This is what happens when you fall asleep watching the Nature Channel.

Rachel picked herself up for the third time from Santana tripping her on this stupid nature walk/campout that Shue said would be a bonding experience.
She decided it was time to distance herself from the rest of the group, before she did something she would most definitely regret later on.

After what felt like forever, they were finally nearing the campfire and as it was starting to get dark Rachel felt it was a good time to just dissapear for a bit, so she turned off from the path and went for a walk in the woods.

It was a good 45 minutes after the kids had settled themselves around the fire before Tina looked around, and seeing no sign of Rachel asked to no one in particular..Has any one seen Rachel?

As they all looked around for the Diva,Shuester spoke up asking ,When was the last time any of you talked to Rachel?

Brittany spoke then ..Rachie has'nt said anything since the last time Sann tripped her into the mud.

Everyone turned to look at Santana with accusing eyes.

WHAT? You all laughed every fucking time I tripped the Midget so don't go gettin all holier than fuck on me now,Santana snarled as she continued to look for Rachel with a sinking feeling in her gut that something was wrong..Rachel never went this long without saying something, the girl was incapable of being quiet for long.

Now by this time they had all began to look for and yell out Rachel's name,all to no avail,The girl had seemed to just vanish,and no one was really sure how long the singer had been gone.

After looking around,Shue and the Pill had begun to panick a little ,they both had their phones out and were calling Rachel's phone and the Reserves office to get ahold of a Ranger.
When Shue finally got ahold of a Ranger and after yelling at him that he had lost his singer, the Ranger pushed the # pad to cause a long beep to get the panicking teachers ? Hello? are you there still? the Ranger asked.

The GLEE teacher said, Yes, Yes I'm here.
Before the GLEE master could lose his shit again the Ranger started talking fast.
Rachel? Rachel Berry? is this the girl that is missing? A short brunette with a voice like an angel?
Mr. Shuester was caught off guard by could this man possibly know who Rachel was..Yes that's her, she was with us for a Nature Walk and now we can't seem to find her.
Can you put this phone on speaker? the Ranger asked.
Yes of course, Shue said as he flipped the speaker button and set the phone down on a log.
Allright then, My name is Don Gorgon ,you can call me Ranger Gord,First off I will tell you all to calm down,If this IS the same Rachel Berry I think it is, you all have no need to fret, she is fine.
Do any of you have a sample of her voice that I could hear?

After no one came forward, Santana huffed a little and with a grimmace she held her phone up saying .Yes, I have a song of hers..looking at the stunned faces around her she just shrugged and hit the play button.

The sound of Rachel's voice came out loud and clear from her phone.
Rachel was singing Jar Of Hearts..and as the kids all sat and listened to the song the truth seemed to hit them that Rachel really did have the voice of an angel.

The Ranger, hearing that it was indeed his Rachel, seemed to relax a little and after the song had finished said..It's all good ,That was my Rachel so you all can relax she will be fine. I will send someone over in the morning and we will find your friend for you,Do NOT take it apon yourselves to go looking for her, you will just get lost in the dark out there and then we WILL have a problem ,so just stay near the fire and don't worry ,she is in about as much danger right now as I am and I am sitting in my office right now. He He chuckled as he hung up.

Well what the fuck was that? Quinn said.
Rachie could be hurt!Brittany whined.
Well I don't care what that asshole said I'm going out to find her, Santana yelled.

The rest of them nodded in agreement and started to get up.

STOP! Yelled Shuester.
The Ranger seemed to know who Rachel was and he said she would be OK so you all are NOT going to go out and get yourselves hurt, just to assuge the guilt you feel,So putting his foot down for maybe the first time in his life,he said forcefully..Sit your asses down and don't even THINK about wandering off in the fucking woods at night.

Hearing their teacher talk like this shocked all of them, but they sat down, knowing that they could only make things worse and no matter how much they disliked it they knew he was right.

Pleas Sanni I know what your thinking and you just cant do it Rachel would'nt want you to hurt youself trying to find her in the dark,The Ranger man said she would be OK so you just have to trust him and let Rachel come back to us..Brittany said in a whisper.
I can't Britt,You know this is all my fault and I would just die if anything bad happened to her,Santana said with a fearful voice.
It could be too late,I knew what I was feeling and it scared me,now I might never get the chance to tell her.

Brittany had known of Santana's feeling for Rachel for awhile now,she had tried to get Santana to just tell her.

When Rachel had broken up with Finn this last time, she had tried to tell Santana that now was her chance,she needed to start being nicer to Rachel and after a bit,if she could let Rachel know of her feelings she might just have a shot with her.
But Sanni was stubborn and her denial was going to cost her the one person that Brittany could see handling the pain in the ass that was her best friend.

Puck jumped up yelling..Fuck this shit imma find my Jewish Princess and the rest of you can rot in hell,turning to Santana, he continued..I should have just beat you and Quinn to a fucking pulp the first time you picked on her, but noooo she said you two were just being yourselves and that she would get by on her own,,But that shit is OVER if you or any one of your stupid cheerios ever so much as look at Rachel funny again for as long as you live im gonna pound you into the fucking dirt.I know your my bro and all, but Rachel's my friend and imma start acting like it...Then Puck started heading into the woods to find his Diva.

Sit down,Mr. Shue said.

Puck turned on him and said ..If you acted more like a fucking mentor and stopped trying to be one of the gang, none of this shit would be happening, so if you even TRY to stop me I will fuck you up.

The GLEE teacher had never seen Noah this mad and he knew the boy was serious so he closed his mouth and sat down.

Puck headed off into the woods yelling at the top of his lungs..Raachell,Raaachell,Where aaarrreee youuuu.
Quinn jumped up and started to go with him as Brittany turned to Santana saying ..you need to help Sanni ,you need to be the one to find her.
Santana, muttering Fuck,fuck,fuck under her breath got up and went to catch up to Puck and Quinn.

Rachel knew when she wandered off that no one would miss her,,for a while at least.
She figured by the time Shue took roll call for the night her fellow Gleeksters might have wondered where she'd gone, but after the way she had been treated by the lot of them she could'nt really find it within herself care.
She knew she was being petulant and even a bit selfish,she also knew that there would be hell to pay when she finally decided to return to the group.

As she bedded down in the cave, surrounded by what she considered her only TRUE friends,all warm and cozy,singing softly for her audience of 20, she felt truly at peace for the first time in a while,so as she nodded off to sleep after an hour or so she did'nt think about her so called GLEE family anymore at all.

Being woken up by at least three of her friends literally shoving out of the cave at first brought a frown to Rachel's face ..then she heard it..a distant voice or voices hollering her name, and she knew she would have to wake up completely before the idiots yelling loudly like that in the middle of the forest at night got themselves injured or even killed,,Did'nt they know better than to make themselves so blatenty obvious like that in a wild place like this?

She huffed a little and saying..OK OK OK I'm up, as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes,standing up with the help of her friends she said..Allright then Maxximillion lead me to them and hurry before they hurt themselves,and you all need to stay back a little at first or youll just scare them to death.

As Puck,Quinn and Santana entered the clearing that had just appeared out of nowhere after more than 3 hours walking through the dense woods they felt a bit of the fear they had been feeling lift a little.

Puck started to say something just as they all heard the slight rustling in the bush at the edge of wood slightly off to the right of where they had sat to catch their breath and maybe get a bead on exactly where they were.

When the giant Grizzly came out of the bush into the clearing followed by two cubs, Santana knew this was not a good thing,She had seen enough of the nature channel to know that a mother bear would kill anything it though was a threat to her young,stepping in front of Quinn,Santan whispered just loud enough for her and Puck to hear her,,Don't look her in the eyes,assume a submissive posture and for god sakes shut the fuck up.

The Grizzly momma did'nt seem to notice the three kids at first,then after siffing the air she must have smelled one or all of their perfumes/colognes and looking directly at them she reared up on her hind legs and roared.

As the three of them were about to panick and start running they heard what sounded like someone clapping,afraid to move now they heard the sound of the clapping getting closer,it was coming from behind them.

Just as Puck was about to turn around to see who was dumb enough to clap at a 15 foot tall Grizzly Bear in the middle of the woods at fucking night he heard a voice he was starting to think he might never hear again.

Don't move Noah,don't turn around,stay very still,this means you as well Quinn and Santana,just don't DO anything ,keep your eyes lowered and just slowly raise your hands and cover your ears.

A bit confused, and a LOT scared, the three slowly covered their ears, and after Rachel was sure they had a good seal on those ears she opened her mouth and out from it came a soft sound that at first was allmost no sound at all,but then the sound coming from Rachel got steadily louder.

Then all at once Rachel let out a piercing noise that the three Glee kids could actually hear through their hands and they knew that if they had not covered their ears they would all be 100% deaf right now, then what seemed like 100 wolves came running out from all sides of the forest and started barking and growling at the momma bear,As she turned and fled into the woods with both cubs hot on her heels the wolves continued to chase her ,howling and barking getting farther and farther away with each second.

After what felt like an eternity the three lowered their hands and as Santana turned around starting to yell at Rachel for scaring the shit out of them and allmost getting them killed,her voice got caught in mid holler as she saw Rachel ,,her hands on a wolf that reached her shoulders on either side of her.

A midnight black wolf on her right and a snow white wolf on her left,four glowing yellow eyes on the three of them was enough to keep the smart-assed remarks from coming from Santana.

Quinn and Puck looked on Rachel rubbed the wolfs shoulders a little then slid her hands back a bit and as she gently pushed down the two giant wolves sat on their haunches and waited,never letting their eyes leave the three strangers in THEIR home,that their packmate seemed to know.

Hello Quinn,Noah. Rachel said as she turned to look at Santana,Santana?
I know why Quinn and Noah would be foolish enough to try to find me at night like this, but you? You have absolutely no reason to be here,You hate me ,I would think that you would have been overjoyed for me to just dissapear from your life for good out here in the middle of nowhere.

As Santana opened her mouth to say something ,Rachel raised her hand saying, NO you don't talk now ,I talk now.
Out here I am the HBIC,In town you may be the Queen bitch of the world, but out her in MY safe place you do NOT BELONG,you have NO idea the danger you were in.
Quinn and Noah,,thank you for worrying about me but as you can see I am quite safe here,this is my home.
Santana ,you are able to treat me like shit at school but here,here is my turf you will not speak unless spoken to, you will do as I say and you will do it without any of your childish insults or the fake Lima Heights Adjacent bullshit you spew on a daily basis.I know where you grew up and I also know you have about as much street in you as Quinn here does, so I will take you all back to camp now,I think you will want to tell everyone what you saw here tonight but you ,all three of you, know no one will believe that little Rachel Berry was anything but lost and in trouble out in the big bad woods, so how about we forget his ever happened and I get to keep my little secret and you get to keep you sense of superiority,Because you know as well as I do that if anyone found out that the three of you had to be rescued by me, you would never live it down.

Then giving a sharp whistle,Rachel waved her hand for the three,now totally in awe of her, kids to go ahead of her.

As they passed her they could see the rest of the pack returning from chasing the bear and suddenly they were surrounded by wolves.

Quinn has had escorts before, so she was the first to understand what was happening.
Turning her head just a little she asked Rachel,Will you be staying with us in camp tonight?What do we say to the rest of them if we return and your not with us?

Reaching out for Quinns hand ,Rachel took it and set it on the shoulder of the White Wolf,Rub a little ,Don't pet, this is not a pet Quinn, this is Barbra,she is the head bitch here, she will take you home, don't let go of her,do you think you can do that?
Quinn smiled a little saying, Barbra? haha thats just soooo you Rache,of course I can I will not let go of her for as long as she will let me..Rubbing the wolf, Quinn looked at her closely, and after a second or two said..My god she is beautiful isnt she?

Yes she is that, Rachel said as she smiled at her friend,Noah give my your hand,she took Noah's hand and set it on the shoulder of the Black Wolf saying ,don't rub to softly noah,This is Maxximillion he is the king of this land he will protect you from allmost anything,and as you can see he is a magnificent creature.

Smiling like a madman Puck gave a rough rub to the beast saying ,Holy shit Princess this is a fucking MAN's dog right-chere.
Not a dog Noah, but yes he is a MAN's Wolf is'nt he? Rachel said with a little chuckle.

Turning to Santana Rachel said, I'm not sure if any of my friends would let you touch them,they can sense things, and if they sense my ...hesitency about you, they just might take it the wrong way..and that would be bad,real bad.
I think you will just have to walk allongside me for now.I hope you can handle being close to me for a bit as I get you all home.

Santana figured Rachel had just givin her permission to talk, so she looked right into Rachel's eyes and said with a crooked grin.I think I could handle that a lot better than you might think...Rachel.

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