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Note: Set in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE; Pokemon = HUMANS.

Characters: Uxie (f) & Rayquaza (m) ft. Moltres (f)

New Love

It was a common misconception to believe that Uxie was without emotions.

Uxie had emotions; she just didn't express them…at least, very rarely.

She was a girl of logic, and she valued her mind over anything her heart had to offer. She admitted that emotions may be necessary, but she found she could function fairly well without them, if not better.

She just had to look around to see how much better she was in lacking such feelings. Days like this were prime examples.

It was Valentine's Day, the day that got under everybody's skin one way or another. It was a whirlwind of emotions; joy, sadness, anger – like a teenage hormonal rollercoaster…or better yet, Mesprit on a sugar rush (which happened more times than was appreciated).

She didn't hate Valentine's Day; she simply didn't care for it. To her it was a waste of time, expressing one's feelings through cheesy tokens of love and badly written poetry; it was enough to make her skin crawl. And truthfully it was all commercialised anyway.

Whilst her sister, Mesprit may claim it to be romantic, Uxie just saw it as a gross misuse of valuable resources that could and should be used for advancing the human-race not wooing misguided teenage girls. Unfortunately she had yet to meet someone who shared her view.

She'd heard of the term 'love bug' and it seemed like on Valentine's Day everyone besides her got bit. She was beginning to wonder if there really was some sort of air-borne disease that only ever struck on Valentine's Day and somehow she was the only person immune to it. Most probably.

Perhaps she should start work on a cure.

She was just thinking about extracting a blood sample from herself to do tests on when something (or someone) ran into her.

Startled by the sudden force she stumbled but managed to keep her balance; however, the books in her arms went flying. Upon regaining her senses she looked down to what had hit her, the collision having caused whoever they were to ricochet onto the ground below.

They were female and appeared to be a few years older than herself, if the mature curves of her figure were anything to go by.

"Watch where you're going, dorkas!" The girl snapped, glaring at Uxie with such a heat that she might have actually been able to feel the burn if the furious flames weren't already being doused by the watery streams that fled from the older girl's eyes.

Clearly she was upset (that or she'd squirted onion juice in her eyes…which was statistically unlikely) and was obviously channelling her sorrows into bitterness. If Uxie had been anyone else she might have felt sympathy for the poor girl, but she wasn't anyone else and Uxie didn't feel sympathy...Uxie didn't feel anything.

"I was looking where I was going, you ran into me." Uxie corrected, voice monotone as always.

The girl looked quite taken aback by her response but the shock quickly morphed into anger (she must have mistaken Uxie's statement for mockery, that happened a lot).

She quickly picked herself up from the floor so that she now loomed over Uxie, flaming red hair flaring stormily behind her.

"How dare you speak to me like that! Do you know who I am?" Her voice was shrill and it reminded Uxie of a bird's squawk.

The blonde blinked once then answered. "I have no recollection of you in my databanks."

The girl stared at her strangely. "Databanks? What are you, some sort of robot?"

"Negative, I am human." Uxie stated, shaking her head slightly.

The girl scrunched up her nose in confusion then shook her head.

"Yeah, whatever freak!" She spat, shoving past Uxie and carrying on her way.

Uxie watched her leave, indifferently. 'Freak' seemed to be a common description of her, it was quite ironic really; if she allowed herself emotions then the name 'freak' would cause her pain, but if she allowed herself emotions then she wouldn't be a freak in the first place. Honestly, she didn't know why people bothered trying to insult her; it didn't matter to her one way or another.

"Don't mind her, she's just a b*tch."

Uxie turned back to see a boy before her, who again she didn't recognise (so much for filing away a memory of everyone she came across). He was quite thin and very tall, with mossy green hair decorated with red and yellow streaks, and eyes of warm honey gold.

"I believe these are yours." He said, smiling friendlily as he handed her a pile of books which she accepted, recognising them as the ones she'd dropped in the crash.

"Thank you." She replied, voice as impassive as always though this didn't seem to bother him. "Who was she as she never did say and I wish to expand my databanks."

The boy's lips quirked at her words. "Databanks? You know you're not a machine, right?"

"We are all machines in some form." She told him, face cold and yet he still smiled warmly. "We are survival machines – robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes."

"Richard Dawkins." He identified, unexpectedly.

For a split-second a flitter of surprise crossed Uxie's expression, however she quickly returned to her previous expressionless state. "Correct."

"How about this then." The boy began with a growing grin. "Without heart we are only machines."

"Shakespeare." Uxie stated.

The boy nodded and Uxie could've sworn she saw his eyes sparkle.

For a moment they simply stared at each other in silence, Uxie examining him curiously and him watching her examine him with amusement.

"Moltres Bird." He said, finally breaking the silence. "That's who you were talking to; Moltres Bird."

"Oh." Uxie sounded simply, her voice for once not deadpan but instead quite alive.

She stared at him, this time not looking at him as if he were a specimen under her microscope but rather as a real human being.

He was handsome, she noticed; very handsome…and maybe a little beautiful. She felt her heart ping strangely and she blinked, confused.

What was happening to her?

The boy seemed to notice her confusion and smiled softly; her heart pinged again.

"Well, I need to be going but it was nice meeting you…?" He trailed off and she realised he was waiting for her input.

"Oh…uh…Uxie…" Uxie told him, wondering how she could have forgotten her name so briefly…and since when did she stutter?

The boy grinned. "Uxie, right. Well see you around, Uxie." He began to walk away and Uxie had the strange urge to call him back.

"Wait!" She cried, surprising even herself by the emotion that filled her voice.

The boy glanced back questioningly.

"Uh…" What was she going to say again? Oh right! "What's your name?"

The boy smiled. "Rayquaza, Rayquaza Sky! Put that in your databank!"

Oh she would, she most definitely would. She filed his name and the memory in its own special cabinet labelled 'Very, Very, Very Important'.

Later, she would question why she did this or why she felt like she was made of butter every time she imagined his very lovely face.

Much later, she would convince herself that the twinkles she'd seen in his eyes were just the reflection of the sun, that the skipping of her heart was just a very brief cardiac arrest, that the feeling in her stomach was nothing but the cafeteria food having a bad effect on her (wouldn't be the first time), and that what she felt was definitely, definitely not the beginnings of a love-struck crush.

A/N: So Uxie and Rayquaza; I honestly have no idea why I thought to pair those two, I just figured why not, besides I seem to like to write about unexpected couples.

Well, this is kind of the Uxie romance that needed to follow up from BI&SD and SI&SP, but I might write her a story of her own.

Oh and take note of Moltres, she's important.

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