigerator, although he did take out all the junk food he got for the movie hour later. Aomine was glad he didn't have to think about what movie to choose. Kise had a whole bunch of kovie collections, and they often stayed up late to watch them together. Aomine smiled at the memory as he begun his work.

Kise blinked. When was the couch so comfortable? He opened his heavily lidded eyes and glanced side ways, finding his pillow below his head. Eh? Did he sleep walk? When did he return to his bedroom? His confusion was answered by a smell of burnt meat. "Hmm?" he propped himself up from his bed and sniffed loudly. Was something burning? Kise started making his way out of his room, his feet aching a little as he half dragged his weight to the kitchen, finding the familiar back view of his lover hunched over the stove.

"Aominecchi?" he was surprised. He thought the usual Aomine would throw a childish tantrum and be all "The only one who can kick me out of a house is me", and ignore him all together. Kise smiled unknowingly. How could he not? Seeing the tanned figure try his best to take the pan to the sink. "Ah! Kise! Sorry! I was trying to cook some eggs and then it burnt." he turned on the tap and jumped back from it when a rush of hot steam rose from it. "Are you an idiot?" Kise laughed, limping towards him. "How can anyone burn an egg? Even without cooking experience?" Kise stretched his neck to catch a glimpse of the sink, which the other was blocking him from. "Let me through." he sulked, shoving at the other gently. Aomine didn't bulge. Instead, he moved forward and wrapped his arms tightly around Kise. "You haven't receive something." he muttered before pressing his lips on the blond's forehead. "A good morning kiss." he muttered against his skin, sending shivers down the blond's spine. "Good morning, Aominecchi." Kise mumbled, a rush of guilt hit him when he recalled what he had done to the other the night before.

"Aominecchi.. I.." Kise wanted to explain. He pulled himself away from the hug to look at the other's face, only to find him smiling happily. "Talk to me." Aomine offered. "We're together, right?" he asked, and Kise nodded, smiling back. "Then don't hold back." Kise's eyes widened.

Another kiss on his forehead.

"If you need something, tell me."

A kiss to his nose.

"If you want a hug, tell me."

A kiss to his cheeks.

'If you need a kiss, tell me."

And finally, a kiss to his lips. It was just a gentle peck. But Kise could feel all the emotions stored in it.

"And if you feel like you need someone to talk to.." Aomine pointed at himself before gently letting their foreheads touch. "Tell me."

Kise bit his lips, his eyes already tearing up. Damn, Aomine only knows how to play the boyfriend role when he really needed to. Kise sniffed and used the back of his hands to start wiping the tears that had rolled down his cheeks. "I- You're a baka.." he sobbed. "Wh-What?!" Aomine shouted, his hands hovered protectively around Kise. "I thought you'll be happy to hear that, Kise!" Aomine's voice had a sort of panic in it. Had he not expected Kise's sudden outburst? Kise laughed. That sounded very much like Aomine. Even though they were together for so long, Aomine had trouble understanding how emotional Kise was.

"Thank you."

Kise spent the rest of the day on the couch with Aomine, both of them ended up eating the food (Those instant ones where you just throw into the microwave oven) Aomine bought. Aomine chuckled to himself, glad that he didn't buy that much "fresh" food since he knew he can't cook. He did it for the sake of making Kise happy. Why? Because Momoi told him to do it. He wasn't used to doing such... Shows. And he was sure as hell Kise noticed. But it was his efforts that paid off. And now, Kise was in his arms, enjoying a action movie. "Neh, Kise.." Aomine started. "Don't worry about not being able to play 1-on-1 with me anymore." Kise paused, being reminded of his fate wasn't in the plan at all today. His eyebrows furrowed together. "Damn it, Aominecchi." he huffed, looking up at the other male. "Read the damn atmosphere." he sighed, sitting up. "I wasn't thinking about it till you said it." Aomine cursed under his breath. "T-Then, I'm sorry, okay? I just thought you were- And I want you to stop thinking about it- Because it's just so damn stupid to worry over such stuff."

"Haa?!" Kise could feel the anger building inside him. "Oh! So I can sadly assume that you don't care or mind that we can't play basketball together anymore?!" Kise shouted, glaring at the blunette. "What!? I'm just saying it's not that big of a deal!" Aomine growled. "Oh, wow, not that big of a deal." Kise rolled his eyes. "It's because it isn't you!" Aomine closed his eyes and sighed. "This is just not working out, Kise. Get over it already!"

It wasn't soon before Aomine found himself thrown out of Kise's apartment. It wasn't like he was hard to throw out. It was the first time he had seen Kise so angry (without crying) before. He clenched his fist and punched the wall beside the door. Damn! Why was he so stubborn? Why didn't he console Kise? Why was he so bent on asking Kise to get over something that major to the blond's life?! Aomine huffed, turning away from the apartment. Guess he'll come back tomorrow. Will Kise be glad to see him again? Or would he just be extremely angry?

"No, I should just go back to him." Aomine turned back to the door and had his fist ready to knock the door down. But he hesitated. Kise would probably be too angry to hear him... His fist hovered at the door for a moment before falling back to the side. "God.." he fell silent. And that was when he heard a loud thud from the other side of the door. His head snapped up and he banged on the door. "Kise?" he shouted, using his fist to create another series of bangs. "Oi, Kise Ryouta!"

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