My first crossover ever. I've been hoping for a fair bit of HP/Hobbit crossovers, but there isn't a whole lot, so I made my own. I hope it does both sides justice.

Summary: After the Final Battle, Harry and Luna leave their friends behind, unable to remain in the Wizarding World or even Earth. Magic sends them to Middle-Earth and he is found by Bilbo Baggins. He stays with him for five years until Gandalf's visit. When the Dwarves and Thorin arrive, he manages to convince Thorin to let him go with them, not telling them about his magic. (will have Thilbo (ThorinxBilbo) and HarryxKili)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Hobbit and Harry Potter belong to J.R.R Tolkien and J.K Rowling respectively


Earth- May 2, 1998

Emerald eyes gazed almost unseeingly at the grieving people and the dead bodies within the Great Hall of Hogwarts. He could see the Weasley family crying over not only the body of Fred, but of Ron and Hermione Granger. His best friends had died in each other's arms while protecting Harry. He could see Neville Longbottom looking unseeingly at the body of his grandmother. Nearby, Luna Lovegood was silently crying, staring at the wall. Her father had been personally killed by Voldemort. Harry's fists clenched. The war had been won, but at what price? He looked at the Weasley family once more before looking back at Neville and Luna. Both of them happened to look up at the same time. The two stared at him before both nodded.

Harry turned and walked out of the Great Hall, knowing that Neville and Luna would follow. Sure enough, they did. He led them to the Room of Requirement and Neville asked the question that they knew needed to be spoken, "What now?" Harry bit the inside of his cheek before he replied, "I'm leaving. I can't remain in the Wizarding World. Hell, I don't even want to be on this planet. I want to be somewhere that I can live a peaceful life!" The moment the words left his lips, there was a flash of light and the three saw a portal. It showed an odd place of rolling hills that seemed to have doors, windows, and chimneys built into them. Not only that, but there were strange humans that looked shorter than the three of them and they had a bunch of hair on the tops of their feet. Harry blinked at it. Neville and Luna looked at each other before Luna said, "We'll go with you Harry. You're our brother."

"Luna's right. We have nothing else here. We see you not only as our leader, but as our brother. We'll go wherever you go," Neville said, clasping a hand on the teen's shoulder. Harry looked at both for a moment before he smiled and said, "Thanks. You don't know how much that means to me." Both smiled back, but said nothing. They all looked back at the portal and gripping each other's hands, they walked in. Just before the portal vanish, Fawkes appeared, singing, and flew into the portal as well, allowing it to close. Mere moments later, the door to the Room of Requirement opened and Minerva McGonagall walked in, hoping to find Harry, Luna and Neville.


Third Age, Year 2936

Bilbo Baggins of Bag-End was a respectable Hobbit. He never had anything to do with anything that was…unHobbitish. Of course, he never planned to have three Men suddenly appear in his home either. Two of them were male, but the third was female. All three were unconscious and clutching strange sticks. Bilbo was horrified to see they looked like they had just been through a war. Ignoring the blood and dirt on his clean floors, he managed to get the three into the guestroom, letting the young woman take the bed and having the two boys sleep on pallets. He placed the sticks on the side table before cleaning the three and dressing their wounds as best as he could before leaving them to sleep. When he turned to face the hallway, he let out a groan of despair. His poor floors! Sighing, he set about cleaning them.

It wasn't for another two days did one of his unexpected guests awake. When the black-haired boy stirred, Bilbo went to his side, ready to keep him from moving if need be. He was stunned when the boy's eyes opened. It was like staring into a pair of emeralds. Bilbo quickly shook himself out of that thought and said to the boy, "Don't move. Your injuries were bad." He blinked before motioning towards the sticks. Although confused, Bilbo grabbed them and handed them to him. He took the dark holly stick and pointed it at his throat, muttering something. There was a small string of light and then the boy said, "Thank you. My name is Hadrian Potter. Who are you?"

"Bilbo Baggins of the Shire at your service," the Hobbit said. Harry's brow furrowed and he murmured, "Shire? Where have I heard that before?" A sleep voice answered him, "Hobbits, Harry. From J.R.R Tolkien, remember?" The two looked up to see the girl yawning as she sat up.

Harry's eyes lit up as he said, "You're right! Thank you, Luna." The brown haired boy grumbled and rolled over, pulling the pillow over his head as he said, "Would you lot shut up? I'm trying to sleep."

Harry and the girl laughed as Harry gently pulled the pillow off of him, saying, "C'mon Neville, don't be impolite." Neville gave Harry what Bilbo assumed was a rude gesture. The emerald-eyed boy merely laughed and said, "Fine, be that way." Looking back at Bilbo, he said, "Sorry about that, Mr. Baggins. That's Luna Lovegood and this is Neville Longbottom."

"Bilbo Baggins. How did you come to appear in the middle of my living room?" he said. The three looked at each other before Harry said, "This is going to take a long time, so I suggest you get comfortable." Bilbo did so and Harry launched into their tale, only stopping to take a drink of water if need be. Finally, the he finished and Bilbo was silent for a moment before he said, "Well, I think I know what needs to be done." They looked at him in confusion. He smiled and said, "You'll stay with me. You don't know anything about Middle-Earth; and I'm more than willing to teach you." They looked at each other, having a silent conversation before Harry finally nodded, smiling, and he said, "Thank you Bilbo."


And that was the prologue. The next chapter will start five years later.

I should have the second chapter up in a few hours, or minutes. Depending on how much I continue to read Forging a King by Lady Celestial Star (HP/LOTR crossover)