13 Days

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The world was once at peace. At one point in its history, Gran Pulse was home to a thriving civilization and many great cities. Now it is home to many great ruins, and people are nowhere to be seen. The people of Pulse were happy and lived without worry, but that was not the will of the fal'Cie.

The fal'Cie Lindzei ravaged the lands of Pulse and from the remains it gathered, it fashioned a cocoon that would float in the sky and be a better home for humans. It seemed to be a harmless idea. Create a place that would be luxurious for humans and make their quality of life better. The only problem was that no one from Pulse would be living in the cocoon. The fal'Cie would create new inhabitants that would supposedly be better than those living on Pulse.

For many years, the people of Pulse lived in peaceful coexistence with those on Cocoon, but it was not to last. The fal'Cie began to tempt Pulse with the extravagances of the world above. To make matters worse, they did their utmost to instill a fear of Pulse in the hearts of Cocoon's citizens. The fal'Cie were pleased to find that Pulse was all too easily tempted.

As all similar situations do turn out, Pulse eventually invaded out of jealousy. There was a great conflict known as the War of Transgression. In order to protect their respective sides, the fal'Cie branded select individuals to serve in the war. These individuals were known as l'Cie. L'Cie and fal'Cie on opposite sides clashed in a battle that left both worlds scarred. The l'Cie that fought in the battle were deemed to have fulfilled the focus that the fal'Cie had given them and were granted an eternal crystal sleep.

Five hundred years passed and Cocoon continued to thrive, but the same could not be said for Pulse. The once prosperous world below had become known as a kind of hell to the citizens of Cocoon. They were in constant fear of another invasion from the world below.

For many years, their fears were left unrealized. However, against all odds, a Pulse fal'Cie found its way into Cocoon near the seaside city of Bodhum. With a fal'Cie from hell on their doorstep, the citizens of Cocoon were in a state of unrest. In response to the state of crisis, the governing body known as the Sanctum declared that Bodhum would be surveyed for traces of Pulse. Anyone found to have come in contact with the fal'Cie would be shipped off Cocoon to Pulse. At the very least, that was the plan. It was expected that it would be a peaceful transition. This was not to be, because what sleeps must eventually wake up.

~The thirteen days after we awoke were the beginning of the end~

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