"Amy I have been thinking about it and I think the sooner we go visit my mother the better."

Sheldon said that night in his Skype session with Amy. She had called him at lunch to see how he was feeling and told him she would be working late so would not see him that evening. This Skype session was a result of his sulking at the news!

"Do you mean this weekend? As in tomorrow night?"

"Well yes. It's just the more I think about it the more I just want it done. Amy if we do it now we will be able to forget abut it when James and Simon are here. If we leave it she will increase her calls and I cant take it."

Sighing Amy said. "Sheldon if it is that important then fine. Just please don't book the flights until I have checked I can leave early Friday." nodding Sheldon agreed.

"So how is your head now?" Amy asked grinning.

"OK. I think this morning it was tiredness as much as anything. I may go to bed soon." Sheldon smiled.

"Yes me too. It's been a long day. It was fun last night though."

"It was, well until the neck incident."

"Has anyone mentioned it today?"

"No. I think Leonard had said something as Howard was very quiet! The cover make-up worked well and I will make sure I have a button up shirt tomorrow too."

"Sheldon how will your mother react when she sees it?"

"Oh dear lord! OK we will go to Texas next weekend! It will be gone by then wont it?" Sheldon asked concern lacing his voice.

"Yes Sheldon I am sure it'll be fine by then."

"OK well lets go next weekend. You will love Meemaw, Amy. And I now she is excited to meet you!"

Smiling Amy replied "I am excited to meet her too; but I kind of feel I know her already just from your stories. Do you want to do something this weekend then; if we are not going to your mothers?"

"We could go visit yours if you want?"

"Oh that's not necessary Sheldon!"

"Amy do you not want her to meet me? You never mention her."

"Sheldon we are not close like your family. If you want to meet her we can but I can assure you a photo of us would satisfy her as much."

"What about if we go to get the new bedding you wanted for your apartment for James and Simon tomorrow morning, then we can pay a quick visit to your mother before coming back here and I will cook for us. You can stay over if you wish and then on Sunday we can go to the zoo or museum or something?"

"That sounds fine." Amy nodded "but I have promised Penny I would see her and Bernie at some point."

"Why cant you see them when Howard, Raj and Leonard are here tomorrow playing vintage videos?"

"Ahh! Sheldon do you miss me? Amy grinned "Look I'll ask Penny, she may be working. I'll text you tomorrow about the weekend too."

"I do miss you Amy," Sheldon said shyly looking at his hands rather than the camera. "I have enjoyed the time we spend together, it feels strange now when you are not with me."

"Sheldon I feel the same, I was teasing I'm sorry. I am sure once I have had a good nights sleep I will have lots of ideas for things we can do this weekend. Lets say goodnight now and I will talk to you tomorrow."

"OK, good night." Sheldon smiled at the camera and waved.


After Sheldon had disconnected Amy sat for a while staring at the screen. It shocked her sometimes when Sheldon said he wanted to spend more time with her. For so many years she had got used to date night once a month and shared group meals. Sometimes it was easy to fall back into that routine. Tonight she had assumed Sheldon would want his space having spent the previous night off routine. To hear him say he missed her brought tears to her eyes.

Amy picked up her phone and dialled.

"Hello mother, it is Amy here. I am calling to ask if it would be convenient for myself and Sheldon to visit at the weekend. Preferably Saturday afternoon if that is convenient?"

Listening to her mother on the other end of the line Amy nodded her head saying

"Yes 2 o'clock would be fine. No there is nothing wrong, Sheldon just felt you should meet and we have a time slot this weekend... yes mother we are serious... OK mother I shall see you then."

Disconnecting Amy sighed. Her mother always set her on edge, made her feel 14 again, full of insecurities. Shaking her head Amy stood and moved to the bedroom to get ready for bed.

An hour later Amy was still awake. Getting up she moved to grab her 'snuggle bunny' of the side where Sheldon had placed him. Burying her nose in his fur Amy closed her eyes. Maybe she had got more used to Sheldon in her bed than she had thought!


"Hi Sheldon, I checked with Penny and we can make girls night tonight so I am all yours this weekend! Ax"

Sheldon grinned when he saw the message. He was still grinning when Leonard staggered out of his room rubbing his eyes.

"Why are you looking so cheerful" he grumbled.

"No reason, just glad it is Friday and we have the weekend to look forward too? I have a new game for us to play tonight too!"

Nodding Leonard poured himself some coffee and perched on the stool leaning on his elbows.

"So what big plans have you got this weekend that have you so excited?"

"Nothing special, spending time with Amy hopefully. We may go to the zoo or the museum."

Leonard nodded not that impressed. "I am taking Penny out Saturday night. She wants to go to some club. You and Amy can join us if you want."

"I don't think so. Clubs are not my thing!"

Leonard snorted "You don't say. Well the offer is there, along with the warning we will be drunk when we return."

"Maybe I shall stay at Amy's then, I can do without you keeping me awake!"

"Pot and kettle, Sheldon" Leonard smirked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well the other night when Amy stayed, the reason I had to go over to Pennys was my inability to sleep due to the noises coming from your room!"

Sheldon blushed "I thought we were quiet" he whispered.

Leonard laughed, "Maybe we should reintroduce the tie on the doorknob method of communication!"

Sheldon considered this, nodding.

"Yes well... I think I will see if I can stay at Amy's this weekend." Sheldon muttered and smile now gone he trotted down the hall to his room.

"Good morning Amy, I hope you caught up on your sleep. I have just had a disturbing conversation with Leonard where he informed me our activities of the other night were overheard. I wondered if I could maybe stay at yours this weekend as opposed to you staying here? S x"

"Of course you can. I called mother last night, we can go visit at 2 tomorrow if you still want too?"

"That is most agreeable Amy. And thank you for letting me stay at yours; evidently Penny is likely to be residing here in a drunken state!"

As Sheldon waited for Leonard to get ready for work it struck him that the marks on his neck were in vain, Leonard had heard them after all!


That evening while the boys played games the girls spent an evening catching up on girly stuff. They painted nails, drank wine and introduced Lucy to Carrie Bradshaw! Lucy and Raj were definitely growing closer and as a result Lucy felt more at ease with the conversation in general. She was not keen on Amy's suggestion of a game of twister but was happy to play prank calls on people from work.

"Why is this still funny?" Penny giggled having just pranked the guys across the hall "and why do they still fall for it!"

Refilling their glasses with wine the conversation turned to their respective partners and their plans for the weekend.

"I have to go visit his mother with Howie" Bernadette frowned. "he always gets out of fishing with my dad but I am never quick enough with the excuses!"

"Well I am taking Sheldon to visit my mother." Amy announced. She grinned at the stunned faces of Penny and Bernadette. Turning to Lucy she grinned "Make the most of it, I don't often strike them dumb!"

"Seriously Amy, parental introductions?"

"It wasn't my idea believe me! Sheldon just felt I was ashamed of him or something, so, as we are going to Texas next weekend I thought I'd bite the bullet. Also it will fill my annual quota of visits at the same time! So win win!"

"Well Leonard is taking me to that new club, we should all go!"

Lucy looked unsure and Amy was already shaking her head.

"I am not sure I can do drunk Sheldon more than once a week" she grinned

"Was he bad? I remember the night of the dropping trousers!" Penny laughed

"No he really wasn't. Just grumpy the next morning really; but when you are suffering too someone else's pain is not tolerable!"

Penny laughed "OK Bernie, after a day with Mrs W I bet a night clubbing will be in order!"

"Maybe, I will see what Howie says. Usually we just go home and sit in total silence!"

The others laughed. "Well the offers there just let me know" Penny said.

They were interrupted by knocks on the door.

"Its open" Penny called.

The door opened to show Raj and Howard, coats on, frowning.

"Oh boy, I take it you lost "Bernadette grinned

"Lets just go home" Howard muttered. Waving, Bernadette followed her husband as Lucy stood and went towards Raj. Smiling sadly he held out his hand for hers and they left too.

"Well I guess our men will be celebrating at least." Penny grinned but the grin soon disappeared when they heard shouts from across the hall.

"Leonard you are just being a sore looser! I can assure the rules are quite clear and I won!"

"Oh dear," Amy shrugged, "should we go separate them?"

"I guess. I tell you what, you go distract Sheldon and I will bring Leonard over here." with a grin the girls crossed the hall. As they entered 4A they heard Sheldon's door slam. Leonard smiled as he saw Penny.

"Hey" he said quietly.

"Hi sweetie, we heard shouting, I wondered if you wanted to come to mine tonight?" Nodding Leonard waved at Amy. "Good luck with Dr Whackadoodle!" and he left.

Sighing Amy walked down the hall and knocked on Sheldon's door.

"Go away Leonard. I am not arguing with you about this!"

"Sheldon its me!" Amy said and turning the handle opened the door.

Sheldon was pacing his room and was surprised to see Amy suddenly before him.

"Hey!" she grinned. "we heard shouting I thought I would come see if you were OK, Penny has taken Leonard across the hall."

"He is a sore looser!"

Nodding Amy sat on the bed and patted the space next to her. "How about we go make some tea, chamomile maybe, then we can watch some TV?"

Nodding Sheldon stood and walked out of the room. Shrugging Amy followed him. It took half an hour for Sheldon to fully calm down. Lying against his shoulder Amy smiled up at him.

"Feel better?"

"Yes thank you, the tea helped!" Wrapping his arms around her he kissed the top of her head. "Do you want to stay here? Leonard is at Penny's so my neck should be safe" he grinned.

"I'd love too! "Amy smiled, "Although tomorrow we will have to make sure we add to our sleepover clothes! I hadn't packed for this many sleepovers!"

Taking her hand Sheldon stood up, pulling her with him. Turning of the television on his way past Sheldon opened his door and said "You can use the bathroom first, I will find you something to wear."

Returning to the bedroom Amy found Sheldon with his pyjamas in hand. He passed her to take his turn in the bathroom and she found a t shirt folded on the pillow. Grinning she saw it was the Green Lantern tee he had leant her before. Pulling off her clothes Amy pulled the t shirt on and got into bed.

When he returned Sheldon smiled at the sight of Amy in his t shirt curled up and already asleep. Climbing in behind her Sheldon wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him. Soon he too was asleep.


The stroking of fingers across her stomach and breasts awoke Amy. Smiling sleepily she pressed back into the warm body behind her.

"You awake?" Sheldon whispered

"No, keep going!" Amy grinned. She was rewarded with a pinch of her bottom.

"Hey "she laughed turning over "what was that for?"

"You are lucky I didn't give you a hickey! I still owe you! Try explaining that to your mother later!" Amy winced "OK fair point!"

"I have been awake for ages, you are a very peaceful sleeper" Sheldon commented. "you hardly move at all. I like that!"

"Good! I am glad you approve" Amy grinned. "So why did you decide to wake me?"

"Because I wanted to do this." Amy Sheldon cupped her chin pulling her close he threaded his fingers in her hair and gently kissed her.

"You should have woken me earlier!" Amy smiled then leant in to kiss him back.

They kissed gently, stopping and stroking each others faces before starting again, each new kiss a little more passionate until Amy felt Sheldon's erection pressing against her hip as his tongue stroked hers. Shifting closer Amy wrapped her arms around Sheldon's waist hugging him close. Without breaking their kiss Sheldon pulled Amy under him and rubbed gently against her.

Pulling her head back from their kiss Amy grinned. "You should definitely have woken me earlier!" she whispered.

"I love seeing you in this t shirt" Sheldon grinned. "I think Green Lantern is my favourite super hero when you wear him!"

Laughing Amy said "Take it off me." She lifted her arms as Sheldon raised it over her head. With her arms raised he ran his fingers down her arms to her breasts tracing them gently before cupping them in his hands. Running a thumb over an already taut nipple Sheldon watched as it tightened further then bent to run his tongue over it. Turning his attention to her other breast Sheldon watched Amy's face as he stroked her. Her eyes closed as his tongue touched her and her grip on his waist tightened pulling him closer. Not taking his gaze off her face Sheldon pulled back and kissed her mouth again.

"I love waking up with you!" Amy grinned "but you have definitely got too many clothes on now!"

Sheldon sat up wrapping one arm around Amy's waist so she didn't loose her balance and pulled his under-shirt off with one hand. "Don't stop there Dr Cooper, you are still over dressed." And wriggling forward so she sat on his stomach Amy gave Sheldon room to kick off his pants.

Realising his now free erection was pressed against her bottom Amy groaned. She climbed off Sheldon and lay next to him.

"Why did you get off?" he asked frowning.

"I wanted to see you, all of you." and stroking her finger tips from his lips down to his hip bone Amy smiled.

"I love you Sheldon. I love that it is OK we just sleep together, I love that you care for me when I am sad and I love that we can do this. Lie here and look and touch and share."

Sheldon looked at Amy seriously taking in what she had said.

"I love you too Amy. I hope you realise I don't just love this? I love your brain, how you think, how you talk. I love that you care for my family and are willing to spend time with them. I do love this too. The fact I am even doing this surprises me, but I want you to know I would not want to do this, share this, with anyone but you."

Amy smiled she knew exactly what Sheldon meant. All their worries and fears seemed miles away. The trust they had meant now they could be here and this was OK.

They moved together and kissed again. This time their hands exploring slowly. Stroking each other gently, teasing and exploring. There was no sense of urgency. As Sheldon felt Amy's fingers stroke his erection he let his fingers trace her folds, spreading her and discovering how wet and ready she was for him. He leant over and pulled open his bedside draw removing a condom.

"Can you put this on for me?" He asked quietly, still moving his fingers softly over her with his free hand. Amy had to stop stoking Sheldon to open the packet. She quickly removed the condom and covered him. Once she had both hands free Amy grasped his head and kissed him fiercely.

Sheldon rolled on top of Amy but made sure to support his weight on his arms, "Look at me" he whispered as he slowly entered her. Fighting not to close her eyes to the sensation of him filling her, Amy watched Sheldon's face.

"You feel so good" he groaned, fighting the urge to thrust into her. "you feel so tight and hot" he moaned.

Amy felt him twitching and knew his was fighting for control. Unable to speak, as her emotions swept over her Amy, closed her eyes to try to stop the tears she felt welling and unable to explain.

She began to move her hips encouraging Sheldon to move too.

"Sheldon … please.. "she begged not really sure what she was asking for. But Sheldon thrust hard into her and at the same time lowered his head to kiss her. Feeling Sheldon moving faster Amy wrapped her legs around his waist and moved with him.

"Sheldon.. I'm close.." Amy gasped into his mouth.

"Yes Amy! "Sheldon panted, his face showing the strain of the control he was trying to maintain. As he felt Amy begin to tremble around him Sheldon let go, thrusting faster and groaning as he pumped hard into her.

Once her breath had steadied and she could focus again Amy turned to Sheldon.

"Explain again why you didn't wake me sooner?"

Sheldon laughed. "I have no idea, no idea at all!"