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Chapter 4

It took about a week before it hit Kingsley that all his plans had failed. Hermione and Ron hadn't been seen for days and since they decided to tell everyone what was going on in a letter, their friends and family at Hogwarts had no idea that they had done a runner. Kingsley was now faced the fact that not only had Harry Potter disappeared but now so had Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. It was evident that Ragnok was a master at anticipating the needs of his clients and waited until after Harry, Andi and Teddy departed before posting their letters to the remaining members of the DA. His intentions were to give them every opportunity to disappear before they became hunted as well.

Once the secret was known, Kingsley quickly turned his attention towards the remaining members of the DA but was just as quickly rebuffed. He responded to their denying him his right as Minister by threatening legal sanctions against them and their families. In the end, it was the newly come of age Lord Neville Longbottom who shut him down by saying that they were well aware of the pressures that the Ministry was putting on the trio and why they had chosen exile over remaining in England. For the first time in his life, everyone finally saw the family resemblance between Neville and his grandmother when he quickly destroyed Kingsley's argument and then told him that if he didn't back off, the entire Wizarding society in England would know exactly why they had left. With no help coming from the younger generation, Kingsley was left to his own devices and had Aurors circling the globe to find the elusive trio and ordering them to bring them back in chains if necessary.

If it had been known that he was squandering precious resources in a manhunt for people who were not even wanted for any crimes instead of continuing the cleanup effort in regards to the Death Eaters, his term in office would have ended sooner rather than later. There were times where Harry wondered if there was a curse on the position of Minister of Magic that caused someone's IQ to drop considerably after they were elected into the office. Sadly, Kingsley was not helping to disprove this theory and it was obvious that he never stopped to think about what would happen if they ever managed to catch the trio and bring them back in chains. It never crossed his mind that his very actions would cause what he was trying to avoid by bringing them back in the first place because Harry would no longer be someone's pawn. He had earned his freedom and wasn't about to give it up now that he had something worth living for.


The next couple of years in the lives of Harry and Andi brought about several changes which helped them realize that they had made the right decision that night in the suite at Gringotts. As time passed by, the two of them grew closer to each other and there was no doubt in either's mind that they were completely in love with each other. As their love grew, magic once again blessed them just as Harry had predicted and where he once had a very beautiful and young looking forty something year old wife, he now looked upon a woman who had been physically deaged to the point where if she and Nym were standing side by side, it would have been hard to tell who was the older sister. The end results were a very active sex life where both found it hard to keep their hands off each other.

In addition to furnishing their home and making it into something they could be proud of and at the same time be comfortable in and enjoy, they also added new family members. The first addition was in the form of Lily Aurora Black who was gifted to them a year after their escape from England. She already had her Daddy wrapped around her little finger just as securely as Teddy did. During their time together, they spent many nights just talking where Andi learned everything about Harry that he had never been shared with anyone else. It amazed her at how good of a father he was considering the examples he had growing up and it only deepened her love and respect for him.

The Potter-Black family was living a peaceful life with no worries about the outside world finding them. With the help of Gringotts, the house was under the protection of Potter and Black family wards and Andi even came up with an ingenious design where the ward stones were placed in the lower levels of the house and therefore protected by the wards themselves. This negated the only weakness of most wards because in order to take them down, you had to get through them first which was not something a sane person would do as the Black family wards were already renown for being some of the most dangerous and deadly wards on any house in existence. In payment for sharing their discovery with the Goblin warders, Gringotts erected some of their own special wards over the whole island. What made them even more special was the fact that the ward stones were placed in the deep water around the island that was well known to be heavily shark infested. A side benefit from these wards was that any harmful creatures were kept away from the island's beaches allowing them to play in the water without worry.

A normal day in the life of the Potter-Black family was usually spent at the beach unless they had business to attend to. From the moment she stepped onto the white sandy beaches, Andi fell in love with them and made it a point to be down there as much as possible. Harry never once complained about their trips to the beach as she normally only wore a thong bikini bottom and nothing else. To further encourage his wife's scant attire, Harry built a playground for the kids down there to match the one he had beside their pool up at the house. It was quite obvious that he enjoyed playing there just as much as the kids.


Today was just like every other day for the family and three year old Teddy was running around while one year old Lily toddled along after him. Harry sat back and laughed at their antics and was so proud of Teddy for being the loving big brother that he was. Harry saw movement and his eyes glanced over to the three lovely ladies lounging in their own special part of the family's beach area. Other than the fact that all three were stunningly gorgeous, what really made his breath catch was that all three were pregnant with his children. When Andi felt his gaze upon her, she looked up and smiled at him. She simply said "He's doing it again."

The younger brunette looked up from her book and smiled. "I know, I swear you created a monster when you married him. I don't know how you ever kept up with him."

Andi replied with a smirk. "What can I say? It was magical every time and I love the man."

The blonde said "Well you're not alone in that. How else did all three of end up like this and on the same night as well."

Andi laughed "I didn't hear either one of you complaining when you crawled into bed with us that night trying to prove the theory of how magical power relates to endurance and sexual prowess."

The youngest lady huffed but then smiled a devious smile. "Yes but isn't it great that he is such a willing test subject."

Andi smiled "I'll have you know that my husband, the Lord Black is no one's test subject."

The younger lady said "Well, my husband, the Lord Potter, is definitely a subject worth further study and quite often."

The blonde said "Oh, can it you two. My lover Harry is much better than some stuffy old lord but you two keep on arguing over the ridiculous subject because while you're running your mouths, I'll be having my way with him."

Just then, the four adults all felt the wards ping telling them someone had arrived. Andi looked over at Harry and said "I wonder if they finally found us?"

With an annoyed look on his face, he said "Only one way to find out. I'll be back in a second."

He stood and walked towards to only location of the isle where someone could portkey or apparate in which just happened to be the front door step of the house. An additional feature of the Goblin wards was that IF you got in, you couldn't leave until one of the adults released you. As he slowly made his way to the front door of the house which was a good ways away from the beach, he thought of how great his life was. The addition of the two other ladies had definitely made things more interesting in the past year. It still amazed him of just how much he could love them all. It also amazed him with how powerful love could be when it reacted with a strong witch or wizard. With a smile on his face as he walked, he couldn't get over how lucky he was to have three gorgeous ladies that loved him enough to bond with him and then eagerly help him rebuild his family lines.

He finally reached the door and after taking a deep breath, he pulled it open to find a wand shoved in his face. Without even blinking an eye, Harry said "Hestia, long time, no see. What brings you to my home?"

She growled out. "Two things actually, first, where's my Godson? And second, do you know Kingsley has been having me track you for two years now. He wants you back in England and that's damn sure where you're going to go."

He smirked "Damn and I thought maybe you missed me. I thought we were special."

She snorted "Oh, like you were THAT good Potter that I'd chase all over the world just to have you between my legs again."

He frowned at her. "Oh yeah, that's right, you just slept with me under orders to keep me pacified. Of course, the lonely boy who I was at the time really fell for it and for a while thought he was in love with you but then things changed and I learned the difference between love and lust."

She growled out "Bugger off Potter. Now take me to Andromeda and my Godson and maybe I'll go easy on you as I take you back."

Looking every but the Lord he was, he demanded "I may take you to them but first I'd like to know how you found us. There is only one person outside of my family who knows it and I'm pretty sure you aren't him."

"If you're talking about your friend Ragnok, it's amazing what you can learn with the right potion. I merely took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself."

Harry thought to himself. 'Didn't think she was that stupid attacking the Head of Gringotts-London. I guess I could give her to them after the ladies have their way with her.' He nodded to himself and then said "Well I can see that I was outmaneuvered so I'll be gracious and take you to Andromeda. If you'll follow me?"

As she followed him through the house, she noticed the warm elegance in the decorations and could see that this was a family's home. She continued to walk behind him with her wand out and noticed the slight tingling sensation she was getting but put it off as nervous energy from finally catching her prey. Harry led her outside and started down the long path that led to the beach. "I told you to take me to Andromeda and Teddy. Why are you leading me outside and away from the house?"

He calmly replied "You asked me to take you to them and that's just what I'm doing."

For some reason only unknown to her, maybe it was jealousy, maybe it was anger at being separated from Teddy for so long, she jabbed him in the back with her wand. In an attempt to cower him, she shoved him down the path. "No funny stuff Potter. I'm just here to check on my Godson and then take you back but after chasing you for two years, I'm not above getting a little payback."

Harry asked "That reminds me. May I see my arrest warrant? If you don't have one, I'm sure the ICW will enjoy hearing about how England is abusing the borders of another country and trying to kidnap its residents."

She snarled "You know as good as I do that there is no arrest warrant but you will return to England to do your duty."

He snapped back. "I already did my duty when I got rid of Voldemort while all of you were in hiding. If you take me back there, I'm sure I might just find a new dark lord that needs to be taken down. It might even be your boss."

SMACK. "Don't ever say anything like that about the Minister. He is a great man and you shouldn't be talking about things you have no clue about."

Harry worked his jaw around for a second before turning a glare on her. With a wave of his hand, she was quickly bound as he spoke. "You dare to come into my home and point a wand at me. Then you have the nerve to strike me. One thing you need to realize is that at no time were you a threat to me or my family. Another thing you need to note is that the wards on my house create a magical dead zone for anyone not keyed into them. I'm sure you are quite aware of just how nasty the Black wards were. I hate to tell you but you are standing in the middle of some of the nastiest ones I could find. Without my presence, you would already be burnt to a crisp."

She was glaring back at him as he continued. "For your own peace of mind, I will still take you to see my son. You see, I don't know if Nym ever told you but Remus was sterile. They both wanted children so badly that I fathered Teddy at their request. So he is my son by blood and in that capacity, I am forever relieving you of your duties as his Godparent. If you would like to protest this, I'm sure we can take it up in the ICW courts where I would cite untrustworthiness and may even mention that Teddy may be in danger in your presence after you molested an underage wizard."

She was glaring at him even harder. "By the look on your face, I see you realize the insult and dishonor you will be subjected to as well as lose any international credentials you have as an Auror. I'm sure your defense would be that I was a willing participant and that may have been true at the time but then again, I was imprisoned and you were one of my jailers so I don't think it would stand up to scrutiny. If that were to happen I would also let it be known that the current Minister of Magic for England was also one of my jailers and was aware of the illegal actions you took with me. And while it would be fun to bring Magical England down to her knees, I think that the smartest thing you could do at this point is to just go away because taking me back to England will only result in disaster for you and the Ministry."

"But you can't…."

"I can and I will if your force the issue. Now before you leave, it may be a good idea to introduce you to my family and then you will see just how badly it would go for your Ministry if you continue to pursue us."

He waved his hand and levitated her down to the beach. As soon as she arrived, she saw three mostly naked and gorgeous women who were all showing the signs of being pregnant. When the first one rose, Hestia said "Nymphadora?"

Andi chuckled. "Not quite. My name is Andromeda Lucinda Potter-Black, Miss Jones. I would normally say it is a pleasure to see you again but since my husband has you bound, I'm going to assume that you threatened our happy home in some way."

Hestia was shocked as she looked at the late twenty something, beautiful, olive skinned (from the many hours on the beach) Andromeda Tonks and all she could gurgle out was "Husband? Uh…How?"

Andi laughed. "It's simple really; I fell in love with a wonderful man who totally returned my feelings. As he told me, magic can do many wonderful things and as our love grew, it allowed our cores a connection. I'm sure you can see the benefit from this as lady magic removed my biggest fear of Harry leaving me for a younger woman and deaged me by several years. Magic simply made me into how my husband already saw me."

"That's impossible!"

Harry muttered "Maybe for someone who doesn't know how to love."

"So to become younger, he forced you to bind yourself to him. Andromeda, let me help you get away from that monster."

Andi glared at her. "Harry in no way forced me to bond to him. It was more like I forced myself on him due to the grief I was going through at the time. But let me tell you, it may have started out with me acting in desperation but he has never given me a reason to regret our relationship just as I hope I have done for him. Truth be known, he has given me freedom and a new purpose."


"Yes Hestia, I am the matriarch of the new Black family. With Harry's help, I will guide my family's name out of the darkness where they slithered for so long. The House of Black will once again be respectable and powerful. Teddy and Lily are just the first of the new Blacks."

Hestia looked confused "Lily?"

"Yes, our daughter Lily."

Hestia then saw another woman get up and quickly recognized her. "Granger, I told Weasley two years ago that you'd leave him to find Potter. Seems like it was your plan all along."

Hermione glared at her. "Actually it's Lady Potter now. And you are wrong as I fully intended to commit myself to Mr. Weasley but he had a differing opinion on how he wanted to live his life. Growing up with two boys as my best friends, it was only logical that I would marry one of them so after being dumped by one, I went in search of the other and found the love I couldn't live without. Like Andi, I found a new purpose for my life which is to make the Potter family strong once more."

Hestia scorned "You both are pathetic. You are both strong and intelligent women who could have gone far if you hadn't decided to take on the role of the barefoot and pregnant wife. He has you trapped now and there's nothing you can do to get out from underneath his control."

Andi glared at her. "Harry my love?"

"Yeah baby?"

"Do you control Michelle, Mione, me?"

He laughed "Don't I wish. Well no I don't. I much prefer my intelligent and independent wives instead of some submissive wife who would allow me to make an ass out of myself. About the only time I am in complete control is when you girls allow me to tie you up and even then I stop with a word from you."

The three ladies blushed at his comment while he just grinned at them. "Hestia, we spent a lot of time together and I would think that you knew me better than that. If you want to know the truth, I spend most of my time taking care of the kids while Andi handles our business affairs. Mione and Michelle are learning about our businesses and Michelle is even investing some of our money in the non magical world. If what they told me is true, we're making a killing there."

Michelle blushed at his praise. "Jonathan always said that women weren't any good at business."

Harry laughed at that and said "Guess he found out different when you ruined him financially. Hestia, if you want to know the truth. I'm the luckiest man in the world to have the love of these three beautiful women and there's no way in hell I would ever do anything to mess it up."

Hestia turned to Michelle and said "Who are you and how did you get pulled into this?"

Michelle stood and waddled over next to Hermione. "I am Hermione's mother. When my husband ran off with who I thought was going to be my son-in-law, I was devastated and just wanted to get away from all of it. I came with Hermione and they welcomed us into their family. Despite her efforts to form a life with Ronald, I've known since her first year that my daughter was in love with Harry and I did everything I could to encourage it. One night, I lost it and was weeping in my room when Harry heard me and came in to try and comfort me. I was so lost that I tried to jump him then and there but he refused. Over the next little while, I came to love him for the wonderful man he was and we formed a connection. I had already learned from the Goblins that I was a squib who had been obliviated and adopted. This didn't bother me as much as you may think considering the attitude towards the magical world which I was surrounded by but the first time I made love to him, my small core reacted to him in such a way that magic healed me and gave me access to magic for the first time in my life. I may not be as powerful as the rest of my family but it doesn't really matter."

Hestia was totally entranced by this point and said "Why?"

Michelle smiled. "I found the most wonderful man I could have ever imagined and after my daughter married him and became Lady Potter, I did as well and took the title of the second Mrs. Potter. You may think it's beneath us as women but there's no turning away from that kind of love and I plan to have as many Potter babies as I can. So even though I may not be powerful, my magic will help me make many powerful sons and daughters with Harry and I'll be able to do it for a long time. By the time I'm done, Molly Weasley will be looking at me in amazement."

Hestia looked up at Hermione. "I finally tracked you to Australia and just when I thought I had found you, I walked in on the two of them having relations. I can honestly say that the Ministry no longer has any interest in Mr. Weasley. May I ask what you intend to do with me?"

Harry just chuckled and went back to playing with Teddy and Lily. The partnership he shared with his ladies allowed him to enjoy life while they took care of the business end of things. It made them happy for him to be so happy just being a father and taking care of his kids. While Hermione and Andi were extremely powerful now that they were with Harry, he was still trotted out on the field of battle if any serious threats made an appearance.

Andi said "Harry, my love, would you be kind enough to pop back up to the house and have Winky bring us something to drink. It'll also give us girls a chance to talk without our husband listening in on all our secrets."

Harry replied with an evil grin. "I'd be delighted to. I need to make a quick call anyway."

Hermione asked "Oh? To whom?"

"Damn, Mione, don't talk in your librarian voice. You know what it does to me."


"I need to call Gringotts. It seems that Miss Jones here potioned Ragnok to get our location. I want to check on him and then tell him she's here so that they can deal with her. I'd get rid of her myself but you know how much he enjoys his punishments."

Hestia gulped as she looked at the evil glares the three ladies were giving her. Eventually, Andi said "Well, if you survive Goblin justice, I think you'll be obliviated of ever seeing us, probably of Teddy as well. (A tear slid from Hestia's eye.) I don't know what happened to you over the years but you are not the girl who was Nym's best friend. However, there is the matter of your pursuit of us these last few years along with the fact that you TRIED to take away our man toy and the happiness and pleasure he gives us."

Hermione growled "For that alone, I think we should just leave her bound and drop her into the Golden Grotto. Last I read there was a high concentration of sharks there and no one would ever find the body."

Harry's three wives continued to torment Hestia for a little while longer before they noticed Harry walking back down the path with several Goblins. They quickly pulled on their wraps before they arrived and waited greet Ragnok and his guards. As soon as they arrived Ragnok smiled broadly and said "Greetings my friends, it's always a pleasure to see you even in the worst of circumstances."

Andi said "Milord, you know you are always welcome here at any time. We don't feel that this is an unpleasant situation as it allows us the opportunity to present you with that which you have long desired."

"Ah, and that is?"

Hermione smirked "Only the legal means and opportunity to bloody the Ministries' nose as well as punish someone who wronged you."

"Yes there is that. Not to change the subject but I was hoping that I could send a few of my investment bankers you way Lady Michelle. I think they would benefit from a few lessons in non magical investments. I don't know if your instincts can be taught but I would like them to have some insight in your decision making process. In the year you have been handling your investment account, you have already tripled your investments. Those kinds of returns are drawing a lot of attention from my people."

Michelle blushed "I would be honored Milord. You have done so much for our family that I feel obligated in some way to you already."

"Nonsense, this is just another favor between friends. I told all of you a long time ago that there can never be debts between friends."

As Hestia watched everything that was going on, she was in shock when she saw one year old Lily toddle over the Ragnok, the most feared Goblin in England, and hold up her arms to him saying "Unca". When he looked down and chuckled at her, she stamped her feet and held up her arms again. Then one of the most bizarre things she had ever witnessed took place, Ragnok reached out and pulled her into a hug while smiling at her.

His eyes then turned on Hestia and went cold. "I can forgive you slipping me that potion even though my nation probably won't but I'll never forgive you going after my family. Guards, take her away."

As the guards surrounded her, one nodded to Harry who reached out and touched a galleon that he held out, it briefly glowed and then activated taking the guards and prisoner away.

With Lily still wrapped in his arms, Ragnok said "This will be enough that we can force the issue and bring down the Minister. Grimmauld Place has long been restored but we could start on Potter Manor if it is your desire to return to England."

Harry glanced at his wives who looked at him waiting for an answer. He finally said "No, leave Potter Manor as it is. I think we should hold it and all of the other properties in trust for our children. As far as returning, my home is here where I can live in peace. Besides, if we went back to England, my wives would have to start wearing clothes most of the time and that just doesn't appeal to me at all."

Ragnok chuckled at the grin on the ladies' faces. "I see your point Harry. I don't think I would leave this behind either."

As Ragnok handed Lily off to Andi, Teddy came up and took Harry's hand as he escorted Ragnok back to the portal. Before Harry could get out of earshot, he heard Andi say "He is getting so lucky tonight!"

Hermione chipped in "You said it sister."

Michelle added "Damn right!"