Chapter 1

Nico P.O.V

I trudged inside Kings Cross Station, gloomily. I was in London. LONDON! I mean, not that I dont like the city, I do. Its has alot of creepy but cool stuff. But what I was gloomy about was that my dad, the Lord of the Dead, was sending me - me!- to school. And to add insult to the injury, he was sending me to a Boarding School across the ocean, in Scotland! Across the entire atlantic ocean!

But, I suppose he had a good reason for it. See, there's this really annoying, physcopathic serial killer guy who gets on my dads nerves. I mean, he just wont die already! So I've been sent on this quest to find this guys rotten, broken soul, so he can finally go to hell. Literally.

And not only do I have to find this physcopathic morons soul, and go to school, I have to learn wizarding jazz as well. I'm not even finished with my demigod training yet! And, I'm not kidding, yes, I said wizards. I found it hard to believe at first too.


I stood in front of my fathers throne in the Underworld. The place reeked of death, but hey, it was home and dad hates febreze!

"You summoned me, father?" I asked, bowing my head.

Hades looked at me with disdain.

"Not by choice..." he muttered. Then louder, "Nico, you are going on a quest."

I nodded my head, curious, the sying of his unsult no longer noticeable.

"The other gods and Persephone have been complaining that you are too antisocial, and frankly, I agree."

My head snapped up. " But, my lord!"

"Silence! That foolish son of Posiedon and his little friends dl not count. However, this quest proves useful in the fact that you will be making yourself useful as well as...socialising." Hades spat the word out. " You will be going to a wizarding school in scotland, although you will catch your train in London. You will enter your third year. You will find the horcruxes of tom riddle, horcruxes are pieces of..."

I zoned out. Catching bits and pieces of his explanation. A wizarding school? I didn't really find that hard to believe, yet it seemed impossible... like the excistence of gods, so who was I to judge? Ghosts had taught me the history, telling me the story of how Hecate had blessed a group of mortals, and how Zeus had been so angry. But he let her keep her experimental world, but warned her to keep it in the Uk.

"Nico." Father said sharply. "Are you listening? Hecate has agreed to bless you with th her magic for the time being. You will know your spells up till second year naturally, but have to learn the future year. I expect your grades to be good."

Hades snapped his finger. An old fashioned trunk appeared.

"In there is everything you will need and some pocket money. Use it wisely. Your extra subjects are care of magical creatures and divination. Go Nico, your train leaves in 2 hours. "

I bowed respectfully, grabbing my trunk. But before I could shadow travel away, my father stopped me.

"And nico?" He continued.

"Yes, my lord?"

"Do not disappoint me." He rumbled. I swore I won't. Although I had gained respect from my father for the titan war, we weren't the cosiest of families.


After that little meeting, I had gone to camp half-blood, to say goodbye to percy and annabeth, and my unique friends.

On another down side, because I had mostly tuned out my dad, I had no idea what to do wi th the faulty ticket in my hand that read, "Platform 9 3/4". Gues karma really does hate me.

With a heavy sigh, I plopped myself heavily down on my trunk, hoping that I could figure out a way to go to hogwarts, without killing myself in the process.

CRASH! I spoke too soon. Some idiots crashed into me, their trolleys clipping my shoulders as they sprinted past me. "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" I yelled after them, kind of angry that they hadnt even stopped to apologize.

From what I could make out one had red hair with freckles, was long and lanky. But the other was quite skinny and short, with jet black messy hair and emerald eyes. He kind of looked like Percy but Percy's hair wasn't a bird's nest. This guy looked like had given up on it completely. Percy at least dragged a comb through his hair. Though I shouldn't be talking because I wouldn't have brushed my hair this morning if Aunt Sally,(she insists I call her that), didn't make me by threatening to not give me one of her blue cookies.

My mouth waters just thinking about the sweet, yummy, chewy . . . Ok, its official. I have the attentoon span of a gold fish. Dang the ADHD. Anyways, I watch them run towards a wall and walk through it. Nothing special...! Walk through a wall? How do you do that? Unless you're a wizard! Yeah. So how do I walk through that wall? I turn towards the wall and wait for someone else to come. There has to be some other wizards going to the same school.

"Nico?" I hear a dreamy voice ask. I turn around and see,"Luna?" I ask. "What are you doing here?"

"Me?" she asks, almost accusingly. "I go to school from here. The question is what are you doing here?"

"I'm on a quest for dad. Some wacko school named" I cough to hide a laugh. "Hogwarts."

"Really? That's where Draco and I go to school!"

"Draco is here? Draco Malfoy? The same Draco that Travis and Conner love to prank? The same Draco that I have sword fighting class with?" I asked, in disbelief.

"Yeah." Luna rolls her as pretty eyes. . . I did NOT just think that. "Who else? Although Draco has to act like a pompous prick here so..."

"He is always a pompous prick"

Luna gives me a glare. Man, that glare is scary! And coming from the son of Hades . . . you get what I mean. As dreamy and far away as she can get mad quite easily with the right people.

"Shutting up now."

"Good." Luna nods victoriously. "Anyways, he might act saner now that you're here. Is Percy or annabeth coming?"

"Yeah, maybe. Not sure but they might later to help me."

"Alright let's go"

She picks up her trolley and walks toward the wall I saw the two kids go through. How is it that even when she is angry, her voice still has that relaxing, sort of dreamy quality to it? I could listen to her talk for hours on end...

"Now, All you have to do is run straight at the wall."I stare at her like she's crazy. Which she must be. I mean, I may be her friend but her bolts are a bit loose, if you get what I mean... I mean run at the wall. I'm not that gullible!

Wait, there was the time where I asked out an Aphrodite girl because Luna told me she was interested but that was that one time! Wait, no. the only other time was when Draco told me that Poseidon wanted me to retrieve a ball from the lake, so I went into the lake and all the water nymphs chased me out with fish! Fish! Who knew that fish could leave emotional and physical scars? Ok, sorry, sidetracked again.

There has to be something wrong with me. I'm talking as though someone is in my mind. Weird. Oh well. Back to the point. Luna wants me to run into a wall.

"I am not that gullible!" I say, indignantly

"Really." Luna raises an eyebrow. She is really pretty. Her blonde hair sort of . . . sparkles in the sunlight and her grey eyes glint with mischief. Why am I thinking this? If a certain someone finds out, I'll be dead and then tortured in afterlife. If thats even possible for children of hades...

"Okay. So there was two times where I believed you, but that was very exceptional. I mean, who wouldn't want to go out with me, Yeah?" I defend myself.

"Just walk through the wall before I drag you through by sword point." Luna says, losing her paitence, which is strange. She usually has rhe paitence of a Saint. But, DANG! That girl can be scary as Annabeth sometimes! Then again, she is her sister.

I walk through the wall. (Don't say a word.) Surprisingly I don't hurt myself by doing so I just walk through it like nothings there. Luna follows not long after."There. Now that wasn't so hard was it?" she asks in a baby voice. I stick my tongue out at her like the mature teenager I am.

There's only five minutes till the train goes, so we board the train and look for a compartment. When we find and empty compartment, we sit down and there is an awkward silence. I fidget

"So... Awkward." I drawl the word out. She looks at me funny then bursts out laughing."What? What's so funny?" I ask defensively, though I'm smiling. Even her laugh is pretty! Shut up Nico. I tell myself.

"N-nothing. J-just that t-the son of h-hades can defeat m-monsters but he is defeated by an a-awkward silence!" and she bursts into fresh peals of laughter, bells tinkling in the air. After a while of grumpily staring at her and sulking, I join in.

"What's so funny?" we hear a posh, british voice say behind us.

"Draco!" yells Luna happily, jumping up and practically tackling him. I try not to be jealous, but a twinge still gets to me.

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