Under a Desk

My plan is perfect. I have thought everything through and there is absolutely no chance that something might go wrong. All I have to do now is wait.

There are butterflies in my stomach at the mere thought of what I am going to do.

Ron and I have been dating for a few months now and all we have done is kiss. But I think now we're ready to move past that to more...interesting things. Ron is all up for it.

He has been really patient and gentle with me so I have decided to surprise him.

And that is exactly why I'm hiding under the table, wearing Harry's invisibility cloak.

We are all staying with the Weasleys for the winter holidays.

Harry, Ginny, the twins, Ron, Sirius, Lupin, everyone.

And they are having a short meeting in a couple of minutes. A meeting that Ron is going to remember for the rest of his life.

I grin, starting to get really impatient. Where are they?

I use the extra time to go through my plan in my head.

Borrow Harry's invisibility cloak. Check.

Explain to Ron that he can expect a surprise from me. Check.

Order Ron to sit in the chair right next to the window. Check.

Call in sick and apologize for not attending the meeting. Check.

Hide under the table and wait. Check.

I know it's crazy and I never thought I'd actually be able to do this. What if I get caught?

Calm down, Hermione. You won't get caught. No one will be able to see you unless they actually lean down to look under the table. And even then, I'm under the invisibility cloak.

I take a deep breath.

It's so dark in here. I barely see anything. And my knees are starting to hurt. Where are they?

Finally I hear footsteps.

People are laughing and talking. I hold in my breath as I wait for them all to take a seat. Looking around, I realize I barely see their legs and shoes. It's too dark. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it.

Then I smile. The dark only makes everything more mysterious.

They are all seated now and I take a look at the legs in front of me.


He's wearing those black pants that I bought him for his birthday. How sweet of him.

Well, Hermione, this is it.

You can't back down now.

I'm so nervous that I barely hear what the rest of them are talking about.

"...the Ministry has contacted us about people disappearing..."

"...You-Know-Who is planning something..."

"...at Hogwarts..."

Taking a deep breath I slowly place my hands on his legs. He flinches. I wait a couple of moments and when he does nothing else I take that as a sign to continue.

I start rubbing his thighs, enjoying the warmth from them. Pushing his legs apart, I settle between them, blushing horribly at the realization of what I'm doing.

It's so wrong and naughty and at the same time it excites me to no end.

His thighs are hard, has he been working out? Playing Quidditch probably has a lot to do with it.

Finally my hands reach their goal. I have never touched him there before.

I rub him through his trousers and he stiffens, sitting up straight.

A smirk appears on my face and I continue, rubbing it and slightly tugging on it. He's breathing faster, I can see it.

I freeze when I hear my name.

"Where's Hermione?" Lupin asks.

"She's sick so she stayed in her room, probably asleep," Ginny answers.

I remain unmoving until they start talking about the Order again.

Gathering my courage, I try to unfasten his belt.

It's a nice belt, where did he get it?

When the belt is done, I concentrate on the zipper.

He tries to close his legs, but I don't allow it and quickly unzip his pants, sliding my hand into the opening.

Oh God.


Is this normal?

I don't really know what I'm doing.

Slowly, I pull him out of his boxers, taking a good look at it. Why does it have to be so dark down here? I can barely see it.

But I can see it's large. Ron has never told me he has a monster in his trousers.

What now?

I need to hurry up. What if the meeting ends soon?

Slowly and increasingly more confidently I move my hands up and down him, discovering him.

Hard and smooth. There are a few thick veins along his length and I study it with interest.

I wrap my hand around his hardening cock and realize with surprise that I can't get my fingertips to touch around him.

Did he just grunt?

He needs to be more careful otherwise we're going to get caught. I pinch the inside of his thighs to let him know to keep silent.

He grunts again as I begin to pump him, squeezing a bit harder. He sits straighter and opens his legs a bit more, obviously he likes what I'm doing. Is it possible he's getting even bigger? I could swear he's grown a few inches in my hands.

I think it's the time for the big finish.

How is it going to taste?

My knees hurt a lot by now, so I lean against his thighs, using them as support.

And then I open my mouth, slowly letting him slide in.

Not too bad.

He groans.

And his voice is really deep.

"Yes, Severus, do you have anything to add?" I hear Lupin ask.

Snape is here as well? No one told me that.

I push that thought away. Snape is the last person I want to be thinking about right now.

I try to use my tongue, I heard boys like that, but it's hard to stretch my mouth around him.

"No, Lupin, ah, do continue. I have absolutely nothing to add."

I freeze.



This isn't happening.

This can't be happening.

The voice.

Snape's voice.

It came from the person I'm...

Oh God.

Am I sucking off Professor Snape?

He's still in my mouth.


I quickly pull away, barely able to keep silent.

I can't believe what is happening.

I want to throw up.

Lupin starts to talk again and all I want to do is to get up from under the table and run away. Preferably, to other continent.

But I can't.

No one can know about...this.

I try to move away from his legs, but he shuts them around me, not letting me go.

What is he doing?

Suddenly he sneaks his hands down, putting them behind my head and pulling me back to him. I'm too shocked to fight him. He slides into my mouth again. One of his hands wraps itself in my hair and he starts a rhythm, penetrating my throat, slowly at first but increasing the tempo.

Minutes go by and I realize I...like what I'm doing, what he's doing. Is it because it's forbidden? Because it's wrong?

I'm cheating on Ron, for god's sake!

But as he forces his length down my throat, I realize I don't care.

He's starting to move, slightly pumping his hips into my mouth. How is it possible no one notices that?

I can hear him draw in a breath and then he pushes into my mouth and stills, his one hand gripping mine so hard it actually hurts. Suddenly liquid fills my mouth and I try to move away but he does not let me and I'm forced to swallow, nearly choking. He finally releases me and I lean away from him, not believing what just happened.

He puts himself back into his trousers and I just sit there, too shocked to move.

"Unfortunately this meeting does not bring any news. I only wish to warn everyone to be extremely careful," Lupin finishes.

"Oh, I disagree," Snape speaks, "I believe this meeting has been very enlightening. I am pleased."

He's pleased?

Soon they all get up and I can hear them leaving the room. Even Snape.

I sit under the table for a few more minutes and then finally decide to come out.

I stand up, dropping Harry's cloak to the floor.

"Miss Granger."

I almost shriek, turning around and seeing him standing next to closed doors.

He seems surprised.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" he asks quietly.

I can't even look at him.

What have I done?

"I-I...It was a mistake," I force out.

"Yes, I believe it was," he sneers.

"B-But you're not wearing your normal robes and - „

"I wear my teaching robes when I'm at Hogwarts, Miss Granger."

"But you - „

"Do not blame me if you cannot recognize if a cock in front of you is your boyfriend's or not."

I remain silent.

He continues, raising a brow, "But that will teach you not to hide under tables."

I tense up.

"I will see you on Monday," he says, then his eyes darken a bit, "You have something on your chin."

My hand moves up to touch it and there's something sticky.

I grimace and he only smirks, nodding his head, "Thank you."

And then he leaves. Just like that.

What have I done?

And why did he like it?

More importantly, why did I like it?

Everyone can make an honest mistake, right? ;)