Author: Babychan


Title: Visions of Love

Series: none

Disclaimer: X-men and all its characters do NOT belong to me.

Summery: Scott/ Ororo. Scott muses over his chosen love. sequel to Right Before My Eyes

Visions of Love

Oh Jean!

Oh God Jean!

I could just kiss you!

You beautiful vindictive bitch!

I can't believe you seduced him.

I can't believe that he actually went to you.

The demon of envy

When he had Ororo....

A Goddess

The goddess of beauty.

What an *idiot*!

But his loss is going to be my gain.

I should hate you both for hurting her...

But I can't.

I'm to grateful!!

I couldn't have broken them up better if I would have done it myself!

And what's so funny is that over this past year, of their marriage I've tried and tried and TRIED to wedge myself between them . But much to my dismay, they seemed to be stuck tighter than glue.

Ororo knew that I loved her, but she never pushed me away.

She would have.

But she had mercy on me because she is now the mother of my child.

Jean, oh Jean, you just never quit do you?

You just had to go and hurt us both, didn't you?

You wanted to hurt me for not loving you anymore and hurt Ro for being the object of my affections.

I must admit, you *did* hurt me when you told my son what I did to Maddie. I still can't believe you purposely turned my son against me. Made him hate me.

But you thought that he would turn to you, didn't you? You thought he would love you just because you looked like *her.*

You bitch!

But he didn't. He hated you even more than I thought a four year old was capable of. And he attacked you with a power that not even the professor can fathom.

You thought that you could pretend to be innocent, but you were just as guilty as I was.

I might have left them, but you *kept* me. You knew that I went insane in my grief... When I thought you had died on the moon.

Jean...You knew I was married. You knew I had a family, but you didn't even try to set me straight. Because you were back from the 'dead' and you wanted me for *yourself*.

You're a selfish bitch, Jean.

I don't even know what you were thinking, trying to play the innocent victim with little Chris. You of all people should know that its stupid to even try to lie to a telepath.

That's why I was glad when little Christopher telekinetically slammed you against the wall and started to crush you with an invisible force. That's why I didn't even try to stop him. Xavier tried, mentally, but *couldn't* stop him.

He was just* too* powerful.

You were terrified weren't you Jean, because in his rage, Chris almost killed you that day.

And if it wasn't for Ororo, he would have.

I'll never forget that day as long as I live. All she had to do was create one violent clap of thunder and my son stopped his deadly attack, dead in his tracks. As clear as if it were happening right now, I can remember him turning his attention to Ro, just as you fell unceremoniously to the floor.

What I don't remember is when she came into professors office. I don't know how much she saw or heard but there she was, in the doorway. Her white hair and white silk dress fluttering beautifully around her and her eyes ablaze with white fire.

She truly looked the part of the goddess.

"Nathan." She called him and held out one hand to him. At the time, Ro was the only one to call him by his first name. Now, little Chris won't answer to anything else.

I remember that I tore my gaze away from the weather goddess just in time to see my son run toward his Auntie Roro.

I guess I should say... I tore my gaze away from the goddess, just in time to see him run to his mama. Because that's what he calls you now, isn't that right, Ro?

However, I didn't realize at the time that when he left with you that day, he was choosing *you* to be his parent. To be the only Mamma and Daddy that he would ever need.

Ever want.

I wonder if you knew? I don't think you did. I think you were just trying to get him out of the room and away from the marriage counseling session gone bad. I say this because that night when I came to pick him up, you looked *very* surprised when my son turned his powers against me and refused to leave your quarters.

After what I saw him do to Jean, in Xavier's office, I knew I wouldn't escape his wrath. But it still hurt like a motherfucker when he telekinetically threw me down that flight of stairs.

But I must say, it was worth it, just to hear you scream, Ro. You were scared for me. Hell, I was scared for me! But you flew down those steps so quickly to make sure I was ok. You were the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

When I came to, it was your *husband*, Alex, who was at my bedside. He told me that Nathan threatened to run away if you gave him back to me.

I think I would have taken the news better if you would have given it to me, Ro. Because all I heard was that Alex, who had not only married the woman I was in love with, was now going to be the father to my son.

*MY* SON!!

He always gets EVERYTHING!!!

I didn't take the news well. But you forgave me. Even made sure that Nathan was a part of my life, much to my son's protest.

Oh and Jean, I wish you could have seen your face when Nathan chose Ro instead of you. When you found out that she won and *you* lost! The shocked look you gave was priceless! I even heard Logan chuckle a bit.

Ro, I have to admit that it hurt to see Alex with my son. In between the both of you. He honestly looked like he belonged to the both of you. Facially, Nathan took after my family, so he looked like my brother. But some how, my son had white hair and blue eyes like yours, Ro.

God it hurt. I'm pretty sure my pain was written all over my face. Perhaps... Logan was laughing at me as well that morning.


But I should have known that morning, that Nathan only wanted you, Ro. The way my son always made sure that he was *in between* you and your husband.

He never let you two be alone did he?

Did you know that Alex even confronted me and accused *me*of convincing Nathan to come in between the both of you.

Is if Nathan would listen to me. My son wouldn't have even been around me if it wasn't for your charging, Ro.

But my goddess, mine, *you* never confronted me though. *You* never accused me. Probably because I don't think you realized what burden my son was to your marriage.

You were the perfect wife and mother.

Everyone could see that.


Its just that Alex was selfish and he didn't want to share you.

And also because Nathan didn't want to share you either.

It must be a Summers thing. To be obsessively selfish.

But you gave 110% of yourself to the both of them and still had time to be the Co-Leader of the x-men.

It hurt to see you so obliviously happy when I *knew* you were going to get hurt.

I knew Alex was going to screw things up with you. His code name isn't Havock for nothing.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that you married the bastard!!

I love you, Ro... That's why I stood back and let it happen.

I let your marriage fall apart at the seams.

I had too....

Or I would have lost this chance.

To make you see me.

But for the life of me, I didn't think that he would *cheat* on you! I thought that he would maybe...I dunno complain about Nathan. Try to force you into giving him back to me.

I know that would have made you just as angry. Because even though you didn't give birth to him, he was your child. The only child you would ever have...

Because you couldn't have anymore...

Not any of your own anyway...Because they did something to you.... Took something from you.

When we were captured... So long ago...

During Project X.

The thunder is shaking the whole mansion, and the storm outside it threatening to topple the whole place down.

Everyone is terrified.

Even Logan.

I think he regrets telling you where Alex was.

I've never seen you so angry before, my love. No one has ever seen you this angry before.

I glance at Marie. I can tell that she is more furious than afraid though. Ro is like the sister she never had.

I feel sorry for Alex when she gets a hold of him.

Nah... no I don't.

We were all gathered in the adult lounge, staring out of the windows and at the scene being played out down the lawn and by the lake.

Ro, just caught her husband, my brother cheating with my ex-wife. God, its like a big Summers' soap opera.

Then the whole sky lit up with lightening, accompanied with an ear-shattering boom of thunder.

"Sweet Mary Mother of God!" I heard Remy breath out fearfully as he squinted his eyes and covered his ears.

It took a few second before my eyes were able to focus again. I was just in time to see my goddess turn around and start walking toward the mansion.

My half-dressed, idiot brother was calling to her. Trying to explain. As if there was an excuse for what he just did.

I was pleased to see that she didn't even turn around. However, I was more than surprised when a litany of lighten bolts came crashing down onto Jean's boathouse.

She didn't even flinch when it exploded.

She just kept walking back to the mansion....

And never once looked back.

"Holy Fuck!" Logan yelled dumbstruck. Though I could tell by his tone that even though he was shocked, he was also impressed.

Alex was thrown forward but he was alright. Unfortunately. When he got up he ran toward the destroyed boathouse. He was looking for Jean.


She was already out of the boat. She had followed him out after Ro had found them together. But when she noticed that he was looking for her, she started playing it up, pretending that she was wounded. Playing the innocent victim.

I sneered and couldn't help but wonder if Jean was always such a calculating slut.

It helps that you can read our minds, doesn't it bitch? Helps you know exactly what buttons to push, which cards to plays, what words to say to keep us at your bidding.

Yes, Jean... keep it up.

Because you *think* you are hurting us...Ro and myself.

I look down at my, now, five year old son. He's holding my hand as he watches the storm and his mama worriedly.


God his voice is so sweet.


"Is mama going to be okay?"

I risk it, and I pick him up and hug him close. I find myself breathing out a breath I wasn't aware I was holding when he doesn't push me away. Instead, he actually rests his head on my shoulder and continues to stare out of the window and at his mama.

It was at that very moment, that Ororo opened up the glass door and walked into the room with all of us. Even though she was completely soaked from the storm outside, I can clearly see the steady stream of her tears. I could tell that she was shocked to see us blatantly eavesdropping. Then she looked away from us and out of that glass door she just came in through. I knew what she was doing; she was trying to see how much one could observe from this vantage point.

By the way her shoulders slumped, I could tell that she now knew that we could see everything. And for a fleeting moment, she almost looked embarrassed that we witnessed the destruction of her marriage.


And at that moment I remembered the time, when I was helping her in her greenhouse, she told me that as a goddess she was so 'hip' that even her errors were correct. She was joking, of course, but I as I watch her right now, as she forced herself to stand up straight, through back her shoulders and look at us with the strength we've always known her for, I can't help but see the truth in her words.

Ro, my goddess mine, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Alex is an idiot. An idiot that never deserved you.

"Do you want me to kill 'em ,darlin?'" I heard Logan ask as he made a fist and unsheathed his blades. I could tell by his tone that he was serious. Deadly serious.

Marie looked at him then at Ororo as if waiting for the go ahead. She hated Jean, and she would never forgive my *ex*, not only for this betrayal of trust, but for the time when Jean tried to steal Logan from her.

It happened a few months after Jean and I separated for good, she tried to make me jealous with Logan again. She didn't even care that he was now with Marie. However, the Wolverine wasn't interested and the only thing Jean accomplished was making a fool out of herself and an enemy out of Rogue.

"No." My goddess whispered her answer to Logan's question as she turned her attention to my son. With slow and graceful steps, she closed the distance between the three of us.

My God she sounded so broken when she answered him. I decided then and there I was going to beat the hell out my brother.

"Baby." She tried to smile out but failed miserably.

"Yes, mama?" Nathan answered in a small whimpering voice. I surmised that he was probably empathetically picking up her sorrow plus having that compounded with his own worries. Poor little kid.

"Will you be a good boy and stay with your daddy tonight?" She looked at me to make sure I didn't mind babysitting him. Of course I didn't, but she was always considerate like that. She gave me an appreciative smile after I nodded that I didn't mind.

However, my son looked at me in pure horror and tried to wiggle out my grip. I could tell that he feared that she was giving him back to me.

"Just for tonight, my dearest heart..." She assured in a weary sigh right before she gently ran her fingers through his platinum locks and kissed his brow. "Just for tonight. I'll pick you up in the morning and we'll have breakfast in bed as we watch cartoons."

"Umm.." He stopped wiggling and eyed her skeptically. "You promise?"

"My word is my bond. " She assured with a small royal nod.

A reluctant. "Okay... but just for tonight!" was our son's answer. I could tell that it was killing him to agree. But he agreed and that was a good sign, for me anyway.

She gave him a patient smile, kissed him on the forehead one more time and walked back out into the storm.

It didn't seem possible, but the weather actually got *worse.*

But don't they always say that problems always seem to get worse before they get better?

Well, if they don't, I'm believing that those words ring truth because when Nathan laid his head on my shoulder again, I saw Ro turn around and...

She looked at me.

And I knew....

With everything I am, I knew....

That she finally saw me.

the end