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Session 15: Bebe

Name: Bebe Stevenson

Age: 17

Gender: F

[Begin Session]

SO, some stupid bitch – Red - started a rumor that Wendy got an abortion.

Really?! I mean, it's not like it's a big deal or whatever, the abortion part. It's just – who does that? Who spreads rumors like that? What a fucking bitch!


Wendy has not been having a easy time. She's super stressed out, pregnant…and then Stan just attacked Token out of nowhere. Sent him to the hospital even! He's ok. Hurt and whatever, but it's not serious. She feels really guilty too. But I told her, "Well, what were you supposed to do? It's not your fault Stan got wasted and beat the shit out Token"….I mean….well, it's really not…


This whole situation is a mess. A big fucking mess. I'm not even sure what to do any more. Between us, neither does Wendy. She's totally freaking out and her family is not helping her making a clear decision on what's best for her and the baby. Her parents are really spilt on the issue. Her dad wants her to do a closed adoption. Her mom's pushing for abortion. They both don't think Token or his parents should get a say….I mean, that's a little fucked up right? You know what's more fucked up? She's still in love with Stan. She told me that last night! Even after how he acted. He basically assaulted someone AND went to jail. It's not elementary school anymore…you can't just beat kids up that you don't like! But she's still got a thing for him….I just don't understand it.

[End Session]

Session 16: Kenny

Name: Kenny McCormick

Age: 17

Gender: M

[Begin Session]

[KM digs through his pocket, finding a pack of cigarettes. He lights a fresh cig, leans back and inhales sharply. He appears exhausted, pale with dark circles under his eyes. He frowns as he takes another drag, apparently lost in thought. After finishing his first cigarette, he lights another and settles back into his chair]

Remember this?

[He flashes a small, silver razor before the camera. He pauses to study it before putting back in his pocket]

When I found this –

[He seems to be frustrated. Unable to find words at first, he begins again]

When I found this -


[He flies up from his chair, kicking it hard. The chair collides with the wall. KM's cigarettes and lighter fall from one pocket. His whole body shakes with anger. Visibly forcing himself to take a breath, KM straightens up the chair and collects his things. Sitting down, he rubs his hands over his face before looking at the camera once more]

I – I'm just tired. That's all. Just tired. I've kept an eye on Butters, like I said. I put the word out – any kids that have seen or heard anything – hell, even the customers behind the hardware store.

Now, I've been told a lot of things. And after sorting through all the bullshit, I got some very important info.

[He lights another cigarette]

And so based on that, I have a plan.

[He takes a long drag]

Yes. I have a plan.

[End Session]

Session 17: Kyle

Name: Kyle Broflovski

Age: 17

Gender: M

[Begin Session]

Does anyone know what the hell is going on?

Stan's been out of jail for two days now. Two days! No one's seen him. No one's heard from him. He won't answer any of my calls and he doesn't return any of my texts. It's not like him, you know?

I went to

I went to his house. His mom answered. She hasn't seen him. None of them have.

She didn't even know who picked him up from jail. That's fucked up. I mean, I know they're mad or whatever about this whole baby situation…they gave Wendy money, threw her a party and shit…but wouldn't you look for your son?

Wouldn't you?

He's my best friend. I just – I need him to be ok.

But no one is. No one is ok right now. Cartman will barely look at me. Kenny has been so distant…off in his own world. We're supposed to be – the four of us, we were always friends. Where are they now? When Stan needs us? When I need them?

[End Session]

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