Kise shifted from his back to his side, his face moving straight into someone's hair. "Hmm?" he lifted an eyelid, seeing messy navy hair right at his nose. He nuzzled onto the other's head, earning a soft groan in protest. He grinned goofily, his eyelid dropped back and darkness brought comfort to the eye that was slightly dazed by the sunlight that has invaded his room. He hummed softly as he let his own hands slipped around the other male's body. Yes, the sunlight was quite annoying when looked at, but it had brought a touch of warmth into the room and that made him comfortable. Spring was coming, Kise thought to himself, sighing softly. He smelled the scent of the other before feeling a slight blush grace itself on his cheeks. Was he being a little too creepy? The smell of his very own shampoo reached his nose, but he could differentiate the Aomine part of it. He moved closer, tightening the wrapping of his arms. "Aominecchi~" he cooed, making sure that his breath would tickle the other's ear. "Aominecchi~" he repeated, giving a small squeeze this time. The navy haired male let out a extremely loud groan this time, turning to face the other when he noticed he was behind him.

"Seriously, Kise.." Aomine wheezed when he stretched in the other's arms.

"What?" he grinned, only to wince in pain when Aomine used his hand to poke on the other's bruise from yesterday's fall. "You're cheating!" Kise yelled, his hands unwrapped themselves from Aomine's waist and shielded the bruise, getting only a laugh for a reply. "Horrible.." Kise glared at him. But he couldn't stay angry for long, not when Aomine placed his lips on his with such gentleness. He could smell him really well now. A scent of citrus and some other thing he couldn't quite place. It confused him - the scent. For it was sweet, but sourish. Comforting, but unwelcoming. It has always sent shivers down his spine, be it good or bad. It thrilled him to be so close. It brought out all the pent-up lust, want and love for him. "Aominecchi.." Kise trailed off, his eyelids fluttered slightly when their lips parted.

"You're gonna be okay.." Aomine promised him. And Kise believed it.

And he really was going to be okay. Because the hospital sent an email to him:

Dear Ryota Kise,
We are very sorry to inform that the previous time you visited the hospital, we have accidentally mixed up some of the patients' results and we might have given you the wrong results after your diagnosis and stay at our hospital. We hope that you are free to visit our hospital at any given time to have a reexamination to confirm the actual results. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused and hope you have a quick recovery soon.

"Aominecchi, Aominecchi!" Kise jumped out of the room, his eyes already filled with tears.

"Don't jump!" Aomine reminded him, rushing over to hold him in case he fell.

"I'm okay, I'm okay!" Kise laughed, gently placing an arm on the other male's chest. When Kise saw the confused look on his baka's face, he giggled and realized that he needed to give a more detailed explanation. "I mean, I'm okay! There's no need for me to worry anymore!" Kise laughed happily. It took Aomine awhile to absorb the entire thing before a smile broke onto his face. "See! I told you you'll be fine!" Aomine said in a confident tone, though it has already begun shaking since he was so happy with the fact that his lover could play basketball again, and this time, he was going to treasure it well. "But the doctor did say I have to rest for awhile before the injury would heal." Kise added behind, but it wasn't much of a problem, was it? He can still play basketball! He can still play basketball! With Aominecchi! With Kurokocchi! With all the other Miracles! He still can! And that was all that matters.