There was a time, when the both of them meet- and attraction fizzles, like the prologue of a tragedy. If only they had met in a different situation, they might have been friends, and perhaps more. Makishima x Kogami

Sticking the cigarette between his fingers, Kogami looked upwards at the sky- the sky which is so black and without stars. Taking a breath of smoke, he watched as the smoke travels to the sky, wondering how fast they would disappear- sparsely remembering about brownian motion and those theories which he had learned in the school. Touching the cold metal rails of a random street- the way it jolts up to his bone with a creeping sensation- making him feel more alive, he had went out of his car to take a breath, his work as an inspector was trying. And the Sybil system- the system that had been so infuriatingly condemning- it was the system he was serving under right now.

It was a miracle that till now, he had a clear hue. He had thought that maybe it was due to him not giving a damn about anything- he wasn't sure he had even the motivation to commit a crime. Yes, a state of apathy, maybe that's the higher state that Sybil had wanted to create.

A light set of footsteps approaches him as a man's shadow imposed on his own- furtive and silent in their clandestine night. Kogami had not seen him coming.

Rising his eyebrow in annoyance, he wonders it was Gino, who had come and remind him not to brood on his own. Except it was not Gino. The man before him was pale-skinned, with silver hair so translucent it almost seemed to illuminate in contrast to the darkness of the night. The man had something odd around him- there was some quality that stills people, and Kogami wasn't usually the kind of people who gets stilled by people; at first, he thought it was some defense mechanism of his- in response to a threat- that had led him to let a frown dislodge itself to his lips. That wasn't exactly reasonable.

But he couldn't exactly help it.

He thinks that the man in front of him had a presumptuous smile, a manner so sleek that he couldn't help but feel offended. Because he was not something you encounter everyday, when you walk on the street and watch people live their lives as content as a sheep being led by a nameless shepherd, safe and tugged in the blanket of safety. This man- almost an anomaly, did not seem to assume that same contentment he had come to expect in people- instead there was something resembling a raw, inert violence in the way the golden eyes flickered towards him.

This is the force of a living person.

Then the man spoke. His voice soft and flowing in an undulating motion, it was almost like hearing a poet speak- a prophet with the silver tongue. And the words weren't what you would hear from a normal person. Some part of his chest felt something akin to fear- almost like a warning sign, and he finds himself searching for his pocket- now emptied of the desired dominator. No. In this area one couldn't find a criminal looking abroad, in fact- there's a scanner around here, yes, right there in the lampstand near the road. But.

"Yes, habit is truly a powerful thing. Humans are conditioned, and by being conditioned they are accustomed to something, and they began to expect something too ordinary- except that they did not realize the existence of something that is simply out of the box. Sybil System took advantage of habits, human habits- but they also shut down something that is inherently important in human, the necessity which we simply couldn't leave, that's our survival instincts. Nowadays, men are far too accustomed with peace. And that peace had come with a price."

"Are you questioning the system?" Shinya said, his voice coming out almost like a growl. He knew that his instincts were invigorated by this man's presence; almost like a prey by its predator.

"You're an inspector. Everyday- daily, you see people offed. I wonder if that created a distorted sense of reality in your mind, maybe it makes you even less aware. Death being so close and yet so distant at the same time. Did you feel a surge of pleasure as you see the blood gushing through human's brains?"

The man had walked closer to Kogami, he seem to violate his sense of personal space. But looking at the man, he seemed to violate every single law in existence. Kogami stopped breathing when he felt a sudden thump against his chest, a finger touching his chest. And for a second, he felt it. The fear of death. The fear of having your heart gauged out and the uncertainty of being alive. He wished he was trembling, but no- like his pain register, he only felt numb, waiting for the executor to claim his life.

"Under what precept are you sure that you're alive? Is it because your heart is beating? Is it because you are currently breathing?"

Kogami had touched the hand which was feeling the beating of his chest. He pressed it with pressure- and for the first time he felt it. The desire to kill someone. To attack someone, the desire to survive.

He seethed, baring his teeth. "What the fuck do you want? Who the hell are you?"

"You are a genius. You score higher than the average person." There was something in the way the man was so amused when he said something that clearly doesn't answer his question- but there was also something like condescension when he stared- without any restraint right to his eyes. "I simply want an intellectual discussion with someone who would be able to comprehend my views."

Kogami would usually respond with apathy. He always did. He isn't that prone to emotions but something about this man in front of him seemed to make him ignorant to reasons. He hated the man with every fiber of his being.

Later, he would try to contemplate on why he might have hated so much- but he prefer not to do it now.

"Your hue. You seem to resemble someone with a dirty hue." Kogami said.

He disliked it when the other man laughed, even his laugh sounds oddly derisive and yet still with a musical note. "What, and kill me with your dominator?" He pointed to the scanner. "Is this thing malfunctioning? Or do you distrust everything but your dominator that much? Alas. My hue is pure white."

He waved a finger and let its tip graze Kogami's cheek, seem to relish a kind of pleasure when he saw the other's indignant response- a shade of red shading the furious face.

"I am interested in you. You excite me, Kogami Shinya." He said, smiling mournfully, the eyes having a hint of pity. "Maybe this is not the right time though. We'll meet again, don't you worry."

As the other man turned his heel to leave, Kogami didn't know what odd impulses led him to grab the other man's lank arms, he pushed the other man close- and their face was close and their breath almost fusing to each other.

"Your name." Was the only intelligible thing that could come out of Kogami's lips.

"Makishima. Makishima Shogo." The voice that replies him was earnest, and he thought he saw a flicker emotions changing in the golden orbs. It reminds him of a white tiger's gaze. The one in the movies. After, looking at him for a while-Makishima rested his head on Shinya's chest- his arms still on the other's iron grip and let out a small, satisfied chuckle.

"You really do surprise me, Shinya."

The next thing he remembers is the hot sensation on his mouth as the other kissed him.