That was the word that came to mind when he looked at Ellis. Hard; Rough, tough, gritty, manly. That's what definatly came to mind as Nick glanced once more at his companion, busy with chopping up the zombies that were slowly drifting nearer to the young hick. Just another hit after hit, and it slightly mezmorized him, until, that was, a hand of infected came out and reached for his neck with its' broken decayed hand.

Glaring directly into his own eyes, Nick felt the gruesome creature stumble against him, and he smashed the butt of his pistol onto its' head. With a sickening thump, it fell to the ground of the amusment park that they were forced to go through. A small honk was heard as Nick looked over and smirked, watching Ellis honking the nose of the clown that had its' ribcage smashed in.

It was amusing to watch the youngin' try to make a smile to himself, even though in this damned hellhole.

"Look, the safe room is just up ahead!" Coach said, voice gruff and tired, his body rigged with the movements of jogging slightly, just to ease the pain of having to walk anymore and fight off the infected that still seemed to pile up around them again; though it was only around 12 of them this time. Not a horde, thank God.

Everyone began fastening their paces, the safe room was so near their grip, and Nick didn't want it to slip through his fingers. He had come to damn far for him to lose to the dead.

Another dead clown zombie reached out and snapped at his arm, which was smacking at another infected. "Get off you assclown!" The conman hissed and pointed his pistol to its' forehead and shot, watching it smack to the ground, dead again.

He looked up, and kept running towards the safe room, his adrenaline now pumping faster throughout his body. Passing Coach and Rochelle, Nick ran by and looked over at Ellis, who was now jogging faster, to get within range of Nick's ears.

The conman noticed this and smirked before jumping over the wooden ledge that was infront of his legs, finally carrying his body into the safe room.

A irkked feeling fell over him as he realized that it was the 'Tunnel of Love' that he and his companions were in. 'God, why here?' He asked himself in his mind. 'Why the Tunnel of Love?'

He glanced back to see Ellis trip over the legde and quickly catch himself, lightly flushing and looking straight at Nick.

"You alright E-" Nick caught himself and fixed himself. "Kid?"

Ellis looked up at him and nodded lightly. "Yeah. I'm alright. Thank yew fer askin', Nick." He said, looking over to a table that was set up, holding ammunition and guns, health packs and some random cans of food that were left from the last group of survivors that must have passed through the area.

Coach was the last to walk in, Nick noted and Rochelle looked back to him, thanking him for making sure she got in safe, saying in a joking manner that some boys just can't wait to grab some grub. Nick smirked at Rochelle and shook his head in a playful manner.

Walking over to the table where Ellis was now at, reloading his weapon and putting more clips into his pocket and any other places he could keep ammunition; He looked over to the man wearing the now, quite stained Bull Shifters shirt and overalls that were tied around his waist. His eyes were locked to the weapon in his hand, until, that is, he noticed someone gazing at him. Turning his head slightly, he glanced at Nick, and he let a smile grace his lips.

He noticed Nick's eyes were slightly squinted, and he knew what that meant. That he was going to get it. And that, he wasn't going to let up. Turning back to his weapon in hand, he kept reloading and when he was finished, he made sure enough ammo was left for the rest of them.

"Boy, there better be some ammo left for the rest of us over there." Coach said, a smile in his tone, Ellis could hear, considering that Coach was facing the other way, tending to a cut that was in his fore arm. He turned his head slightly and tossed his gun at Nick. "Do me a favor, and reload that for me, would'ja."

Nick gave him an 'I'm-busy-here' look, but decided to not get into it with the wise older man. He had to much respect for the man; much wiser much smarter and much stronger than himself, he simpley decided to walk over to the table and begin putting clips into the AK-47 that Coach had been beating zombies with.

His hands worked slightly slower with the weapon, considering that he enjoyed using a Auto Shotgun, himself. Finding the clips weren't too extreamly hard, but it wasn't exactly easy either. Figuring that there were alot of other Assult Rifles in the world that people used, it was a rather tedious task just finding ammunition for the AK that Coach loved so dearly.

Setting out clip after clip that he could find, figuring that around 20 clips would be enough until they reached the next safehouse, Nick laid the weapon down, surronded by the clips before walking over to Coach, patting his back.

"It's loaded and ready." Nick said, his face showing something that conjured up respect and inferiorness to the older gentleman that was finishing up wrapping his wound.

Coach nodded and smiled fondly at the young conman. "Thank ya', son." He spoke lightly, standing up and patting Nick's shoulder before positioning himself near Rochelle, who was searching around the small room for any trap doors that would lead to another room.

Her eyes were fixated on a small color difference that was in the wall near the entrance that they had just come through. She used a Machete that Nick was using throughout the hordes of undead that always seemed to grow, never deplete. Slicing off some of the wallpaper, her eyes lite up estatically. The wallpaper ripped off easy, and behind it was a hidden door, without a knob, was infront of our very eyes.

"It's got no knob, but I think they plastered it on, or something..." Rochelle said, her eyes saddening as she tried pushing harder to open the locked up passage. Coach, looking to Ellis and Nick, nodded their way, and he moved Rochelle away.

"Now Rochelle," Nick started. "We'll try our hardest, but we may not be able to get this door open." Rochelle nodded sadly and stood beside Coach, holding his wounded forearm gentley.

"Don't hurt yourselves." She said, as she and Coach backed up more and more.

Moving backwards, Nick and Ellis looked at eachother and nodded before ramming their shoulders and biceps into the frame. With a great crack, the door way opened and dust flew into a rage, swirling around them and infiltrating their...'clean' air.

"Well Go'dam!" Ellis coughed, shaking his arm around his face and trying to air out the dust and filth he was breathing in. "Th' Hell we s'pposed 'ta do wit' all dis' ere' dirt 'in shit?"

The three others just looked at him and shrugged slightly. "Let it air out, I suppose." Nick suggested, his green eyes plauged with exuastion. Rochelle and Coach took notice of this as well, though all of them were tired, Nick had been pounced by a Hunter, puked on the most by Boomers and pummbled by the nasty infected, while getting smoked.

And his face must've been sore with those Jockeys that wouldn't stop popping up and humping his face all over the place, almost into a damn Witch that just happened to be standing near enough for them to have to starle and have a hard time murdering her.

"Hey son, how about you get some rest tonight." Coach offered, looking slightly worried in the face, as did the others. Instead of arguing, Nick simpley nodded his head and breathed out a 'thank you' in response to them.

"But first, I'd like to get something to eat." He mumbled, green eyes still tired and plauged. They all nodded and Rochelle came beside him, leading him into the new room. They looked around, there seemed to be equiptment, a table, a few rugs, a dog bed which was no loger used anymore, and the controls for the entire Tunnel of Love ride.

"Hey, at least the floor is carpeted, and you can sleep on it, using the rugs for a blanket, and even the dog bed as a pillow." Rochelle said, her eyes trying to show him appeal. He nodded in small apporval. He couldn't be too picky now, considering that even the fact that it was carpet was saintly enough for him.

He leaned down and sat on the floor, back against the wall.

A small filter of light ran through the crack of the now closing door. Nick closed his eyes and felt his sore chest rising and falling. It hurt like a bitch, considering that a Smoker had just gotten him earlier, and he was having a hard time breathing. Did he break a rib or something? God he didn't know. It was pain, is the only thing that he really knew.

A small knock was heard at the door and he cracked one eyes open. He wasn't in the mood to fight whatever was going to happen, so he just hoped that no one would try to move him. As his eyes had already adjusted to the quite dim room, he saw Ellis peek through the door, his left hand holding the door frame as he peeped inside to check where Nick was at.

"'ey ther' Nick." He said, his blue eyes seemed darkened with trouble and worry. "Can I 'com 'en?" His voice was laced with it as well, and Nick simpley did a small nod of his head, giving approval to Ellis.

The boy walked in, his right hand holding onto a few things, holding them against his chest to prevent them from falling. There were two cans of peaches, and a small bottle of pills that was stacked on top, along with a can opener that was left in his hand, as he walked through the door way. The dim lights made it hard for Ellis perceptivness, and he nearly feel a time or two, Nick noted.

Ellis finally shimmied his way to the table that Nick was near. Well, three feet from, but it was close enough, he considered. He blinked his eyes, and followed Ellis with his eyes. He watched as the younger man set down the two cans of Peaches, and can opener, and kept the pill bottle firmly in his hand. He turned, looking at Nick through slited blue eyes, and pondered to himself for a moment, before telling himself, '3 outta do 'et'.

"'ey Nick, I need'ya ta' take dese' 'ere pills." He spoke, wandering over towards Nick, and leaning down, one knee on the floor, and the other at an angle, foot flat.

Nick looked up at him, nodding slightly before he opened his mouth. Now if Nick were fine, he would have never let Ellis get this close. Close enough for them to get, rather intimate. Nick wouldn't admit out loud that he would've rather enjoyed it though. He kept his distance, not wanting to get to close to them, in case this would happen, yet it somehow happened anyways.

Ellis smiled fondly at Nick, popping the 3 pills in his hand, into Nick's mouth. He heard him make a dry swallow, and stood up satified with himself.

Nick, on the other hand, swallowed the pills, and closed his eyes, the pain taking over his mind, feeling his body telling him to sleep. He decided that instead of fighting, to just go with it, and he felt his body drag him to the ground, making a thud sound, and his mind shut off.

Ellis, hearing this, turned to look and see Nick, his body on the ground. He decided it was best to leave him there, and simpley put a rug overtop of his slumbering form.

"G'night, Nick" He said. "I love yew."