hey everyone. Words cant tell you how sorry I am for leaving you for so long. Life has been hectic, but now my summer holidays are starting, Iim going to set aside atleast 2 days each week to write. I promise. I'll work on this story every spare moment I have. Im sorry that it so short, I wanted to let you know that I haven't abandoned you all. your still my fanfic family. :)

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I sighed as I plopped myself heavily down at the Gryffindor table, in between Dean and Neville. Sluggishly, I dropped my head in my hands and closed my eyes, feeling the familiar blackness of sleep take over.

"Hey, Nico," Dean called, his voice seeming too loud for my ears, "what's got you looking dead on your feet?" Dean , giggled. Pansycake. "See what I did there? dead and your dads-"

"SHHH!" He was silenced by Neville giving him a warning look. Dean rolled his eyes.

"You guys have no sense of humour." He claimed, exasperated.

"But seriously Nico, you look like you've shadow travelled to Antarctica, went penguin sledding, went china, rode a dragon and then shadow travelled back." rambled Dean. I stared at him for a minute. Then I looked at Neville and said, "Ok, who gave him coffee?"

Neville burst out laughing with Lavender, while dean pouted. "Hey!" Dean protested.

"But anyways, I just had to convince many ghosts to leave Hogwarts. I got Myrtle, this guy on a horse, and Peeves to agree to leave when I leave Hogwarts."

"Wait you got peeves to leave? how in the world did you do that?" Asked lavender, stupified.

I smirked deviously. "You don't want to know."

Dean, Lavender and Neville looked at each other nervously, and agreed with me.

"and Myrtle? as in, Moaning Myrtle?" said Dean in disbelief.

" Yes, and you wouldn't believe the story she told me. Which reminds me, we need a meeting. Spread the word for tonight." I asked.

They nodded their heads, and said that they go around after dinner. Then dinner changed into desert and I dug in to the Halloween feast of different candies. Don't care what type of wizarding sweets these, are, chocolate is chocolate and sugar is sugar.

After we had finished gorging ourselves on sweets, I decided I was going to spend the night in Gryffindor dorm, before leaving for our meeting at 12. I was heading towards Cedric, when I noticed the large traffic jam outside the Gryffindor dorms.

I pushed through to the front and saw the portrait of the Fat Lady all ripped up. Then I noticed peeves.

"Peeves! What happened here?"

"Old Peevsie was minding his own business, innocently floating towards the kitchens, when dear old Peeves heard a shriek! So, heroically, old Peevsie dashed to the Fat Lady and saw no other than the crazy old mad man!"

"Who Peeves?" I demanded

"That dreadful old creature, terrifying and treacherous, Sirius Black!" exclaimed Peeves dramatically.

Some students behind me screamed. I rolled my eyes. I was furious at Sirius. I thought we had a Plan!

"Silence!" boomed a voice. I turned around and saw Dumbledore. When had he arrived? He turned to the head of houses. "Gather all the students. Everyone's sleeping in the great hall tonight."

I exchanged a glance with Dean. There would be no meeting tonight. It was too risky.

"Sirius! How could you do something so stupid and foolhardy as that?"

"There was a perfect opening! I could have gotten in, stolen the rat and gotten out without anyone noticing!"

"But they did notice! You sliced the Fat Lady's Portrait! Now the security's been doubled and the castle is on lockdown! Every entrance is now blocked by dementors! The Plan is now almost impossibly to pull off!"

"I did what I though was right, Nico! "

"Because that turned out so well for you last time!"

The phrase 'silence is deafening' finally made sense to me now.

"I'm sorry Sirius, I didn't mean-"

Footsteps were heard. Sirius had walked away. I sighed.