A few months later after the transformation:

"Belle," Adam called, as Belle passed him whilst her nose was stuck into a book. She looked up, glancing around and spotted him.

She waved in return, exchanging a grin with him.

Even after all they've been through he knew Belle still didn't trust him. In a way he was still the animal she had grown to love and know. In other ways he was just a Prince and sometimes they didn't talk like they had used to.

"You have been avoiding me?" The Prince assumed, as he approached her. Belle shook her head, shutting the book and tucked it in her arm. "I've been busy."

"With your books," He remarked sarcastically. The joke failed to make Belle laugh, instead she silently sighed.

He knew she was protective about her books and sometimes he thought she was very sure he wasn't who she learned he was just a few months before.

"No. I was just finishing helping out Mrs Potts in the kitchen for dinner actually."

"You do not need to do that Belle you're our guest, my fiancée'."

She winced at the word, and glanced down. He thought she hated him or something. Instead she glanced back up and smiled at him.

"It's no problem at all. Infact before I came here I was used to serving my father and being in charge of everything. It's actually comforting for me."

He took her hands in his, and leaned in to kiss her cheek softly, "I just do not want you pressuring yourself to help out when clearly you will be my princess soon."

It came out all wrong. Her eyes widened, and her mouth slightly parted. He had been too honest with her, made her sound like some sort of prisoner again.

"That is if you want to be." He added reassuringly, making her smile a little.

She leaned in, kissing his cheek. "I will be your Princess if it means that much to you. Though unfortunately that's your duty as the ruler to your land. I would just be happy to be your Princess because I am marrying you and I love you."

He smiled fondly at her, his eyes sparkling. "I'm sorry Belle that this seems awkward between us all of a sudden.."

She held her hand up, covering his mouth. "It's just me. Getting used to all of this," She glanced around the castle walls. "I'm sorry for being so distant with you. It's just I'm not really fitting in here aren't I?"

"No." He exclaimed, "My love, it's not that really. It's just I need to hold onto my duties and help out the Castle. The only time we really have together is at night."

She looked down avoiding his gaze, it was a subject she hadn't been sure about. They had shared the same room for quite some time now. Even though it was not proper. Their bond had decided, plus it was not as if they had done anything.

"Belle," He breathed softly, taking her hand, caressing it. "I need to go but will you spend the night with me?"

She exhaled lightly, her eyes narrowing. "I love you Adam I really do it is just that-" She didn't finish her sentence, just nodded weakly, spun around and headed to their room.

"Mrs Potts may I talk to you?" Belle asked the plump woman who was busy cleaning Chip's mouth.

"Yes of course Dear! Just let me get Chip outside." She scurried the little five year old out to play, and sat opposite Belle in the kitchen.

"Care for a spot of tea, m'love?"

"Yes thank you," Belle replied as Mrs Potts poured some in a tea cup. Belle was unsure of how she should come right out and say it but she had to - she couldn't just sit and sulk.

Belle, traced her fingers lightly over the brim of her cup, "Mrs Potts I wanted to ask you something."

"Yes, go on," She encouraged me sweetly.

"It's Adam." She started, "Our life. Adam wants to be more intimate if you like. He wants me to spend the night with him. Tonight."

Mrs Potts listened while intently studying Belle's expression.

"And," She continued, "I guess in a sense I am not ready. We have only known eachother a few months and I have not ever been with a man. If he has then I guess I shall just disappoint him."

"No dear." Mrs Potts said softly, getting up to pat Belle's back. "The Master has been with a young woman. Before he was changed of course. But back then he was different. I am sure it did not mean anything. He was very much a different man before he met you. You are different to him, we all see the way he looks at you. Trust me Dear."

She sighed in unison, "I am too scared I'll admit."

"If he loves you," Mrs Potts told her, "He'll wait. He'll be gentle." She cupped Belle's chin, tilting her head so she met her gaze. "I am sure it is only to show how much he loves and adores you."

"Thank you Mrs Potts." Belle said thankfully.

The rest of the night had gone swiftly quick. Belle had butterflies in her stomach and felt almost sick. Not of Adam but what the night had hold for them. Over dinner, Adam had been holding Belle's hand the whole time, squeezing it gently and holding her. Mrs Potts had raised her eyes assuringly at times, whilst Lumiere and Clogsworth had been gossiping about what was to come. They had heard the master before talking about it, and certainly had heard him doing it.

After dinner, Adam and Belle stalked off to their bedroom. Belle sat at the edge of her bed, just letting it all happen if it was to be. Adam held her gaze, from the other side of the room. Taking off his shirt slowly, and undoing his belt.

Belle's breathing hitched up, as she cleared her throat. "I-I um."

"Shh," He told her, capturing her lips to his. The kiss became hungry and overwhelming, he grabbed Belle's hands slightly, and roamed them, guiding her to take her clothes off.

"We're moving too fast." She panted, as he wouldn't let go.

"I-I'm not ready," She tried again, but pathetically he launched her down on the bed, trailing kisses down her stomach. She then felt his lips, move towards the most sensitive area. Belle felt the hem of her dress being bunched in Adam's large hands. She felt his eyes roam her exposed legs and then she felt his fingers lightly trace over them, he lay and gazed at them. She watched his expression intently observing her. It was too much for Belle, she couldn't possibly let him continue..

She shot up, yanking herself away from him.

"Please." She pleaded as she was now naked before him. The tears trickled down her cheeks, which Adam hadn't noticed. She leaned further away from him, covering her exposed body with the blanket.

"Adam stop." She said sternly. He stopped what he was doing, and met her gaze.

"Please Belle, I just want to show you-"

"Enough," She cut him off. "I am not ready. And if you really love me you will not rush me to do this."

He sighed, crawling next to her. "Belle I did not intend on hurting you I just thought you had wanted this."

"Like this?" She exclaimed, gesturing to her body. "Forcefully? It just does not happen like that. It is meant to flow naturally. Not just exposing me without my permission."

His eyes showed sadness and pain. He really did love her, she was just so stubborn.

"I wanted to make your first time beautiful, Belle."

Her eyes narrowed, "How did you know I am a virgin?"

"I-I." He flabbergasted, "I did not. I mean are you? I mean I just assumed you would be."

"I would like to be married before rushing into such things!" She proclaimed.

"Just because you have not, does not mean that I have the same values!" She cried. Almost childishly. She hated that about herself, she was very stubborn and showed no affection for Adam in so long.

"I am sorry Belle." He told her, taking her hand. "I will not bother you again. Infact, I'll make this easier for you." His temper had returned and in a flash he had gotten up, stormed to the door and let it slam behind him.

"Good," She said whispered coldly as she moved to the door. Belle grabbed the key that she was given and turned it through the keyhole. As long as she stayed here, he wasn't getting anywhere near her. Not so close and definitely not against her will.

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