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First of all, this is not a Crossover, this is a Continuation fic. I have wanted to make a fic of this series for quite a while, but I didn't want to just make a normal continuation fic. So, after watching all of Batman: The Brave and Bold, I decided to make a story similar to the outline of that show, while also keep all the plot points and characterization of the Spectacular show. So you could tell this fic is some kind of hybrid between both shows. This way, I can introduce as many Marvel characters as I want, by also continuing the story of Spectacular Spider-Man. Enjoy!

Jason kept running... Despite the sound of police sirens outside the building, despite the fire in the basement and despite the fact that he had left his two partners behind to deal with…with… well, he didn't know. He has had running-ups against Spider-Man before, and he was pretty sure that the web-head wouldn't kick his ass the way that guy down at the first floor did with him and his friends. He didn't want to stay and find out, though. Just when he thought that he had made it, however, the same figure jumped in front of him. Jason fell, yelling out from the surprise and the fear. Now, he could see him clearer. A tall and bulky figure dressed in white robes and clothes, wearing a white mask that covered all of his face. Jason was crying, pale of the fear, and probably needed a new change of pants.

Outside the abandoned building, Captain Stacy and a great number of New York´s finest cops were surrounding the warehouse where they had recently found the place where most of the Goblin´s technology was being sold. Someone had tipped them off (probably some competitor, but that was up for later), and the entire Police Force made it there in about 20 minutes. And that was what made the fact that Spider-Man had already arrived there so incredible. They could hear the sound of the fighting even from here, and Stacy was ready to call his men into the building.

"Well, seems the Spider is already taking care of the mooks." said Agent DeWolff, while holding her gun pointing towards the building in case anything happens. "I knew it wouldn´t take too much for him to show his true colors." Jean had a strong opinion on the masked hero, and everybody knew what it was. She was grateful for his help, but doubtful about his intentions. Besides, he was an outlaw, and that made him a criminal too.

"About damn time, if you ask me." replied Sgt. Carter, standing right at her right. "I really wanted to see how much time it would take him to realize he is always too bland with these crooks." said the officer with a smirk on his face. Stan, just as Jean, had a strong opinion on the masked hero. He really appreciated the hero´s help, but he thought that Spidey was too soft and forgiving with the criminals he confronted.

"This isn't the time for a debate, you two." mentioned Captain Stacy to his two subordinates. Sometimes, he was really driven mad by the ´discussions´ these two used to have about Spider-Man, and now was certainly not the time to be having one. Besides, the opinions of his two co-workers regarding the masked hero didn´t make him feel too comfortable. What if the man behind that mask actually did anything that these two wanted or believed he did? He knew a lot of people that would be disappointed if that actually happened.

"Hey, wait-" yelled a voice behind them.

"What now?" asked Stacy, with an annoyed voice; that is when a journalist run towards him and put a microphone in his face.

"Ned Lee, of the Daily Bugle." said the reporter. "Could you please tell us what is going on?"

"Cooper!" yelled Captain Stacy at a girl who was also dressed in blue, with brunette hair tied into a bun and glasses, and came running behind the unwanted visitor.

"Sorry boss, he slipped when I didn't notice" said the girl while apologizing to her superior, and trying to drag the nosy reporter out of the police breach.

"Remind me again, how did she make it into the force so fast?" whispered Carter to his partner.

"Some influence about her father or something, I think." answered DeWolff with a big scowl in her face.

Suddenly, an explosion came out from the warehouse, getting everyone back into the problem at hand.

"This is getting dangerous!" exclaimed Carter.

"Man! And I forgot my Spidey-Sun-Protector!"

Everyone turned their gazes to the top of a lightpole to their left, where a certain friendly masked superhero had just arrived, looking at the warehouse.

"Spider-man!" was the surprised reaction of some of the people in the scene.

"KYAAAAAA! It´s Spider-Man!" yelled Carlie Cooper, until she noticed the curious gazes of everyone. "Sorry." Was all she could say before blushing and lowering her head in shame.

"Wait a minute, if you are here, then, who is in the warehouse!?" asked DeWolff.

Suddenly, Spidey felt a strong pain in his head. As soon as he felt his spider-sense, he leaped towards the building and webbed into the warehouse. While in mid-air, however, he saw a person being thrown out of one of the top windows, and he instantly rushed towards him. However, a chain followed the crook, tied into the leg of the falling criminal, and stopped him before his figure adorned the concrete of red.

Spidey stopped flat in his tracks and looked for the window, where he could see a strange figure, cloaked in white, wearing a WHITE mask covering his face. He was quite awe-inspiring, if he admitted it himself.

"Wait, who are you?" yelled Spider-Man at the mysterious figure.

"That is not of your concern." replied smugly the masked man, before jumping and leaving the scene before Spidey could react.

"Ok, that isn´t something you see everyday" quipped Spider-man, trying to bring his mind back to the game. "Another hero? Jonah´s not gonna like this."

Back in the barricade, everyone was as surprised and awe-stuck as Spider-Man was. "Another hero?" asked Ned, talking to himself. "Jonah´s not gonna like this."



"Man, this is getting harder each passing day. Each time I capture a criminal, another two appear to replace him. Many of them are just people who want to take over the city, now that the Big Dogs are all in jail. Silverman, Doc Ock and most of the super-powered fellas are all locked up behind bars, Tombstone will be there the moment he kills a fly, and the Goblin… well…"

Peter lowered his head, and sighed profoundly. He still felt guilty about the death of Harry´s dad, Norman Osborn, AKA: The Green Goblin. During their last confrontation, he discovered that the secret identity of the psychotic criminal was no other that the father of his best friend, Harry. And during the fight, Norman Osborn died while crashing into one of his own traps. He could still remember it. And he felt terrible. The guilt was consuming him, and it didn't allow him to be close to Harry, and by extension, Gwen.

"I can´t believe it! Just when I discover the fact that I love Gwen, I dump Liz (yeah man, I dumped her, and in a pretty bad way too). But as Gwen decided to stay with Harry to keep him out from the green, I can´t be with her". And he couldn´t return to Liz either (not for lack of trying, though), and he couldn´t really blame Liz for hating him.

"And worst of all, this strange guy just pops out of nowhere and starts playing hero too." Exclaims Peter, with even a more exhausted and worried tone. "I mean, I do it because I have superpowers, how can I know this isn't some crazy guy trying to just play hero? He could get himself killed. Assuming he´s a well intentioned man, of course. Last thing I need is another psycho running around town."

This has been Peter´s routine for about a week now. Come to the building, and complain to the same friend every time he wasn´t busy at school, work, or doing hero stuff. He really needed to vent out, and this was definitely the right guy for this situation.

"Every day I keep wondering, is it OK if I continue to be Spider-man? I mean, it is always the people who are closer to me the ones that get hurt. All because of me. Tell me, please! What should I do!?" complained Spider-man.

"…" answered Bruce the gargoyle. As always, he said nothing, and just stared the hero in deep though.

"You know, communication should be the main tool in a healthy relationship. All I do is give, and give, and give, and you just stay there saying nothing.

"…" was Bruce´s answer.

"Well, you don't have to look at me like that, you know?" said Spider-Man to the inanimate object.

"…" quipped Bruce.

"… All right. I get it, you win. I´ll stop wangsting and get back to the job. Always a pleasure talking with you. See ya´!" said the hero, while leaving the building behind.

"…" said Bruce while waving good bye to Spider-man. Well, not really. He just stayed there, doing nothing, because, well, it is a statue.

Harry was starting to have a headache. It had only been 9 days since the death of his father, and yet here he was, cleaning up the mess in which the company had been left. And there was no one else to do it. His mother was still not medically clear to take care of the company. And Donald Mencken had just magically disappeared after the whole Goblin accident. That damn scoundrel. Harry knew that he had something to do in the whole Goblin incident. If he was right, Donald had been in cahoots with Spider-Man all along. Though it was actually weird. What motivations other than taking over the company could Blake have? Well, in order to know, Harry had to find him, and he would make sure that Blake is found and that he pays for all everything he has done. He and Spider-Man.

However, there were more urgent problems at hand. As Harry was just 16, he had to wait more than one year in order to be able to control the company. Until then, the Board of Directors would choose a man who could be able to lead OsCorp. No member of the board had the capacity to lead the company, Harry knew that very well. And so did the Board of Directors. So, they had no choice but to ask one of their associates to take control of the company until Harry comes of age. And that was Harry´s biggest worry. He knew very well what kind of scoundrels most of his father´s associates were. From Smythe, to Hammer, to Kingsley. They were but a bunch of corporate sharks, and taking control of OsCorp would surely help their hidden agendas. Harry couldn't allow it. And if worst came to happen, he would have to undermine the efforts of anyone that would take the lead role of the company of his father. He wouldn't allow the work of his father to be for nothing.

While leaving the elevator, Peter just couldn't picture the next scene as nothing but Jonah making a ruckus about the other masked vigilante. Well, he needed to have his next check cut, so coming here was unavoidable. When the doors opened, he sighed and prepared himself for a migraine.

However, when he entered, he saw a lot of people happy, laughing and surrounding both Mr. Foswell and some other person that Peter couldn't see well.

"So, you must be really proud about your father, right?" said Betty (whose voice Peter recognized, as he was still trying to cross the wall of people).

"Of course I am! This is the second time my dad has brought to the light the acts of some glorified criminal in the city! He´s like a super hero! Always there to catch the criminals!" said an upbeat voice from a young woman.

"Exactly! That´s a real hero for you! Not some masked crook that goes terrorizing the city and thinks is superior to everybody else!" added Jonah to the conversation. Of course he would use any chance he had to bring Spider-Man into a conversation in order to trash him, thought Peter.

When Peter finally made it to the center of the group, what he saw was Mr. Foswell with a young lady who was very similar to him (his daughter, of course). She was slightly taller than Peter, with curly light brown hair up to her shoulders, and was wearing a one-piece green dress that made it to her knees. Looking at her closer, she was gorgeous, and Peter stared at her until she noticed him. Peter, being the nerd he was, quickly lowered his look, and couldn't see her smirk about his reaction.

"Peter, it´s you!" said Foswell, while looking at the teen. "Great, I wanted to give you the good news myself!" said Frederick Foswell in an upbeat tone.

"Good news?" asked Peter.

"Of course! Remember my investigation about Lincoln? Well, they decided to publish my book regarding all of his criminal operations, as a further proof of all the accusations he has over his head right now." Answered Foswell.

"Sir, that´s awesome!" Finally, good news. This would add even more pressure above Tombstone´s head, and Peter was all for it. "I´m so glad for you sir."

"Not only me, Pete! You have helped me a lot during all this time, from simple advice to actually being in there helping me out and taking these pictures you always do while risking your life." Said Foswell. "Indeed, you are credited in my book, and you will be paid for your pictures that are included in the work."

"Si-sir, that´s great. Thank you so much!" replied Peter. Seriously, he was only glad to help. This was more than he had expected.

"Yeah, yeah, just remember, that as a worker of the Daily Bugle, we get our share of the pay too!" intervened Jonah, reminding everyone of his personality. Peter quipped something in his mind. If he said it out loud, he could lose his job.

"Now, now, uncle Jonah, don't be such a party pooper!" said the girl smiling to JJJ.

"Party pooper?" asked Jameson.

"Uncle Jonah!?" asked Peter.

"Oh, where are my manners? Peter, this is my daughter, Janice. She was studying abroad, but returned to New York the last week to enter college." said Foswell.

"Oh, hi! I´m Peter Parker, nice to meet you!" said Peter, extending his arm to her.

"Of course you are." said Janice, in a very flirtatious way. She then got closer to Peter, and hugged his arm, making him blush.

"You are the one that takes pictures of Spider-man! I´m your #1 fan!" said Janice, while getting even closer to Peter. Foswell rolled his eyes. Peter´s blood level in both his heads suddenly rose. Something clicked inside Betty Brant at about the same time too. "Say, can you teach me how you do it? I am also studying to become a journalist! I´m sure an interview with Spider-Man would catapult my career into the stars!"

"You need to finish college before you have a career, honey. You are but a freshman" said Foswell to his daughter.

"Foolish!" yelled Jameson to his subordinate. "If a lazy bum like Parker already has a career like a photographer, someone with the looks, smarts and talent like little Janice here can start whenever she wants!"

"Really!?" said Janice, with puppy-eyes towards the old Jonah.

"Of course!" said Jameson. "Let me tell you something, you bring me some good article, and I can help you start right away!"

"Woo-hoo! I will start right away! See you all guys later!" said Janice, running away towards the exit. Before the doors of the elevator closed, she waved and winked at Peter. Peter just dorkly waved back.

"Jonah, why did you say that to her?" asked Frederick Foswell to his boss. "I don´t want to keep her hopes up for nothing."

"Jeez! Calm down! There is nothing wrong in it. Besides, even if she doesn't make an excellent article, the practice will be good, wouldn't it?" said Jonah to a stressed Foswell.

"I suppose." replied Foswell.

Gee. Never thought I would see Jolly Jonah being so generous with someone. Maybe I misjudged him.

"Now, get moving people! I don´t pay you to stay standing there the whole day! Quick!" yelled the Bugle´s owner. "I need discriminatory evidence of both that Spider-freak and that mysterious new criminal in white! Hurry up!"

Or maybe not.

Foswell left the building, and took a cab in order to get back home. He was tired, and still needed to fix and discuss about his upcoming book.

"G´night sir! Where do you want to go?" asked the driver.

"Oh, good night. Please, take me to Central Park, I will guide you from there." Answered Foswell.

"Of course, sir." Said the taxicab driver, at the same time he pressed a button on the board of his car, making a window appear and close the space between him and Foswell. He then pressed another button, spreading sleep gas in the back row of his car.

"What the-!? What is going on!? yelled Foswell when the gas started to enter in the car.

"Hmph. Now, I will finally be able to learn EVERYTHING you know, Frederick Foswell. Or should I call you… Patch?" replied the driver.

Foswell heard him, but couldn't answer him before falling asleep.

The taxi then started moving, taking the unconscious reporter within him.

…To continue.

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