Kogami Shinya's eyes flickered with feigned disinterest as Makishima Shogo stepped out of his room to the living room where he was sitting and sipping his coffee- dressed in Kogami's shirt- it look out of place, almost funny in its discrepancy, it was morning- in his condo- light had done their infiltration well. To say that the other man was a usual eccentric would be a great understatement. Makishima moved around his house with a sense of self-propriety, something about his movement infuriates Kogami- yet he can't help but admire the man's ability to simply don't give a fuck- for him, society and the world. A brave man went to the path where solitude lies, they say. He wonders if he was one of them; but he knew Makishima was and is. Maybe that would explain the jealousy that shot him with anger.

"Fuck you." Kogami spat.

Makishima looked at him, half in amusement and half in an analytical manner- not a trace of hurt is shown in his face. "I thought we had done that far more times last night." He said the world lightly- in a slightly mocking tone, sipping the coffee he had made by himself.

Blood rising to burn his face, Kogami averted his eyes, his teeth gritted. "We did not." They did not. But the fact still stands, that he slept, not relinquishing his hold on Makishima's wrist, maybe Makishima was trying to remind him of that.

"Freud would think different." Makishima noted, without affectation- after letting out a soft noise which suspiciously sounds like a laugh, walking to the window, putting his fingers to touch the window, covered with fresh dew- a pleasant coldness seeping through his skin.

Makishima seems to be waiting for something. Kogami felt oddly perturbed. "What are you looking at?"

An angelic smile flitted across the pale face, "Jealous?"

"In your dreams." He growled, standing up, he went against Makishima- who looks as if he's waiting for him now, again the primal urge appears again- its like a buzzing sound compelling him to sin against the system- Makishima only looked at him- bemusement dancing inside the golden, fizzing orbs- there was an odd sort of challenge, lurking to lure him out. Kogami felt the urge of pushing the man down, yet he pushed only the space between where Makishima stands- effectively trapping him. "I will not lose, Makishima." He was asserting defiance, reverting to last name base.

Laughing, Makishima lets his fingers climb against Kogami's dark hair, running through it affectionately. "I'm not aware its a game, Shinya."

"Everything is with you." Kogami said, grazing their nose forcefully to each other- till their tips are touching. "Everything about you... betrays reason. It makes me lose my control."

Makishima lets out a soft yelp of a moan as Kogami suddenly decreases the distance in which their bodies stand, he could feel Kogami's crotch touching his, as if tempting to compete which one could have been harder- its exhilarating, and his mouth responds amiably when Kogami's tongue begged entrance into his cavity. Kogami wanted Makishima desperately, he loved that shocked expression that robbed the other man from his pedestal. Makishima Shogo, never in his life, was ever dominated by another person.

"Shin- god." Makishima snarled, his face a complete mess of plea, desire and pleasure, when Kogami kisses his neck, throwing small kisses.

When Kogami speaks, he felt like he's not being himself. "Blasphemy so fast, Shogo?" He felt as if he'll lose control but he know he won't be the only one, he won't let this man go. Makishima was oddly obedient when Kogami is undressing him, but they were interrupted by a sudden noise.

An explosion.