~ chapter 3 ~

I don't even know how I ended up in his office. Well, I do know, but...what the hell am I doing? Where did get the courage?

He is sitting across me, behind his desk, leaning back in his chair and staring at me, a very serious expression on his face.

And I am trembling, a nervous feeling in my stomach. I'm thankful I'm sitting down, otherwise my legs would betray me, I'm sure of it. I try to sit up straight, a confident and determined expression on my face. I'm trying to act like a confident young lady. That's ironic, considering the reason why I am in his office. There is nothing ladylike in that.


Should I speak?

Or should I wait for him to speak?

Why isn't he saying anything? It's been a few minutes already.

Finally, he clears his throat, "If I understood you correctly, Miss Granger -"

"You did," I interrupt him.

He continues, "You are here to propose an arrangement."

My breathing quickens. Does he have to repeat it? Why can't he simply answer the question?

"Put simply, the arrangement is...one of sexual nature," he speaks evenly, slowly, dragging the words, "You are proposing a sexual intercourse."

"I-I am."

What was I thinking? This is so wrong. I could get expelled for even suggesting such a thing. However, I did not get expelled after the previous two incidents and this proposition is nothing compared to that.

Silence again.

Is that a good sign? Is he thinking about it?

"Miss Granger," he starts, "Are you under any kind of influence at the moment?"



Quickly, I shake my head, "No, of course not."

"Then what in the world has made you come here, in your teacher's office, to propose such a scandalous thing?"

Oh no.

Just stay calm, Hermione.

Explain everything.

I swallow hard, the nerves getting the best of me, "Well, Sir. I have apologized for the...mistakes in the past, it was not done on purpose and believe me, it has been as traumatic for me as it has for you."

He leans back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest.

I take that as a sign to continue, "I am immensely thankful for your decision to remain discreet about it and well...pretend it never happened. A few months have passed since that last event and I...I am thinking about it more than I should be. Finally, I have decided to do something about it. And that is why I am here. In a month I will be leaving Hogwarts and I wish to do something before I leave."

"Have sex with a teacher?" he asks, raising his brow.

I wince at that sentence, "No, it's not like that."

"I must compliment you, Miss Granger. Many student's goal is to finish school with flying colours, but your goal is to engage in a sexual activity with a teacher. Interesting. I certainly would not expect it from you, of all people."

"No," I protest, "Not with a teacher. With... you."

"I am a teacher."

Taking a deep breath in desperation, I try to explain it, "Sir, I am an adult now. And single. With no obligations. And - "

"Not that it is any concern of mine, but what happened with Mr. Weasley?"

I grimace, "We...I ended it."

He does not comment.

"Sir, I simply wish to make a deal with you. One time thing. One night. No strings attached. No one will now. And we will probably never see each other again."

I sound desperate.

"One question, Miss Granger."

"Yes?" my eyes light up with hope.

"Why me?"

I blush, looking down at my hands, "I...don't know. All I know is that those two incidents have been...replayed in my mind more often that I care to admit. And I want to know why."

"Oh," he acts surprised, "This all serves a learning purpose?"

"Well..no, or...perhaps, for me..."

I trail off, not knowing what to say.

"It is late, Miss Granger. You better return to your dormitory," he says all of the sudden.

I tense up, "But - "

"I am not denying the fact that you did make me enjoy a boring meeting," he says, something dark in his eyes, "I never imagined the Order meeting would include one hot, wet mouth just for me and I have to thank you for that."

I am blushing so hard, it feels as if my head is on fire.

"However, you are a student. And I am your teacher. Even if you are of age, it is still illegal. You would be expelled, I would be shown the door. What you are proposing is wrong on so many levels and I am shocked you actually had the nerve to come in my office with such an idea." His voice is emotionless, his eyes now cold.

I feel hurt.


But I understand.

Slowly, I stand up, "Thank you for your time, Professor. I will never mention it again. And... I apologize for offending you."

I turn around to leave.

"Report to me when you graduate."

I freeze.


Turning around, I see him going through some papers, not even looking at me.

Did I hear him correctly?

Should I ask?

No, that would only annoy him.

I feel excitement in the pit of my stomach.

Not saying anything, I quickly leave the office.


What I am?

A whore for wanting to sleep with my teacher, man much older than me?

Or a confident young woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid of seeking it?

The graduation ceremony is dragging on and on. Or perhaps only I see it that way? Because I am eager to get somewhere else?

I can see him, sitting between all the teachers, an emotionless expression on his face. He seems bored and untouched by the whole thing.

"Hermione," Harry whispers to me, "We are all going to celebrate after the ceremony. Will you join us?"

"Who is going?"

"I am, Ron, Luna, Neville, perhaps Ginny and a few others."

I shake my head, "Um, I can't. I have this thing I have to do."

"What thing?"

"Something in the library, I'll explain later."

Harry almost rolls his eyes, "What library? We are free, no school obligations, Hermione, now we can do whatever we want."

I try to hide my smile.

How right he is.


I knock on his office door.


I knock again.


My hand is shaking, but I manage to push the door open and walk in.

I see him.

Sitting behind his desk, reading something.

And I simply stand there, not knowing what to do with myself.

"You can close the door," he mutters.


I quickly obey, then move closer to his desk.

"Yes?" he asks, finally looking up at me.

"Um, excuse me?"

"What is it that you want now, Granger?"

My mind is blank. He does not remember? What? How?

"I-I-I..we had..." I don't know what to say.

And then he smirks.

I wait for him to continue.

"You do know when I said 'report to me after graduation', I did not mean barely a few minutes after the said event."

I relax.

He does know why I am here.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I apologize, too nervous for my own good, "I-I can come back later - "

"Sit," he points at the chair.

I nod, obeying.

When I'm comfortably sitting, he takes a deep breath.

Is he changing his mind?

"I have no obligations towards you now," he speaks, "You are no longer a student at this school. You are simply a girl, woman, who has come here on her own free will. Is that correct?"

I nod, "Yes, that is correct."

"I hope you are not romanticizing this."

"I am not. I am well aware of what to expect."

He smirks again, but does not comment my answer.

"Perhaps you will not remember, but I am not a teenage boy. I am a full grown man and different than other boys you have fooled around with. Be prepared for that."

"I-I haven't..."

He raises his eyebrows, "You haven't what? Use full sentences, Miss Granger."

"I haven't fooled around."


"Are you trying to say there has not been anyone else after me?"

"Yes, that is correct."

Who could I fool around with?

Ron was out of the picture. I was busy with school, there was no time for other boys.

"Interesting," he replies, then suddenly stands up, "Follow me."

And I do.

Before I even know it, I'm standing in his private chambers.

In his bedroom.

Large four poster bed. Green silk sheets.

I'm shaking, that's how excited and nervous I am.

He is standing behind me, waiting while I admire the room and the elegance of it.

I never imagined I would set a foot in Professor Snape's bedroom.

"Miss Granger," he starts, calmly, "Undress, please."


Just like that?

Alright, I can do this.

I'm uncomfortable because the lights are still on and obviously he has no intention of turning them off.

I start with my blouse, my fingers shaking so much, I can hardly unbutton it. When it's finally done, I let the material drop to the floor. And then I my pants follow. I must look funny, barely able to get out of my own clothes.

I avoid his look, wanting to get this part over with quickly, so we can get to the other part. I reach back to unhook my bra, but his voice stops me.

"Leave it," then he adds, "Turn around."

I do as he says, shivers going down my body.

And then I feel him, pressed against my back. He is still fully dressed and that makes me even more excited. Is that normal?

His hands touch my wrists, then slowly, lazily make their way up my arm and then he rests them on my shoulders. His hands are warm and soothing.

He starts playing with my bra straps, hooking it under his fingers and pulling them down, so so slowly. I can feel his breath on my neck.

Why is he moving like that? Slowly. It's torture.

Finally he unhooks my bra and it falls to the floor. And then his hands are on my breasts. I cannot hold back a moan, why am I enjoying this so much? It's even better than I imagined, fantasized about.

He is actually doing this. It is actually happening.

He gently cups both my breasts, playing with them, squeezing, mashing them together, flicking his thumbs over them. I know I am not exactly big in that department, but it does not seem to bother him.

God, his hands feel wonderful.

I lean back against him and I swear I heard him chuckle.

His hands travel down, caressing my stomach and then one hand moves lower, lower and I tense up as it slides under my panties.

Oh god.

My legs buck, but his other arm is around my waist, holding me close to him.

I bite my lips, trying to keep quiet, but it's impossible.

His fingers.

Oh my god.

What is he doing?

My eyes roll back and I know I probably look funny, but I don't care.

His fingers move, slowly at first, but they are picking up the pace and I'm whimpering against him, my body moving involuntarily.

No one has ever done this to me and it feels so unbelievably good. I have tried it myself a couple of times, but it wasn't anything like this.

My breath is coming out in short gasps and I'm grinding against him, rolling my hips. Hearing his heavy breathing against my ear is too much. I can feel something building inside of me, starting in my lower belly and becoming larger, moving up, my whole body shaking, tensing. His fingers are moving so fast now, the pleasure is almost painful, but I don't want him to stop. Ever.

My body is twisting, I can't even keep my eyes open anymore.

I can feel it building, growing.

"Oh gods!" cry out, exploding with pleasure, moans and whispers escaping my lips. I can't stand anymore, I feel like a lifeless doll, but he holds me securely by my waist.

I am not capable of a forming thoughts. My chest moves up and down, my breathing still erratic.

I am being moved. When I am finally strong enough to open my eyes, I realize I'm on his bed.

I'm completely naked.

My body is burning up and I'm still shaking.

Where is he?

Finally he moves closer to the bed, staring down at me. He is not wearing any clothes anymore. I wish I could take a better look at him, but I am still dazzled.

"Are you alright?" he asks and I simply nod, a weak smile on my face.

He gets on the bed slowly, covering my body with his.

This feels good.

I look up at him, out eyes meeting.

"Am I right to assume you did not orgasm at out previous meeting?"

"I-I don't know," I am barely able to speak. Why is he asking me all these questions now?

"Did you feel the way you felt just a few moments ago?"

I shake my head, "No. I've never felt that way."

He seems satisfied, "Well, we ought to make up for that."

I simply stare up at him.

And then he moves his face closer to mine, stopping for a long moment before he kisses me.

I did not expect that.

He thrusts his tongue into my mouth, growling, pressing himself against me.

When he finally breaks the kiss, I meet his eyes, noticing the hungry look in them.

"More," I demand.

Without saying a word, he parts my legs and shifts back on his knees, waiting.

"Please," I cry out, not able to wait any longer. I try to move, to press myself against him, but he holds me in place.

He smirks, "Torture, isn't it? Not being able to do anything?"

I groan.

Ignoring me, he continues, "I am giving you a taste of your own medicine. What do you think it was like for me, having you on top of me, so hot and tight, but not being able to move? Not being able to do anything?"


"I wanted so much to break through the curse, push you down onto the bed and shag you until you begged me to stop."

His words have such an effect on me, I'm purring, my body moving on it's own.

I need him. Now. And if he doesn't do anything about it, I will put him into a full body bind again.

Finally he seems to move, reaching between our bodies.

And then I can feel him against me.

He feels huge.

I can hear him let out a hiss and then he presses forward slowly, my body resisting slightly but then I swallow him down as he slides inside me.

My mouth drop open and a loud gasp escapes me.

Oh my god.

I force my eyes open so I can observe his face.

He is breathing heavily, but he still manages to grin, "This is nothing yet, witch."


He pushes deeper and I dig my nails into his back as he stretches me, filling me until he finally stops, stilling completely.

I am shaking underneath him, this is too much.

After a few long moments he moves, drawing back before pushing back in.

His movements are slow, almost gentle.

Again, I am unable to from a logical sentence. He lowers himself onto me completely, reaching down to pull up my knees on either side of his frame, then slips his hands under my shoulders. He embraces me completely and I press my lips against his. He is surprised at first, but quickly responds.

Soon his lips are moving over my throat and shoulders as he thrusts slowly, filling me again and again.

And at that moment I realize it could never be like this with Ron. Never.

My eyes fly open as he suddenly twists his hips, changing the angle of his penetration.

When he pushes into me harder, making me cry out, he looks down at me, "More?"

I nod, shaking my head frantically, "Y-Yes, yes, yes."

Suddenly he straightens, locking my legs over his arms and spreading my thighs wide. He falls forward on his hands, stretching me more than I even thought was possible.

"Is it how you expected it would be?" his voice is raspy and it just makes me hotter.

"Better," I manage to say.

His only answer is a moan as he pulls back then rams into me again. My body jerks up against him in surprise and pleasure.

Only after one minute my eyes roll back and I shriek under his body, tensing up and reaching the highest pleasure.

I can't even move anymore.

But he can.

And he's moving faster with each thrust, harder, his hands sliding over my breasts, caressing them, tweaking my nipples.

Suddenly he slams into me, dropping his whole body onto me as a loud groan of pleasure escapes him and he tenses up, shaking. I hold on to him as his hips jerk reflexively until his pulsing slows, then stops.

I am covered in sweat and so is he.

I can feel his heart beating against my chest and after a long moment he rolls off of me and on to his back.

My breathing slows down.

"Wow," I say.

This was...

"Satisfied, Miss Granger?" he asks, still out of breath, "Am I now out of your system?"


How stupid was I. How could I even think I could do this once and move on?

"Sir," I start, "Perhaps...we could repeat it a few more times...just to be sure."

I turn my head to look at him and the corners of his lips turn up into a smirk.

"I was about to suggest the very same thing, Miss Granger."

A/N: The end! Now this is the real ending. I would add this chapter sooner, but I had problems with the password and so on. Thank you for reading! ;)