With a practiced, unconcious motion Shinji changed the track on his SDAT from 25 to 26 while his other hand idly drifted through the still water of the courtyard fountain. It was a particularly hot day outside and the water had warmed slightly within its stone container, but still felt like relief as he slowly churned it back and forth, removing the hand only to gently shake off the excess water and shield his eyes from the bold sun as he looked up to the windows of his class. It had been a week or so since he had stopped attending school sessions, but he still spent his days outside of the building - arriving just after the last of the straggler students had gone inside and leaving just before the release of the final bell. His heart was too weighed down with shame and sadness to see Kensuke or Hikari. But he needed somewhere to go during the bulk of the day, and the courtyard was familiar and benign, and familiar and benign was all that he wanted. He avoided Misato at all costs - not that she was hard to avoid lately, as she rarely came back to the apartment since the incident with Ritsuko and her confession about Rei.

Shinji dug the palms of his hands into the rough edge of the fountain he was sitting on and sighed. His head hung heavily backwards and he closed his eyes as his face turned up towards the sun. He would probably have to leave soon, walk around for a few hours until night fall. The thought of going back to the apartment at night, now empty of Misato and Asuka, caused a small pang of anxiety in his chest, even though it was hours away. It was not an infrequent feeling to him to simultaneously hate and crave being alone; constantly observing from the outside, never quite building up the courage to go inside. It was a feeling that he had grown accustomed to as a child, and though since coming to Tokyo-3 his inner scale had been tipped more towards the social side, he still always had the feeling that he wasn't quite doing it right, that no one was completely comfortable with him around. He would watch others interact, see how it was so natural to them, and think to himself Yes, I can do that, I could try but it was always so forced and sad and never worked well anyway, even with those whom he spent the most time. Misato could barely even look him in the face anymore.

It might be better this way. He thought to himself, and his heart ached against his will.

Suddenly he felt a heaviness shift next to him and became acutely aware that someone was sitting close, close enough to sense but not touching. He jerked up, opening his eyes and pulling his earbuds out.

"Hey." Kaworu looked over at him, his scarlet eyes holding onto Shinji's own dull blue ones.

"Kaworu-kun, hi." Shinji wrapped the dangling wires of his earbuds absently around his hand. "Is school out already?"

"No, there's another hour or so left. But I was bored." Kaworu yawned and stretched his legs out. As pilots, they had the benefit of being able to leave and come to class as they pleased without much question from anyone that mattered. While most teenagers would be thrilled at the prospect of optional schooling, the grim reality was that the reaction was the same whether a pilot would miss class once or stop coming to class altogether - if they died, it was like they never existed.

"Why do you keep sitting in this courtyard every day? I can see you from the window."

"I don't know." Shinji shifted his feet back and forth, embarrassed to have to explain himself, and also a bit shy at the idea of Kaworu watching him from above. "I just can't talk to anyone right now I guess."

"You're talking to me." Kaworu rested his elbows on his thighs, gazing quietly at Shinji.

"Don't be so literal." Shinji sighed, clicking his tongue. "I don't mind talking to you." He could feel Kaworu smile softly at that, but kept his eyes steadied on his shoes.

"Hum." Kaworu looked forward, smile fading slightly at the corners. "If you don't have anywhere you want to go, you can to come over to my place." He hesitated, then added, "I have a television."

Shinji smiled. He and Kaworu had only known each other for a couple of weeks since he had been brought in as the Fifth Child, but Shinji already regarded him as a comfortable friend. Kaworu had a way of being clear and honest and somehow empathetic at the same time, which Shinji appreciated to no end. He also saw a connection between the two of them that had gone relatively undiscussed - like himself, Kaworu seemed to regard touch and affection as something, while interesting, very alien. And though he was confident, Kaworu was obviously very naive in the way of social graces - he said and acted however he felt at the time, and seemed somewhat unaware (or uncaring) when it resulted in the discomfort of others. They were both outsiders in a world where people constantly bent over backwards to connect to and fit in with one another. Their friendship felt easy. Even the confusing feelings he had about the latest Child, the ones that he really couldn't even bring himself to think that much about, were sort of pleasant in an awkward, private kind of way.

"Okay." Shinji accepted the invitation, and Kaworu grinned. "Do you have a hot plate?"

Shinji balanced the paper bag full of groceries on his hip as the two walked towards Kaworu's apartment building, pausing every so often to readjust.

"You could carry this some of the way, you know." He huffed. Kaworu peered at him from the side of his eyes and smirked.

"You seem very strong." He insisted, sliding his hands into the pockets of his black uniform pants. "I don't think you need any help at all."

"I think you just invited me over so that you don't have to eat instant noodles again."


"Bastard." Shinji smiled in spite of himself and paused once more to bolster the bag. "It's so hot out." He whined.

"Tsk, Shinji-kun." Kaworu sighed and reached across Shinji to take the bag into his own arms. "Okay? Stop complaining now."

Shinji laughed. It felt really good to laugh. Even as they walked past destroyed buildings and evacuated neighborhoods that stood with eerie silence, he couldn't help but allow himself to relax a little.

"I like it when you laugh." Kaworu smiled, his eyes warm. Shinji hiccuped with embarrassment.

"Don't be weird." He was glad for once that it was so hot out - he hoped that redness on his skin from the heat would hide the deep blush he could feel creeping across the bridge of his nose.

"Sorry." Kaworu shrugged, but the smile remained, communicating that he wasn't that sorry. "Here it is."

The two walked into a standard efficiency apartment building that looked like every other efficiency apartment building; minimalistic, built and designed with young professionals and old widows in mind. The elevator was slow to come and made an irritatingly loud buzz when it did.

"You're really lucky that the elevators still work here after all the power rationing." Shinji noted as he leaned against the cool metal railing that lined the inside of small box.

"I usually take the stairs, but I've never carried groceries with me before, so it's a day for new experiences, yes?" Kaworu responded as they stepped out of the elevator and into his unit. Shinji glanced around. It was small. Very small. Straight as you walked in was the futon, pressed against the back wall in the corner. The wall on it's right side had a modest bookshelf built into it. A small table that sat to the left supported a small television, a cheap DVD player with a few movie cases stacked on top, and a speaker dock for an MP3 player. Turning immediately to the left was a short hallway that was also the kitchen, a bit of counterspace, a hot plate, a mini-fridge and some cupboards lining the left side. An occillating fan was blowing gently between the kitchen and the bedroom. The bathroom was at the end of the hallway. Despite its potential for clutter, the small space was admirably clean and organized, and if Kaworu felt annoyed at how cramped his living space was he didn't exhibit this attitude as he unpacked the groceries.

"This is nice..." Shinji said, wanting to be complimentary but not seeing much upon which to compliment. Kaworu smiled and gave Shinji a knowing side glance.

"You can make yourself comfortable." He said, folding the paper back neatly and setting it gently on the counter. "I apologize for the heat - I don't have an air conditioner." He bent down to the small refrigerator and pulled out two water bottles, tossing one to Shinji and twisting the cap off of the other before closing his eyes and taking a long drink.

"Thank you." Shinji smiled as he sat down on the edge of the futon. "And I don't mind the heat so much. Is it okay if I hang my uniform shirt up somewhere?"

"Oh, yeah." Kaworu said, setting the bottle down and opening a small closet door next to the bathroom. "In fact, you can borrow a pair of shorts if you want. They might be a little long." He dug a pair of black cotton lounge shorts and carried them over, exchanging them for Shinji's white uniform button-down shirt. He walked back over to the closet and carefully wrapped the shirt around a hanger before unbuttoning his own and placing it in a small hamper at the bottom of the closet. Then, without hesitation or embarrassment, the pants came off.

Shinji could feel the heat building in his face and he tilted his head down, hoping to give off the illusion that he wasn't looking at Kaworu at all as his pale companion slid one lean leg out of the structured black trousers, then the other, before tossing them into the hamper. But Shinji couldn't help himself as he peered ever so slightly up with his eyes, too paralysed with shyness to turn around or even move. Kaworu had no reason to leave the room as he stood in his boxers and changed from his t-shirt to a tank top; they had changed in front of each other many times in the locker rooms at NERV, but this environment was so much more intimate and Shinji felt for the first time that he was really looking at his friend. He felt intrusive and, more strangely, excited. Kaworu was...pretty.

"C-can...um...can I use the rest room?" He finally spat out, wringing the borrowed pair of shorts in his hands.

"Mm? Oh yes, it's just right there." Kaworu motioned his thumb behind him as he slid a pair of loose shorts over his boxers, as if in his tiny apartment anyone needed directions on how to get to anything.

"Thanks!" Shinji quickly moved past him in order to give Kaworu no reason to notice how red his face was and closed the door. He changed into the shorts, then stood for a moment and looked in the mirror.

Okay. He thought to himself as his breathing steadied. Okay, that was a little weird. Why was it even weird to him, though? What did it matter if Kaworu was momentarily in his boxers? He folded his uniform pants, firmly reprimanding himself for getting so worked up over nothing. You're just not used to having close friends and Kaworu-kun could be a close friend at some point. It's hot, and you're overexcited, and you should probably eat something. Yes, that was it - he hadn't eaten yet today, and with the heat he was probably just feeling faint and jittery. No problem. He took a deep breath before stepping out of the bathroom.

"Thanks, I feel a lot cooler now." Shinji placed his pants in the closet. "Do you mind if I start cooking?

Kaworu sat cross-legged on his futon, facing Shinji who was cheerfully prepping his vegetables. The rice bubbled inside the cooker. He would pan-fry the small fishes last. They had been chatting about music (classical) and movies (American westerns), and Shinji felt himself growing happier by the second. It was if a blazing ray of normalcy had burst into his life and was allowing his heart to take a deep, cleansing breath.

"What are those?" Kaworu asked, pointing to the small bunch of hard, red spheres that Shinji was rinsing under the cold tap.

"Radishes." He replied. "I cut them into slices and put them in the pan for a few minutes. They're really good. Here." He twisted a small radish off the bunch and held it out for Kaworu to see. "You can have one raw."

Kaworu bent his head slightly to one side and stood, slipping his hands into his pockets and walking over. He leaned over, examining the small red ball carefully before casting a skeptical look up to Shinji.

"What? Just try it!" Shinji insisted. "Eat some real food for once."

Kaworu shrugged and looked back at the radish for another second before taking it carefully into his mouth, directly from Shinji's fingers. Shinji swallowed hard as he felt the soft brush of Kaworu's lips against his fingertips and quickly withdrew his now-trembling hand. Kaworu munched carefully.

"It tastes like water." He finally said, then added, "I like it."

Shinji nodded, briefly unable to speak, and became very interested in slicing. There was what felt like a hot ember in his belly; he concentrated on quenching it.

"Can you show me how to do that?" Kaworu asked, peering over Shinji's shoulder, his shaggy silver hair lightly caressing Shinji's ear. The ember grew hotter.

"Ye-ah...yes!" Shinji's voice rose an octave. "You slice the ends off, like this. Then I like to slice it two more times, through the center, so you get three thin slices." He demonstrated. "Here, you do it next." He said, handing the knife to Kaworu and stepping aside. Kaworu held a radish awkwardly between his fingers and placed in on the cutting board, aiming the knife clumsily, and cut a chunk off the side.

"Here, you're going to cut yourself if you hold it like that." Shinji sighed, taking Kaworu's dominant hand in his own and readjusting the handle. "There, like this." He looked up at Kaworu and was surprised to see the faintest brush of pink at the top of his porcelain cheek bones.

"Thank you." Kaworu smiled, finishing off two more radishes. "I'm sorry, I've never done this before."

"Oh, well that's okay." Shinji replied. "You have to start somewhere I guess." The blush had disappeared, and Shinji dismissed it as the result of him of being shy about his cooking skills.

Kaworu gave the counter one last wipe-down. Shinji sat on the futon with his back against the wall, having busied himself with a magazine once Kaworu had made it clear that he would do all the cleaning up after dinner. He had taken a few opportunities to gaze at his friend washing dishes in his black tank top, silver hair spilling over his face, smiling and humming along to the music playing from the MP3 dock. He couldn't concentrate on anything and only flipped through the glossy pages to make it look like he was actually reading something. It was no secret to himself that he had some unresolved feelings about Kaworu, but until today he had managed to get along fine without really even thinking about them. Did Kaworu notice? Was he intentionally trying to prod Shinji with his faint touches? Did he know what he was doing, or was Shinji overreacting? Maybe this was just how friends acted around each other and he wasn't even aware. It didn't help when Kaworu, done cleaning, came and sat next to Shinji on the futon - not so close that they were touching, but close enough that any movement on either of their parts resulted in a light brushing of an arm or a leg. Kaworu sighed, putting his hands behind his head and closing his eyes, seemingly content to listen to music in silence. Shinji remained frozen, trying to sort through the hundred thoughts racing through his mind.

"Hey, Shinji-kun." Kaworu spoke up and turned his face towards Shinji. Shinji was sure of it this time - he was blushing.

"Yeah?" Shinji responded when Kaworu didn't continue.

"Do you like me?"

"Of course, we're friends." Shinji balled his hands together, staring down at them. He knew Kaworu could see how red his face was becoming; there was no hiding it from this distance.

"Do you like me as more than a friend?" Kaworu elaborated quietly. Shinji stiffened - the inside of his chest turned to ice. How could he even start to answer that?

"I...I don't know..." He stumbled, glancing up at Kaworu. "I...I think I do. But I'm not sure what that means. I'm..." He tried to hide his face in his hands, unable to look at Kaworu's probing stare any longer. "I'm sorry. I would understand if you wanted me to go."

"No, Shinji-kun." Kaworu said softly, leaning in closer. Shinji could feel the breath of Kaworu's words against his ear, and he realized he was shaking slightly. "I don't want you to leave. I wanted you to say yes, because I like you. More than a friend." He paused. "I hope that is okay?"

Shinji lowered his hands from his face and met Kaworu's eyes with his own. He felt so relieved and terrified at the same time, but managed a nod.

"Shinji-kun..." Kaworu continued, looking a little shy. "Would it be okay if I held your hand?" When Shinji only stared without answering, Kaworu explained. "I haven't touched or been touched very much in my life, and what I've experienced hasn't been nice...but I like touching and being touched by you." He looked down, blushing only slightly, and smiled. "I just thought...if you liked me as I like you, maybe holding hands would be a nice thing for us to do?"

Shinji never thought a heart could break in a lovely way, but he felt that very sensation as Kaworu spoke. He had made such a simple request and yet was such a profound reflection of Shinji's own life experience. How nice it would be to touch and be touched without fear, without hurt. He had all but given up on such a feeling, and yet there it was, barely six inches away. He nodded again. Kaworu smiled and softly placed his hand on top of Shinji's. For a few moments the pair didn't move, feeling the moment out, riding the sensation, and then they slowly began to relax, resting their backs against the wall once more. Shinji closed his eyes and sighed. Kaworu, gradually, with painstaking gentleness, began to intertwine each of his fingers between Shinji's, until they both were putting equal pressure into the hold, fingers wrapped around each other in affectionate embrace.

It seemed like an eternity passed. The MP3 player randomly chose and played songs - how many had played? A few? A hundred? The sun was setting behind the cheap vinyl blinds, but neither of them made an effort to turn a light on as the room turned from orange to red to a deepening indigo.

Shinji felt a surge of warmth fill his heart. It suddenly occurred to him how safe he felt in this moment. And how wanted. It was something that he had felt from the instant that they first shook hands, something strange and foreign but at the same time somehow soft and comforting, scary and desirable. Each interaction with Kaworu had filled him with a little more need of this, this feeling he wasn't sure he wanted or even deserved before, but now craved more than anything. That someone wanted him to be there, next to them, and wanted to touch him and wanted him to touch them. The sudden joy he felt was almost too much to bear.

"Kaworu-kun?" He murmured, pulling his knees up to his chest.

"Mm?" Kaworu opened one eye and met Shinji's imploring gaze.

"Can I...would you mind if I sat closer to you?"

Kaworu smiled wide and shook his head. He let go of Shinji's hand and raised his arm up and out in invitation. Shinji shifted his weight into Kaworu's side, his arm wrapping around Kaworu's torso as Kaworu's settled on his shoulders, pulling him in closer. Their faces drew near and Kaworu put a pale hand delicately to Shinji's cheek. Shinji closed his eyes and tilted his face into the touch as the hand slowly slid down to to cup his chin with cautious fingers. He knew he felt anxious, somewhere deep down, but he also felt so comfortable and so thrilled and so adored that he could barely give any attention to that fearful part of him.

"Is this okay?" Kaworu whispered as he drew Shinji's face closer, and Shinji wanted to yell as loud as he could yes, yes it's more than okay, but he could barely manage a breathless nod before Kaworu pressed a gentle kiss on his lips. The ember in the pit of his stomach was now an inferno and Shinji was surprised when he found himself deepening the kiss, wrapping both his arms around Kaworu's neck and pressing his chest forcefully against Kaworu's. Kaworu made a small, startled moan in the back of his throat, but his body reacted with welcome in its movements, one arm snaking around Shinji's waist while the other hand buried itself in Shinji's dark hair. Shinji now understood that he had been starving, starving for this, so much so that he could not even be bothered to feel embarrassed at how utterly and uncharacteristically forward he was being. His hands slid into Kaworu's hair, fingers tangling into the soft silver mess, then slid down his neck to his chest.

"Your heart..." Shinji noted quietly as the two paused to catch their breath. "It's beating so fast."

"Faster than yours?" Kaworu grinned and pushed his own hand against Shinji's chest.

"Probably not." Shinji smiled. Kaworu brushed his nose against Shinji's neck, and Shinji sighed in approval.

"I'm enjoying myself with you, Shinji-kun." He purred, kissing across Shinji's collarbone. "You're welcome to stay over night. We could watch a movie."

"Um. I would like that." Shinji said, his stomach doing a small backflip. "Do you have any popcorn?"

They had gotten through three and a half movies and two and a half bags of popcorn when the sun started to peak over the horizon and cast a few streams of light into the room. Shinji lay on his side facing the television, occassionally reaching down to grab a handful of popcorn to hand to Kaworu. Kaworu was nestled against his back, one arm propping himself up and the other draped across Shinji. Every so often he would lift this hand to absently comb it through Shinji's hair or lean his head down to place an affectionate peck on a blushing cheek. Shinji had the distinct impression that Kaworu spent far more time looking down at him than he did watching any of the movies. He didn't mind that at all. This room had turned into a small universe within the progression of the night; Shinji's mind was full of Kaworu, and he shyly wanted to be the only thing on Kaworu's mind as well.

"Mmm...Shinji-kun..." Kaworu sighed, slightly sliding the tips of his fingers up underneath Shinji's t-shirt. "The sun is rising. Turn towards me, let me see your face."

"You spend too much time looking at me, Kaworu-kun." Shinji insisted half-heartedly as he complied with the request, shifting his body so that he was facing Kaworu's half-lidded eyes.

"You are my greatest blessing." Kaworu said quietly, staring directly into Shinji's gaze. "Please don't be offended if I watch you as often as I do. It's just that it brings me joy to look at you."

"Ah...I'm sorry..." Shinji averted his eyes as Kaworu pulled him in closer, pale fingers gently brushing further up his t-shirt as Kaworu left tiny kisses on his neck. "I just...I don't know how to react to all of this, I guess..."

"Do you dislike it?" Kaworu asked against his ear. Shinji shook his head.

"No...I just don't understand it."' He confessed. He was disappointed in himself - he heard his words come out wimpy and ungrateful.

"I don't either." Kaworu responded plainly. "This companionship...is new, and different than anything I've had in the past. But I don't have to understand it to know it makes me happy. Happier than I've ever felt before."

Shinji listened, a little stunned. Kaworu not understand something? Not know something? He felt a sensation not unlike forgiveness trickle into his mind. If Kaworu could just let go and enjoy this, maybe that meant that he could, also.

"Shinji-kun..." Kaworu continued. "Is it okay that I love you? Will you let me love you?"

And there it was. Shinji threw his forearm across his eyes automatically as the tears built up and spilled over. Something, somewhere inside...he could feel it breaking. Something hard and old was crumbling down and it was overwhelming and frightening but also relieving, so relieving. Through the smouldering rubble Shinji felt Kaworu lowering his arm from his face and the soft touch of Kaworu's lips as they kissed each and every tear, starting down at his chin and working slowly up to his eyes and then back down again, over and over until the crying stopped and their lips met in a tender and loving kiss. Every touch he felt as Kaworu traced fingers along his spine seemed to him as if it landed upon an exposed nerve; his barrier had been torn down and his skin was naked and young to this world. That gnawing sensation in his belly, that desperate hunger, arose once more. He could feel the flame in his abdomen seeping down, down into his legs and up again into his chest, and he realized that, with all of the caresses and kisses Kaworu was bestowing upon his body, he had become suddenly unbearably hard.

"Kaworu-kun..." Shinji whispered, desire outweighing hesitation. "Will...will you touch me more?"

"Mm..." Kaworu kissed the inside of Shinji's wrist and looked up at him. The heat that he felt in his stomach he could see blazing through ruby eyes and he knew instantly that Kaworu held the same want in his heart. "Show me."

Shinji's hand shook as he clasped his fingers around Kaworu's thin wrist. He first placed the white palm firmly against his chest, unsure of how to continue, but instinct inevitably took over and he slowly drug his hand down his sternum to his abdomen, halting at the belt line of the borrowed black cotton shorts. Although he wanted this so badly, he found himself stuck, unable to move any further.

But Kaworu needed no additional instruction. He grabbed the shorts at the edge in a tight and authoritative fist and yanked Shinji by the waist, pushing their lower halves together. Shinji squeezed his eyes shut and gasped as he felt Kaworu's stiff erection press against his own.

"Look at me." Kaworu begged, and Shinji complied, opening his eyes. Kaworu's face was etched with longing and Shinji could feel himself involuntarily rubbing himself against Kaworu's hardness. Kaworu's eyelids lowered and brows furrowed; the red hue on his cheeks spread. Shinji sighed, unable to form words. He could hardly believe that he was the one causing Kaworu to make such a face. Without even realizing what he was doing, he clumsily inched his hand inside Kaworu shorts and lightly slid it down his stiff member. Kaworu let out a strained cry as his head jerked back and his pelvis pushed forward into Shinji's hand. He looked so beautiful and Shinji felt like crying.

"I love you!" He finally choked out as Kaworu's hand shot down to return his touch, fingers delicately caressing the tip of his swollen head. "I love you, Kaworu..." He knew in that moment that he meant it, maybe more than anything he had ever said. Kaworu was pushing everything away; with every touch, grip, and kiss he was pushing everything that wasn't love out of Shinji, and all Shinji could do as their stroking became rougher and faster was cry out his love over and over again. Kaworu took his free hand and slid Shinji's shorts down then quickly followed suit with his own, pressing his exposed member against Shinji's and encircling them both with his long fingers. Shinji let out a lustful sob and grabbed at the front of Kaworu's tank top, desperately clinging to him.

"Kaworu...I...hah...ah...I'm...I'm..." Shinji panted, unable to finish his sentence as the tightness in his stomach began to unravel. This was so different, so much better than when he touched himself alone. He wanted to tell Kaworu this, but he was interrupted by Kaworu's own jagged words.

"This is...so strange...amazing..." Kaworu moaned against Shinji's mouth before kissing his lips softly, then firmly, their mouths opening slightly with each kiss. Shinji felt a whimper catch in his throat as Kaworu's tongue gently licked at his lips and he found himself breathless, failing to be able to form a full thought it is own mind.

So good...Words and images floated through his brain as Kaworu nipped at his ear, his the grip against their strained erections twisting and pulling rhythmically. So nice ... warm ... hot ... oh ... faster ...there ... here ... now ... love ... Kaworu ... love ... lover ... now ... now ... now ...!

"Kaworu...!" He panted urgently. He could feel himself quickly becoming undone and knew he was unable to stop or even slow it from happening. He opened his eyes slightly, peering through his straggly bangs, and saw Kaworu staring straight through his eyes - his silver hair was mussed and plastered around his flushed face with sweat, and he was smiling.

"I love you." He said softly, smile not wavering, gaze unbroken, and Shinji felt himself engulfed in flames as he came. He kept his focus on Kaworu as the waves of orgasm overtook his body and saw his blood-red eyes widen at the sight of Shinji writhing in his grasp. Kaworu's eyes rolled back slightly and his grip came to a halt and tightened. Shinji felt Kaworu's orgasm shuddering against his own and he felt elated as his body relaxed entirely back onto the bed, exhausted in a new and wonderful way that he never thought possible. Kaworu shifted and embraced Shinji, who gratefully accepted the show of affection by nuzzling his forehead under the taller boy's chin. Neither made a move to straighten their clothing or cover up; they just held each other, letting the sweat from the summer heat and the excitement drip down their bodies

"Are you alright?" Kaworu sighed, still catching his breath.

"Mm, yes." Shinji answered, his eye lids suddenly heavy as he tried to shimmy out of his stained shorts, which were half off at this point. "It's so hot in here."

"I know. I'm sorry." Kaworu murmured and reached down to help Shinji take his shorts off, then removed his own. Shinji wrapped his arms around Kaworu's waist and buried his face into his now-lover's chest, breathing in the smell of sweat and cum and heat radiating from his skin. Kaworu held Shinji close, drifting the fingers of one hand through his dark hair and settling at the nape of his neck.

"It's okay." Shinji yawned. "It feels nice with you."

Shinji could feel Kaworu smile above him as they both drifted off to sleep, the sunlight from the new morning flooding in and forming a blanket of warmth over their bodies.