Naruto and Hinata were good friends. Actually, they were best friends. They could talk to each other about everything, and they understood each other so good, it was almost scary. Maybe it was because of the past. Naruto's parents died in a car accident when he was born, and after that he was raised by his godfather Jiraiya. But Jiraiya got old, and he had a terrible accident in the winter, and he wasn't strong enough anymore. Naruto was left alone, and since he was sixteen, and didn't have anyone else in his family, he lived alone too. The only light in his world was Hinata and his friends.

Hinata's mother had died from a sickness, about a year after Hinata's little sister was born. Hinata was young, but the more she grew, the more she understood things, and it made her so sad. Her dad was very strict, and gave up on her for her being weak. Hinata was crushed inside, but, she would not break down like that. Now she's strong, and have a better bond with her father.

Everything was better for Naruto too. He was also not a failure anymore, he was deeply loved by the people in the town, and he was pretty famous in other places too. He was well known from his friendliness.

Naruto had always thought Hinata was a good person, but didn't really notice her until he saw her crying one day in a corner at the street. He made her tell him why, and as Hinata told about her past, he realized, that he wasn't alone. After that little moment, they got closer and closer, and they saved each other from misery.

"So Hinata…" said a familiar voice and a pink haired girl sneaked up next to her. "Hi Sakura-san," she said.

Sakura was one of her very good friends, as well as Ino, Tenten, Temari and Matsuri who were there.

"I heard you spent a lot of time with Naruto this summer…" she said and smiled that 'I-need-some-gossip' smile.

Ino was almost up in Hinata's face asking questions.

"Ehe… We're just good friends right? He doesn't think of me that way…" said Hinata sighing inside her.

She wished though. She had a huge crush on him, and it's been there FOREVER.

And almost as Temari had read her mind…"But you wish don't cha?" she said and grinned.

Temari was a really cool girl. She was inspiring, and almost as a big sisters for the girls.

"W-well…" said Hinata not wanting to tell it, but something made her want to as well.

"C'mon guys, don't put so much pressure on her! Besides, we already know the answer… Don't worry Hinata, he will totally be into you this year! I can feel it on me!" said Hinata's best friend Tenten.

Tenten always said the right words to Hinata. Hinata smiled a 'thank you'. And then the bell rang.