Belle's eyebrows knitted together in frustration as she glided slowly with Mrs Potts into the Castle. She nestled deeply into the cloak she wore, peeking out at the corner of her eyes of the stained glass windows. The long narrow hallway issued candles, candles everywhere. It gave the Castle a calming eerie sensation, nevertheless Belle liked it.

"What happened here?" Belle questioned, letting her hood fall as her hair sprang out, free and tangled.

Mrs Potts glanced at Adam's door, "The Master must have had some time.."


Mrs Potts let out a small sigh before facing Belle, "Belle, he had to get you back somehow."

"By trying to seduce me? Not to sound ungrateful because the candles look lovely but I'm not here to fake smiles and reconciliation, I'm here to talk to my fiancé about my situation."

Just then, a creak echoed through the Castle. Belle saw Adam's door open ajar, a tall, large shadow looming over Mrs Potts and Belle. Belle's eyes widened at the sight, not of fear but of happiness. The Beast blinked twice at her, his mouth hung open in disbelief and Belle chuckled.



The two stood gaping at each other. It felt like Belle had finally returned to her comfort zone. She had missed the Beast severely, he was replaced with a brooding handsome young man but was taken aback by his temper. The Beast wasn't any different but she had fallen for his beautiful personality, his kindness, his inner beauty.

"Oh!" Belle exclaimed, rushing to him and letting her small arms wind around the large animal. "Beast.." She sobbed, tears falling down her cheeks. "I cannot believe it's you."

Beast stared down, his mouth still ajar seeing Belle press her mouth to his furry chest, seeing her caress him. She wasn't frightened at all. Beast smiled widely and let his large paw curl tentatively under Belle's chin as he nestled his cheek to her own. "You came back."

Belle nodded furiously, "Yes. I-I missed you."

He paused for a moment and glanced over at Mrs Potts, before he signalled anything, Mrs Potts smiled and nodded curtly before vanishing into the depths of the Castle.

"Belle.." The beast breathed as quietly as he could, "Have you come to break the curse or be with me?"

How could Belle explain to him that she was carrying his child without hurting his feelings, without saying she wanted the Beast and not Adam.

"I-I-I... I'm carrying your Child, Ada-Beast. I want you." She let her hand slide gently on his face, "I want the beast I fell in love with. Adam, you broke my heart."

He stared out into the open space of the Castle, she felt his chest grumble and recognised his way of contemplating. Getting up, she patted her pregnant stomach with her hand. "Our child. Remember?"

"Our child but Belle, you can't marry an Animal. Not this!" He almost shouted, gesturing to himself. "Belle, this baby that you'll bear will end the curse!"

"Oh Beast, I know.."

"Adam... it's Adam." Beast bellowed. Belle gasped, shrinking down to the floor. Her wide eyes stared up at him. Then she saw it, his anger, the same reason she had left in the first place. Her eyes filled with tears, she wouldn't let her see her pain. She only wanted to help. Her selfish act hadn't worked, she had to be determined to be more selfless.

"I'm Sorry-" Belle was cut off by a sharp pain that started in her stomach. Cramps began to ache right through her. Belle gritted her teeth as she grabbed the edge of the wall she was leaning against. Beast shot down the floor as he grabbed her hand, "Belle, Belle, what's wrong?"

She couldn't speak. The pain within her was almost unbearable. She felt stickiness underneath. She saw behind hooded eyes Beast growling as Mrs Potts and other figures knelt to her side. They were all calling out to her but Belle's weariness became more dependent. She felt herself fall, fall, fall...

Memories of her and the Beast flooded back, memories and nostalgia from the very first night she came here, to their friendship, to their new found love that night in the ballroom, to their love making.

Sitting defeated and in exhaustion and grief, Beast slumped at the door where Mrs Potts was tending to Belle. She had passed out after bleeding to death. Maybe it was the curse after all, getting them back for disobeying their love, for backing out...

Mrs Potts lay a hand on Beast's arm. "Master.." She began, tears slowly sliding down her cheeks. "Belle... Belle has passed on." Beast's ears pricked up, his heart beating fast.

As she continued, he sunk down to the floor, felt himself lost and alone. "She, She miscarried the baby. With all of the worry and stress, it killed it. I got it out as soon as I could.. it was a girl, Adam. A beautiful healthy little girl, so small and so fragile and innocent." Mrs Potts exhaled slowly. "The baby's gone, Adam. And so is Belle."

The castle shook with tremors of Beast's emotions, his frustration and absolute despair made the Castle shake with nothing but devastation. Wearily, Beast fell to the ground, he was withering away, he knew the curse had caught up with him. Nothing else to live for, nothing more to break the curse, he was gone. Of a broken heart or of the curse's vengeance. He blacked out, his last thoughts on Belle and the baby they'd never see. Behind These Blue Eyes was the story of a Beast.

Adam found himself in a very bright place. Full of clouds and happiness, not a single flaw was noticed. He realised it then. He was dead. He was in heaven. Beast whirled around automatically, he then saw his Belle. She was smiling ear to ear and flew into Adam's arms. He kissed her then and there, feeling, smelling and seeing her finally. He was human and so was she. They were spirits and the things they went through seemed irrelevant.

"I am so sorry Belle. Our baby..."

"Shhh.." Belle cooed, covering her hand over his mouth. "Life had other plans." She whispered, giggling a little. "We're in a place where no one can hurt us now Adam."

Adam was covered in sweat. He shot up in his own bed. He looked around. It was the bedroom he'd grown up in, the Castle. Then he couldn't be dead. He must have been dreaming, he looked over at the side of his bed. Belle lay there, a content smile on her lips as she wound her arms around him. "I love watching you sleep."

"Huh?" He asked as Belle captured his lips. They fell back on the mattress and Adam realised he was naked and so was she. She stroked his hair lovingly and giggled quietly.

"What?" Adam inquired, lazily smiling at her as he stroked her creamy skin.

"I realised something last night," She began, "I don't want to leave now. I-I was wrong. After making love, I realised how much I loved you and I must accept you for what you are, Adam. The beast is long gone, I must love you instead."

That's when it hit him like a ton of bricks, the whole thing had been a dream. He had fought with Belle and she was going to leave him but the night they made love was so perfect and felt right, she wasn't leaving. It had all been a dream. His eyes met with hers as they shared another kiss. "How about we get back on the wedding plans, then?"

"Absolutely!" She agreed but before she got up and grabbed her robe, Adam tugged her back down and felt her stomach secrectively.

"I have a feeling we may have concieved a little baby Belle last night."

She propped herself on one elbow and raised her eyebrows, "How could you be so sure?"

"I just had a feeling."

The End.

A/N: THE END. LOOOOL XD. What did we think of my little twist? So basically to sum up, I was playing with ideas to see where the story would take a drastic end and considered killing of Belle in childbirth and the curse would be broken but only it was Adam and their daughter OR the idea of it all being a dream. Basically, Adam was dreaming the whole time, well up to when him and Belle consuminated their love, that's when it was a dream. The stuff before it wasn't but I figured. "Behind These Blue Eyes." well, behind the Beast's eyes since he was dreaming the whole time. I hope I've not confused anyone and I hope you enjoyed the story. Thanks to all the amazing reviews and follows and favourites! It's been fun writing this story since February but now it's time to wrap it up and start on other projects I've been anticipating.