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Kurt pulled his navigator into his favourite spot in the parking area. Running his hand over his face he outwardly groaned, it had been a good weekend but he was suffering from a lack of sleep and the long drive had taken it out of him more than he cared to admit. His music had been blasting and he had cracked the window so that his face was caught in a light breeze in an attempt to keep himself alert but as a result his previously coiffed hair was now in a more unkempt tumbled style, which on reflection he had to admit he didn't mind so much. Reaching around behind himself he grabbed his jacket off the back seat and shrugged it on before jumping out and heading to the back to grab his bag.

He was distractedly shutting the trunk when a loud "KURT" reached his ears, looking up he grinned as a very sweaty, casually clad Jeff ran in his direction, waving wildly and smiling like a fool.

"Hey Jeff" Kurt smiled as he hugged a greeting, "how are you?"

"I am so glad your back Kurt" Jeff grinned as he positively vibrated next to him.

Kurt looked him up and down before locking his car and turning toward the dorms as Jeff skipped along beside him.

Jeff was trying his best to contain his excitement; he had worked himself up all weekend in anticipation of his big reveal and Nick had eventually demanded that he take himself off into the grounds for a run to try and get rid of some of the pent up energy he was exuding. This had led to Jeff running laps for the past hour and then deliberately around the student parking area for a further thirty minutes when he realised that Kurt would soon be returning. Nick had fallen face down onto the bed the moment Jeff had disappeared, applauding himself for encouraging Jeff's antics and making his boyfriend happy but kicking himself for having to deal with a hyper blonde for two days straight. He had to admit though that Jeff's plan was awesome and he knew Kurt would love it. Eventually.

Pushing his sweaty blonde hair out of his eyes Jeff walked alongside Kurt toward the dorm building. "How were the family?"

Smiling broadly Kurt launched into a detailed report on his weekend including the chips incident with Finn which garnered a "nice one" from Jeff who Kurt knew would appreciate any kind of prank story. By the time they reached the main corridor Jeff was fully appraised on the complete Hummel-Hudson weekend and the internal workings of the garage. Jeff loved hearing about Kurt's family, they seemed very much like his own and seeing as though he didn't get to go home as often as he'd like to he liked to hear Kurt's stories as a replacement for his own.

"So your coming down the common room later right?

"Yeah I guess so" Kurt answered as he rummaged in his bag for his room key, "I mean I wanna unpack and catch up with Blaine..." a blush covering his cheeks when he noticed Jeff's smirk.

Sticking his tongue out at his friend he returned to his key search and ignored his smug friend.

"Well I better leave you to it I guess" Jeff announced backing down the corridor, "see you around seven?"

"Yeah, seven" Kurt mumbled distractedly into his bag before victoriously pulling out a small bunch of keys and turning toward a retreating Jeff, "are we getting pizza?"

"Do you want pizza?"

Kurt pretended to think about it for a few seconds before shouting a "hell yeah" at his laughing doofus of a friend.

"Well then pizza you shall have my good sir" and with a low bow and a flourish Jeff turned and jogged away toward Nicks room leaving a grinning Kurt to push open his door and settle back in.

Nick snapped his head up abruptly as Jeff hurled himself into the room, woken by the door bouncing off the dresser as the door was flung open. Through dazed, bleary eyes Nick watched his maniacal boyfriend as he whirled around the room grabbing a towel and flinging sweaty gym gear in a heap near the door, he didn't have time to say anything before the blonde whirlwind had disappeared into his bathroom and music began to play from inside. Dropping his head back onto the pillow with a groan Nick clung desperately onto what would be the next few minutes of peace he would receive until Jeff's plan was done.

"So Kurt's back then" a mocking voice stated from doorway, the very same doorway Nick hadn't had the inclination to close after Jeff's arrival.

Cracking open an eye Nick took in the grinning forms of David and Wes who were leaning on either side of the doorframe, David taking a picture of a flat out Nick for good measure.

"Fuck off"

"Now, now" Wes laughed as he crossed the room and dropped down onto the bed at Nick's feet, David bouncing down heavily on purpose by his head just to irritate his friend.

"Come on now Nicholas this was your plan too you know"

Giving up any hope of peace Nick rolled onto his back and rubbed his eyes firmly with his fists trying to shake the effects of his nap.

"and you know that they'll be no living with Jeff until it's done..."

"I am well aware of that Wes, thank you" Nick deadpanned as he pulled himself up and swung his legs off the bed, "what time is it anyway?"

David pulled his phone back out "about six. Jeff told Kurt we'd see him the in common room about seven though so you've got time to wake up dude."

"He's definately back then?"

"Yeah we just overheard them in the corridor which is why we decided to come and keep you company man, thought you might need some help containing the blonde wonder"

"Yeah, cheers, he is kinda excited huh" Nick answered with a genuine smile. Despite his tiredness and Jeff induced sleep deprivation Nick was still wholly onboard with any plan Jeff chose the release on the unsuspecting world. Pulling a change of clothes from his dresser and running his hands through his dishevelled hair he turned back toward the pair who were reclining across his bed.

"So where's Blaine"

"In his room, he was waiting for Kurt to get back"

"Obviously" David added with a grin.

Nick's head snapped round when the bathroom door swung open and a dripping Jeff walked into the main room. "Jesus Jeff I don't need to see that" David yelled pulling a pillow over his face as Nick and Wes laughed, the latter covering his own eyes with his hand.

"What can I say gentlemen, the chances of seeing a bit of flesh when you come in here is entirely at your own risk" Jeff smirked proudly and winked at Nick who was watching him entirely too closely.

"Okay, okay point taken, now put some damn clothes on arsehole" David mumbled into the pillow.

Jeff was already pulling on his pants whilst he grinned at the embarrassed pair on the bed, roughing up his hair and discarding the towel on the floor he held out his cheek for Nick to kiss as he passed on his own way to the bathroom.

"Okay its safe now" he laughed as he kicked David's leg to get his attention whilst shaking his wet hair over him and dodging a pillow which was purposefully thrown in his direction by his disgruntled friend.

"Oh no"

"Oh no no no no"

"Don't you dare Jeff"




Blaine watched with wide eyes as his boyfriend practically vaulted the couch they were previously cuddled on together and chased after a maniacally laughing Jeff who was dodging his way around the common room, aided in his get away by Nick who managed to waylay Kurt whenever it looked as though he might actually catch hold of the blonde whirlwind.

The pair was currently in a standoff, one either side of the council's desk, Jeff pointing a remote toward the large flat screen at the other end of the room whilst Kurt did his best to snatch it from his hand.



"What exactly is going on" Blaine asked a grinning Wes who had taken up residency in Kurt's empty space on the couch, David was sitting on the back of the couch and cheering Jeff on, in Kurt's opinion rather obnoxiously but he would get him back later.

Eyes locking together Jeff grinned evilly at Kurt whose look would have frozen anyone else but it didn't appear to be working on Jeff. Perhaps because he was all kinds of crazy the natural instinct to recoil at Kurt's glare was missing from his makeup.

With a shit eating grin Jeff winked at his furious friend before blowing him a kiss and tossing the remote over his head into the waiting hand of Nick who laughed and pressed play.

Kurt hung his head in defeat, hands flat on the desk in front of him. He was aware that Jeff had skipped merrily across the room to Nick as he had registered their high-five and he could hear Jeff positively crowing.

Taking a deep breath and trying to control his blush which had begun as fury and was now fading to deep embarrassment he turned and slowly raised his gaze to meet that of his boyfriend only to find that he wasn't actually watching him.

The strains to Four Minutes echoed loudly through the room and Kurt saw Blaine's gaze flick confusedly between Wes and the screen before fixing steadfast on the display.

Kurt felt like he was stood in a time bubble. He could see things happening around him, the performance on screen, his boyfriend's jaw dropping ever lower as the song went on; he could see Jeff and Nick edging quickly from the room and David laughing whilst taping Blaine's reaction on his phone but to him time was still. It was silly really, this was inevitable ever since Finn and Puck had told Jeff about his cheerleading days, he really should have expected this. In all honesty he was surprised it had taken Jeff this long. What he tried to understand while it unfolded around him was why it had never come up before now. It's not like he was ashamed of it. Hell he actually enjoyed it. He had lead performances and totally rocked the outfit. It must just have been because it was so brief a time in his McKinley life and it had been overshadowed by the rest of the crap that he had simply pushed it to the back of his mind with most other things McKinley related.

Involuntarily he shuffled closer to the back of the couch which Blaine occupied and shifted his weight nervously, his teeth catching his bottom lip between them as the song came to an end.

The common room was silent, the image on the screen frozen at a close up of him leaning against Mercedes with a wide smile across his lit up features.

Blaine stared at the image on the screen, "Holy shit" he muttered almost to himself before slowly turning around and standing, catching Kurt's hesitant gaze he edged around the couch until they were stood face to face, Kurt still worrying his lip whilst Blaine watched the action avidly.

"So yeah, I was a cheerleader" Kurt smiled quietly.

"I see that"

Kurt had given up on trying to contain his blush, "So um. So um what did you think?" he asked timidly.

Blaine watched the blush creep down his boyfriend's neck and back up across his cheekbones before he felt able to answer, "I think you need to get yourself a uniform and give me a personal presentation" he replied huskily into his boyfriends ear so that the others couldn't hear.

Kurt let out an involuntary giggle before pulling himself together and stepping back to take in his flustered boyfriend. Letting his sass fall around him like a cloak he squared his shoulders before throwing him a saucy wink and proclaiming that it could be arranged.

The pair were brought out of their exchange when the doors to the common room burst open to reveal two figures clad in red bounding into the room, coming to a stop one in front of the councilmen's desk, the other atop of it.

"Gimmie a K"


"Gimmie a U"


"Gimmie an R"


"Gimmie a T"


"What do you get...?"



Kurt nearly choked on his own tongue at the scene unfolding across the room.

Jeff and Nick were clad entirely in McKinley cheerio outfits complete with oversized pom-poms which they were waving wildly. Jeff had taken up residency on the councilmen's desk whilst Nick stood on the floor in front of him, each spelling out the letters of his name as Jeff shouted them in turn.

"Oh my holy jesus..."

"Oh man this is just too good" David said to himself as he turned the camera onto his friend's performance.

"What the actual fuck..." Blaine looked between Kurt and the two nut cases he called friends who had now launched into a bump and grind routine.

"Well I guess I know where to go for a uniform" Kurt grinned and winked, "Okay Sterling give me those before you hurt yourself, let a master show you how it's done"

Stripping off his over shift and dropping it into one of the chairs Kurt toed his shoes off before he grabbed the pom-poms from Jeff's hands in disdain, shaking his shoulders out he dropped gracefully into a back bend before flipping his legs elegantly over his head and landing in a full split.

Blaine's go-to response of "holy shit" was heard from everyone in the room; even an exuberant Jeff was floored.

"You have got to show me how to do that"

"Yes, please show him how to do that" Nick agreed in earnest as Kurt laughed and Blaine rolled his eyes.

Blaine and Nick spent the next hour avidly watching Jeff try to pull off some creative moves that Kurt seemed to simply drop into. Sidling up to Wes Blaine tried to sound casual "so, are there anymore of these videos?"

With a grin Wes patted him on the back, "oh yeah. Loads."

Blaine was an intelligent person. He could sum up most situations quickly and make reasonable sense of most things but at this moment his brain was refusing to play ball. All non-essential functions were shut down and the rest of his mind had pretty much turned to mush.

Four Seconds was blasting into the room. Jeff was standing with Nick but Kurt hadn't come back to the couch yet, he'd managed to process this fact but following that all bets were off.

He couldn't look away. Didn't want to look away. Although he still wasn't sure exactly what he was looking at. Sure the hot guy on the screen looked like Kurt, sounded like Kurt, hell who was he kidding it was Kurt but when the hell did this happen? When had his guarded, hesitant boyfriend been a freaking cheerleader for Christ sakes and why hadn't he known. Afterall this is the sort of thing one should know about your other half right. If Kurt possessed this kind of self confidence why the hell hadn't he seen it? Brain slowly kicking into gear over the haze of obsessive feelings that were bubbling under his skin, the realisation dawned that his was a pre-Karofsky Kurt. A Kurt with all the confidence and unknown sexiness in the world. This was the Kurt that was stolen from him before he ever had the chance to meet him; this was the guy he was slowly rebuilding and god if this wasn't incentive to make sure he did his utmost to get it right. The lithe figure on the screen deserved to be adored; deserved to be worshipped and treated right. He was nothing short of stunning and Blaine's insides squirmed and warmed at the thought that he was his; his to love and take care of and his to protect for as long as he would have him.

The figure on the screen owned the room, both the one on screen and the one in which it was now playing, everyone was held in stasis until the performance ended and silence reigned until it was broken, "holy shit."

Blaine was aware that he was still staring at a frozen screen, aware that Wes was sat grinning at him and that David was pointing a bloody phone in his face but he couldn't process his thoughts enough to move. For what felt like an age he simply gazed at the image on the screen. His smiling boyfriend, his confident, sexy, self-assured boyfriend. His. HIS.

Turning to look over his shoulder he slowly stood before making his way around the couch until they were face to face.

"So yeah, I was a cheerleader" Kurt smiled quietly.

Gosh that smile would be the death of him, "I see that"

"So um. So um what did you think?" he heard asked in an unsure voice. So what did he think exactly? There was obvious admiration and palpable electricity which he was desperately trying to contain until a more appropriate time when the rest of their friend's weren't watching for his reaction. He was completely caught off guard and blindsided by the heat of the performance. While his brain tried valiantly to catch up he watched the blush creep down his boyfriend's neck and back up across his cheekbones before he felt able to answer, "I think you need to get yourself a uniform and give me a personal presentation" he replied huskily into his boyfriends ear so that the others couldn't hear.

"Kurt, hey Kurt"

"Yes Thad"

"Have you got four minutes?"

"Really? You do realise you're not the first person to ask me that today right?"

"Don't care its funny"

"No. No it isn't"

"Lighten up man" Thad grinned and clapped him on the shoulder as they walked toward their next class together.

News of Kurt's cheerleading days had spread quickly through the dorms and he hadn't had two minutes without someone either breaking into a rendition of four minutes or asking him about it. There had even been a particularly awkward moment in the corridor when Jeff, Nick, Wes and David had all pulled out pom-poms and followed him to his class whilst loudly chanting his name.

Kurt headed to his desk and slumped heavily into his seat muttering something about mental friends and shallow graves, Thad smirked in his direction as he fished his books out of his bag and took his seat.

"So do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Have four minutes?"

"I swear to god Thad I will end you if you ask me that again"

"Well baby I'd say you sufficiently embarrassed your friend" Nick laughed gently as he pulled his boyfriend into a tight hug.

Returning the embrace before pecking him on the cheek, Jeff turned and grabbed his books off his desk, "Yeah I guess WE did Nicholas"

"Well I'll admit to helping but this really was all you baby" Nick added, dropping down onto the bed and fishing his books from his bag.

"Well it was awesome right"


Slipping into a comfortable silence the two went about the business of studying, legs tangled together but otherwise lost in their individual projects as time slipped by.

"You know what..." Nick broke the silence and turned his attention to his boyfriend who was ardently chewing on the tip of his pen.


"You really should clean this place up"

Jeff smiled and turned to face Nick who was looking at his floor in amusement. He had to admit that it had been a while since he'd picked up after himself and there were a number of random clothes, towels and shoes strewn around his floor. It's just that he had spent most of the weekend with Nick so hadn't felt the need to clear up but now that Nick had mentioned it he had let things slip, even by his standards.

"Yeah I guess. Why don't you get on that while I finish my report?"

"I am not your house keeper Jeff" Nick said with mock indignation.

Jeff grinned and put down his pen, murmuring "Oh I am well aware of that believe me" as he pulled Nick toward him.

"I am just about done with this place today"

Blaine's head lifted from his report to meet the gaze of his irate boyfriend who was stomping across the common room in his direction, finally throwing himself down heavily on the chair opposite him.

"What's up baby?"

"I'm gonna kill Jeff"

"Okay, any reason in particular"

Kurt eyed him with a look of disbelief as he folded his arms across his chest and humphed loudly, "If I had a dollar for every time someone sang four minutes to me today I'd be set up for life."

"That bad huh" Blaine answered with an understanding smile.

Kurt knew he was being childish but still pouted petulantly and sank even further into his seat.

Blaine tried to hide his smile at his boyfriend's irritation but was caught out by a frustrated Kurt.

"This isn't funny Blaine"

"It kinda is though baby"

"Great, just great. This is gonna follow me around forever.

"Hey come on, they're only teasing you because they love you."

Kurt's sulky gaze flicked up to meet his and he knew he was on the right track when the corners of Kurt's mouth twitched and his eyes sparkled.

"I guess" Kurt acquiesced with a pout.

"and you know I wouldn't mind if you wanted to become a cheerleader again..." Blaine added absently.

"or even if you wanted to wear the uniform for study sessions..."

"or to sleep in"


Kurt finally cracked and laughed, "Okay, I get it. You like the outfit"

Blaine wrapped his ankle around his boyfriends and leant across the table to take hold of Kurt's hand, "I love the outfit" he murmured huskily causing a fierce involuntary blush to spread instantly across Kurt's cheeks.


"You have no idea baby"

Taken back by the intensity of the statement Kurt shifted forward so that he was leaning closely across the table and fixed his clear blue eyes with stormy amber ones.

"Well why don't you explain it to me then?"

Right there and then Blaine realised that he had started something that he quite clearly wanted to finish but wasn't in exactly the right place to do so.

"You'll be the end of me you know that" he whispered with a loud exhale as Kurt smirked, twining his fingers slowly with Blaine's he replied somewhat coyly, eyes downcast, "You know I did manage to squirrel away one of the uniforms from Jeff..."

"...if you're interested?"

Kurt appraised his motionless boyfriend through his lashes for a single second before his hand was released and the contents of the desk were shoved haphazardly into Blaine's bag. Moments later he was yanked gracefully off his chair and jogging along quickly behind his boyfriend as they moved wordlessly from the room toward the dorms.

"So I guess it's just you and me tonight then" said David from the couch he and Wes had inhabited since dinner, as he watched the pair leaving the room.

"Looks that way" Wes grinned back looking up from his book at the retreating pair, "I haven't seen Niff for a while either."

"So movie?"


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