Ellis was walking through the dirt and grass on a hot summers day. It was days like this that he remembered a time before the apocalypse. A time that was beautiful and sweet and lovely.

But that wasn't the case now. The case was that everything was filled with pain and suffering and he didn't like that. Not one bit. But he dealt with it the best that he could, and he was hoping that this didn't break his heart anymore than he already knew it would.

He was looking around, guitar in hand and he didn't notice nor see any zombies around him. It was a good deal to him, considering that he wasn't really in the mood to kill anymore undead than he needed to.

Why had God cursed him like this, he wonder to himself, trying to understand what he did wrong to deserve such punishment. Was it because he was in love with a man, and a dead one at that.

Ellis shook his head and tried clearing his thoughts so that he could keep his head in focus incase he did in fact see something that he needed to fend off or kill.

But today seemed to be pretty quiet and he began taking a few turns around the corner, to where a stall was. It held horses for people who wanted to go back out into the 'wild' and see if they could find anything of a memento that they wished to gain back.

No one usually went to the horses, except hunters who went and got for in return for getting services of clean clothing or just recognition.

Ellis smirked slightly at the thought of him being a hunter and going to get the others food. It didn't seem like such a bad thought or idea though, but he had to do this before he could do anything else. So that's what he was going to do.

He walked up to the stable, and began talking to the stable watcher. She looked up and smiled sweetly.

"May I barra' a hors' a yers'?" He asked, smiling slightly. She simply nodded and handed him over one of the horses, untying it from a post in the stable, and brought it over to him.

"Here," She spoke, her eyes scanning him to see if he was an intruder or not, but he didn't seem to be, so she let go of the rope that was holding the horse. "Have her back by sunset."

Ellis nodded in response, and got onto the saddle that was on the horse and began to have it walk down the road to where he needed to go. It was going to be a long journey, he realized and he knew that he may or may not come back as he was before.

In fact he figured that he would never come back at all if he couldn't do it.

If he couldn't fully save Nick from the suffering that he had been going through for four years.

It killed Ellis more and more each day that he had to think about Nick, his soul stuck inside of that beast, being forced to sit in pain and hunger from death and agony. Ellis didn't like the thought of that, so he just stopped thinking of it, making the horse that he was riding stop for a moment, glancing around his surroundings.

The people were right when they said that they had taken care of most of the zombies around here, though he was figuring that they didn't kill all of them. Not around where Ellis was headed.

The horse began galloping on Ellis' accord, and they were running full speed toward Ellis' destination. It was a slightly rough ride, considering that Ellis usually didn't ride this fast nor hard, and he never did go out this far, but he just ignored anything that would be a setback to him. It was time for him to make a judgement on the man that he loved so very much, even now.

The horse whinnied and slowed down to a trot, which was fine with Ellis, because he didn't really think that it was a bad idea to slow down, for his backside was actually hurting slightly from when they had been galloping. And the last time Ellis remembered a pain slightly like that...

He shook his head. 'Don't think of it.' He reminded himself, trying to shake the thoughts from his head. It seemed to work slightly, and he kept going. A small smile was on his lips and then he pulled the horse back slightly, making it stop.

He looked up to the sign and a tear slipped from his eyes. He began trotting again, into Whispering Oaks, the place where he lost his only love.

The roller coaster loomed over top of him and his horse. Surprisingly there weren't many zombies to get through, though there was the occasional zombie, sitting on the ground trying to just be ignored and die, which Ellis gave it its wish. And shot it upside the head, killing it instantly.

He glanced up and frowned at the piece of shit the he had been on a long time ago. The door was still open, and Ellis thanked God that is was. He didn't want to have to face a hoard of zombies by opening the damned door again. So he began trotting up the small slope of the hill again, his horse having cautious steps on its way up the hill. It was creaking and it slightly shook, but not too much, considering that the horse was still going.

"Atta girl," Ellis said, petting her main to keep her from being scared and jumping off of the coaster. It'd be death if she did, now that they were at the highest point, the first hill.

The rest of the way happened in silence, except for the few encouragements from Ellis to keep the horse calm. And everything was going well for him, he even got to the tunnel in a nice quiet state, figuring that he would have to fight at least a few zombies getting there, though he was glad he didn't have to, considering the poor horse would most likely shit itself, and commit suicide and manslaughter to him.

But that was short lived as they entered the tunnel and saw something limp and dead on the ground. Something with long, bloodstained fingers and a small disgusting figure. Ellis slammed his guitar onto the head of the dead Which, and her body was being slammed into the ground as well with it.

Ellis began raging angrily onto the Which and killing it more than he already had. She didn't deserve to be there in a full form. He decided that it would be okay that her body was being smashed into a pile of mush and guts, with discolored blood and organs.

Ellis glared at it until he blinked and stared at the now smashed up pile of organs and disgust. It wasn't what he wanted to do. The Which just wanted to be alone...but they had to go through and get to the safe room, and they couldn't with her there. It would have never worked, no matter how fast they ran. And Ellis began crying, falling beside the dead body and weeping, like a Which would. It would be funny if he every became an infected and turned into a Which. The first male Which. It just seemed disturbingly funny. But Ellis couldn't stop weeping. The horse came up to him, and pressed its nose against him, as if trying to tell him that it was time to go and do what they had come here for.

Ellis looked up and wiped his face, getting up, using the horse for a help.

He walked to the safe room, taking a few minutes, thinking of how he should do it. Just shoot him? But that might attract a hoard. But he could just smash his head in. That would kill Ellis more than anything. He didn't want to see Nick's face crushed in, and he didn't want to live with the fact that he did it. No, he had an idea, but he had to make sure that Nick was tied up and not in his way. It was a silent way, and efficient. And he would still be able to look at his beloved.

Ellis walked down the angled pathway, where the safe room was. He got to the door and heard a soft moaning. It sounded so sad and painful.

He looked through the bars and spotted who it was, as if he didn't already know. The white suit, stained with red along with the blue shirt. It didn't suit such a face. And Ellis had to stop it from doing anymore damage to his beloved.

Ellis opened the door, walking through and trying his best to stay quiet. It worked, and Nick was to busy, lumbering around and moaning in agony to hear, or see anything. Ellis let a tear slip from his eyes again, and grabbed some of the rope that was on the cardboard boxes from years ago. Pulling it tight in his hands, he walked over to the lumbering figure, pushing it to the ground. A loud growl came from the figure, and Ellis quickly pulled its hands back, tying them up with the rope. He sat up and stared down at the struggling zombie beneath him. It was angry and growling, fidgeting all around, trying to get Ellis off of him, but it wasn't working, and Ellis moved his body slightly, pulling a knife off of the cardboard box as well. Good it was still slightly sharp.

Tears fell from his eyes, and he leaned down to Nick's head, kissing the top of it softly, and making sure that he couldn't bite him to infect him, though by this point, Ellis didn't really care if that would happen to him, he just wanted his Nick back, and this was the way that he would do it.

He shoved the head beneath him down, facing the ground and brought the knife up with it. At the base of the skull, Ellis held the tip of the knife and looked once more at the struggling figure beneath him.

"I stil' love yew, Nick..." He murmured, plunging the knife into Nick's neck and feeling as the struggling immediately stopped, and Ellis picked himself up, moving before falling to the ground and weeping again. It wasn't fair that he had been so good his whole life, and he had to loose the only person in this life that he loved more than anything. But now, now he was free, not having to have his soul taken by that beast any longer.

Ellis stood again, pulling Nick's dead body up, and taking him to the horse, setting Nick on her back, before climbing onto the horse himself.

It was time for a proper burial.

Ellis stood, suit on him and watching as they lowered the top of the box where Nick's body was. They were going to cremate him, so that Ellis would be able to still have him with him, no matter where he went. Ellis was fine with this plan, and he stood silently weeping to himself, before he turned, and Zoey hugged him, telling him that Nick was finally at peace, instead of being tormented down here on Earth.

Francis looked at Ellis with solemn eyes, and patted him on the back, while little Nick stared up at Ellis with sad eyes, tears falling down them as he hugged Ellis' legs.

"I'm still wif ya, Uncle Ell." Nick said, his green eyes glowing sadly up. "I love you, Ell."

Ellis began weeping again, getting down and holding Nick to himself, kissing the top of his head and crying harder. "I love yew too, Nick."

"I will always love you, Ellis. And I'll be waiting."

Ellis could've sworn he heard his Nick, but decided that for the better, to not think about it, and hold his little Nick to him, because at least God was nice enough to send him another one, so that he could still care for him.

At least God sent Nick back to him.