Few here remember; Morgoth least,

The time before Un-Time had ceased,

Before the Discord rose, increased,

At Melkor's prideful song.


Past mortal thought, where mind and Flame

Are one, he had a mighty name,

Where his songs' echoes might remain,

He Who Arose in Might.


He dipped into infinity,

And not yet lost, but simply free

for all of brief eternity

Before he dreamed of Light.


His thought turned slowly, and alone;

A titan shifting under stone:

Not made of flesh, of blood and bone,

But sheathed in flashing thought.


The Void was silent, mirror-still,

And darker for the Light that spilled

Down, down beyond the shining sills

Of windows in the West.


He swept into the Void, and Light

Clung to his wings in droplets slight,

He turned, they splashed down into Night:

Antithesis of stars.


The waves and ripples of his mind

Still turning, echo and unwind

Threads of the Void he left behind,

For there he found no Light.


Rising fire now rings his head,

Heavy hands and crown of dread,

Behold the starlight lying dead

Before the Lord of Lies.

Hope you like this - Morgaur, I hope this is what you had in mind! [Characters and all related stuffins (c) Tolkien.] What do you think of Morgoth here? Is he in character?