A/N: Hello, all!(: This was a lovely story I had to do with my friends Emma and Hayley {and when I say with, I mean by myself the night before thanks to the lazy bastards}. The assignment was to make a twitter depicting the basic lines from one of the scenes in Romeo and Juliet, and we chose the ballroom scene. ;p OMG. Trust me, the instagram part to this assignment was SCARRING. D; I had to dress up as a guy and slow dance with Emma in front of a bunch of juniors and seniors. TALK ABOUT AWKWARD! Lol fml. So. How are you doing? Drop a review if you wanna! I don't really care if you do, but constructive, CONSTRUCTIVE critisism (not a bunch of ballsacks trying to pick a fight, trust me, YOU WILL LOOSE :D ) is always welcome. If I know you personally, BRO MAN WHAT IS UP? I SOUND LIKE FUCKING KIANNA! Lol enjoy!

DaddyC: Bro mans. Party at my house. BYOM. And that's mask. Not maids, you rich people. #byom #paarrrttaayyy

MerciYo207: Romeo957 you should come to dat party :D We can get drunk and forget about that dumb girl Rosaline! #getoverher

NurseyLOVESCHICKEN: DaddyC are you going to have chicken legs at the party? #food

DaddyC: NurseyLOVESCHICKEN ...wut. #foodfetish

Romeo957: MerciYo207 why would I want to? #heartbroken

HeyItsBenvolio: MerciYo207 Romeo957 Hot girls. 'Nuff said. #gonnagetmesome

Romeo957: HeyItsBenvolio WHERE AND WHAT TIME? :D #shutupMercucio

T-baller101: DaddyC THERE'S MONTAGUES HERE! D: Can I kill them? #knivesarefun

DaddyC: T-baller101 No. Go home. You're already drunk. #myfamilysucks

Juwho26: Hey... that guy's kinda cute...(: #randompeopleamuseme

Romeo957: DAAANNNNG that girl is FIIIIINE. I wanna dance with her! ;) #thatsmygirl

Juwho26: Lol just kissed some random guy twice! I think I'll marry him! #dontknowhisname

NurseyLOVESCHICKEN: ...fooooooooodd...me gusta :} #chickenlegsheckya

MommyC: Juwho26 I saw that... #mydaughterisatramp

NurseyLOVESCHICKEN: I freakin love food... oh and Juwho26 your mommy wants you...


:( #annoyingparents

Romeo957: HeyItsBenvolio MerciYo207 ...WOW DAT GURL. I'm going to marry her! :D #livinlifeyoung&free

MerciYo207: Romeo957 HeyItsBenvolio .. let's split. #tybaltiscoming