I'll Be Your Master

Chapter 1

Hijikata Toushirou stood outside the meeting room at the Shinsengumi headquarters, smoking with a deep scowl on his face, and several rings under his eyes. Kondou-san had gotten himself hospitalized when Shimura Otae pushed him in front of a bus, so Hijikata was temporarily in charge. He didn't care for it.

On top of which, something had been troubling him lately. Though they had gotten somewhat less intense, so to speak, Okita's attempts on his life had become more frequent of late. Hijikata knew why. And that was precisely why he couldn't do or say anything about it. His expression darkened and he swore. All he could do was wait for Okita's mood to improve. Then he stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray and headed back into the meeting room.

He tried to walk inside and was immediately clotheslined by a sheathed sword. He fell hard on his back, snarling like a wild animal. Okita's head popped out from behind the door.

"Oh, Hijikata-san," said Okita, in his usual apathetic tenor. "You should be more careful. I just happened to be holding my sword out, and you walked straight into it. Aren't you lucky it was sheathed?"

The air around Hijikata was dark and rumbling with his anger as he stood up. But rather than his usual verbal parrying with the sadistic Okita, Hijikata didn't even look at him and walked straight into the room. He missed the flash of anger on Okita's normally emotionless face as he passed.

"All right," Hijikata said, sitting at the head of the room and calling everyone to order. "Since Kondou-san is out of commission for the time being, I'll be conducting the daily meetings from today."

Okita raised his hand. Hijikata stared at him like he had the plague.

"Yes?" he asked, lighting up to control his anger.

"I think everyone takes it as a matter of course that the Vice Head of the Shinsengumi should conduct meetings in the absence of the Head. But in actuality, there is no such regulation. Perhaps we should put it to a vote?"

There was a long, awkward silence, partly due to fear of Hijikata, and partly because everyone knew what had happened so very recently to Okita's sister. They all still found it very difficult to know how to deal with Okita, who was always rather off.

"Rejected," Hijikata said calmly, knowing he was the only one with the balls to earn Okita's anger. "Moving on…"

The meeting ended with job assignments, and as usual Hijikata partnered Okita with himself, much though he was aware neither of them was pleased by this. But in spite of himself, Hijikata wanted to keep an eye on the younger man. Either because of concern (unlikely), or because he didn't want Okita to cause any serious damage (more likely), he wasn't certain. Nevertheless, they went out on their rounds as usual.

Hijikata had had an idea, much though it was repugnant to him personally. He told a vague lie to Okita about digging for information on Katsura, and took them to the yorozuya. Then he had that China girl distract Okita (which actually happened without him having to do anything), and sat down with Sakata and the smaller boy.

"I have a job for you," he said bitterly, blowing out smoke.

"Yeah?" replied Gin in a condescending tone, though he did so while picking his nose. "We choose our clients you know. It's not like we take every-"

Hijikata tossed an envelope full of money on the table.

"What can we do for you sir?" said Gin in a flash.

Hijikata gave a smoky sigh. "I want you to keep an eye on the sadist."

Gin considered. "Really? The one you care nothing about?"

"I don't care about him. I care about the safety of the city. And my life," he grumbled. "I can watch him during work. All I want is for you to keep an eye on him on evenings and holidays. Bring the China girl with you, to hold him back if necessary. You two can't handle him," he added with confidence.

Shimura laughed hesitantly. "I…can't say I disagree with that."

Gin was watching Hijikata carefully. Hijikata pretended not to notice his gaze. Eventually the yorozuya glanced off into the distance and said, "Well, we can take on this job. If you're sure this is the right way to go about it."

Hijikata's eyebrow twitched, not missing the hidden implication that the yorozuya was quite convinced this wasn't the right way to go about it. "I am," he said.

Gin nodded and tucked the money into his kimono. "Okay then. Evenings and holidays. Kagura will have some good work to do."

"Not just her," Hijikata growled. "You need to be there too."

Gin didn't look at all surprised by this but he still asked, "Why is that?"

Hijikata stood and turned away, removing his cigarette to slowly let out smoke. "It's a client's request. You can handle it, right?"

"Yes, sir." From the corner of his eye, Hijikata could see him waving with a smile. "Pleasure doing business with you."

Hijikata sighed. He grabbed the China girl by the scruff to separate the two of them and placed her nearer the other two. "Nothing doing," he said, to Okita. "Let's go."

"I could have told you that, Hijikata-san. Also, by the way, die Hijikata."

"You first, Okita."

They finished the day without too much damage to public property (apart from a bazooka blast that was meant for Hijikata's head), and headed back to the headquarters. Hijikata muttered a quick farewell, but Okita grabbed his wrist.

Hijikata glared down at the gesture, then his eyes widened when he saw Okita's expression. All his normal dim-witted apathy was gone, replaced by dark fury. His eyes glinted in the low evening light, and Hijikata could see nothing there but murderous anger.

"I thought I should remind you, because sometimes you seem to forget," he said, in a deceptively calm voice. "Someday I won't miss. I really will kill you someday, Hijikata."

Hijikata stared at him for a time, then he closed his eyes calmly. "You don't need to remind me." Then, not really knowing why, he raised a hand and patted Okita's head. At once, Okita's facial expression went from anger to shock. "And I don't really mind. I'm just not ready to die yet."

Okita's grip had loosened, so Hijikata left him there in the hall, and went to his room for the night. He was just starting to get to sleep when he heard his door slide open, and a sliver of light touch his face. He could tell from the footsteps who it was, but he kept his eyes closed, feigning sleep.

Okita knelt down beside him. Hijikata got ready to fight back if he started to strangle him. Sure enough, he soon felt hands softly touching his throat. But he didn't make his move yet. And later he was grateful he didn't, because he never would have imagined what happened next.

The sadist's hands briefly tightened a little, then loosened again, as if he were fighting with himself. They started feeling around Hijikata's throat, perhaps marking all the vital points. Then, to Hijikata's shock, one hand slowly moved up to caress his cheek. He barely managed to maintain his illusion of sleep, but he couldn't believe this was really Okita. But then his earlier supposition was proven correct.

"You bastard, Hijikata," murmured Okita, so softly he could barely hear him. "You always take everything from me."

Hijikata was so stunned that he didn't know what was happening at first, when he felt a warm droplet against his cheek.

"This is your final revenge isn't it? You took the one thing I thought I would never give to anybody."

More tears fell on Hijikata's cheek, and he desperately wanted to open his eyes, but could not.

Okita laughed frantically. "And as a result…would you look at this? My hands won't do what I tell them. Kill Hijikata, I say. But instead…" At that point, Okita drew closer, until Hijikata could feel his breath on his cheek. "…they just want to touch you. It's a riot, right?" Okita sniffed. "Next time you touch me, I really will do something horrible to you. I hope this sinks into your subconscious." He leaned down again to whisper in Hijikata's ear. "Okita will kill you if you touch him again. Got that, Hijikata the Idiot?"

Finally, Hijikata heard a sob, and then Okita was gone. Later, he wondered if that had really all been a dream. Since he couldn't deal with the reality, he decided to make it so.

The yorozuya gave him his first progress report two days later, after they followed Okita to a ramen shop. Unsurprisingly, nothing happened. The next evening, they found him looking in a weapons shop. Again, nothing surprising about that. On the holiday, Hijikata asked if Okita wanted to accompany him to the hospital to see Kondou-san. Okita had yawned and said that if Hijikata wasn't going, he'd be happy to go.

Hijikata sighed, but then he surprised him by saying, "Okay. You can go, then."

Okita's eyes widened. "What does that mean? Is it a trick?"

"Whatever. If you're not going, then I will."

"Hey, I got it. I'll go."

Hijikata nodded tightly, then he returned to his room.

The next evening, as Hijikata was removing his cravat to start getting undressed, Okita flung open his door, stepped inside, and slammed it shut. Hijikata stared at him, but he wasn't particularly surprised.

"What the fuck is going on, Hijikata?!" Okita demanded.

Hijikata calmly continued undoing his cravat. "What are you talking about?"

"I noticed that China girl was following me everywhere, then I finally catch her and she says she was paid! You know whose name she said?"

Hijikata sighed slightly. "Go on, then. Beat me to hell if it'll make you feel better."

"Why did you do it?!" Okita demanded, grabbing Hijikata by the collar. "Are you trying to prove to Konou-san that I'm not fit for duty? Is that it?!"

Hijikata said nothing, only met his eyes impassively.

Okita's lower lip was quivering. "Or what…you think I'm going to kill myself or something? Or maybe someone else?"

Hijikata softly took hold of Okita's wrists, as his hands still gripped Hijikata's collar. "I was wrong. I'll ask them to stop."

"Hell with that!" Okita cried, shaking him. He tossed Hijikata away, wiping his eyes in a gesture Hijikata found so childish and cute, despite the dark situation. "You've always looked down on me. Even though the only thing you have over me is age. And Kondou-san's affection." Okita laughed bitterly. "He always did like you better than-"


Okita nearly fell to the ground. Hijikata had hit him with an open palm, but he'd put a huge amount of strength in it. Neither of them spoke for a long time, Okita standing shocked and holding his face, and Hijikata panting slightly and tightening his fist.

Then, to Hijikata's amazement, Okita slowly crouched down, holding his knees. He began to sob. Guilt struck Hijikata hard, although he didn't think the blow was the cause for Hijikata's tears this time. Eventually, he came over and knelt beside him.

"I thought you learned already," Hijikata said, softly. "You're never allowed to say stupid shit like that. Not ever again."

Okita sobbed. "Screw you, Hijikata," he said, his voice muffled between his knees.

Hijikata sighed. He did something then that he knew he would probably regret. He touched Okita's hair, and pulled his head against his chest. Okita's sobs stopped. He was clearly baffled.

Hijikata murmured, "That's funny. I thought you were going to kill me if I touched you."

Okita gasped, and Hijikata knew then for sure that it had not been a dream. The younger man's body started to shake. "You were awake then, you bastard," he whispered.

Hijikata didn't answer. He drew Okita closer. "What was it that I took from you?"


"That last thing. You said I took something you never intended to give to anyone. If you tell me, I can give it back. Would that make you go back to your old, sadistic, asshole self?"

Okita thought for a moment, then laughed pitifully. "Give it back, huh? What a laugh."


The other man was silent for a moment. Then, slowly, he pushed away from Hijikata to look in his eyes. "I guess there's one way you could give it back. But I'd die before telling you."

Hijikata's lips parted as he watched Okita's sweet face. He'd never noticed how cute Okita was, though other members of the Shinsengumi often said so. And for a moment, though it shamed him, Hijikata saw his sister reflected in his cute features. It was probably for that reason that his hand reached up without his awareness to stroke Okita's cheek.

Okita was dumbstruck. He started shaking again. "You asshole…" he whispered. "What are you thinking?"

"Not much, to be honest," Hijikata admitted. He drew Okita slowly closer. Though the man's trembling increased, he was strangely obedient. "Hey. That thing I took," he murmured softly. "Could I give it back if I keep going now?"

Okita's breathing had grown sharp and uneven. "I'm not…telling you…son of a bitch, Hijikata…"

Okita's mouth was stopped as Hijikata's lips captured it. Okita let out a terrified squeak, and his trembling hands alternately pulled in and alternately pushed Hijikata's chest away. It seemed he couldn't make up his mind to fight or not.

Hijikata made up his mind immediately. This felt so fucking good. He pushed Okita back onto the tatami mats, deepening his kisses and causing the younger man's body to writhe on the floor beneath him. Every now and then, Okita's surprisingly sexy voice would be swallowed up by Hijikata's mouth. He loved that feeling.

This went on for a while before Okita hit him roughly on the shoulder. "Ow," he muttered. "Sorry, I went too far," he said reluctantly.

Okita went bright red. "That's not it, dumbass Hijikata." Then, though he was hesitant, his hand reached down and lightly stroked Hijikata's cock over his clothes.

Hijikata shuddered. "You're much more…forward than I would have expected…" he grunted, trying to control his voice.

Okita gritted his teeth. "For embarrassing me like this…I'm going to make you cum so hard, Hijikata."

Hijikata gasped even at those words, feeling himself grow harder. What was happening to him? Since when was this sadist, and a kid, attractive to him? But he realized he didn't care. His body was moving ahead of his brain. He watched Okita's blushing face as he touched him.

Then Hijikata reached his limit. He slammed his lips against Okita's again, and started to undress him.

Okita was not pleased at being controlled. "Ah…bastard…Hijikata…"

Hijikata threw open Okita's shirt, yanked it down his arms and pulled it off him. He lowered himself to Okita's waist, and before he had even removed his pants, sucked down hard on Okita's hardening cock.

Okita gritted his teeth, fingers tightening on Hijikata's hair. "Bastard!" he cried,

Hijikata then stripped Okita of his pants, and buried the younger man's cock deep in his mouth.

"Ah!" Okita cried helplessly. Now his fingers dug into Hijikata's shoulders. He didn't seem to be able to say any more at that point.

Obviously this was Hijikata's first time sucking off a man, but he'd always been told by women that he was great at it. So, he employed the same techniques of feeling out his partner's reactions, plus aiming for spots he knew he liked himself. Apparently, it was working fairly well.

Okita's body was writhing on the floor, his fingers desperately clutching to Hijikata, hard enough to form bruises there. He was obviously trying to hold it back, but his cute voice kept leaking out every now and then, making Hijikata's passion for him burn ever stronger. At one point, Hijikata took him so deep he almost gagged, though after the fact he realized he didn't actually mind that. However, he didn't have much time to explore this new sensation, because a few seconds later, sour and bitter cum shot down his throat.

Hijikata coughed, wiping his mouth. "Man. And I didn't even like the way women taste. That's something else."

Then he realized that Okita was glaring at him with that murderous expression.


Okita gritted his teeth. He leapt up and pinned Hijikata to the ground by his shoulders.

"Agh!" Hijikata grunted. "You don't need to be so rough…"

A twinkle of a smile met Okita's cruel expression. "Did that hurt?" he asked, seductively.

Hijikata's eyes widened. He'd been so stupid. He should have known that showing weakness was the worst thing he could do in front of a sadist. "Not at all. I'm just worried about the floorboards," he said, turning away proudly.

Okita yanked his face back toward him to lick him under his jaw. Hijikata shivered, he couldn't help it. Okita grinned. In smooth motions, he suddenly unbuttoned Hijikata's shirt, tore it off him and managed to tie it around his hands in the back.

"S-Sougo…" he muttered, hesitantly. "There's no need to go that far…I'm not running away."

"You'll want to in a minute," said a grinning Okita.

Hijikata shivered for a different reason this time. Okita was right. He did want to run. But then Okita started to undo his pants, and some of his resistance faded. Was he going to suck him? Suddenly, Hijikata's body was awash with passion again. He could cum just imagining Okita's tiny mouth sucking his cock.

Okita looked at it for a moment. Then he snarled. "What's the point of having a cock so big when you're only stupid Hijikata?!" he demanded, then swallowed as much as he could.

Hijikata moaned, his head tilting back. He leaned up again, though, because Okita sucking his cock was one of the sexiest things he'd ever seen. His cock was twitching inside the warm wetness of Okita's mouth. Hijikata was reduced to panting and moaning, and would probably do anything Okita wanted him to at that point.

Which was a good thing, because he never would have expected what happened next. Okita's mouth left him for a moment, and though it was tough, at least it gave him time to breathe. He started sucking him again, but then Hijikata had a very unusual sensation. His eyes widened.

"So-…Sougo…what's your hand doing there?"

Barely removing Hijikata's cock, he replied, "Mofing."

Hijikata moaned at the reverberation. "No…come on…your finger feels like it's…Ah!" Hijikata threw his head back as Okita's finger dove inside him. Hijikata trembled, not knowing what to do.

Now Okita grinned. "How's that feel, Hijikata?"

Hijikata couldn't answer. He was trying to cope with this completely foreign sensation. He wasn't even sure if it hurt or not. Although…he had a sneaking suspicion that it might actually feel…good.

"Does it hurt?" Okita thrust deeper into him. Hijikata's breath caught, his head arching back. "Either way, I'll never let you forget this. That I had my fingers inside you." Saying this, he added a second finger.

Hijikata gasped, feeling definite pain that time. However, the soft pleasure he'd felt before also intensified. It felt like it was just a little further…just a little deeper and then his body would be awash with pleasure.

"Haven't found it yet, huh? Let's explore a bit."

Okita thrust his fingers around inside Hijikata, and it didn't take long before the pain faded, and Hijikata was trembling and moaning again. His cock dripped precum onto his stomach. Okita noticed this with a smirk, and then took it back inside his mouth again.

"Ahhh!" Hijikata cried, arching his back. The combination of the two was almost too much. Shameful though it was, he wanted Okita's fingers to fuck him harder. He was being driven mad by desire. And he knew that Okita was the only culprit. He couldn't help his hips thrusting into Okita's mouth, wanting more.

He could just see Okita flick a sexy gaze his way, his cock still deep in his mouth. Hijikata moaned, knowing he couldn't last much longer. But then, like an electric shock, his whole body filled with pleasure. He filled the room with cries, uncomprehending of this pleasure the like of which he had never even imagined.

Okita removed Hijikata's cock from his mouth to grin, then started jerking him off and pounding his fingers inside him at the same time. Hijikata moaned and writhed, drool dripping out the corner of his mouth as his eyes rolled back. Then finally Okita's fingers hit him in just the right way, and he cried out like a porn star, painting his own chest with cum.

Okita squeezed him dry for a few moments, and Hijikata continued panting and twitching. He stayed in that sex-induced trance for quite some time, even as Okita began to clean up. Then with a smirk, Okita lay down beside him and kissed his cheek.

"Are you going to be my little bitch now?"

Hijikata's sanity was slowly returning. He panted and swallowed, and finally managed in a trembling voice, "That was…a fluke. It won't…happen again."

Okita's expression turned stormy. "Son of a bitch!" he cried. Then he quickly got dressed, and stood above Hijikata's unresponsive body. He looked down at him darkly, then straightened his cravat. "I will kill you someday, Hijikata. But first I'll dominate you, body and soul. You'd better be prepared for that. Or you could always purposely fail to avoid one of my bazooka blasts," he added with a smirk. "Goodnight then, Hijikata-san. Sleep well."

It was a while before Hijikata could think properly. Then he murmured with annoyance, "He didn't untie me before he left."