Chapter 9: The End…

      Adam and the other quickly ran down the halls in search of Brennan. And with every passing minute they were more and more frighten for him. Jesse and Adam were far ahead of Emma.

      "WAIT!" Emma yelled just before the boys turned to corner. The two slowed then came to a stop. They turned around as Emma came up. She closed her eyes and 'drew up' Ms.O'Leary's mind and brought up the building plans."That's a deadend." She consentraced harder. "We need to turn left abiut 200 meters down this hallway." She opened her eyes and took the lead. "Come on we got to get this done." Adam nodded and fell in step behind her.

      "Emma, do you know if Ms.O'Leary's brother is here?"

      "I think he is. I'm not sure. We will find out once we find her." They quickly made there way to the corrider Emma had spoke about.

      "Is this it?"

      "Yeah. Brennan is somewhere around here."

      "Okay let's get this over with." Jesse took the lead back and walked infront of the rest and sliped in and out of the doors. Coming back from one he began to complain. "This is taking to long and not to metion, I'll get a bit tried. Emma do you think you and what's her name can help out some here?" Emma nodded and snuk to the floor leaning against a wall. She closed her eyes and brought Ms.O'Leary's connicess back up to  the surface. Letting her own take the backseat she let go.

      Jesse watched as Emma relaxed and then her body became stiff and tesne agan. "Emma are you okay?" he asked as he moved forward her eyes shot open and Jesse regoniced the form of Amelia O'Leary he back step into Adam.

      "You need some help?"

      "Yes, we need to know where they are holding Brennan and we also need to know where you are and your brother is."

      "Brennan should be were I told you." She took a deep breath. "Unless he has been moved then we may have a small problem." She sighed. "The best thing I can say to do is that you might need to find me and then we can get him and my brother and hopefully leave." Jesse didn't like this one bit. He frowned and bit his lower lip.

      "Fine, we will get you and then you WILL help us find Brennan before we get your brother."Adam informed her. She nodded her head in agrement. She gave them her location.

      "It's a small 'room' if you want to call it that. I'll be there."

      "We will see you in five." Jesse said. She nodded and left go of Emma. Emma shuffed and then slowly came to. She yawned as she opened her eyes.

      "Did it work?" She asked as she covered her yawn. Jesse nodded and helped her get to her feet.

      "Ready for some real work?"

      "I was born ready." She said as she dusted off her jeans.


      Amelia let go of Emma's body and quickly 'flew' back into her own. She picked herself up off the floor and glanced around. Nothing had fell over so everything was fine. Emma's sudden call had caught he off graud and she hadn' made it to her bed before she had so kindly passed out on the floor. She cracked her neck and sat down on her bed. Pulling her hair up into a bun she quickly changed into her off work clothes which were still to untight for her likes. Black pants and a white trutleneck top with a pair of white sneakers. She placed her other clothes in a hamper for cleaning and layed down on her bed. She carefully watched the door for any type of movement.


      Brennan eyes were dropping. He was so tired he just wanted to sleep for a few hours. He was still sitting in the water and it had taken it's toll on him. He looked over at the door no one had entered since the last confratation with Eckart. He closed his eyes and unwillingly driffted to sleep.

      The two men that were just outside his door smiled. Their charge had finally fell asleep. They opened the door and went in with his new governer. One man held his head while the other placed the machine agasint his neck and pressed the trigger. They both grinned as the younger muntant screamed in pain.  He jerked out of their holds but didn't have enough strenght to hold himself up he collasped back into the water slipping under the surface. the two lackies just stood there thinking it was a trick until he didn't come back up to the surface.

      "Shit!" The first one said. They began searching for him. They quickly found him and bought him to the surface and to the side of the 'pond'. The second man ran and hit the the alarm for a medical emercgency.

      "I can't find a pluse!" The first man said.

      "The doctor's on the way."

      "It will be to late."

      "Start CPR!" The man began to pump Brennan's Chest in a rush to get his heart beating. Suddenly Brennan's eyes opened and glared at the two men. Grabbing the man that was giving him CPR by the back of his head and pulling him to meet the floor Brennan rolled onto his stoumach and pushed up. He face the second man. He looked shocked and scared. Brennan took a step forward and decked him. Injoring the pain he ran to the door and stumbled out into the hall. He had to get out of here as fast as possible. And more then likely he would need his powers for that.

      "Damn." He looked around for a inclosed room. He saw a broom closet and ducked into it. Calming him self he raised his right arm and let his fingers find the governer once he made contact he lined up his index finger with the middle of it and charged up his powers. Pain shoot down his back. He bit his tounge to stop from yelling and closed his eyes. //One more moment.// He told himself. The pain suddenly stop and he felt his powers  tingling in his system. He smiled and slide down to the floor taking a deep breath. He rested his head against the wall. //Gotta get out of here. But first i have to get dry.// He looked around for some dry clothes. Finding none he lightly cursed well then he was just going to have to do this the hard way. He slowly opened the door and took a quick look. Two guards each with cattle prods. Brennan frowned he was in no shape to fight them he would just have to wait.


      Jesse ran towards the door Emma pointed out. It was white just like the rest of the building. He slowly opened the door. To find a fist at his head.He began to phase before he stopped to think it over. The fist stopped before it would have came in contact with his face.

      "Do you greet everyone like that?" Jesse spat out at her.

      "Yes, better safe then sorry...By the way sorry." She smiled at him. He didn't smile back.

      "You have to take us to Brennan now."

      "Yes, please follow me." She exited her room with a small strap on backpack. She lead the way down a number of new halls.

      "Are you sure that Brennan is down here?"

      "He has to be this is the only hall they have for this type of training."

      "What training?"

      "Mutant rehablitation." She stated. She turned another corner. There were two guards.

      "Amelia, what are you doing out of your room?" One of the men asked and walked towards her to take her back to her room. He grabbed her arm. She hit him with her other hand. He loosened his grib and she spun out of it. Grabbing the cattle prod she hit him with it. He fell to his knees. The other man came up behind her. Jesse stepped in between the two and went intagable. The man's fist hit him and broke. Emma walked up to him and took the cattle prod and turning it around hit him with the handle.

      "Sorry." She told him as he hit the floor.

      "It's this door here." Amelia said opening the door she pointed to she called the other's over. She looked inside. "What....he's not here." Just then they heard two people. Turning around Emma found to people that looked to be medic's.

      "Who are you?" The tallest one asked the small group.

      Amelia stepped forward. "They are the newest recruts sent over for our use...Where is the person that is supposed to be in this room?" She asked.

      "We were called down here for a cartial arrest. The new mutant had been left in the water to long and when the two idots tried to but the governer in him he slipped under the water and stop breathing. Emma felt grief wash over her then stopped herself she won't have know if Brennan had died...wouldn't have she. The other's glance at her and she shook her head no.

      "Well then he couldn't have gotten far, start looking and don't raise the alarm yet. Eckart will have everyone's neck if he finds this out." The two medic's hastely agreed with her and took off.

      Adam glanced at Emma. "Can you get a hit off of him?" He asked.

      "I think so just give me a minute." She closed her eyes and let some of her barrier's drop. The few people around her overwhelmed her. "Please control your feeling!" She said. The feeling slowed but were still there. She went outwards. People...people she didn't know...only looking for one friends...there she found him...She moved forwards blocking everyone else out. She pulled open the door. "Found him!" She said as she fell on to the floor. Rocking back and forth she tried to to get control back. After a few minutes she did and she looked up into Amelia's eyes.

      "You did fine, better then fine you did great. You have Brennan you guys have to leave right now."

      "What about you're brother?"

      "I can find him all by myself. You have to leave." She pulled Emma to her feet. "You know the way out." She said pointing to her own head. Amelia handed her off to Jesse. "I'll see you later." And with that she turn and ran deeper into the building.

      "Amelia, No don't!" Emma yelled after her but all she could do was watch as the women ran away from them. Adam took Emma from Jesse.

      "You can protact Brennan more so then I can. Plus I don't think I can carry him the whole way." He helped Emma walked forward. "Come on Emma we have to get going." Adam said pulling her.

      "What about...Amelia?" Emma asked.

      "She made up her own mind you have to respect that, she'll be fine and hopefully so will her brother." She stumbled and almost fell her walls not built back up to what they were she was having trouble blocking out any type of emotion.

      Jesse brought up the rear carrying Brennan around his shoulder's. "Brennan you need to lose some weight." He huffed to the injuryed man.

      " No I don't you just have to get some muscles." he said poking at Jesse's stoumach.

      "I like my abs that you very much."

      Emma picked that point to speak her mind. " too...." The three men looked at her. "What? I do." Then she went back to her half stubbling, half walking.


      Amelia raced down the corridor.//Staus unit's...where are the Staus units?// she was reading the doors as she streamed past them. She turned on a dime when she spotted the one she need and turned around and burst into the room. //No guards...make's this even easyer.// She spotted the list by the door. Scanning it she looked for O'Leary. //There. K-7657// Just dropping the list she moved to the spot and looked in. There was her brother. She smiled and laied her hand on the top. she shivered his eyes were wide opened and didn't even blink. She shook her head and keyed the code to start the opening. She bit her lower lip as she waited. Then the top opened and a loud beep was sounded. Taking the top off she reached in and hit his face.

      "HEY!!!Lazy bones get up!" She shouted. His eyes blinked and she felt like crying she was so happy. "Come on we've got to move!"


      "GenoMex. Now get up I have us a way out." He struggled to get up and get his body moving again. After a few minutes they were running down the halls. "We have to get to the roof." he nodded.


      "Is the Helix ready to go?" Adam asked as he strapped Emma in.

      "Almost, one more pre-flight to run then we are good to go." Adam nodded and moved to the beds in the back. Strapping Brennan in so he would fall out he headed to his own sit.

      "Adam, Amelia and her brother is outside the Helix."

      "I'll let them in get us ready to go." He nodded and Adam ran to the landing bay and opened the hatch.

      "Get in!" He shouted. The two ran for two empty seats.

      "Okay we're ready to go." Jesse said as he began lift off.

      "Okay then let's jet." Adam said taking his seat.


      Pace...turn..pace...turn...Shalimar had the rounite down perfect. By the time the team had radio in saying they had BRennan the floor already had a deep hole in it and now it was twice as large. She tipped her head. That was the Helix. She ran to the landing bay. She sniffed the air. //FERAL// Her sense were alert. She growled and then smelt Brennan. She forgot all about the other feral. She ran onto the Helix and back to Brennan. Adam was already there unhooking him.

      "Adam is he going to be okay?" She asked helping him.

      "Yes, he's just ready drained and has a slight emblance in his electricty feed but both things can be fixed." Shalimar smiled in relief.

      "I'll take him up to the lab."

      "Okay just make sure that he doesn't move much and get lot's of rest."

      "Will do Doc." She said and she pulled Brennan up she helped him moved just supporting his weight. "Come on we have some things to talk about." She said.


                             2 weeks later

      "Just got another e-mail from Amelia." Emma called as she walked into the living room. Shalimar and Brennan were curled up in the large chair by the door whispering and kissing. Emma smiled they both deserved it. She walked over to Jesse and gave him a peek on the kiss. After her little slip they had a long talk together and found out that each of them thought the same way for each other. It was kinda like a fairy tale. She looked around Adam was working on a puzzle in the corner while the other's just enjoyed each other's company.

      "Yeah, how are they?" Brennan asked.

      "Good they both have jobs and are finally away from the GenoMex threat they are both happy and are playing on making this location their new home."

      "I'm glad. They deserve this after everything with the GSA I guess it would be nice to just relax."Jesse said.

      "And miss out on the fight...I don't think so. We'd all get bored silly." Shalimar informed them.

      "You're probally right but don't you every wish this little war to be over?" Emma asked.

      "I'm glad we have this war." Brennan said. The other's looked at him. "If the GSA won't have been then I wouldn't be here with my family...Each one of your are the best thing that every happened to me. i could list everything but as we don't have a million years I'll have to give you the cliff notes. Adam your my father. You have always been there for me and always will be. Jesse you're my main man, my bro I don't know where I would be with out you. Em, you're my emotions. When i can't show how I'm feeling you always help me. And Shal," he gave he a small kiss. "You're my rock. My other part. If I hadn't meet you I would never have known what it felt like to actually life." She smiled and kissed him. "I love you guys and I want to thank you for being there for me no matter what I have done or will do." He picked up the glass of wine he had. "To Family." he said rasing his glass.

      "To Family." The others echoed. They smiled and all took a drink from their glasses.


A/N: Okay yes not the best ending ever but it kinda worked I thought it flowed with the story as Brennan was supposed to have done a buch of crimes...I hope that you liked the story and I want to thank(give reviewer names) for all there support and feedback and i hope to have another story out soon...Later Days :)