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Note: Set in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE; Pokemon = HUMANS.

Characters: Mesprit (f) & Palkia (m)

First Love

Mesprit slumped into one of the café booths, her head falling to the table with a groan."Urg! Stupid Valentine's Day."

"I thought you loved Valentine's Day?"

"WAAHH!" Startled, Mesprit toppled out of the chair. She looked up to see Palkia looming above her. "Palkia! What the swirl are you doing here?"

"I wanted to surprise you." He informed, helping to pick her up off the floor.

"Well it worked." Mesprit muttered, rubbing her head as she stood back up.

"But seriously, I thought Valentine's Day was your favourite time of the year," Palkia said questioningly, "…well, excluding your birthday that is."

"It is, but it's sooo exhausting!" Mesprit told him sounding drained. "Everyone needs romantic advice; apparently I've become even more of a Love Guru since I started dating a Creation brother."

Palkia shrugged smugly. "What can I say, I'm a catch."

"Yeah, right." Mesprit rolled her eyes and shoved him playfully. "Just remember you're my catch."

Palkia flashed her a winning smile and hugged her from behind. "How could I forget?"

Mesprit gave him a knowing smile and twirled out of his arms, staring at him expectantly. "So I'm guessing your surprise involved more than just giving me a heart attack."

"No, that was the general idea." Palkia said jokingly.

Mesprit shot him a look and his grin widened.

A whiff of something caught her nose.

She sniffed, puzzled. "Is that…burning?"

Palkia's face paled. "Ohh sugar!" He turned and dashed into the kitchen, where a billow of smoke was starting to surge from.

Mesprit rushed after him in alarm.

"What the GLAZING!" Mesprit cried as she found herself surrounded by a mist of black smoke.

"No need to worry, everything's fine!" Palkia's voice floated through the fog.

Mesprit coughed and waved the smoke away, in time to see Palkia take a tray out of the oven; the contents of the tray resembling something similar to a pile of ash.

"Uuhh?" Mesprit began, not sure what to say.

Palkia smiled nervously. "Don't worry, I know they're a little overdone but I can cool them down." He gently blew on the ash piles, only for the sudden breeze to gust the dust from the tray. Palkia's shoulder slumped miserably. "Damn it."

Mesprit stared at the scene blankly, slowly comprehending what was going on.

"Palkia," She began slowly, "were you trying to cook me dinner?"

Palkia nodded forlornly, hanging his head.

A smile stretched across Mesprit's face and she laughed melodiously.

Palkia frowned, unimpressed by her reaction. "Hey, it's not funny."

"Yes- it is!" Mesprit giggled, clutching her sides and doubling over.

Palkia tried to pout, but he couldn't stop his lips from twitching into a smile. Soon, he was laughing as well.

"What were you trying to cook anyway?" Mesprit enquired, still giggling.

Palkia shifted with embarrassment. "Pasta." Mesprit stared at him with disbelief. "You know, like in 'The Lady and the Tramp'; I thought it would be romantic."

"You're serious?" Mesprit asked, blinking.

Palkia nodded.

Mesprit burst into a cascade of cackles, doubling over.

"Oh my gosh! Why did you put it in an oven? On a tray!"

"Is that not what you're supposed to do?" Palkia inquired uncertainly.

Mesprit laughed harder. "Oh Palkia, that's it, I'm teaching you how to cook."

"Right now?" Palkia asked, raising an eyebrow.

Mesprit nodded, grabbing an apron and tossing another to him.

Palkia examined its purple frills with distaste. "Uh…okay…but first…"

He sped out of the room, leaving Mesprit staring curiously after him.

A few seconds later he darted back in, clutching something in his hand.

Mesprit took a step closer and realised it was a pretty pink rose.

Palkia smiled, rubbing the back of his neck a little embarrassedly. "Someone once told me girls liked flowers…I uh…this reminded me of you."

Carefully Mesprit took the flower, realising in was made of plastic.

She gave Palkia a sly smile. "What, fake and cheap?"

Palkia blanched and swiftly shook his head. "No!" He smiled at her softly and took a step forward, placing his arms around her waist. "Everlasting beauty."

Mesprit's eyes widened and she gazed up at him, eyes sparkling.

He grinned at her, Mesprit's lips stretched into a smile.

"Palkia…" He stared at her expectantly, she grinned. "Shut up."

And then she kissed him.

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