A/N: Warning: This is a Smut Fic. And only my second one ever so be nice. The idea came from the Captain Swan Saturday Prompt, Emma seduces Hook.

A/N 2: This story has been edited. Everytime I write smut I feel the need to go back and fix little mistakes and attempt to fix wording I didn't quite care for. And as with what usually happens when I attempt to do minor editing, it ends up being more than minor. I think the story changed a fair bit and I believe I ended up accidently adding like at least 800 words to this story. Whoops. XD

Chapter 1: A New Solution

Emma herself thought she was losing her mind when she agreed to let Killian stay in her apartment, especially when she knew exactly what he was in Storybrooke to do. Everyone had warned her against it, but she decided that it would be easier to keep an eye on the pirate if he was living with her. However, Emma wasn't fond of the idea of him being around Henry so her parents and Henry stayed at their new house while Emma shared the apartment with the pirate. Her parents were less than pleased with the idea since they got the new house so that the four of them could live together in a less cramped space. Emma assured them that it wasn't going to be a permanent solution, but they would have to work with it for right now.

After finally convincing her parents that she was fine and could handle the pirate they left the apartment concern still etched on their features. She gave them a reassuring smile as they closed the door. Emma looked back to the pirate who was now sitting on her couch with his arms crossed. He gave her an amused grin before she walked into the kitchen to find her something to drink; God knows she needed it right now.

"This wasn't my idea, love," Killian pointed out as he got off of the couch and sauntered over to where she was now standing. "I was perfectly content to stay aboard my ship planning out my revenge against the crocodile."

"That's the problem, Hook," Emma stated as she turned to face the man. "I can't let you go after Gold and I don't trust you so here I can keep a closer eye on you."

"I'm sure that's it, love," Killian replied, walking around the counter to stand in front of her "Are you sure it's not because you just can't stand the thought of me being out of your sight?"

Emma rolled her eyes and went back to searching the cabinets. "Has anyone ever told you, you have a big ego?" she asked as she grabbed the bottle of whiskey she had been looking for. She turned back and he was much closer than she would care for him to be.

"I happened to like the size of my ego, thank you every much," he replied with a suggestive smirk. Emma rolled her eyes and turned back around to grab a glass before she shifted around the pirate to stand at the counter. "So how is it you plan to stop me, love?"

"What do you mean?" Emma asked, pouring herself a glass of the whiskey and taking a tentative sip.

"What is stopping me from leaving this apartment right now and going after the crocodile?" He clarified. "It's not exactly like you have me locked in here and despite what you may think, you wouldn't shoot me."

"What makes you think I won't shoot you?" Emma asked, raising an eyebrow.

Killian leaned in a little closer. "You could just shoot me right now. I'd be dead, the crocodile would be safe, and I would no longer be your problem. Why is it you don't just get rid of me when you have the chance?"

"I don't just go around killing people because they annoy me," Emma replied taking another swig of her whiskey. "Or even if I think they might be better off out of my life. I'm not god, I don't get to choose who lives and dies. Besides it's my duty to protect the citizens of Storybrooke. Right now that includes you, whether I like it or not."

"Ah, so this is protecting me is it?" Killian asked his voice harsh. He didn't think she had the right to interfere with his plans and he was not about to let the blonde sheriff deter him from his goal. "I appreciate your concern, Swan, but I don't need your protection. Nor do I want it."

Killian walked away and headed toward the door. He knew that he wouldn't likely make it far before Emma attempted to stop him and she proved him right by sitting her glass down on the counter before quickly making her way in front of him to block is path.

"What do you think you are doing?" Emma asked, putting her hands on her hips. Somehow she thought he would have stuck around to try to annoy her a little more before attempting to leave.

"I'm leaving, Swan," he replied. "You can't very well keep me here and I have a crocodile to skin. There really isn't anything you can do to stop me. You have already made it clear that you don't plan to shoot me, so what is it you are planning to do? Are you going to handcuff me to the couch? Lock me. . . ."

His words were cut off when Emma pulled him into a forceful kiss. He was startled by the sudden action but recovered quickly as he began to kiss her back with equal fervor. His hook arm looped around her waist, pulling her closer as he tangled his hand in her blonde curls. This was not what he was expecting when she told him that he could stay with her. In fact he was fairly certain it wouldn't be long before he was kicked out of the apartment. Yet, he had only been there less than an hour and she was kissing him. A fact that he wasn't about to complain about.

Emma honestly had no idea what she was thinking when she decided to kiss him. It did distract him from his attempt to leave, but eventually they would have to pull back from the kiss and she didn't have a plan on what to do next. Hell, she didn't even know what possessed her to kiss him in the first place. Was she just waiting for an excuse to kiss him or did she really think it would be the best way to divert him from his plans at the time. She decided to go with the latter. There was no way she wanted to kiss him. Even if she could admit to herself that he was hell of a good kisser.

"What the bloody hell is that about?" Killian asked when they finally pulled apart to catch their breath. He was dazed by the sudden turn of events, but it didn't stop the smug grin from appearing on his face.

"You're not leaving this apartment," Emma declared. She was breathless and hardly recognized her own voice. She had no idea where this seductive version of herself emerged from, but she decided to let it take over for the time being. She kept her eyes on his as she pushed his coat off of his shoulders roughly before backing him up until he hit the edge of the counter.

The smug grin on his face transformed to a look of confusion and awe at Emma's sudden change in behavior. He would admit that it was a side of her he could definitely come to enjoy, but he had no idea where this side of her was coming from. At one point he had thought she was an open book that he could read so well, but now he didn't know what to think.

"What are you doing?" He swallowed hard, but kept his eyes on her. She gave him a mischievous grin as she pushed him up against the counter harder kissing his neck lightly as she made her way to nip at his earlobe. Killian's eyes drifted shut at the feeling her lips on his skin.

"I'm seducing you," she whispered, before ripping open his shirt and moving her hands up his chest wanting to feel every inch of the now exposed skin. His breath hitched and she grinned in satisfaction at his reaction before bringing her lips to his collarbone trailing a line of wet kisses down his neck and then chest.

"So that's you're solution then?" he asked taking a shaky breath, when she let her tongue dip out to lick across his stomach. God her lips and tongue against his skin felt good. He wasn't sure how much of her teasing he would be able to take. "If I attempt to leave and go after the crocodile you're going to seduce me?"

"It seems to be working so far," she stated licking her lips as she began to untie the knots that were holding his trousers up. She had no idea what had come over her, but it had already gone too far and she was not about to stop now. Even if she wouldn't admit it out loud, she wanted him. There was nothing that was going to stop her from getting what she wanted and she was sure that Killian wasn't going to object.

Killian looked down at Emma, eyes clouded with lust. She tugged at his trousers as she let them fall to the ground as his member sprung free of its leather confines. When she looked up at him with a look of hunger in her eyes he groaned and pulled her back up into his arms while pulling her into a searing kiss. Before she could register what was happening, he whirled her around pinning her against the counter. She gasped at the sudden change of positions and ran her fingers down his chest lightly.

"You are far too dressed for this," he stated softly, noting that she was still fully clothed while he was completely exposed to her.

Emma leaned in closer, lips barely brushing up against his. "Then do something about it,"

A low growl escaped his throat as he brought his hook up to the front of her tank tops ripping through the fabric with ease. He tugged at the now ruined fabric and threw it into the corner while giving her bra a curious look. Emma gave him a sheepish smile as she bit her bottom lip unclasping the bra and tossing it aside as well. Killian let his fingers roam down her now bare skin leaning in to suck lightly on her pulse point.

Emma let out a breathy moan shuddering at the feel of his fingers on her skin. She unbuttoned her own pants and pulled them and her underwear off before kicking them to the side. A sigh left her lips when he began to trail kisses down her neck and chest. Every nerve in her body was on high alert because of him and she wondered how anyone could make her feel like this. Her body reacted to every touch causing a pool to form between her legs and a need to feel him inside her.

Killian began to trail kisses down the valley of her breasts and lower to her stomach. He dipped his tongue into her naval before continuing to kiss further down to where she really wanted him. Everything about her consumed him. All he wanted was to feel every inch of her body and send her over the edge to the point where she could no longer control herself. Though he had other plans here in Storybrooke, right now all he wanted to do was focus on making Emma come undone.

Emma was watching his every move panting with need and wishing he would stop teasing her. She felt his lips descend further down her body as her hips jerked instinctively. He moved his hand and hook to her hips to keep them still as his mouth finally found its intended destination. She cried out from the pleasure and felt her hips attempt to buck into his mouth of their own accord. The counter behind her was her only anchor as his tongue did things to her she never imagined possible.

His mouth was relentless against her core as he continued to lick and nibble at the over sensitized skin. He let his tongue brush over her nub roughly encouraged by the loud sounds of pleasure she was making. He glanced up at Emma and groaned against the delicate flesh causing a loud moan to erupt from her lips as her head fell back in ecstasy. He smirked against her skin as he caressed the curve of his hook against her hip before bringing it around to her core. As he pulled his mouth away from her center he grazed his cool hook over that little bundle of nerves.

"Fuck," Emma cried out when the metal touched her overheated skin. She was unable to focus on anything but him at this point and her breathing became ragged and uneven. There had never been anyone that spent so much time on her, and the pleasure she was now feeling was almost becoming too much. He plunged two fingers into her wet heat and curved them just enough to glide over the most sensitive spot in her body. "Oh God," she screamed.

He began to pump his fingers at a steady pace and he could feel that she was close to her climax. He grinned as he placed a few wet kisses to the flesh above her core. The walls around his fingers began to tighten and one more stroke of his hook over her tender clit was all it took for her to topple over the edge.

She screamed loudly as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. She was shaking with the intensity of her orgasm and her legs were no longer willing to support her. Had it not been for Killian she would have collapsed painfully onto the floor, but he was there to catch her.

He lowered her gently leaving light kisses on her neck and shoulder as the aftershocks of her orgasm started to pass. Her breathing evened out and even though she was too weak to even stand all she could think about was continuing their little tryst. She grabbed onto his hair and brought him back to her lips, kissing him roughly. His lips moved expertly over hers and she could already feel the desire at her center beginning to build up again. How did he manage to have this effect on her? Honestly, she should have known that he would be far too good at this.

Killian smiled against her lips as he brushed his fingers lazily over her naked flesh. Right now he wanted more than anything to plunge himself into her to ease the desire he had been feeling, but he didn't want to push her into anything she didn't want to do. So for now he settled for kissing her for as long as she would allow him to do so.

Emma needed more and she wanted Killian to know that so she reached between them and grabbed his hard desire lightly, moving her hand up and down while letting her thumb brush over the head. When she felt him shudder in her hand and take a shaky breath she kissed his lips lightly as she guided him to her waiting heat.

That was all the encouragement he needed. He tugged at her hair and pulled her into a searing kiss as he entered her slowly. When he was buried deep inside her, he closed his eyes to let the sensations wash over him. Nothing could have prepared him for how good this would feel. He had imagined being with Emma like this, but never thought it was something that would come true. Emma began to roll her hips against his, urging him to move which he did without hesitation. Slowly he pulled out and then slammed back in several times eliciting pleasurable gasps and moans from Emma before he found a rhythm that suited both of their needs.

Emma leaned up and pulled him back to her lips, attempting to stifle her moans. She never expected that he would feel this good and right now all she wanted was to get lost in the feel of it all. She wrapped her arms around his back attempting to pull him closer. Her nails dug into his flesh and she was sure she was drawing blood. Killian bit down on the skin between her neck and shoulder eliciting a hiss of both pain and pleasure from Emma.

Killian shifted his hips and began to pick up the pace. When he hit just the right spot Emma's back arched as she screamed his name. His real name. Killian groaned and he could feel that he was close to his own peak, but he didn't want to fall over the edge before her. "Come for me, Emma," he demanded with a growl as he reached between them and rubbed his thumb roughly against her clit. As her muscles began to spasm around him she screamed one last time. He joined her in bliss a moment later collapsing against her form, careful not to let the entire weight of his body crush her.

Her body continued to tremble as she came back to herself. There was no chance that she would be able to stand up even if she tried. He pulled out of her and shifted his body so he could lie next to her on the floor, grabbing a blanket off the nearby couch to drape over them. Emma wasn't sure if her decision was such a good idea at this point, but she couldn't deny that she enjoyed the outcome. She could feel the exhaustion start to take over as she rolled on her side to rest her head on his chest immediately falling asleep.