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Chapter 1: Tiger in the Shade

It was a bright and sunny day in the Bao Gu Orphanage as a young teenage tiger was lying down in the grass, peacefully looking up at the sky underneath the shade of a tree. Suddenly filling his nostrils, a familiar scent passed through his nose. It only had to be the only two people who the tiger was friends with. One was a female fox named Skyler. The other, was a dark gray wolf named Ryo, whose fur was black as coal.

With his eyes still closed, the tiger already knew who it was that was watching him. He just didn't know where 'she' was. So, he just laid there waiting for her to pop-out-of-nowhere, like always. The tiger finally raised his body up still sitting down and looked around his surrounding. He saw nothing and yawned and laid back down. Just as he was about to adjust lying down he saw a teen vixen's face.

He immediately raised up in shock of her unexpected appearance and fully turned his body towards her on his knees. She then started laughing.

"Arhh, that wasn't funny Skyler!" Takami exclaimed.

"Your pretty hopeless for a tiger T.K." Skyler said as she was still chuckling at him. She regained her regular composer and said, "Anyway, I heard someone might get adopted today. You wanna come see?"

Takami shuck his head and said, "No way, if I go they're gonna think I'll burn the place down or something. So not thanks. I'm going to my room." He said standing up and walking away.

"Okay, tell that knucklehead Ryo I said hi for me." She asked him. Takami waved signaling yes moving on to his room.

Jade Palace: The Barracks

On an early morning an old Grand Master awaited in front of the Barracks for his students to reveal themselves from their room. Seconds as the gong went off, A mantis, a snake, a viper, a crane, Tiger, and a panda emerged from the rooms. Sluggish for the panda though.

"Good morning Master!" They saluted with their head high.

"Good Morning my students, and it seems that Po has finally learned to wake up on schedule." The Red Panda stated with an unnoticeable smile.

"Yeah well, So what's on the agenda today Shifu?" Po asked.

"Well, I thought it over, and thought it was time that we need new students." Master Shifu answered.

"Are we going to have apprentices Master?" Tigress asked.

Shifu nodded and said, "Yes, we'll need new students to help protect this valley. We're going to Bao Gu Orphanage."

"So, I might get a student?!" Po asked in a overjoyed voice.

"Yes, and maybe even the others later." Shifu explained.

"Awesome! This is so cool. When do we leave to see them?" Po asked bright-eyed.

"Right now, get ready." Shifu said as he was walking out with them following behind him.

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Fun Fact #1: Takami was originally going to be a 'normal white' tiger, but I changed him into an orange Bengal tiger who is able to control fire.