The satellite of love

I don't own the amazing world of Gumball

Gumball and Penny were in Gumball's room on the satellite of love just looking out at the stars and the Earth from Gumballs bed

"Wow, it's so beautiful tonight" said Penny

"Every night is beautiful as long as I have you here" said Gumball

"It's too bad we're stranded up here watching cartoons of you" said Penny

"Yeah, it's almost Valentine's Day and we can't do anything special" said Gumball a little depressed

"I know, but at least I have you" said Penny

"Hey penny, I was thinking that when or if we get back to Earth, would you like to uh, you know, go on a date with me? Maybe get some dinner or see a movie?" asked Gumball nervously

"I'd love that" said Penny

The 2 got together and for the first time, they kissed on the lips

"Amazing" said Gumball

"I know" said Penny as she reached Gumball and kissed him again

They kissed for a minute until they let go of each other for air

"Well, I gotta go Gumball, I'll see you later" said Penny as she began to walk out of gumballs room

Gumball went over to his window and looked at the Earth

"Someday we'll get home, someday" said Gumball

That's the end of this story, I hope you enjoyed it. It's just a little Valentine's Day fanfic with Gumball and Penny since I don't see anyone else making one. Please review and check out the stories this is based off, mystery gumball theater 3000