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Austin's P.O.V.

High school is where everyone sometimes discover who they are. It's a place where everyone get into their own little cliques. You have your jocks, cheerleaders, band geeks, geeks in general, nerds, musicians, Drama Club, Computer Wiz, Film Club Nerds. You name it, Marino High School has it.

But unlike those people I'm different, I'm the guy that's on every sports team, the one that gets every girl from any grade or club adoring me because I'm so talented. I'm the guy that does have a secret talent though and that's music. I play almost every instrument like base, drums, guitars, harp, trumpets and I can also sing. But no one know that about me and that is where is going to stay because being the most popular guy in school no one cares about that kind of stuff, all they care about is how popular I am or wondering who's the next girl I'm going to be dating.

I really have to admit it though, I didn't like all these cliques because some of them aren't even necessary but somehow they exist.

But that's okay because unlike others, I don't have to be dealing with all of the cliques anymore or high school because I was 17 and finally a senior. I had like 5 weeks left of being in this building that makes you do work that you don't want to do and I was finally going to enter in the real world.

No more turning things in on time or getting detention just because you sleep in class and whatnot. I was going to be on my own but for right now, I was going to enjoy my senior year because if you were me everything is practically handed out to you.

I'm popular, I'm the caption on almost every team, I have a hot girlfriend named Brooke, and every guy wants to be me and every girl wants to date me. What more can a guy ask for?

I was now walking through the front door of school when almost everyone's attention turned to me. I smirked at how I was some kind a celebrity to them.

"Hey Austin! I was looking for you yesterday and I wanted to see if I could give you my number." some girl said walking up to me.

I smiled at how she was flipping and raising her shirt up a little to get my attention. Wow, the things they do just for me.

"Um...yeah. Sure why not?" I said to her.

She then squealed a little but then regrouped herself as she took out a pen and paper and started writing down her phone number. Now I know what you're thinking, if I have a girlfriend why am I taking another girl's number? Well that's the thing, me and Brooke aren't like other couples. You see since she thinks she's oh so perfect and I'm me, we both agreed that we could get other people numbers and call them up if we wanted to. So it was kind of a open relationship.

"Call me anytime." she said and with that she started walking away.

Just as I about to start walking again though, my two best friends Dallas and Dez starts walking up to me brushing past that girl who just gave me her number. I started to smirk at how Dallas was now checking her out whatever her name was, I didn't care enough to know.

"Well, well, well if it isn't high school's superstar Austin Moon!" Dallas said as he walked along beside me.

"Hey Austin! Where were you yesterday? Brooke kept calling me trying to reach you." Dez then said to me.

"Why?" I asked him confused. I know she never calls me for no reason so why was she doing it now?

"I don't know, she just said that if I saw you she wanted to speak with you." he said.

Me, Dez, and Dallas have been best friends since the 2nd grade and haven't left each other's side yet even though I was 10 times more popular than they were. I don't know why but I guess my attitude and my looks made me become irresistable once I gotten into high school but hey, I'm not complaining.

"Well whatever she wants, tell her she can tell me in a little bit because I'm trying to find her. Do you guys know where she is?" I asked them.

They both shook their heads no as we all continued walking to find wherever she may be.

We then walked into the corridor where our lockers were located at but just as we finally got to our lockers putting our things away and getting our book that we never read anyway for class Brooke comes up to me.

"There you are! I've been looking for you, where have you been?!" she asked me getting angry.

"At home then at school. Why?" I asked her confused.

She never really cared before so whatever she had to tell me must be so important.

"Because I've been thinking about this for quite sometime and I made a decision." she then said.

I closed my locker and turned to look at her not knowing what she was going to say next while Dez and Dallas started coming behind me looking to see what she had to talk to me about.

"Go ahead, I'm listening." I said to her.

"Okay, I know this may be hard for you to understand and it might be a long time for you to get over it but I'm breaking up with you." she finally said.

All three of us guy both stood there looking shocked as everyone in the halls around us were looking shocked too and muttering and having side conversations about me.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked her confused.

Who in the hell breaks up with me, the hottest guy that set foot in this building.

"I said I'm breaking up with you. You see me and this guy met when I went on vacation this weekend and he is just perfect and by perfect I mean he does things to me that you never could." she explained as I could hear Dallas laughing in the back.

"So you screwed me over some guy you just met 3 days ago and we've been dating for 2 years?" I asked her appalled.

"Well I didn't cheat on you if that's what you're thinking, I mean we did agree to have an open relationship." she said to me.

"Yeah, but not that open!" I shouted.

I couldn't believe this, even though we were having an open relationship I still didn't want her to just do some other guy.

"Look, it's not you it's me. You're just too good for me I guess. But don't worry, you can still be friends I mean the prom King and Queen always end up being friends or dating each other." she explained.

Not this again, before she ended things with me all year long she wouldn't stop talking about prom and how expensive her dress was going to be or how it was going to look perfect with the tiara she was going to receive when she won prom Queen. I however, really didn't care about that stuff. I already know I'm going to win but now after what she's done I didn't want her to win with me.

"You know what Brooke, I don't think we can be friends or anything because you cheated on me and now you expect me to think that everything's okay?" I asked her getting angry.

"Austin, we've been over this. I didn't cheat on you." she said to me causally.

I didn't want to listen to anymore of this crap she was saying so I rolled my eyes and started walking away from her not caring what other people would think of that. Dez and Dallas quickly soon followed behind me as I start walking off to class.

"Wow man, I don't want to be you right now. You just got dumped by the hottest girl in school." Dallas said teasingly.

"Correction I didn't get dumped she cheated on me, did we not already cover that?!" I asked him annoyed.

Me and Dallas were close but sometimes the things he did just annoys me so much that I just want him to shut up sometimes.

"Whatever you say, the bottom line is that you aren't dating her anymore. And if I was you, I would date someone quickly because the prom is only 3 weeks away and you would look so bad without a date." he explained.

"I know, I know! Don't you know me? I'm Austin Moon, the caption of every sport that's in this school. I can get any girl I want." I said to him.

It was true, every girl wanted to see what it was like to date me, so I might just make one of their dreams come true then.

"Okay, Mr. Popular." Dez said laughing at me. "So what about prom Queen?" he then asked.

"What about it?" I asked him.

"Well, do you still want Brooke to win?"

"After what she did, I don't want that backstabbing cheater to do anything with me!" I said angrily.

I didn't know why I was so angry, I wasn't really liking her but that still didn't give anyone the right to just dump someone because they found a better offer.

"Well you're going to have to suck it in crybaby because she's winning whether you want her to or not." Dallas said.

"Not really, someone else could win against her." I said.

"Yeah right, no girl is dumb enough to win against Brooke." Dez said.

"I know! Which annoys me to no end! In order for that to happen I would need to practically manipulate someone into running for prom Queen." I said to them.

"Good luck with that! You're not that smooth." Dallas said to me.

"You never know, someone might be willing to do something like that! To tell you the truth, I could get anyone to turn into a popular and make them get 500 more votes than Brooke has ever gotten. It's not that hard." I said to them.

Just then Dallas stopped in the middle of the hallway along with Dez. I turned around to look at them confused not knowing why they weren't walking anymore.

"Why did you guys stop, we're going to be late for class!" I said to them.

"Who cares?! Since when did Austin Moon care about being on time for class?" Dallas then asked.

I did, secretly. See, what many people don't know is that I'm like the smartest guy in our school right now. I get good grades on every test I take and I pass all of my classes, but they don't know that and they never will because once I tell them that they'll be talking about me.

"I-I-I-don't I just want to get out of these halls because I'm tired of walking." I lied nervously.

"Okayyy, but did you hear what you just said?" Dallas then asked.


"You just said that you could make anyone 500 times more popular than Brooke and make them beat her into winning prom queen." he said to me.

"Well I can." I simply said.

"You want to challenge that my friend?" he asked me smirking.

"You mean like a bet? With you?" I asked curiously.

"Yes with me!" he said getting annoyed.

I smiled at him knowing that I do stand behind what I just said and I could make anyone more popular than Brooke has ever been.

"It depends, what exactly what you want me to do?" I asked.

"Just like you said, you're going to transform a girl into one of the most popular people at Marino High School and you'll have her win prom queen over Brooke." he explained.

"Guys, that doesn't seem right." Dez interjected.

I known Dez longer than Dallas so I knew Dez was the type of people who always were friends with girls and guys and always followed the rules to what's right. But it wasn't like I was going to fall in love with this person whoever it was, I was just going to make them popular something that they've always wanted to be since they walked into those doors freshmen year.

"Relax Dez, it's easy. All you have to do is make the bet." Dallas said looking at me.

"What do I win if I do accomplish this bet?" I asked him stepping over to them.

"Let's see, you'll won't have to be prom King with Brooke and you can show her who's the boss and how she's not that important as she think she is." he explained.

"And what if you win? Which is not possible but hey, you can think that if you want!" I said to him.

"If I win, you'll have to pay me $1,000." he said smiling.

Really Dallas? $1,000? I have more than that in my left pocket. That's another reason why I'm so popular, my parents Mike and Mimi Moon own the country's most popular mattress stores so they're really rich which make me have all the money in the world that I could spend and waste it on anything I want. But if they found out that I used the money over something like this bet, they would kill me and I tell you this...it won't be done with mercy. But I could never lose.

"Is that a deal Moon?" he asked me holding out his hand.

I smiled and shook his hand. "Deal!"

We then turned back around to face the front and started walking again to class which felt like it was all the way on the other side, but in reality it was.

"So, I'm going to pick who I get to-" I started to say.

"Um...I don't think so. Did you honestly think you were going to get to pick someone?" Dallas asked.

"I have an idea, how about we pick no one?" Dez then asked.

"Dez, will you quit worrying it's not going to matter who he picks because you see I have my charm that I can use against any girl so whoever he decides to choose will be super easy." I said to him walking backwards facing him.

"We'll see about that." Dallas said.

As just I was about to turn around all of a sudden I bump into something behind me causing me to quickly turn around to see papers, books, and pencil everywhere on the floor. Dallas and Dez quickly start laughing and cracking up a storm at the person I bumped into who was now sitting on floor picking their stuff up.

"Watch where you're going geek!" I yelled at a girl.

She quickly looked up at me and I saw she had brown hair pinned up in a bun messy and big brown sparkly eyes that you could easily get lost in if it wasn't for those glasses that were on her face. She was wearing a red long sleeve shirt with the most horrible jeans I've ever seen. She looked familiar like I seen her somewhere before but I couldn't figure out where.

"Oh, isn't that girl from our classes, um...Sally!" Dallas said pointing at her.

She rolled her eyes and finished picking up her stuff and sat up facing me, Dez, and Dallas.

"Um...excuse me." she said softly and quietly.

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you! Speak up!" I said to her getting impatient.

"I said excuse me." she then said a little louder.

She was getting on my nerves, I didn't have time for this. I had too much things to do and one of them wasn't wasting my time talking to some geek name Sally.

"Look, I know you're tone deaf but I did say to speak up." I said to her.

She then stared at me intently like she wanted to hurt me which was odd because every girl in this school stares at me dreamily. She rolled her eyes and pushed past me and Dallas and walked away.

"Freak." I muttered to myself as I started walking. "What class is she in anyway?"

"Who? Sally, she's in most of my classes but she's in all of yours. Every time I meet you to walk over to our next class she's always there." Dez explained to me.

There was no way she was in my class, I know everyone in my classes.

"Well if she supposedly in my class, why is she walking back there?" I asked them.

"How am I suppose to know?!" Dallas then asked annoyed.

I smirked and laughed as I was still walking to class.

"You know what? Since you want to know so much about her, then why don't you get to know her?" Dallas asked.

"No I'm good, and even if I did how am I suppose to do that?" I asked confused.

"Easy, because my friend, that's the girl that you're transforming." he said coming closer to me.

I quickly stopped walking and looked at him shocked while he and Dez start laughing again.

"What?!" I yelled.

"Yep! Austin, you have 3 weeks to transform Sally into the most popular girl in school and make her win prom Queen over Brooke." he said.

There was no way I was doing that, I could do anyone from anywhere but for her I would have to have an A Team to make her at least look decent.

"No, no, no! You must be crazy!" I said to him.

"Yeah I kinda am, but we made a deal and you can't back out of this now." he said.

Dez nodded his head.

"I told you this wasn't a good idea, but did you listen to me? No." he said.

Dez was right, I already made this a deal but I couldn't do that to her.

"I can't do that though! She's like the biggest freak you ever seen!" I said to them.

"Then I guess you can start your magic touch now Moon." he said.

We finally reached to our class and Dallas and Dez give me their last snickers before they head off to class. I quickly went in there getting a surge of people cheering my name and clapping for me but I didn't care about that right now, I had to worry about making Sally into a popular girl and I couldn't lose.

After class was over I started to head for lunch since it was my next period, Dallas and Dez went off to talk to some girls without me after we were finished though.

I would have gone with them too but if I wanted to win this bet I needed to start as quick as possible.

I walked over to the courtyard as people (mostly girls) started handing me their numbers and flirting with me. Man, you have to love this life. After I was done getting the girls numbers though I looked around the grass to see if I could find Sally but I didn't know where she was.

I soon saw people throwing a girl's books on the floor at the front of the courtyard laughing at her as they walked away leaving her picking up her books and papers. She looked familiar too until I realized that it was the girl I was looking for.

I started jogging over there up to her until I see people looking around wondering why I was even going near her. I then bent down in front of her and picked up her books and paper.

"You know, they only were doing that because they didn't have anything better to do." I said to her.

She shoots her attention up to me scared that I was actually talking to her or because I was in front of her.

"W-w-what are you doing here?" she asked quietly. What is it with this girl and not speaking up?

"I go to school here." I said laughing.

She then stares at me coldly and if looks could kill I would already be dead by the way she was looking at me. I suddenly stopped laughing and sat up along with her.

"Um...here. You dropped this." I said to her.

"I didn't drop it, those idiots threw it down." she said softly again.

"Well you're right about them being idiots." I said to her laughing.

She doesn't move or doesn't say anything which was confusing me.

"Um...I'm Austin. But you already know that." I said to her nervously.

Why is she not responding to me?! I'm going to kill Dallas for doing this to me.

She still doesn't say anything. Instead she grabs her things out of my hand and starts walking off the courtyard.

"Wait Sally!" I said running up to her turning her around.

For some reason I felt something sharp running through my hands and arms then to my entire body which scared me so much causing me to pull back my hand away from her wrist.

What was that?!

"Why do you keep walking away from me?" I asked her.

She still said nothing. Okay, this was pissing me off this girl better start talking before I go off on her bringing her social status down which by the looks of it she really didn't have much.

"Why do you keep talking to me?" she then asked me quietly.

"What do you mean why do I keep talking to you? You're a person aren't you? So why can't I?" I asked her confused.

"You never done it before." she said to me.

"I'm sorry I can't hear you speak up!" I said to her.

I really couldn't hear her, she had the voice of a mouse.

She then stares at me again glaring at me until she turns back around and starts walking off again. I wanted to give up trying, I didn't care anymore about this girl. But I couldn't let Dallas win, so what do I have to do? Run after her again.

I ran behind her and turned her around by grabbing her wrist again quickly pulling back so I didn't feel anything this time.

"Sally!" I shouted at her which caused people to look around staring at me and her.

"Will you stop chasing me?! And for god sakes stop calling me Sally!" she said a little louder than before but still not enough so I could hear her clearly.

"Why not?! Isn't that your name?!" I asked her annoyed.

"No! Because if you care so much to talk to me, you would know that my name is Ally!" she shouted turning back to me.

People started talking again making small conversations about what just happened. She then looks around at all the people staring at her and starts to look pale until she turns around and runs off and out of sight.

But to be honest with you, that was the first time I heard her scream and yell that loud ever since I seen her in the hallway and by the looks of it, I'm pretty sure other people thought that too.

But I learned one thing...never call Ally, Sally.

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