Megan had nodded off when she felt a sudden hot breath on her neck. She snapped her head up and glared at the person to find that it was Vladimir. She stared at him blankly and gripped the chains. A firm hand grabbed her chin and slowly craned it upwards, she struggled but she knew it was no use. She reacted by raising a knee and forcing it into the Count's stomach. She looked at him with a glare, he tumbled back. She watched him hold his stomach and cough slightly. A victorious grin spread across her face as she laughed slightly, mocking the Great Count for falling for such a foolish action. She spat at his feet and grinned.

Vladimir growled and grabbed her neck, his fangs visible as he grinned at her.

"Megan, you are helpless against me. I am stronger than you by far," Vladimir sneered and laughed.

"Get off of me, you undead bastard," Megan snapped and squirmed.

Vladimir slowly released his grip and backed away, "The night is young and you will bow to me, even if I have to force you into becoming a child of the night."

Megan glared at him and squirmed again, "Fine. I give in."

Vladimir stared at her, "You give in?"

She nodded, "Yes. Can you just let me go? My wrists are killing me."

He stared at her, his eyes wide, "A-alright."

Vladimir walked to her and unlocked the chains. Megan fell instantly to the ground and sighed, looking up at Vladimir. She bit her lip and stared at him. He knelt down to her and gripped her shoulders.

"I'll give you time to think about it. Come with me," Vladimir said, still slightly dazed from the shock he had received.

Megan got up and followed the Count up the stairs to a small room in the East wing of the castle. She stared into the room, surprised to see the room rather well decorated. Satin curtains touched the floor in a red river, a chestnut dresser stood in the corner iced with the moon's light, a mirror reflecting only her reflection and an elegant looking four poster bed. The red sheets neatly tucked into the bottom of the mattress and black pillows countered the vibrant red sheets. She looked at Vladimir, just as shocked as he was.

"This is for me?" She asked, staring at him.

"Yes. For however long you stay," He answered, "Please make yourself comfortable."

Megan entered and jumped as the door behind her slammed close. She sighed and walked to the window, enjoying the fresh air as she opened it. Soon she saw movement outside. She blinked and felt a pair of arms wrap around her middle, not strong manly arms but thin female arms. She yelped and struggled as a hand covered her mouth. Great, I just get unlocked from a pair of shackles and now I gotta deal with this. She thought sourly. She went to elbow the figure behind her but got blocked by another set of arms.

"What do you think he wants with her?" A female voice from the darkness.

"I don't know... maybe she's a guest like Jonathan," another said.

"Or maybe she is his snack. Better yet, our snack," the third whispered.

Megan stumbled slightly, feeling the arms that were wrapped around her waist tug her towards the bed. She fought back but the arms held a tight grip on her, she muffled a small scream. A chuckle filled the small room as the women laughed, a slender hand grabbing her chin. Megan finally seeing the details of the woman in front of her as the moon illuminated her face.

"You really think anyone will help you? Such a delicate flower, young and beautiful," the woman hissed.

Megan narrowed her eyes and growled, the hand on her mouth lowering itself, "Wenches, get away from me. Bloodsucking demons."

The woman hissed and opened her mouth to show pearly white fangs. "No respect...I will drain you dry."

Megan stiffened as the mouth neared her neck, her hair being pushed aside. She struggled but felt her energy drain her, her eyes becoming heavy. The door burst open and the women cowered, the arms around Megan letting go immediately. She fell to the ground, her vision slowly focusing. Vladimir stood in the doorway, his eyes blazing like the pits of Hell. He stalked towards the women and shouted something, the ringing in Megan's ears drowning out the words. Minutes past before the women fled in fear or anger, leaving Vladimir and Megan in the room. She could see his fuzzy figure approach her, her muscles ached strangely and her head pounded. His arms picked her up and placed her on the bed, she looked up at him with half-opened eyes.

"Sleep, they shall not bother you anymore," Vladimir said in a monotone voice.

Megan obeyed, her eyes closing. Her body eluded in a sea of sleep, drifting into the very corners of her dreamland.


Megan woke up as her head felt heavy, images of the night before flooding into her mind. She sighed and got up, yawning and extending her arms in a stretch. Rubbing her neck, she walked to the mirror in the corner of the room. Her hair in a mess and bruises by her neck, she glanced at the door and the window. Remembering the warm breath of the women on her neck, she shuddered. Those women wanted nothing but her blood and so did Vladimir. This was not an act of kindness that Vladimir did, he wanted her blood to himself. She shook her head and fixed her hair, looking around as no clothes were visible. She walked to the chestnut drawer and opened it to find dresses in a range of all the colors known to man. She sighed, not really being a fan of dresses. Shrugging she pulled out a long red dress, the sleeves reaching her wrists in cascading waves.

"Seems nice..." She mumbled to herself and walked to the door, twisting the doorknob to find it was locked.

Her eyes widened slightly and then narrowed, her grip tightening around the doorknob. He locked it... damn bastard... Megan thought, her fists banging on the door.

"Let me out! I am not an animal!" Megan shouted, no sounds coming after her words.

For an hour she shouted, nothing happened. The sun high in the sky when she stopped, sliding down the door with her head in her hands. She felt like an animal, a caged up animal awaiting its death. Megan looked up and sighed, her voice wasted. This was a slaughter house and she was the animal awaiting to be slaughtered.

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