"What are you doing?! Get up girl!" A voice shouted.

"Get back! She's absolutely mad that one!" Another shrieked.

"It doesn't matter. We need her to get up so we can have a job. Now if she doesn't get up I will make her," the first said.

"Whatever. You can risk your life. I'm staying here." The second said, sounding disgusted.

A sharp stab to the side woke her up. Her eyes opened slowly and her mind raced. Memories of the past day flashed before her. Where am I? Who am I? No… I was crossing the border…So close to freedom. Then an ambush…people with guns. Bastards…. I'm Megan. Yes! That's who I am. Now hang onto that thought. Don't let it go.

The light in the small cell revealed a chained up girl, looking at the age of seventeen. Her head rose slightly, revealing the bright green eyes that made the forest seem dull. Her hands gripped the chains in a struggle to break free. She looked around and saw a tall male figure, his eyes scanning Megan. A grin grew on his face as he knelt down to Megan, a gloved finger tracing her jaw line. Megan growled deeply and caught the tip of the glove with her mouth in the attempt to bite the males' finger.

"So fierce yet calm. Tell me, have you any idea where you are?" The male said, his voice different from the two before.

Megan glared at him; she knew that voice, "No. Don't touch me, ever again bastard."

"Watch that tongue, it will get you in trouble." The man growled.

"Why would I? You have taken me captive and you don't suspect me to revolt? Seems you are as stupid as you look," Megan laughed at the man.

A hand came down and smacked her across the face, making Megan's brown hair fall over her eyes as the slap forced her head to the side. The chained rattled, as if laughing at Megan. She hissed slightly and looked at the man. A small grin placed on his face, a sound of content came from his throat as he turned and walked up the stone stairs.

Hours passed and Megan sat in silence. The man never returned, she felt something gnawing in her head. She squeezed her eyes shut and let out a weak shaky breath. The issue of giving into insanity grew as time passed, the slight hum became a full on pounding in her head. She bit her lip, slowly puncturing a small hole in her lip. A stream of scarlet blood ran down her chin, the door to the cell swinging open. The man reentered and laughed slightly, kneeling down as he stared at the stream of blood.

"Seems my pet is slowly being pulled into the madness," the man said in a hushed tone.

"Get away from me…." Her voice was strained, her airway seeming to be blocked by something.

"Oh? Why would I do that? It is not so simple, you see I bring you here as a prisoner and you already intend to push me away. That is how I like my meals…. Feisty," a slight accent in the man's voice finally showing who he was.

Megan looked up at the man, "You. I know you now."

"You do? Oh please do tell who you think I am." The man grinned, showing pearly white teeth.

"You killed many," Megan struggled, hissing as she became close to the man's face, "Vladimir."

A cruel laughter filled the air, the man clutching his stomach, "Why yes. As they said, you are smart. Able to tell of a person's personality by the way they act. I never expected such a brave girl from you though."

Megan looked up at Vladimir, "Shut up, foolish immortal."

Vladimir stopped laughing and glared down at Megan, his arms slamming into the wall on both of the sides of her head. His forehead now touching hers, his tongue slowly slipped to her wound on her lips and licked up the blood. A sly smile growing on the vampire's mouth as he stared at her with burning red eyes.

"Foolish am I? Well, I am not the one chained up and nearly dead. Though you refuse to show your weakness I can see it in your eyes. You are scared Megan, I can feel it." Vladimir spoke softly.

Megan growled and looked at the vampires' eyes, her knee swiftly going up and knocking him to his side. She struggled against the chains, her wrist becoming cut by the iron in the process. Vladimir laughed again and got up, rubbing his stomach in slight pain. He saw the streams of blood coming down from her wrists, his eyes lighting up as he returned to her. Licking up her wrists to follow the red trail, Megan struggled against him.

"Such a human action to struggle. Tell me, do you wish to become a child of the night?" Vladimir said rather softly.

Megan growled and looked at Vladimir, "Never. You are a pathetic monster."

"I will continue to have this offer, but I must retire. The night is fading," he said, exiting and slamming the heavy door.

Megan flinched,"That bastard thinks I will give my life so foolishly? He is just an idiot. A monster driven by a blood thirst. He is less than human."

A light suddenly came through a crack in the door, as gift cast by god. It shone on her feet and a small smile grew on her face, she would not let this monster let it have its way, she would put up a fight. That was the way to do it, Megan did not plan to let him easily win. She could hear heavy footsteps above her, knowing it was the monster heading to his sleep. Soon she would murder him but it was only good if she got close to him. Yes, that's what she would do. She would get close to Vladimir and befriend him, if possible, then kill him. For now she needed to act as if she was helpless and make him let her go.

"Perfect," She whispered and looked up at the ceiling, "Vladimir, you idiot."


Vladimir paced in his room, the curtains long drawn to keep the pesky light out. He sighed and threw his head back, why must she be so difficult? He shook his head slowly, deciding to sleep his stress away. He closed his eyes and fell into his casket. Falling into the sleep he had many times, hearing words from the mouth beneath him.

"Vladimir, you idiot."