The sequel to Breathe. Will Bella and Emmett's lives go on without problems? or will the past come back to haunt them?

Five years Later

Bellas POV

I waited at the bus stop with Ethan was in a stroller. It was Carly's first day of kindergarten and I was waiting for her to get off the bus. The bus arrived and I smiled as she pounced down the stairs.
"Hi Mommy," She greeted me. Emmett had insisted she take the bus to school. I agreed with the condition that if she didn't like it we would drive her.
"Hi sweetie," I smiled, "Did you have fun?"
"Yes," She answered, "We colored and there were lots of kids to play with."
"I'm glad you had fun," I smiled and grabbed her hand, pushed the stroller with the other, and we walked up the road to our home. We had built a house a little ways down the road from Carlisle and Esme. I sat the two at the table with snacks. Emmett would be home any minute. He was teaching history and coaching football at the high school now. So when the kids got he did too. We were due to have dinner with his parents tonight at six. I smiled as I heard the front door open.
"I'm home," He said as he walked in the kitchen. He gave me a quick peck on the lips before moving on to the kids. "How was my big girls first day of school?"
"I liked it Daddy," She said smiling up at him. She was his splitting image. Same beautiful blue eyes and adorable dimples.
"And how's my little quarterback?" He turned and kissed Ethans cheek. Ethan smiled.
"Bite?" He said offering Emmett a piece of fruit. At two Ethan had no idea what a quarterback was. Emmett accepted. I cleaned the kids up and sent them out back to play. Our backyard was completely fenced in. Emmett took my hands.
"How are you feeling today?" He asked me, I still had flashbacks to what happened, "Was it a good day?"
"I'm good," I said kissing his cheek. I paused. "Ethan scared me today. I left him in the living room. He was completely absorbed in the T.V. I didn't expect him to come in the kitchen when I was preparing lunch but he did. He came in and grabbed my leg. It scared me. I didn't react enough to frighten him though." Emmett pulled me close as we peered out the back sliding glass door at the kids.
"It will be okay baby," He said quietly, "It will be."
"I know," I whispered, "It happens less often now."

At five-thirty we loaded the kids in the car and drove up to his parents house. We stepped in said and Carly ran straight for Esme.
"Nana!" She exclaimed and hugged, "I missed you."
"It's only been a week dear," Esme said fondly, "But I missed you too." Carlisle walked down the stairs.
"Ah there they are," He said, "My darling grandkids."
"Pop," Ethan said, "Pop." I smiled. The door opened behind me unexpectedly causing me to jump.
"Easy," Emmett whispered, "Easy." I drew in a breath and relaxed. I turned to see Jasper and Alice, her belly was big and round. Pregnancy was cute on her. We all sat down for dinner and Carlisle started prayer. We were about halfway through dinner when the doorbell rang followed by banging. Carlisle opened the door and Rosalie stumbled in.
"Bella," She cried, "Bella."
"Rose?" I asked frightened as I stood up and moved towards her. She wrapped her arms tight around me.
"I'm so sorry honey." She sobbed, "I'm so sorry."