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Chapter 1

Slowing the beat up old truck to a crawl, the two occupants rolled their windows down, peer out into the midnight air. Their breath floated away in a barely visible cloud of white steam, the cool air making itself known to the two. Although it wasn't cold enough for frost, the water droplets had begun to harden slightly, reflecting the brake lights like tiny blood-red fireflies.

"It's just a tiny little out-of-the-way town." Derek commented, reaching in the back for a flashlight. He turned the beam out of the open window, the green of the cornrow stalks peering back at him. "God knows what the hell that means it's hiding." He sighed, turning skyward.

"It's not like we're totally leaving cilvilization behind, though." Jason replied, sighing himself as the rows stretched out ahead of them. "Is it?" Silence fell between the two men, leaving Derek's mind to wander. He considered everything he saw before him, and rolled up the window, pulling back onto the main road into town.

- 4 week ealier -

"You think you've seen everything yet, Derek? I beg to differ. Here's a path even Adam couldn't come across, but it's being served to you on a silver platter. If you're willing to test your fear properly, and that of your Freaks, I'm ready to talk. Kenetics chatrooms, my username: Nos." The words flowed with such an air of certainty, leaping off the screen at Lan. Her fingers came to a stop over the keyboard, something she had rarely done in the last few days. So many cases had been coming and going, to keep herself, and the others at Freakylinks busy.

She thought of calling Derek, then thought twice. Maybe this was just another crackpot trying to lead them all on. "Are you for real?" She said, not even realizing it was aloud. Her words only echoed back anyways, everyone was out for the night, taking a break and doing their own thing. Searching through her own huge links file, she finally managed to stumble upon a link to the Kenetics chatrooms, saving herself probably a large search, because as soon as she had the page loaded, she knew it wasn't accessed by many people. The scripts were all out of date, and most of the code wasn't finished.

NOS You aren't Derek

The words jumped up from the web page, opening in it's own window. The font was that of Century goth, dark red, against a black background. Lan jumped, pulling a hand to her mouth. Her fingers were posed on the keys, them she realized there was no bar for her to type into.

NOS Just type Tell me who you are

FL You're Nos?

Lan's fingers flew across the keyboard, her eyes not even registering the fact that her own username of FL appeared when she tapped the enter button. She had never entered one.

NOS I am And you're not Derek Who are you

Lan smirked slightly, clicking in her answer before she had barely finished reading the question.

FL If you know I'm not Derek, then how can you not tell who I am?

NOS Your mind is clouded You are worried about yourself Derek A relationship is involved

The phone rang on a shelf beside the monitor, but Lan didn't even notice. Her eyes were glued to the screen. Derek had been seeing a new girl recently, but Lan didn't trust her. Chloe only complained she never trusted anyone Derek was dating. The phone continued to ring, and Lan began to reach for it, but the next message stole her hand away.

NOS Your love for him flows so freely but he never reciprocates He knows it and respects it but it will never be returned Worry not you will find love in time much as your wounds will heal and Derek will move on

FL How do you know this?

Lan had intended to write for longer, but screen flicked and shut off in a bright flash of light. She yelped, and pulled back, covering her eyes purely out of reflex. All the lights in the room had died, one of them exploding with a loud pop, sending her over the edge, into a scream. The phone had stopped ringing moments before, and she set about to make sure nothing besides the lightbulb had been broken.

Shaking with fear, and a touch of anger, she lit a match, and touched it to the wick of a nearby candle, burning the tip of her finger in the meantime. Broken glass sparkled on the floor, reflecting the light of the flame, and the glow of a streetlight outside the window. She bent, starting to pick up the shards. The bits has almost been cleaned up, when another behind her exploded. She screamed again, nearly in tears.

A loud pounding on the door broke the thick tension that was building in the air, but this time Lan managed to stay quiet. "Lan, what the hell? The door won't open! I called ealier and let the phone ring for like ten minutes!" The familiar male voice muffled by the door was both a comfort, and a curse. Vision of her earlier conversation with Nos filled her head.

"Derek!" She practically leapt over the couch, trying to open the door. The handle turned, but the action proved fruitless. The door wouldn't budge. "I am so freaked out right now, Der. Just kick in the door or something!" She couldn't keep the fear, or tension out of her voice. She heard him grunting, and felt the force of his kick, but the door would not give. The candle flickered innocently on the table, oblivious of the fear in the room.

Suddenly, in a flash almost as bright as the one that turned it off, the monitor regained power.

NOS You are not much fun to scare

Lan slumped against the door, the air leaving her in a small puff of defeat.

NOS Maybe next time you will learn to not be so difficult Lan

The room was suddenly silent, and the lights came back on. The candle slowly flickered, and died, as though gently blown out. Large shards of glass littered the floor from the second broken bulb, along with the bits of powdered glass from the first. Lan crawled away from the door, leaning back against the sofa instead. "The door will open now, Derek."

The door creaked open, and Derek leaned in cautiously, questioning look on his face. He peered at the glass on the floor, and the blank screen. "What the hell happened here? Contained tornado?" He leaned over to help Lan back to her feet, boosting her up and over the now sparkly carpet. He hugged her to his chest, feeling her shake with fear.

"It asked for you, but I went..." She started softly, and explained everything that happened to him. Derek peered around the room again, and parted from Lan. He went to the computer, tapping the mouse gently. The black screen disappeared, returning to the normal layout. Lan disappeared from the room, headed for some tea, and a hot bath.

NOS Derek I have waited to speak to you but I think now you are ready

The conversation screen popped up again, and he pulled a chair over, posing his fingers over the keys.