The Once and Future King - scene 1

On the shore of the lake sits Merlin. He wears still the same clothes, they are wet and dirty. His hair is sopping and sticking on Merlin's head. He sits on the shore, unshaved and looks at the isle.

The sun rises, above all is a humid haze. In the background the king's tent is buildt.

Gaius stands behind Merlin, his hand holds the reins of his horse. He looks sadly down to his friend. For a moment he looks up to the isle and then his look goes back to Merlin: "Merlin… Merlin, can you hear me?" No reaction of Merlin. His eyes are still fixed on the isle, as would he scan every tree every stone on that isle. He is looking for somebody..

Gaius puts his free hand on Merlin's shoulder. Merlin's head turns towards Gaius, his eyes are empty. With a sigh Gaius says: "Merlin, it can't go on in that way. Look at you!" Merlin looks down on himself. Gaius adds: "You are completely soaked and wet and dirty.. you will get a cold! They buildt up a tent, so why don't you sleep inside?"

Merlin smiles: "It doesn't matter, i'm not leaving my job. I'm a servant, i sleep outside the king's tent."

Gaius shakes his head: "Merlin, the king is gone. It was three month ago as Artur passed the lake. He is gone, he is dead. He won't return."

Merlin stands up: "No, he is alive. I know it. And he will return." Gaius shakes his head again. He makes a step forward to hug Merlin. He holds him, he begs: "Come home with me. I need you, Gwen needs you, Albion needs you, please." Merlin just enjoys the close moment to his mentor, he wispers: "You know I can't, I promised him to wait.."

Gaius takes his arms down. He looks into Merlin's exhausted face: "Merlin, i have to go. You know I can't stay with you. I have to return to the queen." Merlin only nods. He looks back to the isle: "I know."

Gaius follows his view: "Please Merlin, look after yourself. Take a bath, shave your face, wash your clothes.." Merlin nods again, then he lookks to his king's tent: "Just after polishing the amour, sharpening the sword, washing Arthur's clothes and cleaning Arthur's boots" Gaius sighs :"Merlin, you did all these yesterday.." Merlin turns to Gaius: "This is my job. I'm the king's manservant."

Gaius shakes his head again, he turns towards his horse. Over his shoulder he looks back to Merlin: "Goodbye Merlin" Merlin smiles: "See you in Camelot next time." Then Merlins turns towards the isle. His eyes are emty, his view is fixed on that isle in the middle of the lake. He is looking for somebody, he is looking for his king.